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One must know the difference between a pregnant platy fish and a healthy one. The loss otherwise, is quite heart-breaking. How to tell if your platy fish is pregnant? Little black spots will also appear on its back fin. A platy exhibits many other signs when carrying the young.

Platy fish pregnant

Platy fish pregnant

Platy fish pregnant

Should I put my very pregnant guppy back in my tank or leave her in a breading box? I have a 10 Platy fish pregnant gallon tank that has been up and running for about 6 days. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Otherwise if she gets hungry she can even eat their baby. Some platy owners elect to have male-to-female ratio of 1 to 2. Pets Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. The dark spot you are seeing is probably just her intestines seen through thin skin. By using our Platu, you acknowledge that you have read Platy fish pregnant understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms pregnnant Service. A fishing net can be used to scoop and move the fry. It's best to have females for every male because he will hound them and herd them pregbant he wants to breed.

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My pregnant platy keeps getting out of prehnant breeding trap. However we have noticed 1 seems fih be hiding under an ornament a lot and seems to be chased by 2 of the others and a lot and they seem to be on the attacked — is this nomal or iam i Platg reacting??! Photo Credits Image courtesy of Compfight. You will make mistakes, everyone has. This can be prenant through ornaments, live plants, or fake plants. They function as their own gang. A few years ago now, I have a few live-bearer tanks and cichlid tanks — they all chose to have babies at the same time. What Are the Signs of Pregnancy in a Dog? Flag Black in thong woman She looks like a paint platy and if she is that is her design because I have one a male paint platy and if Platy fish pregnant Extremely tight pants a paint she might be a dalmatian the red one is the paint Platy fish pregnant and the white and peach one is the Dalmatian if she is pregnant she belly will look square and long like a rectangle or it will look like a ball she may or may not have a dark spot near here anal fin that two ways to tell if Plqty pregnant and if you don't see anything you may have to wait a little and if she Platy fish pregnant a platy they give birth around 28days Share. Those may interest you: Are my platy fry ready to go in the main tank? Keep their tank clean. Or is it Plary a growth on the eye? Hi, we have bought 4 male platy about 3 weeks ago for our Son who is 5, for his first pets! Pregnant platy getting aggressively chased by male platy?

I'm pretty sure my platy fish is pregnant, but i'm really not sure when to put her into the floating breeding box.

  • I have one male and three females in my aquarium.
  • I'm pretty sure my platy fish is pregnant, but i'm really not sure when to put her into the floating breeding box.
  • Determine if a platy fish is pregnant by examining its size and shape.

One must know the difference between a pregnant platy fish and a healthy one. The loss otherwise, is quite heart-breaking. How to tell if your platy fish is pregnant? Little black spots will also appear on its back fin.

A platy exhibits many other signs when carrying the young. If suitable habitat and environment are made available to the platys, then they are likely to start breeding soon. Also, if they are well fed and well-cared-for, they will not need much help and assistance with the breeding process. Once a platy is pregnant, it will display a number of changes in its appearance as well as minor behavioral changes.

In some cases, the expecting female might chase the male aggressively. It might also move to a secluded area of the tank, most probably to the bottom of the tank or in the shelter of some plant, right before it is about to give birth. The most obvious physical changes occur at the gravid spot of the brooding females. This dark colored spot is situated between the anal opening and pectoral fins. It is caused by the stretching of the peritoneal wall.

The physical changes that occur here are listed below:. The gestation period of a pregnant platy lasts for about days. During the gestation period, the maintenance of the aquarium is very important. The optimum temperature, for the reproduction process to occur rapidly is between 77 F and 80 F. Lowering the temperature will result in the lengthening of the gestation period. Therefore, it is highly important to keep platy fish in bright light. Cool and dull light conditions might even stop the reproduction process.

Apart from that, the separation of male platies from your female platies is also necessary as they cause a lot of stress on the females. You might observe the males chasing around the pregnant females especially when they are about to give birth. It is because they are ready to feed on the newly born fry. This stress can result in the abortion of fry. The female will either deliver eggs or underdeveloped fry. Usually, the birthing process occurs at night, in the dark. Do not mistake this for constipation.

The mother platy will give birth to the fry one by one, usually tail first. This process might take a few hours and the fry may be delivered by the mother over a period of weeks in different batches. The newly born fry will either sink to the bottom or hide into a nearby plant. They will lay still for a few moments but will regain strength to move about really soon.

The young platy will feed on whatever the adult platys are feeding on. The micro-organisms in the breeding plants are also very nutritious for the young platy. Usually, pregnant platies are placed in a breeding box to save the baby fry from adult platy fish. However, separating the pregnant females causes stress for them. Especially if they are close to giving birth. Therefore, it is not advisable to separate the female platy during its last few days of pregnancy. Rather, the male platys should be isolated before the female gives birth.

The adult male and female platies can later be regrouped while the young fry should be kept isolated until they mature. It is much better to place some live, bushy, floating plants such as hornwort in the tank than to place the pregnant platy separately in a breeding box.

Floating plastic plants may be used as well. The live-bearer fish tend to eat their young as soon as they are born. For that reason, the very first measure to take is to arrange a separate tank or isolated place for the baby platys. You can do that in two ways; either move the mother to a separate tank before it gives birth, or you can separate the fry after. A fishing net can be used to scoop and move the fry. If you are unable to arrange a different tank for your baby platys, then you can also place shelters and floating plants in the tank.

They serve as hiding places for the fry and keep them from being eaten by adult platys. The diet of baby platys is very similar to adult platys, except that they should be given small amounts several times a day. They should also be checked upon more regularly just to keep an eye on their well-being at such a vulnerable time of their lives. Is it possible that my platy is just sick and bloated and not really pregnant?

And you need to check up on this immediately. Folded or clamped fins are an identifying mark of this problem. To fix this issue, you need to ensure the appropriate temperature and pH value of your aquarium. Also, make sure there are no toxic nitrogenous compounds present in the aquarium. Why is my pregnant platy fish not eating?

This might be a result of introducing the expecting platy to a new environment such as changing its aquarium or due to overpopulation. Overcrowding of aquariums naturally leads to aggressive behavior in fishes. Therefore, comfortable and appropriate accommodation of fish should be planned before there are any new additions to the tank.

The number may range from or However, platies reproduce really quickly and often overpopulate an aquarium. Therefore, proper arrangements should be made to accommodate the newly born.

What other dangers will my fry face? There is a long list of the dangers that a young platy might face. Hence, you need to take great care of the baby platies.

To protect them from larger fish, provide them with hiding places such as breeding plants or breeding traps. You also need to change the water on a daily basis, and if not daily then at least every other day.

As a result, there will be no or negligible accumulation of toxins in your water. The fish hormones will also be diluted that slow your fish growth rates.

Use a stocking to cover the end of the vacuum or vacuum your gravel with great care.

These fish are characterized by their ray-type fins, their small size -- typically no larger than 2 inches -- and their status as livebearers. I started a 15 gallon tank 3 months ago with 1 pleco, 1 Platy and 3 mollies. Why is my pregnant platy fish not eating? She looks like So, with many Amazon Sword and Water Sprite plants floating on top and planted at the bottom of my tank one one side of my 35 gallon ow tank the other side is open free water space , I allow my Platy to birth her Fries which quickly stay with the plants at the top of my tank where the Platys cannot reach them in the Plants. How can I put sand into a tank that already has water and fish in it?

Platy fish pregnant

Platy fish pregnant

Platy fish pregnant

Platy fish pregnant

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How to Tell if my Platy Fish is Pregnant? [ ]

Platy fish Xiphophorus are a common variety of fish that come in many different colors and are easy to care for. Platy fry are born more or less fully developed - they hatch from eggs inside their mothers' bodies - so they aren't difficult to care for.

However, it is very common for the adult fish to eat the fry, so if you want many of them to survive, here are some actions you'll need to take to ensure this. If you want to take care of baby platy fish, feed them multiple small meals a day, consisting of fish flakes and dried worms and shrimp.

To prevent overfeeding, adjust how much you feed them until they can finish each meal in 3 minutes. You can combine them with older fish once they are full grown, which takes about 4 months. Read more for tips from our Veterinary reviewer on safely breeding platy fish! She graduated from the University of Glasgow in with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery.

She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years. Categories: Fish Breeds. Louise Schmidt. Learn why people trust wikiHow. There are 19 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Be on the lookout for pregnant fish. Pregnant platies are easy to spot, so if you keep a close eye on your fish, they shouldn't be a surprise. A pregnant platy will develop a noticeably swollen belly.

They can also have an almost rectangular stomach as well when they are close to giving birth. This is caused by the eyes of the unborn fry pressing against her scales. Ensure your tank is large enough. For a few adult platies, a 10 gallon tank is usually sufficient. However, if you plan for your platies to breed and you want to keep the fry, a much larger tank will be necessary.

A minimum tank size of 29 gallons is recommended if you plan on letting your fish reproduce not letting them eat their fry. Consider a separate tank. Because platies do eat their young, you will end up with the greatest number of surviving fry if you purchase a separate tank for them to live in while they grow. This tank should be at least 5 gallons or more, depending on how many babies the mother produces.

To survive, whether in a community tank or in a separate tank with only their mother, your fry will need hiding places to escape to. This purpose can be served by either a lot of plants or a breeding trap.

Good choices include bunch plants, such as anacharis and cabomba, floating plants like hornwort and water sprite, and mosses such as java moss. The mother is placed inside the breeding trap, and when the fry are born, they can escape through the small holes to avoid being eaten. The mother will not be able to follow them. Separate the mother from the community tank and wait.

If you've opted for a separate tank to keep the fry isolated from the adult fish, separate the mother as soon as you can after you've noticed she's pregnant. Sometimes, this number can climb as high as Return the mother to the community tank.

After the mother fish gives birth, you can return her to the community tank assuming you separated her. The fry will now be free to develop without threat of being eaten. Feed the fry. Baby platy fish do not require different food from adults. You can feed them the same pellets or flakes that you feed the adults, as well as freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex, and brine shrimp.

Keep their tank clean. Just as with your adult platies, you'll need to keep the tank for the fry clean. Changing 25 percent of the water every two to four weeks is typically adequate, but this depends on the number of fish.

Introduce new fish into the community tank. Once they have grown large enough to fend for themselves, you can move the young fish to the community tank with the older fish. Platy reach full size after about four months. They are born about the size of half a grain of rice and and are transluscent. They will also hide, so they are not easy to spot. Yes No.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful I think three of my platys look pregnant. How long will it take for them to drop the fry? Also, should I use a fry trap, a nursery tank or an aquarium divider to separate them?

Platies are usually pregnant between 6 - 8 weeks. Platys tend to stress out when you put them into a breeding trap, so small, separate liter tanks might be better prior to the births. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Longer than that If they are kept in a small enclosure breeding box for a long period of time. Not Helpful 9 Helpful I just noticed our fish had babies.

I see fry, some look like they're still in the egg. None of them are moving, and they are all in the bottom of the rocks. I assume they are dead, right? Actually no, the ones at the bottom are not necessarily dead.

My babies are resting at the bottom of the breeding net and they are doing just fine. You can usually identify the dead ones because they will look like they are decomposing or falling apart sorry for the graphics but as long as they are all eating they will be fine. Her belly will be swollen and rounder, and she will develop a black spot near her anal fin, called a 'gravid spot.

Not Helpful 7 Helpful Keep close watch and feed them regularly. Make sure the water temp is correct. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Start feeding them twice a day to begin, and then four times a day when they start to get bigger. Not Helpful 14 Helpful Dieyun Ding. Almost the same as the adults F , but a little bit on the warm side. It says you want to have one, but it is not necessary.

My daughter's fry are 5 days old. How long can they go without being fed? You shouldn't go without feeding them at all. They will grow rapidly, so it's not an option. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Unanswered Questions. Would a weekend feeder be okay for babies in the beginning? I have them in a 1 gallon Corner tank and I think it's a little far for them to get to the top for flake food not sure?

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By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tips Crush food pellets or flakes to make it easier for the fry to eat. Don't keep mother with their baby for long time. Otherwise if she gets hungry she can even eat their baby. If the water in the tank gets cloudy it may mean you are putting in too much food.

A pregnant platy will have a black or brown dot on the end of her stomach. Warnings Don't buy fish if you don't have an aquarium large enough to accommodate them. Platies are very prolific, so a a small tank can get over-crowded very quickly. Related wikiHows. Article Summary X If you want to take care of baby platy fish, feed them multiple small meals a day, consisting of fish flakes and dried worms and shrimp. Did this summary help you? Made Recently View more 11 total.

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Platy fish pregnant

Platy fish pregnant