Spanking sex techniques-The Ultimate Guide to How To Spank: 5 Tips for MAXIMUM Pleasure

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. This isn't surprising, not only can spanking be fun, but for the spankee, it can also release endorphins , causing a natural high. It's also a low maintenance activity. BDSM stands for bondage and discipline , dominance and submission , and sadism and masochism yes, the D and S are doing double duty , and spanking has all aspects of the above.

Spanking sex techniques

Spanking sex techniques

Spanking sex techniques

Spanking sex techniques

Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. He did that night. Read First: BJ Overview 2. You can also use a paddle? Or just buy mesh panties with a see-through butt.


Help Her Get Turned On 3. Duration minutes. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. A cam room is only as interesting as the members make it! If your spanking session was to teach a Spanking sex techniques or enforce a rule, then you end the session Silicone for vivariums in much the same way. Anticipation can be just as sexy as the act itself. Always watch her body language, but do not be afraid to end your session with tears. Only spanking for a year. Spanking sex techniques Start slow. Learn how punishment can be Spanking sex techniques here. Maybe restraints are on the menu. If you want to give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually obsessed with you, then you can learn these sex techniques in my private and discreet newsletter. Crazy Sex Positions Anal Guide 1. Well, it feels good, darn it! Pain can be pleasure, but injury means you've gone too far.

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  • Takeaway: If a little or a lot of pain is your pleasure of choice, you might want to bend over and give spanking a try.
  • One makes you want to sprint away like an Olympic contender and call social services.
  • Spanking is both fun and exciting.
  • Crying bitch whipped real good.
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This site requires JavaScript to function. Please enable it in your browser or use a browser that supports it. Lots of people enjoy spanking; giving or receiving or both , and there are many different ways you can do it. For some, spanking can be part of a fantasy or role play, while for others, it can be purely for sensation. You can spank someone as a warm-up, during intercourse, as a way to tease your partner or as a way to engage in erotic power play.

Some people like to use their hands; others prefer to use toys. However you like to do it, here are some tips for making it as fun as it can be. As with all sexual experiences, some basic guidelines will help make the sexual expression more enjoyable and positive for all participants.

Talking About It Both the spanker and the spankee need to want the experience. Talking about whether spanking can be a part of sex play usually works best when it happens before your evening of passion. After all, many of us have made decisions under the influence of lust that we might not have made under other circumstances. Keep it positive, and let your partner know how sexy and fun you think spanking is.

However they feel, try to be appreciative of their honesty and understand their view as much as you want them to understand yours. Talking about sex is often one of the biggest challenges in relationships, so be gentle with each other.

Fantasy Some people spank because they enjoy the opportunity for power exchange and role play, in addition to the pleasurable sensations spanking provides.

Power exchange is where one temporarily relinquishes control to other. Role play is great for all the actors at heart who love the idea of playing, whether it is: student and teacher, cops and robbers or patient and doctor. Role play can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. You can find inspiration in your favorite movies, books, and erotic films.

Technique A key component to having spanking be pleasurable is location, location, location. Location: Focus your spanking the buttocks.

Always avoid impact on or above the tailbone, outside of the buttocks, lower thighs, the back of the knees, and where the bottom ends and the thighs begin.

And anyway, most people find that it feels best on their butts. You can create different sensations by having the receiving partner in different positions. Many people find that the further their hips are bent, the stronger the same impact can feel.

The Warm-Up: When we get spanked, more blood flows to the skin, the muscles relax and arousal builds. Warm your partner up with softer spanks.

Massage the lower back, hips, butt and thighs -- the more relaxed we are, the better spanking can feel. You may want to include other stimulation such as genital play or light scratching and tickling to heighten sensation.

When your partner is warmed up, their skin will probably feel warmer and depending on their skin tone may be a bit pink. They may also relax into the sensation or make appreciative sounds.

Types of Sensation: All spanking props whether they are a bare hand or paddle will provide sensation along a spectrum of sting to thud. Sting is felt more on the surface of the skin while thud is a deeper, more penetrating sensation. Some people have strong preferences for one or the other, some like both and some like one as part of a warm-up and the other later on.

One great way to do that is to spank once and ask them to rate it on a scale of one to ten. Another way is to do two different strokes and ask which one felt better. If the spankee is looking a bit bruised, some arnica gel available at many pharmacies and natural food stores works wonders. Wish List. Sign In. Customer Service. Toys Sex Info. How to Spank Lots of people enjoy spanking; giving or receiving or both , and there are many different ways you can do it.

There are lots of ways to introduce the topic. Some people may enjoy seeing some marks after a session. Other people may want no redness or marks at all. As part of that, how easily do you bruise?

Do you want to try toys or stick with hands? Do you have physical limitations that might affect things? Do you want to weave fantasy into your spanking? If so, what words, positions, or other sexual activities will make it work for you? Do you prefer a thud or a sting sensation?

Checkout the Types of Sensation section below to learn more about thud and sting. Use safewords. Here are some more tips on different sensations: Thud A palm of the hand or thick heavy paddle can provide deep, resonating, penetrative yet dull, deep tissue stimulation. Sting A light wooden paddle, wooden spoon, and a hairbrush can provide more shallow stimulation, a sharp biting. Try our Star Spanker or Slapper to experiment with sting.

Different hand shapes When spanking with a bare or leather-gloved hand, cupping the hand tends to create more thud while holding it flat with fingers spread creates more sting.

Some people find that having the hand or paddle bounce back off the rump after a strike to be more pleasurable for both parties, rather than striking with solely a forward motion. Rhythm Find a nice, steady rhythm.

Just change it up every so often to keep arousal up. Change the Sensation Work some light stroking, scratching, and rubbing into your spanking.

Try incorporating the bristle side of a hairbrush after a few strokes of the opposing side. Some paddles will have a soft faux fur on one side and leather on the other. Play around with different stroking patterns and props until you and your lover find some favorites. Be Aware of Your Partner The spankee can give cues that particular stroke pattern or strength is enjoyable by wiggling or squirming in your lap, or letting out a squeal.

Afterwards You may want to shift from spanking towards other sexual activity. What worked? What would you like to change? You can have those conversations right afterwards or maybe a day or two later, but make sure to have them. Join Our List Get. I am 18 or over and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

We play afterward and cuddle. Post Comment. Alternate Between Various Techniques Tip 6. Obedient slut spanking. Okay, the point of this note is to applaud your site.

Spanking sex techniques

Spanking sex techniques. Gettin' Cheeky With It

Hopefully, your relationship already includes talks about sexual preferences or desires. I wonder what it would be like? Next, comes the ground rules. Healthy BDSM play should always involve respect from both sides. Check out this article:. Good Safe Words and Uses in Media. With great spanking comes great responsibility. You need to pay attention to their whole body.

This includes anything that makes the environment and experience as pleasant as possible for both parties including your frame of mind. Nothing pulls someone out of the mood more than Mexican Hat Dance blasting through the room while you're propped against the table with your underwear around your ankles. Hitting with those is NOT fun, and nobody wants an imprint of your college football ring on their ass. You might need. Try paddles, floggers, whips, or canes. NOTE: make sure you practice with them ahead of time - on a pillow is best.

Anticipation can be just as sexy as the act itself. Learn more here:. What is BDSM? Essential Concepts for Beginners. Will you begin with a hot and heavy make-out session on the sofa or grab them by the hair, pin them to the table, and go straight to business? Do you prefer the comfort of the bedroom or is the coffee table a sexy spot?

Maybe restraints are on the menu. Whether bent over furniture, on the bed, or over your knee - anywhere is acceptable as long as both of you are comfortable and the spanker can reach key areas with ease pillows are great for propping things up and giving support.

Different positions will stretch or relax the skin, making each slap a different sensation. We should always warm up before exercising, and the same goes for spanking. Begin with light caresses, kisses, or a massage. This will get the blood flowing, skin ready, and muscles relaxed, which is essential to a pleasant experience.

There are a couple areas away from the golden zone that are acceptable, but you should never spend too much time there, be extra cautious, and avoid using too much power. See the picture below for a better idea. Punishment Spankings not your cup of tea? Get other ideas here:. Open palm with fingers together, open palm with fingers spread, cupped hand, fists. These are shallow strikes felt on the surface of the skin which come from fast movements confined to a small area. These burn and can leave behind lines and welts if you do it hard enough.

Toys can include canes, braided floggers, or anything that adds to velocity. These are deeper strikes over a wider area and the opposite of stings. Accomplished by: heavier paddles, mop floggers, thick straps, or the palm of your hand. Strikes can be mixed up with caressing, tickling, pinching, scratching , or my personal favorite grabbing a handful of ass right after a strike. Some paddles have a soft side you can run along the skin.

Try a rabbit fur flogger their softness alone is orgasmic. We can make all the jokes we like about percussion instruments, but spanking the derriere can be like playing the drums.

Work with fast and slow strikes to change things and keep your partner on their toes or back…or knees. See what garners a positive reaction.

They might exclusively prefer soft slaps, or they could revel in deep thuds. Some people enjoy a mix. Things can also change session to session. But never forget to close the scene with some aftercare. Was it your first time or are you a veteran?

What is a big session or a brief one? What kind of care you deliver depends entirely on the kind of session you just had. Maybe they need some water, a bit of chocolate, some aloe vera, or muscle cream. You now have the know-how and tools to go forth and fill the world with pink bottoms.

If you have any fun spanking situations, I'd love to hear more in the comments section below. I know she likes it hard and to bruising i have not achieved btuising yet. Thank you for this i thought there was something i was missing but no i see my strikes must ne more precise I'm a Prostate cancer survivor.

Changes in my life have led us to be a bit more open to other types of play. I'd love to discuss this further with you. Also a prostrate cancer survivor here and I love it when my wife Robin spanks me. It is great for our 44 year long and going strong marriage. Only spanking for a year. Do you think I can find leather paddles, tawses etc. I need a good spanking. Nobody wants to do it for me. Any ideas, email me at; petrowskesteven gmail. I love spanking my wife.

We have an entire collection of toys. She always says she does not like it, but she always agrees to it when I order it and of course the sex afterwards is the best. I think neuroscience will explain why. Although I don't comprehend the whole thing at the moment. By any means, is there mathematics hidden here? A functional relationship between intensity of spanking and strength of orgasm.

What will happen if a dom orders the sub to cut a switch? This is key. I strongly argue that the difference is mainly psychological. For the basics are the same, or nearly the same. If anyone is in to the kink, I strongly suggest one thing. Start at level 0 this is the tester part. Then if it is okay, move on to level 1. Then if it is okay, move on to level 2. And so on. NEVER start at level 10, for example. That is going to hurt like hellfire. I love to spank, but I don't have anyone who will do it.

Anu tips on self-spanking? Also I don't have access to anything but household items. There's self-flogging and that sort of thing. I prefer a lady to paddle me, or use a belt for more severe, and a switch for most severe. I like the ladies to tell me I've been a bad boy and make me count the number of strokes. I believe sex should only be in marriage. Spanking is allowed though and I enjoy the way my wife does it. I am an older woman and would like try spanking.

Maybe during a massage but don't know where to look in San Antonio. I'm curious as to what kind of physical aftercare that might help potential bruising or minor skin irritation that comes with spanking.

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Spanking must have a terrific PR person. The spanking spectrum covers a lot of ground. But where on the body is it safe to spank someone? Anywhere with muscle and fat, like the booty, is safe.

Then, he says, you spank just the clothed area—you can take off her panties later. You should also avoid spanking areas that are not protected by fat or muscle. That includes the kidney area, neck, joints, and the tailbone and hip bones.

Along with spanking, common forms of impact play are slapping, paddling, caning, and whipping. Please note that single-tailed whips are ill-advised for newbies because they can wrap around the body like a python. Before adding any of the above to your sex life, pick a safe word.

While choosing a safe word is super-fun like naming a puppy! Use touch to get a feel for the spankee's preferred intensity. How hard do you like to be spanked? Move your hand down to their ass and try a few practice rounds to learn what their comfort level is. But if you do want to level up and spank someone with an object, simply waltz through your kitchen.

Impact play can be both emotionally and physically intense, due to the spikes of adrenaline and endorphins released. Sometimes, after spanking or any BDSM experience, you and your partner can have a come-down. Lesson 1: Spank inside the lines. Lifestyles of the Super Rich and Super Naked. By Davy Rothbart.

By Sophie Saint Thomas. By Sam Reiss.

Spanking sex techniques

Spanking sex techniques