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Since this distinct script is detailed and pictorial, the is result is rather elegant and minimalistic. While popular in American, strangely enough, Chinese people rarely get character tattoos. Instead, the trend in China gravitates toward English text. Then why get one as a Westerner? Since the Chinese language embodies ancient knowledge of its rich culture, combining it with modern tattoo principles creates unique skin art.

Asian symbols tattoos

To understand is difficult; to act is easy. Here are some of the most used symbols: family, fire, love, Asian symbols tattoos, peace, soldier and strength. Most people are familiar with these pearls from the series Dragon Ball Symbolss. Chinese dragons can take on a variety of forms. The former represents that person has already blown over tough times and is now on the way of his progression whereas the latter means Asian symbols tattoos his life is still facing turbulences and the person is struggling hard.

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This tattoo symbolizes masculinity, strength, courage. One crow is considered as a bad omen, whereas two crows are seen as a fortune Aeian, which is pretty positive. Kokeshi Dolls are usually made from wood, having a sleek trunk Asian symbols tattoos enlarges head, with a few painted lines to give definition to their faces. From love Aaian flower, from koi to sleeves. The Japanese crane became the hero of many Asian symbols tattoos and fairy tales. Dragons are mythological creatures and Anti flag fuck police brutality symbolize good forces that are always ready to ysmbols human beings. Although they were used for identification, and this still is their main purpose, you can still find your own meaning in each tattoo. The Asiab in the high picture is one of the most beautiful and significant lady tattoo Chinese designs. Chinese tattoo designs have been in vogue and mainstream particularly in the Western world for the last decade or so. This is how Tattoo Journal appeared. Cranes have always enjoyed special honor and in Japan they are considered as a national treasure and a sacred bird. Kintaro is often portrayed as a small, naked child with a red skin that fights a huge carp and defeats it.

Chinese tattoo designs are omnipresent.

  • Traditional Japanese tattoos, also known as Irezumi, represent of the most recognizable and impressive styles in tattoo art.
  • The Japanese Kanji are essentially Chinese words , the ancient Japanese borrowed and adapted it into their Nippon-Go language, thus the words and meaning are the same, only the pronunciation is different.
  • Since this distinct script is detailed and pictorial, the is result is rather elegant and minimalistic.
  • Japanese tattoos vary in style, symbols and appeared hundreds of years ago.

Chinese tattoo designs are omnipresent. They have adorned the bodies of many people, with its exotic patterns comprising of not just figurines, but also of symbols, letters and fonts. These tattoos are usually quite minimal, but upon closer look, one can notice the intricate details.

Chinese calligraphy is one of the widely chosen forms of tattoo designs, which use a set of symbols to depict a particular feeling or to get their names etched in a whimsical way. Chinese tattoos are a modern way of expressing their feelings using carefully etched characters.

For those who like to keep their messages veiled, Chinese tattoos are best for you. In this article, we shall explore some of the best Chinese symbol tattoos and their associated meanings. If you look at Chinese history, Tattoos were always treated as signs of punishment.

Tattoos are considered to be brutal forms of art, which lead to defamation of the body. However, with changing times, Tattoo art is slowly being embraced by the younger generation. Not only the Chinese, but people from all over the world prefer Chinese style tattoo designs to write messages using exotic symbols and patterns. From calligraphy to dragons, Chinese art has numerous designs to choose from. Following are the most popular and finest Chinese style tattoo designs with pictures and their meanings for men and women, you can select best choice from them.

If you are pretty fond of Chinese Calligraphy then this style of Chinese tattoos would be best one for you. Chinese Calligraphy is considered as one of the highest form of Chinese art and this form of tattoos can have any word, character or any form text in calligraphy form.

You can choose any style and any colors to make it look beautiful, balanced, playful and unique. You can call it is the Chinese tattoo fonts for sleeves. Single letter Chinese tattoos are the most commonplace of all Chinese tattoo designs. They are simple yet eloquent. Chinese letters unlike the English ones symbolize powerful emotions and concepts singularly. A single letter can mean friendship, love, animosity, courage, destiny, the world and so on. You can consider this is as a Chinese font tattoo.

Often people choose to get the Chinese name of their zodiac animal tattoos. Then again people choose to get animal names tattooed for the different traits they stand for. One may even show their love towards a particular kind of animal by choosing to get its Chinese name tattooed. These tattoos can be made more attractive and beautiful by adding curves and designs to the Chinese words. This is very lovely Chinese tattoo names of animals.

If you wish you can even choose the beautiful Chinese woman tattoo design. These designs can be used to symbolize the loss of someone important or it can be used simply for its attractive quality. In this tattoo you can also use vibrant colors to make it look for catching one. This tattoo even displays the emotion of a person. This is one of the memorable Chinese tattoo designs for men who are in deep love. It is one of the best lady Chinese tattoo designs.

Angels from ancient times are being considered as the messengers of gods and have been very popular tattoo design in every generation. As these tattoo displays your belief or faith in god. Angel tattoos designed with wings or hands are also very popular and generally girls are very fond of these tattoos as they resemble the same characteristic of an angel tattoo.

Chinese Angel tattoo if depicted beautifully it looks very gracious and look good on your back. Some people get their own name tattooed while others get the names of their loved ones.

You can add colors to it so that it becomes more eyes catchy and your loved ones get attracted to it easily. You can even add some small motifs to make it look attractive and beautiful. Here the alphabets in the name are very beautifully tattooed on the arms.

This is one of the popular Chinese tattoo designs. In the Chinese culture the koi fish holds an important position. The koi fish tattoo can be made in two forms either upstream or downstream. This is one of the best Chinese tattoos for Guys. Dragons generally stand for courage, strength and independence.

Dragon tattoos are generally available in a large number of variations. You can either choose a classic black silhouette or make it vibrant with colors. These tattoos are generally worn by men on their biceps to attract the attention of the people around them. They can be large or small. You can choose a humongous scaly dragon or a tiny winged one, breathing fire. Chinese dragon tattoos have no end to their varying designs.

The laughing Buddha has forever been the symbol of prosperity. Though these tattoos are black and white it is bound to attract positive attention. Chinese Buddhas are generally accompanied by the classic symbol of yin and yang. They are pleasant to look at and an uncommon choice. These tattoos are also symbols of positivity and luck, which many people wish to carry forever with them in the form of body art.

You can even accompany these flower tattoos with meaningful Chinese words which would add more depth to this tattoo and it will look beautiful and attractive. You can even add some gentle colors which will give a striking look.

These types of tattoos usually give a feminine look. There are some tattoo designs that are designed by the Chinese masters of tattoo art. Their meaning and symbolism is known only to their makers. These Chinese tattoo makers refuse to make replicas of these stunningly beautiful designs thus making them one of a kind.

This is one of the thickest Chinese tattoo designs for arms with intricate art. They are quite complex and need expertise to design them. Cherry blossoms are one of the most beautiful flowers. Cherry blossom trees are a common site in china and form an important part of the Chinese culture. If you are a big fan of floral patterns and designs you may choose to get these Chinese flowers tattooed on your back. Cherry Blossom designs are also signs of mortality. They represent how short our life and how important it is to enjoy your life to the fullest, before it gets over.

They are widely chosen patterns in Chinese neck tattoos. Some people are very fond of music. They want to express the world that their life is devoted for music. So designing Chinese Music symbols is a great way to express yourself with even opening your mouth. These types of tattoos are styled generally of on your arms, shoulders or even or neck also. You can even add some small miniatures like stars to give it a beautiful look.

Musical tattoos are one of the best designs in Small Chinese tattoos. There are many ethnic minorities in China who still follow tattoo tradition. They design tattoo on their face at the age of 12 as a symbol of maturity. These tattoos are done between the eyebrows and around the mouth with some small creatures. Some of the tribal tattoos represent moustache also. Now its very difficult to find original tribal tattoo. People had modified them and start styling according to their choice.

One of the popular Chinese tattoos is tiger tattoo. The tiger is one of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac and the 3rd animal in the 12 year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac.

It resembles courage, hopeful, vain, friendly, self-reliant and lack of attention and care. So, person who possess these types of characteristic generally craft Chinese Tiger tattoo on their hands or arms. Legs are one of the most favorite spots for getting Chinese tattoos. Especially on sportsmen and women who have well-toned muscles in their legs, these tattoos look amazing. You can choose from intricate to complex pattern such as this Chinese warrior design, which is painstakingly done to capture every single detail.

The most popular Chinese leg tattoos are dragons, calligraphy and themes like Buddha. Wrist is an important part of the body, which has the central nerves connected to the heart. Getting a tattoo etched on the wrist is a painful process due to the delicate nerves underneath it. Most common wrist tattoos are names and Zodiac symbols, which are close to their heart.

Especially the names and details of someone you love dearly can be etched on the wrist to reveal your innermost feelings for them and prove what they mean to you.

We hope this article has inspired you to get your very own Chinese tattoo inked. While Chinese tattoo designs are quite common, you can choose from a number of creative patterns to stand out from the crowd.

One thing you need to remember is that, Chinese patterns are intricate and one stroke here and there could alter the meaning. So, you need to really make sure that the design is exactly the way you want it.

Mikael [ Reply ]. According to the legend, a turtle gave its body to the spirit of a deceased dragon, in order to strengthen the protective abilities so necessary for the emperor and the country. While popular in American, strangely enough, Chinese people rarely get character tattoos. As we mentioned, Japanese style tattoos are large sized, quite complex and due to that they are applied for more than one day, so if you consider such a tattoo, you need to be prepared that it will take several visits to the studio. Tigers are depicted in an aggressive posture, showing their teeth. Share on Facebook.

Asian symbols tattoos

Asian symbols tattoos

Asian symbols tattoos. COMPEDIA Pick Up

Irezumi is the official term for ancient pigment modifications. They have become famous for the huge scale compositions. In these tattoos several elements and images are combined and there are no empty areas between them — all the area is filled with ornaments.

In the past, tattoos were banned in Japan, with one unusual exception. Tattoos were allowed only to firefighters, so they decorated their body with very intricate drawings. It was believed that if the firefighter died, he could be identified by the drawings.

Tattoos were forbidden by law for anyone else. Why were tattoos forbidden? Because society had a clear division into classes and if everyone had body drawings it would have led to a mixing of classes. Because of these prohibitions, Japanese tattoos were applied to parts of the body that could be covered — legs, chest, hands and with time they became a distinctive feature of actors and geishas.

Former prisoners, too, decorated themselves with large-scale ornaments and patterns. This changed during the 17 th century when tattoos were allowed to ordinary people and became popular among Yakuza members. Nevertheless, even nowadays, wearing tattoos in Japan is not encouraged.

In traditional Japanese tattoo culture there are many images. For example, lions, dragons and demons are combined with flowers , indicating a balance of strength and beauty. Many modern Japanese tattoo masters still use the manual method of painting the body and do not use electric devices. In Japan the most beautiful thing is the one that is not obvious, not exposed to the eye.

This is a part of Japanese traditional culture, and without it the Japanese would lose their sense of beauty. This principle applies to Japanese tattoos as well. These are wood-block prints produced by ukiyo-e artists. Usually, tattoo designs are asymmetric and the contour is made with very thin lines. Moving images are also a Japanese innovation — the tattoos are applied to muscle areas. As we mentioned, Japanese style tattoos are large sized, quite complex and due to that they are applied for more than one day, so if you consider such a tattoo, you need to be prepared that it will take several visits to the studio.

The composition of a Japanese tattoo is very important. Each component of the whole image must contain a sense and characterize the person. The images which are used represent the personal beliefs of the man and are blended in a way to tell a story.

Japanese style tattoos are instantly recognizable. They feature intricate details, intriguing images from mythology and folklore and the compositions follow strict rules — for example, a Buddha figure cannot be placed below the waist as this is considered disrespectful, clouds are placed above the waist as they represent the sky while waves should be below the waistline, combining flowers and animals also has its logic — a koi fish swimming upstream is paired it with maples or chrysanthemums since they swim upstream only during the fall.

There are three major groups of images which are typical for the Japanese style tattoos — animals, flowers and figures. The group of animals features mythological monsters like dragons as well as tigers, lions, birds, koi fish and snake. The most popular image in the group of flowers is, of course the sakura cherry blossoms followed by Chrysanthemums, lotus and peonies.

The group of figures includes images from the folklore — Tengu ghosts and Oni demons as well as Suikoden geisha, samurai , Buddha and Buddhist deities.

It is essential to understand the meaning of any image but for Japanese tattoos, it is crucial. Otherwise the final result could be catastrophic. Below we shall look at the meaning of the most popular images and their symbolism. Japanese kanji tattoos are among the most popular choices for both men and women. This kind of body painting has an unusual beauty and masterfully applied traditional calligraphic letters can be a small tattoo or combined with other traditional symbols.

The most popular and iconic image in Japanese style tattoos is a dragon. Dragons are mythological creatures and they symbolize good forces that are always ready to protect human beings.

Dragons also represent strength, good fortune, courage and wisdom. Very often dragons are depicted with parts of the bodies of other animals — ears of a bull or a snake body. As these magical creatures are associated with air as well as water, dragons are often illustrated with waves. Dragons can be tattooed in different colors — black, red, green, white, blue, or yellow- and each of the colors stands for a dragon from a different area or sea.

Tigers are not found in Japan but this did not prevent tattoos with tigers becoming so popular. Tigers are depicted in an aggressive posture, showing their teeth. Generally, these animals symbolize strength, power, and courage. It is believed that tigers can drive away demons, diseases and prevent misfortune.

The image of a tiger is often combined with bamboo stalks, wind, clouds and can be paired with dragon or snake. The fight does not bring victory to either the dragon or the tiger, and legends say that this duel ends in friendship and consent. Lion fu-dog traditionally represents power, strength, and protection. Lions are combined with peonies and are often depicted with a round jewel under their paw or in their mouth. Koi fish is considered to be the king of freshwater fish.

It is one of the iconic symbols in Japanese tattoos linked with water and most often Koi are depicted swimming upstream which represents the struggling to overcome obstacles. Legends tell that if a koi fish swims is able to swim the Yellow River upstream, it turns in to a dragon which is a reward for their courage and strength and the successful overcoming of the challenge.

When Koi fish is depicted swimming in the downstream direction, it symbolizes obstacles and struggle which are not yet overcome. Generally, the meaning of Koi fish is luck, success, hard work, and determination.

The image can be seen in many attractive tattoos and is popular among both men and women. The phoenix hou-ou in Japanese is a legendary bird, a mythical creature that can regenerate again and again from the ashes. It is a symbol of transformation, triumph over obstacles, loyalty, rebirth, and renewal. A phoenix can symbolize eternal love and the hope of a rebirth after death.

Usually, the bird is tattooed with brightly colored plumage and a long flowing tail and since it is associated with fire it is often used as an opposition to the dragon fire and water.

The phoenix, as well as the chrysanthemum flower, is a symbol of the Japanese emperor. A turtle is a common image in Eastern mythology, a symbol of wealth, wisdom, protection, luck and longevity, since it is believed that it is able to live forever, unless it is killed.

Turtles, or minogame, are usually depicted in water, sometimes with other water-related creatures. Coming from mythology is the image of the turtle- dragon which is a symbol of the harmony of the universe. According to the legend, a turtle gave its body to the spirit of a deceased dragon, in order to strengthen the protective abilities so necessary for the emperor and the country. The resulting monster combined the courage and ambition of a dragon, and the wisdom of a turtle.

Cranes have always enjoyed special honor and in Japan they are considered as a national treasure and a sacred bird. The Japanese crane became the hero of many legends and fairy tales. People believed that cranes are able to turn into people, and, often taking the shape of wandering monks, do good deeds. Cranes are a symbol of longevity and fortune. Japanese flower tattoos feature a variety of traditional symbols.

We shall look at the meaning of the most popular ones — the cherry blossoms, peonies, chrysanthemum, lotus, maple leaves. Sakura or cherry blossom is a five petal pink or white flower. This is one of the most famous symbols of Japan and is very popular as a tattoo. Cherry trees blooms in early spring, and very quickly lose the petals of their flowers.

The short life of these tender beautiful flowers inevitably made sakura a symbol of the short life of a warrior and of the short period of youth and attractiveness of a geisha. Cherry blossoms represent beauty and the fragility of life in Japanese culture but also symbolize life itself — vibrant, beautiful, but ultimately finite and brief.

Sakura is a symbol of beauty, femininity and grace, and is often paired with other Japanese motifs. Peony flower in Japanese tattoo designs has a variety of meanings. It is considered a symbol of luck and prosperity, courage, bravery and the ability to take risks which made peonies extremely popular among the samurai, yielding only sakura to popularity. On the other hand, peonies can be a symbol of harmony, feminine beauty, elegance and spring.

Lotus flowers are a symbol of the Buddhist religion not only in Japan. It is a mystical and beautiful flower and represents many things — enlightenment, rebirth, transformation, purity, the cyclic nature of life, beauty, wisdom, elegance, etc. A lotus can also symbolize truth, faith, harmony and spiritual awakening.

I advice you to seek advice from a professor that is dual-lingual. Tattoo is permanent, you do not want a bad mistake. Numerous opportunities to observe foreigners with kanji tattoos arise in Japan, both via the internet and when walking around town. Being Japanese, this makes me very happy and I admire their wonderful designs and the messages contained therein.

However, you can also often see designs that make no sense whatsoever or contain mistakes in the characters themselves. I will be happy if my site is even slightly helpful to anyone thinking about getting a kanji tattoo design.

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Asian Dragon Tattoos | Chinese & Japanese Tattoo | Meaning, & Design

By chronic on July 20, Dragons are one of the most important symbols in East Asian culture and mythology. They are part of mythology all around the world, although these Dragons seem to have originated in Chinese culture over years ago. Their ancient roots and cultural significance have made Asian dragon tattoos one of the most demanded styles from Asian tattoo artists.

The aesthetics and meanings of Chinese dragon tattoos made them popular amongst cultures all around the globe. East Asian dragons commonly known as Chinese dragons carry a number of possible meanings.

While they are most often symbols of wisdom, power, and good luck, the meaning of Chinese dragon tattoos depends on the style and the wearer. Other common meanings include:. In ancient China, dragons were loved and worshiped as gods.

They were water-deities said to control rains and water — essential to early agricultural societies. During the wet growing seasons they were celebrated. During floods and storms the people would burn incense and offer food to appease them. In Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism they were rainmakers and power sources. In addition to controlling waters, these religions attribute other powers to dragons.

They breathe clouds and move the seasons. They also have the ability to transform, shrinking, growing, disappearing, and taking the form of a human or another animal. In addition to these meanings, the dragon can be a sign of the zodiac. It is the 12th year Chinese calendar, with its next appearance in Those born in the year of the dragon often choose this tattoo to symbolize the virtues they are said to possess, including:.

Chinese zodiac dragon tattoos may include the element attributed to their birth year, either an earth, metal, wood, water, or fire dragon. Chinese dragons can take on a variety of forms. They are almost always serpentine creatures, although they sometimes have other animalistic characters. Bixi, one of the nine sons of the dragon was turtle-shaped. Suanni was lion-shaped, and Yazi has the head of a leopard.

Although the Asian dragons traditionally have serpentine features, their appearance is a mishmash of other animals. The nine creatures that make up the dragon are symbolic of the nine tribes defeated and united by the Emperor Huang Di.

Both Eastern and Western-style dragon tattoos depict wise, powerful, and dangerous creatures. Otherwise, they are very different in appearance and meaning. Simply put, the East Asian dragon is benevolent where the Western dragon is malevolent. Asian dragons are worshiped in mythology, bringing prosperity and good fortune. Western dragons are aggressive creatures, often playing the villain in mythology.

They also differ in appearance. Chinese dragon tattoos are graceful, serpent-like creatures. Western dragon tattoos, however, depict giant lizards with bat-like wings. They have terrestrial characters, living in caves and mountains, and breathing fire. The water-based Asian dragons live in lakes, rivers, and oceans. With Chinese Tattoos — dragons are only occasionally depicted with wings, although they are usually capable of flight. Japanese dragons have a lot of similarities to Chinese dragons, as their dragon mythology appears to have stemmed from China.

As a result of Japan being an island, Japanese dragon tattoos almost always depict the dragon as a sea serpent, and flight is rare. As well, the Japanese dragon stories is more likely to depict them as monstrous than their Chinese counterpart.

However, they are still normally forces of good. The most consistent difference in the appearance of Japanese dragon tattoos is that their claws have three toes.

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Asian dragon tattoos come in all sorts of styles. These different styles are chosen for their aesthetics or specific meaning. These are a few of the common variations of East Asian dragon tattoos:. Dragon claws are symbols of power and fearlessness. These work well as large or even tiny tattoos.

The number of toes can also be significant. A five-toed dragon is a symbol of the Imperial family in China. Other Chinese dragons are usually have 4 toes, and Japanese dragons have 3. Tattoos sometimes depict dragons carrying or fighting over a pearl.

The pearl is the most prized treasure for a dragon. A common story is that the pearl grants the dragon total wisdom. It can also represent spiritual energy, prosperity, or power. Most people are familiar with these pearls from the series Dragon Ball Z.

They are the inspiration behind the titular dragon balls. The dragon koi tattoo incorporates the iconic koi fish tattoo designs. They allude to the legend of the koi who transforms into a dragon as a reward for his struggles. It represents perseverance, strength of will, power, and ferocity.

A dragon yin yang tattoo usually consists of a dragon and a phoenix. While the dragon represents the masculine yang, the phoenix is the female equivalent which represents yin. It is symbolic of balance and duality. The snake is the arch enemy of the dragon. When a tattoo depicts a dragon fighting a snake, it represents the conflict between modern and traditional. The Chinese snake tattoo meaning is a symbol of healing and medicine is modern, where the Asian dragon represents tradition.

The conflict can symbolize the need to preserve and honour the past, while moving forward. The tiger is another mortal enemy of the dragon, so these tattoos usually depict them fighting. Although the dragon is powerful, in these conflicts, the dragon usually represents wisdom and the tiger represents strength. The skull of a dragon represents mortality.

The most common use of a dragon skull tattoo today is to symbolize overcoming or struggling to overcome addiction. But it can also symbolize a balance between creative and destructive forces. Although Asian dragons rarely breathe fire, they may occasionally be depicted as on fire. In a tattoo, a flaming Chinese dragon usually represents sexuality and passion.

Asian tattoos often incorporate flowers. They can add colour, style or significance. Adding a lotus in a dragon tattoo, for instance, represents wisdom.

In Buddhist tradition, the lotus is a symbol of wisdom. The pearl found inside the flower is likely the inspiration for the dragon pearl.

Chinese calligraphy and characters are often sought after tattoos. They can carry a high degree of meaning and aesthetics. As a result, it harbours talents and creativity steeped in tradition from all over the world. Our own Toronto tattoo shop first made its mark doing traditional Asian tattoos. SharingThe Cross and Religious Beliefs Since very early in human history, the cross symbolizes many different things Get in touch or book a free tattoo consultation. We will give you an estimate of the cost and how much time you'll need for your custom tattoo, piercing or laser tattoo removal.

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Asian symbols tattoos