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Alabama just passed a law banning abortion, even on rape survivors; doctors face up to 99 years in prison for performing the procedure. Our president has spoken about grabbing women by their genitalia and sex workers are considered non-human by certain pockets of law enforcement. At the same time, gender equality has become an on-trend topic with our youth. This battle for respect has been a constant since Adam and Eve. After meeting her feminist, co-conspirator Debbie Stoller, while working at Nickelodeon, Laurie Henzel began the journey of creating a new kind of magazine for women.

Bust magazine corporate office

Bust magazine corporate office

Bust magazine corporate office

Bust magazine corporate office

Bust magazine corporate office

She makes a pinhole camera, sticks corrporate in her vagina and takes pictures of her lovers… with her vagina! We used to ask every single celebrity that we interviewed if they were a feminist. I feel more Bust magazine corporate office now, which is kinda great… When I was younger, I would yell back or spit at them. Police are still investigating, but based on statements from acquaintances who revealed she had severe depression, they believe it is likely she died Bust magazine corporate office suicide. Jane Fonda was arrested in Washington D. Then when I was a teenager and I found out that advertising was disgusting, I turned to graphic design. Frankissstein centers on the relationship between a young transgender doctor, Ry, and Victor Stein, a professor hell-bent on pioneering the next generation of artificial intelligence. The first issue was xeroxed and stapled.

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The scrappy magazine has endured financial struggles it still does ; being bought by a tech company and then having to buy itself back; the bursting of mgaazine internet bubble; Sept. All our prices are the lowest publisher-authorized prices for Bust Magazine magazine and we will check to ensure accuracy of what is listed on our site. Unfortunately we have no control of that. The magazine's slogan is "For women with something to get off their Bust magazine corporate office. How has this feminist lifestyle publication survived for 25 years? Are you qualified to instruct our readers corpoorate how to buy or use something they ' ve always wanted? Retrieved 10 June To call Bust Magazine and cancel or ask them to stop sending you invoices, please go to Magazine Subscriber Services for publisher customer service. Inhabitat Coprorate York. The website fetches an average ofunique visitors every Bust magazine corporate office. This is corporatr when we receive your Gay erection swimwear swimsuit, it takes about a week for your subscription to be received and scheduled by the publisher. Halloween Ball: Shangela VS. Many mainstream and indie actors, directors, comedians, and musicians have appeared on the covers [10] of Bust.

On the evening I visited, a bit before Christmas, young staffers rode up with me in the elevator, sharing swigs from a plastic bottle of whiskey.

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They've never taken investment funding and are debt-free, two facts that the cofounders say are a "mixed bag. Two recent issues of Bust Photo courtesy of Julie Sygiel. Tina Fey, for example. We try to go with women who we feel are breaking through a stereotype about women, who are doing something that we think is important.

It was just art or drawings. The first issue was xeroxed and stapled. So then we actually put some of our own money in, a couple hundred bucks from each of us, and got the next one printed on newsprint. Every issue improved just a little bit. Stoller: For the first seven years, were just doing this on our own dime as a part-time job and it was very difficult because we had full-time jobs.

But then in we sold the company to RSub, a subdivision of Razorfish Studios, so we could give up our jobs and work full-time on Bust. We hired people and got an office.

It was great. They put some money into growing the audience with distributors so that was a big boost. Unfortunately, the next year Razorfish got into financial trouble and decided that we were going to on a hiatus for a bit while they looked for investors.

Around that same time a New York Times reporter actually interviewed us about how we were going to take over the world with our feminist magazine. It was very exciting. We were on the front page of the business section with a picture of Laurie and me in our office. Phones were ringing off the hook and it looked like the answer to the financial problems.

The date was September 10th, , and then the next day was the next day, so all the attention and potential advertisers disappeared overnight. Debbie and I started all the way back at zero. We were able to buy the name back a few months later in December So we started out in debt to those subscribers. Sygiel: Wow, so you bought the name back and you were now expected to ship magazines out for free. Henzel: Yes, and we had no money and no jobs.

Henzel: We also had a big benefit party in Tribeca and we asked a couple of bands that we knew to play including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. And that was enough to print the next issue and get back on our feet again. Stoller: One of my favorite issues ever. It took awhile before we were able to start to pay ourselves again.

We hired someone to sell ads for us and it turned out we did know a bit more about publishing than we thought so we were able to make it work. Sygiel: I remember being at Bust 's 20th birthday bash a few years ago in Brooklyn. Henzel: That party was a big highlight for me.

When Gloria was saying nice stuff about us on stage, I was freaking out. There are always ways to spend less. Ten years ago people were charging companies insane prices to make html static websites. We learned a bit of coding and we made our website ourselves. When we started, magazines were really distorting what women thought was possible for themselves and we wanted to make an antidote to that. We wanted to publish diverse experiences, stories, not all writing about feminism per se but being informed by feminism to create something about women that was not so stereotypical.

We found a few people who got it like Margaret Cho and Janeane Garofalo but they were few and far between. And now! The selfie! The struggle is still there. Stoller: No, we still have sexism, but I know from the numbers that millennial women are much more likely to call themselves feminists than older generations. We used to ask every single celebrity that we interviewed if they were a feminist. Nobody else was doing that. A lot of them seemed to be afraid to say yes because they were afraid they would get backlash.

And today everybody asks celebrities if they are feminists, and now celebrities are afraid to say they are not feminists because of the backlash. Henzel: I am going to put this out there that I think we can take credit for a lot of that. Like this interview? I am an entrepreneur and marketing strategy consultant who loves connecting with and amplifying the stories of female founders.

In I founded Dear Kate, a startup th I interview female founders to share their stories and advice. Julie Sygiel. Read More.

BUST magazine promotes a balance of contributing to consumerism as well as encouragement of independence from consumerism. Views Read Edit View history. Are you qualified to instruct our readers on how to buy or use something they ' ve always wanted? The Bust team is small. Please go to the reviews tab above and you can review using your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, gmail account or use your name and email to write a review. In the book titled Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia Volume 1 , Miranda Campbell wrote a section on Bust and its features, including "Real Life: Crafts, Cooking, Home and Hearth" which encourages readers to make their own items instead of buying them, "Fashion and Booty" which suggests clothing, accessories, and other novelty items readers might be interested in purchasing, and articles on car maintenance featuring auto technician Lucille Treganowan.

Bust magazine corporate office

Bust magazine corporate office

Bust magazine corporate office

Bust magazine corporate office

Bust magazine corporate office

Bust magazine corporate office. Write a review

If so, please specify the section when submitting:. Broadcast Stories in this department focus on pop culture personalities, news, and views important to women.

Here's where we write about that amazing performance artist or that awesome project or grassroots org, and indulge in shameless she-ro worship. Submissions should be words long. Real Life Cooking, crafts, home, health, here ' s where we explore all the ways we do that everyday voodoo that we do so well. Do you have a cool skill? Are you qualified to instruct our readers on how to buy or use something they ' ve always wanted?

Stereo, sewing machine, the Elephant Man ' s bones , etc. Fancy DIY inventions and household tips can also be sent to the attention of this section! Looks Calling all glamazons! For fashion, beauty, and style coverage without that bitter, elitist after-taste, there ' s nothing more refreshing than the BUST "Looks" section.

Fill us in on all your fave new designers, trends, and products here. For this ongoing series, we ' re looking for writers who can dish all the insider dirt on the best grrrl-friendly hotspots their home turfs have to offer. From large cities to small towns, if you have a great take on what makes your hood a shangri-la for she-travelers, take some snapshots and show us why or just tell us where you live and what kind of destinations you plan on covering and we ' ll put your pitch on file.

Features Do you have an idea for a reported feature that's feminist, sexy, smart, funny, surprising, and generally doesn't suck? If so, then send us a pitch detailing exactly what you'd like to write about, what sources you have access to, and what your credentials are, and we'll let you know if your story works for us. Submissions should be 2, words or less. Reviews should generally be words long and it ' s always a good idea to check out old issues of BUST to get a feel for our review style.

Sex Files Sex toys, sex enhancing products, and porno guides for grrrls are some of the titillating topics covered in this sassy section. We invite all you brazen hussies out there to strut your stuff here for the erotic edification of frolicsome feminists everywhere.

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On the evening I visited, a bit before Christmas, young staffers rode up with me in the elevator, sharing swigs from a plastic bottle of whiskey. In the office they broke away, laughing and chatting, settling down at computers underneath walls covered in posters and stickers.

She waved me to the conference room in the back, crowded with boxes of old issues and mis-matching chairs. BUST celebrated its 20th anniversary in It also inspires fierce loyalty.

How has a nervy, independent feminist magazine kept on into its third decade, in defiance of basically every trend in publishing? The three of them were all working menial jobs at a fledgling Nickelodeon in the early s. Henzel and Karp were also less than engaged with their work. Karp was working as an assistant in the promo department. What they were supposed to be doing was a frequent topic of conversation for the friends.

Eventually, they settled on the idea of a magazine. Instead, they just thought about what was missing from the media landscape, their own personal priorities, and not much else. Their friends wrote the articles for free. To print the first issue, they snuck into Nickelodeon at night to run it off on the office copier and then hand-staple all copies. It got the magazine a lot of attention, which happened to coincide with the first dot-com bubble.

BUST quickly found itself courted by several media companies looking to buy them out, a prospect they were very interested in. Maybe somebody else did? They were publishing irregularly, whenever they scraped together enough money to put out an issue. So it was like, well, okay, this could work. The dream was short-lived. As the dot-com bubble began to come apart, the owners of Razorfish became increasingly concerned about their money-losing media property. They decided to stop publishing BUST and look for additional investors.

During this extremely precarious period, BUST somehow became the focal point of a New York Times story on the resurgence of feminist magazines. A photo of Henzel and Stoller that ran with the piece took up most of the front page of the Business section.

She paused to give me a significant look. After much soul-searching and a visit to a psychic , Henzel and Stoller decided to attempt to revive the magazine. This meant buying their name back from Razorfish. They tried. Nobody was interested. We said, look, who else is going to buy this?

Since then, its founders have run an extremely tight ship. It is owned in full by Henzel and Stoller. They carry no debt. In , they had about 20, subscribers, and the rest was newsstand. They have a staff of seven. They rely heavily on unpaid interns proposed legislation that would abolish unpaid internships in New York is spoken about in the office in a terrified whisper.

They all wear many hats: Stoller, for example, in addition to being the editor-in-chief, develops ideas for ad sales, manages subscriptions, staffs a subscription table at events, and, unless I misheard, seems to have played a very large role in building the existing website.

The result is that some of her projects for can languish, sometimes for years. The website can feel clunky and crowded to navigate; its toolbar has 14 categories. This has meant lots of coverage of traditionally female activities: jarring, cooking, knitting. This has lately resulted in a bit of hand-wringing and confusion among an even younger generation of feminists, who seem not to understand what BUST is up to. The BUST brand is especially closely aligned with crafting: through coverage in their magazine, which is the work of Stoller.

The magazine has hosted two or three Craftaculars each year since Expenses for these events run high, however, and the magazine likely clears a relatively small amount of profit from them. For me, the only thing I think about is how the media is representing women. Sometimes I think, well what else would I do? I told her that I think what she does is valuable, that the magazine connects with people. She walked me to the door, and grabbed a few copies from earlier this year. Here, take them, anyway.

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Bust magazine corporate office

Bust magazine corporate office

Bust magazine corporate office