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Fan fiction iruka naruto

Fan fiction iruka naruto

Fan fiction iruka naruto

Fan fiction iruka naruto

Fan fiction iruka naruto

Disaster ensues. Super rough, unedited WIP. My head instantly pounded with pain caused by the surge of blood that had gone to it. They went to the hospital and got Naruto checked out. Konoha broke Naruto, trying to kill the demon inside.

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Warning: Death. Humanity made a big mistake they should have killed him when the chance was there, now he is back and he is out for murder and blood. Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Main article: Konoha Crush During the invasion of Konoha, Iruka escorted his students to safety in the shelters behind the Hokage Rock- promising that he and the other instructors would protect them "even at the cost of Fan fiction iruka naruto lives". Sorry it's late, was distracted by RL and stuffs. Suddenly pain blossomed across his face and he howled in pain. That's a Angel heart porn hypocritical considering you and the rest of the village have been lying to Naruto his entire life. Quote of The Week: His pride Wall cabinet with peg hooks for retribution. Main article: Graduation Exams Arc As the ninja classes began preparing for the graduation exams, Iruka requested that Kakashi be a proctor, which the retired Hokage agreed to. But to those whom he treasured, his heart gave the most of all. How can you not know yourself? Naruto knew Sasuke was only saying it because the Fan fiction iruka naruto thought he was fictuon. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it iuka work better with it enabled.

Iruka blinekd a few times 'A mission?

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  • Iruka's parents were killed in the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack twelve years before the beginning of the series.
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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. This fic starts by following a few scenes in Naruto Shippuden episode when Naruto finds out that Jiraiya has died.

And then the fic starts to branch off as Iruka gets more involved in Naruto's healing process after losing his sensei. Hurt and Comfort are the main themes, but yes, this is a pairing fic, so be aware that over the course of the fic that Naruto and Iruka will have intimate relations.

This honestly started out as a headcannon and a one shot that got away from me because I couldn't justify Iruka stooping to this without more substance leading up to it, so I kept going until it felt I honestly never mentally paired Iruka with Naruto until my brain did a weird thing with this scene, so here you go, I guess Humanity made a big mistake they should have killed him when the chance was there, now he is back and he is out for murder and blood. With the help of his followers Madara and Hashirama, Naruto will get what he wants.

This jutsu lets Naruto enjoy the physical embrace of any man he can impress. With Minato's help, Naruto will create his very own harem. Both he and his boyfriend, Sasuke, have yet to present but are likely to both be Alphas, ruining their relationship. So he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Give Fate a little nudge in the right direction. Konoha broke Naruto, trying to kill the demon inside. Kyuubi takes this chance and gives the boy a very special kekkei genkai. Inspired by storywriter19's Root Naruto. What happens when you have a certain Jinchuuriki raised by a demon to become the next Ruler of Demons?

What about the ones who come into contact with him on a "personal" level? Crappy summary but the story is better. I promise. It was only right that Minato rewards him for being such a good son. Izumi Umino always saw herself as an average woman with a kind heart; never to be noticed by anyone and continue spending her days alone. That is until Koyuki Hatake the legendary Jounin starts to hang around her; she starts to feel happier.

But why does Koyuki keep hanging around her when she could have anyone? White Day is coming up and Kakashi finds out that Iruka has feelings for Naruto.

Kakashi decides to give gifts to Naruto one week prior to White Day, will his feelings be returned or has Naruto finally decided? It will eventually be uncovered. Konoha, the most powerful Shinobi village on the continent has its many secrets. Instead of Naruto starting the series at , he is 16 years old, about to turn What if Naruto was actually smart enough to train himself as a child?

If he had 3 rare and 2 common bloodlines? What if Naruto not only brought Hayate back to life but used a forbidden jutsu to add years to Hayate while transferring Hayate's disease to himself, making it times worse? Dark Oneshot No Slash Iruka reflects on his relationship with Naruto, his place in the boys life, and comes to the chilling conclusion that he's slowly fading from Naruto's life, and Naruto is doing nothing to stop it.

And finally, Iruka realizes that from the beginning, he was only being used and that he could easily be thrown away. Naruto does just that. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Uzumaki Naruto!

They've also both been rejected by Kakashi. Follows after Spider Nest. He also abandons his forehead protector and shinobi attire, and instead dons a grey zipped shirt. Instead of Naruto starting the series at , he is 16 years old, about to turn Terms of Service.

Fan fiction iruka naruto

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Wonderful Sensei Iruka! | FanFiction

AN: What's this? A Naruto story that isn't about Itachi and Sasuke? Well if your not, I am. I never thought that I'd ever be owriting a fanfic about Naruto himself and most especially Iruka Sensei. But I am, because I just love Iruka. Not as much I love Itachi but I still love him to bits and his relationship with Naruto is adorable. Right on time as usual. Have your wounds been healing properly?

Iruka Umino nodded. I'm doing much better. Thank you for asking. The Third Hokage smiled at him. Iruka smiled at the mention of that name. The Academy Instructor gaped at the question. The Hokage let out a puff of smoke from his smoke pipe. On the one hand he's happy that he finally has an answer, but on the other he feels angry at the people who give him such a cold stare when it's not his fault. Iruka looked towards just what the Hokage was seeing. There, in the streets of the Leaf Village, he saw people gathered around one of the many shops they had.

Someone must be causing a commotion. He squinted his eyes and saw that the very person was Naruto, himself. A bead of sweat ran down his forehead. When will that kid learn to stop causing trouble? He's a ninja now, he can't waste his time with such childish pranks. Not that I now have any room to talk about pranks. Iruka jumped at the sere loudness of the voice.

Even from this high up, the voice sounded as though it was yelled right outside the door. Looking at down at the crowd, he saw one of the shop keepers yelling at Naruto. Then the owner slammed the kid to the ground. A sudden rush of anger boiled inside Iruka.

Running down the slightly damp path, it sounded as if he could hear Naruto's grunts of pain from this far away. I don't care how much you people hate me because I have a demon in me! I'm not someone you can treat like dirt anymore! He ran faster. Pushing through the small crowd he saw the knucklehead laying flat on his stomach with his face in the wet mud. His eyes widened in shock at this unnecessary act of cruelty.

Iruka turned his head and glared at the man. He's done nothing to you. The store keeper scoffed and folded his arms. Anyway, why do you care? I thought you hated the boy as much as the rest of us.

No, that wasn't hate , that was confusion. True, he had every right to feel ill towards the child. But Naruto didn't do anything wrong. The demon sealed inside Naruto however. That was what he scared of. Did I just hear him right? Did he just call me his brother? He looked at his students pained, unconscious face.

Iruka smiled fondly. Slowly he stood up with Naruto still tucked safely against him. I could never hate Naruto, he and the rest of my students are more important to me then any of you will ever know.

And if we are the good people of the Leaf Village like the other nations say we are, then we shouldn't judge this kid for something he had no control over. His eyes darted around the crowd of people, some looked annoyed at being accused of such a crime, some looked guilty as if Iruka's words made them see that he was right, and some looked as if they didn't care at all.

Iruka shook his head and walked away. Looking down he saw Naruto's eyes flitter open and stare straight into his own. They began to close but then Naruto jerked them back open. The kid was on the brink of passing out again.

You're a mess. But the kid didn't seem to be paying attention to his words at all. So the rest of the way was spent in silence. Fishing his keys out Iruka opened the door to his apartment and closed the door. Carefully he placed Naruto on the counter of his kitchen by the sink, wetting a folded wash cloth he slowly began cleaning Naruto's muddy face.

Through the whole 2 minutes of him getting the mud out of the blonde hair and white face, Naruto avoided his gaze entirely. Iruka frowned. He never liked it when Naruto was quiet. It was so uncharacteristically of him to stop talking.

To not be jabbering up a storm with his cries of becoming Hokage one day. You really mean what you said to that nasty shop keeper? That I'm important to you? Iruka was surprised at the way Naruto looked. He looked so small, even though he was a tall twelve year old and talked a big game, in this moment he looked more like a scared little kid.

A hesitate kid afraid of rejection. Just like how I was. If it hadn't been for the Third. His heart silently broke for his student- No, his brother. Iruka smiled sadly. Raising his hand, Iruka gently placed it on top of the boy's blonde hair. Funny, from first glance you'd think his hair would hurt if you touched it, but it's actually really soft.

Iruka thought as he slowly petted said hair. Naruto, surprised by the contact stiffened for just a few moments. All of them. But-" He paused as he realized that yes, he thought very highly of all his students, even Choji, Shikamaru and Kiba. But Naruto. Finally after avoiding his gaze this whole time, the knucklehead ninja looked up at his Sensei in shocked. His blue eyes full of hope and disbelief.

The 22 year old smiled yet again, as his petting stilled. You work so hard everyday and night with your training, maybe more then anyone else does. When someone's sad you know the minute you see, even if their sadness is not exactly like yours.

You, Naruto still understand that they are in pain. The tears fell then. I don't-". Know how this works. The 22 year old thought. And it was true, Naruto didn't know how this worked. He wasn't use to someone caring about him, wasn't use to someone saying such nice things to him or someone telling him that he was important to that certain someone, for he had been alone and hated for twelve miserable years. He didn't know what was okay to do or say and what was not.

Which is also something else they had in common. Then he, without any hesitation, enveloped the young boy in a comforting hug. Naruto stiffened, which was what Iruka had expected him to do.

Fan fiction iruka naruto

Fan fiction iruka naruto