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Stories of spanking machines

Spanking Machines All Vintage aeroplane pieclown. All rights reserved. Tags Portal Chat Forum. If Stephanie had read that part it might have saved her from the reading every page in the manual, especially as the thought only crossed her Sories the moment she put her hand down her Stories of spanking machines and it was locked beside her hip. Once they are on, both of you should climb onto the bench.

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Her legs kicked and her bottom wiggled as the spanking continued. You also probably have noticed the clothes, and will probably put 2 and 2 together, but in case you can't, here's the deal. She had expected Katherine to cane her, not a machine Tickling christina all. None at all. Ellie stepped across the threshold wondering if she had made the wrong decision. Winter Warming Booth Ona gets far more than Stories of spanking machines quick warm Stories of spanking machines. How great would that be? I found his diary and discovered he had made and used this device at his school. Join Lush. Title of your comment:. Plus size cotton thongs pull up the board and let it go and gravity would cause it to strike you bottom. No break though. His wife and Daughter were curious, but after telling them it was something for work, they let it go. The picture looked a little like a picnic table. The wooden hand was only barely in her peripheral vision and the only thing she could really see was the crown of her upturned bottom.

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  • Ellie sees Katherine at her home, and faces a harder punishment than at the correctional center.
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TV Advertisement: Fathers, do your daughters act out too much? Mothers, are you tired of the yelling and shouting? Well then, it is time for you to get the new and improved spanking machine. Yes, that's right, a new and improved spanking machine. This new model has everything our test families asked us to include. Padded restraints to hold your naughty brat down with, multiple implements to spank their bottoms, and an angled top, to provide more of a target, while making them feel more vulnerable.

Yes, the Acme Spanking Bench, mark 2 - The next generation in spanking and corrective measures. Sarah, Michele, and Mark Roberts had been watching the local news, when the advertisement had come on.

Mark and Michele had been interested, but Sarah had just started complaining about how the television would be so much better if there weren't any advertising on it. Mark had copied down the internet address listed for the machine, to get some more information. He had been tired of his daughter's outbursts, but he also had some plans for his wife as well.

Both the women in his house had begun to get more of an attitude than he felt was warranted. Mark Roberts wasn't against women's rights, he just didn't like the changes that had been forced down the throats of most of the men in the world. I mean, it was bad enough that more difficult topics were being discussed, but some of the ads on the television could make any guy really nervous.

I mean, who wanted to hear a girl talk about male enlargement, or listen to some utter nonsense about some affair? A guy could only take so much. Mark decided it was time for him to put his foot down, so to speak. He wanted his wife and their daughter to know that he was in charge, and that was the way it was. Michelle Roberts had married Mark when they had graduated high school. They had been in love before then, but it felt right to wait till they were on their own, to make it official.

She had enjoyed their wedding, and the lovely dress she had worn. The ceremony was thrilling, especially when she had said those words, "I do" and sealed herself to her new husband. The after party was fun, as both of them spent the time dancing together, and accepting compliments from their guests.

But that night, when they were in their bedroom alone for the first time, Mark had surprised Michelle by sitting down on a chair, and pulling her over his lap in her wedding gown. She had been surprised by this, but then she felt her dress being lifted up the back of her legs,a nd she blushed. Michelle hadn't worn any regular panties for her wedding, instead, she had on a pair of white panties with a simple message on them "Spank Me", written in red letters.

When Mark had lifted his wife's dress, and read the panties, he smiled, and lifted his hand, and SMACK, he began spanking his new wife. Michelle squirmed on her husband's lap, and yelped with each smack on her bottom.

Her legs kicked and her bottom wiggled as the spanking continued. She could feel Mark become excited too, but the pain in her ass was more of a distraction. The spanking she received lasted a good 15 minutes, before Mark stood up, and took his wife on the floor, her red bottom high in the air.

Now, almost 18 years later, Mark decided that both the women in his life needed some correction of their own again. He had refrained from spanking his wife out of respect for their daughter, and he hadn't spanked his daughter because of his wife.

But both women were about to learn that the genie wasn't gone, it had just lain dormant. Mark sat at the computer, looking at the spanking machine website, and decided the time was right. He ordered the machine and some matching uniforms for his wife and daughter. He also ordered some other items for them, which he would expect them to wear for him from now on.

The following week, a box arrived for Mark. He took it inside, and into one of the bedrooms. He had installed a lock on the door, and had begun doing the remodeling for his new toys, shortly after he had ordered the machine. His wife and Daughter were curious, but after telling them it was something for work, they let it go.

Mark meanwhile had torn out the carpet, sanded the walls, and had installed some new shelves. He had spent the last 3 days painting the walls a soft red color, and installing some thick padded floor carpets. Finally, with the machine here, he began unpacking it and the other items within the shipping box. He first took out the clothes, and begun by hanging them up on the walls, on the hangers beneath painted signs with his wife and daughter's names on them. Each contained a matching outfit, sized to fit.

He then unpacked the panties he had ordered, and again placed them in a drawer in the shelf with the intended wearers name in it. Finally, he set to work assembling the machine. Thankfully, there was a guide book, and the machine came pre-drilled and wired. Standing back, after nearly 4 hours of work, Mark smiled.

Before him stood the assembled spanking machine, waiting for its first victim. The machine was a wooden frame with padded kneeling platform, and an angled top part, which would force his wife and daughter to lean forward and downward more, thereby exposing more of their backsides to the rotating paddle.

Mark had installed 2 sets of the quick clamps on the bench, so that both his wife and daughter could be on the machine bench together. As a final torment, he had installed the control box on the wall next to the light switch. Smiling to himself he wrote a note to both his wife and daughter, and left it on the machine, before he called out that he was going to take a shower, and if they wanted, they could look into the room. He then set the special locks on the door, which would trap anyone in the room unless they knew the keypad number to release them.

He then smiled, unlocked the room, and went out to the bathroom, to shower. Sarah was curious about all the building her father had been doing.

When she heard him in the shower, she decided to check out what was so special in the room. She went up and opened the door, and walked inside. She had closed the door, so as to not be caught being a sneak, but she hadn't looked in the room before she closed the door. Turning, she saw the spanking machine from the television add, sitting there. She also saw a shelf with her name on it, along with a school girl uniform, maid dress, bikini, and a drawer with her name on it.

She opened the drawer, and found panites with "Spank me", "Brat", and "Naughty Girl" printed on them, with a handprint on each ass cheek. Sarah wasn't sure what to think, but as she looked at the clothes, and the machine, she heard the door close again, and a startled gasp comes from her mom. Margret had entered the room as well, and was equally surprised to see the machine, the clothes, and her daughter all in the same room. Both women looked a little confused, but then they went for the door at the same time.

Michelle pulled on the handle, but the door refused to budge. Sarah saw something on the machine, and pulled a note from the bench, and began reading. My dear wife and daughter: Before you both stands the implement of my authority over you. I have been waiting far too long to see what sort of wife and daughter I have, and I have to tell you, so far I have been unimpressed with your behavior.

This ends today. As you probably have discovered, the room is locked, and there is no way out except thru the door. You also probably have noticed the clothes, and will probably put 2 and 2 together, but in case you can't, here's the deal.

You will become a matching pair of girls for me. Whenever I demand a maid, you both will appear in your maid's outfits.

If I demand a report card from school, you both will come as schoolgirls. And if it is time to go use the pool in the back yard, it is bikini time for you both.

For now, however, I want you both in the school uniforms. Once they are on, both of you should climb onto the bench. It is pretty simple to get into position properly. Just put your knees on the lower part and spread your ankles till they are resting in the clamps. Then bend forward over the top part of the bench, and put your wrists into the other set of cuffs. Once they're in the proper place, the cuffs will close automatically.

Then you just have to wait. Sarah was shocked that her father had written such a note, while Michelle seemed almost resigned to the fact that their bottoms would be spanked sooner or later.

Slowly, Michelle decided to set the example for her daughter, and she turned to the small shelf with her name on it, and pulled down the school uniform. She sighed, and began removing her pants and shirt, before slipping off her panties and bra. Sarah just watched as her mother pulled on a pair of panties, before slipping on the blouse and finally squirming into the jumper uniform.

Your father isn't going to let us out of here, until we both have been on the machine. And its not like you haven't changed before. Now hurry up. The sooner you get dressed, the sooner we can get out of here. Sarah blushed as she knew her mom was looking at her smooth pussy, and quickly pulled on a pair of the panking panties, before slipping on and buttoning her own uniform's blouse.

She also slipped into her jumper, and both mother and daughter buttoned up the side of each others uniforms, before fixing their hair into simple ponytails. Sarah, nervously but with a resolve to not let her fear get the better of her, climbed up onto the spanking machine first.

She put her knees into the slots, and spread her ankles, till she felt them settle into the smooth lower part of the cuffs. She knew her legs were spread wide by the position of the cuffs. Nervously, she bent her body over the middle of the bench, and lowered herself till her chest rested on the padded upper part, and allowed her hands to find their way into the cuffs at the front, which likewise clicked closed around her wrists.

His knowledge of computer technology was good, but he had enlisted an expert to assist in the project. Anybody here like to confess any crimes?.. Failsafe Audrey's birthday gift appears to develop a mind of its own. Then her thoughts went back to that awful machine, Jesus Christ, how could I smile and think it would be a bit of fun, she chastised herself, while at the same time reminding herself to not let her curiosity ever get the better of her again. All that I ask is that you be kind to me with this story.

Stories of spanking machines

Stories of spanking machines

Stories of spanking machines

Stories of spanking machines. A discreet machine, that you can mount into a surface


I Know a Story: Mrs. Foley's Spanking Machine | Food + Living |

Each grade had six classes of approximately 30 students. The three-story building occupied half of a city block. It was U-shaped, with the front facing Archer Street and the sides running along Taylor Avenue on the west and Thieriot Avenue on the east. Behind the school was a large fenced-in schoolyard, paved in concrete. The neighborhood surrounding the school was dominated by six-story, walk-up apartment buildings, with occasional private homes.

A little distance to the east was the high-rise development of Parkchester, which packed a large population into a mile-square area. About half of the children from Parkchester attended P. The main entrances to the school were located in the front of the building.

There was a wide staircase on either side leading to the front doors. The principal, Mrs. Maloney, had her office in the corner to the left of a staircase. Maloney was a petite, gray-haired lady. She was very soft-spoken but was treated with reverence by everyone at the school. The chief enforcer and disciplinarian was the assistant principal, Mrs. Foley was a rotund, white-haired lady with a booming voice.

Foley exercised her voice to great advantage, keeping any would-be troublemakers in line. AND it was universally known by all in the school, that Mrs. Foley had a Spanking Machine in her office. Foley's office was on the second floor, and, as you walked by on your way to and from your classroom, you could see into her office.

But all you could see was the outer office where her secretary sat. You couldn't see into the inner office, where the dreaded punishment device was housed. Sometimes children were tasked to run errands for the teacher. When you were asked to clean the erasers for example, you were sent to the janitor's office in the basement with the chalk-filled erasers and had the honor of running the erasers over a specially fitted vacuum device that removed the chalk dust.

When on a mission of this kind, you were required to wear a large wooden pass around your neck that informed the teachers monitoring the halls that you had permission to be out of the classroom. Occasionally, an envelope had to be delivered to Mrs. Maloney's office or to Mrs. Foley's office. Of course, it was always handed to the secretary, and no student on such a mission ever got to the inner office.

Thus, the legend of the Spanking Machine remained intact. No adult ever broke the code of silence around this myth. Everyone, from the youngest kindergartner to the oldest sixth-grader knew that Mrs. Foley had it — and you didn't mess with Mrs. An email has been sent with a link to confirm list signup. Looking back, it seems odd that some of the older children who had stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus still believed in Mrs.

Foley's Spanking Machine. Me, I sometimes tried to imagine what a Spanking Machine would look like. I pictured it as a table, with paddles attached to a wheel at one end, somewhat like the wheel of a Mississippi riverboat.

There would be a platform on the same end as the paddle wheel upon which the offender would place his knees. Then he would bend forward at the waist, so that his torso was flat on the top surface of the table. And then, with a flip of the switch the spanking would begin. I wasn't quite sure how this could work, but I still believed. If anyone had any doubts, I never heard them expressed. Without harming anyone, it helped maintain order in a school where more than 1, pupils were well-taught by a dedicated faculty of about 50 teachers and administrators.

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Stories of spanking machines

Stories of spanking machines