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She has barely moved except to bow her head, which is covered with the brown veil of the Benedictine order. Sister Gertrude is a Hutu from Rwanda, one of the four accused in a highly unusual trial in Belgium. She is here to answer charges that she collaborated with the attackers during the Rwandan killing frenzy in Among her accusers are fellow nuns, blaming her for the deaths of more than 20 of their family members who had been safely hidden in the convent until she summoned the police. Prosecutors have linked Sister Gertrude, 42, to other even greater horrors at the sprawling religious compound set in the southern hills of Sovu, near the city of Butare.

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Injuries and subsequent inflammation can also cause fluid retention and swelling. A swollen ankle or leg can cause the lower part of the leg to appear larger than normal. The swelling can make it difficult to walk. It may be painful, with the skin over your leg feeling tight and stretched out. If you stand a large part of the day, you may develop a swollen ankle or leg.

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You love your fluffy, fun-loving Wheaten Terrier and you want only the best for him. As a result, finding the right food to meet his nutritional needs is of top priority for you. But what should you feed a Wheaten Terrier? Because your Wheaten is a mix between several terrier breeds , are there any specific dietary considerations to keep in mind? If you own a Wheaten Terrier, you are considering getting one, then you have likely heard that this breed has a propensity to experience a number of health problems, not the least of which is food and skin allergies.

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According to a Walk Free Foundation report in , there were 46 million people enslaved worldwide in There were Modern Slavery includes bonded labour, child labour, forced marriage, human trafficking, forced begging etc. Even though India is fast developing and moving towards a better tomorrow, forced marriage still affects many Indian families and society at large. When a girl crosses the age of 18, she is emotionally convinced and is forced into marriage.

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Our understanding of sexual selection has greatly improved during the last decades. The focus is no longer solely on males, but also on how female competition and male mate choice shape ornamentation and other sexually selected traits in females. At the same time, the focus has shifted from documenting sexual selection to exploring variation and spatiotemporal dynamics of sexual selection, and their evolutionary consequences. Here, I review insights from a model system with exceptionally dynamic sexual selection, the two-spotted goby fish Gobiusculus flavescens. The species displays a complete reversal of sex roles over a 3-month breeding season.