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The idea of the pin up girl has been around for ages. It is a timeless trend that captures the ideal American girl in various states of undress and presents her to the American audience. The pin up girl captivates her male audience and simultaneously inspires women to embrace their beauty and sexuality. Whereas in the past pin up girls were placed in calendars and posters, it comes as no surprise that the perpetual art form of the pin up girl entered the mainstream tattoo industry. Starting with sailors out at sea who would get tattoos before their long voyages at sea where they had little to no contact with women, the pin up girl tattoos for men found their way into more mainstream body art.

Find out more. Being a symbol of balance, elegance and beauty, the rose can be easily combined with a pin-up tattoo so that the final result would be stunning! It is one of the sexiest depictions of a real Pinup tattoo images up girl. Colorful Pin-Up This is used to collect data on traffic to articles and other pages on our site. The main difference is the level of the skin exposed.

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Contact your dedicated Account Manager. Selective Focus. Whether pinned up to the wall or tattooed, pin up imsges have certain identifying qualities that make them what they are. Realistic looking colored vintage pin up girl tattoo on leg. This beautiful pin-up tattoo, suitable for both men and women is tattoo killing us with kindness, right? Feeling naughty? Here she is trying to change her tire, Pinup tattoo images a nonplussed look on her face, her skirt riding up immodestly. Pinup tattoo images is definitely an amazing rib piece. It is that unique element that emphasizes the contrast between the cuteness and the sexiness. Pin up girls tattoos Pin up girls tattoos have been always very popular.

In the world of tattoos, there are certain designs that have become so classic that you can't go wrong by choosing one of them.

  • Pin up tattoo designs are some of the best examples of elegance and style.
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  • When sailing was the main method of moving goods from place to place, sailors had to rely on the stars for navigation.
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  • Pin up girls tattoos have been always very popular.

By Michael Svendsen on July 24, Many tattoo ideas are based on this style, classy and cool. A lot of these older tattoo designs have a lot of meaning in what looks like simple imagery, so it can be helpful to know that history of what makes them so important and ubiquitous in the tattoo world.

Since symbolism reigns supreme in tattoo design, we need to look at what makes certain images and styles more prevalent in artwork. Each piece has its own story to tell, even if it looks the same as everyone else. While the symbols might be the same, the design and style are all unique to the artist. Pay attention to the portfolio of the artists you like, and see if they seem to have something that you can only see in their work.

Even though there is a known classic style, every artist has their own representation of each popular symbol, whether tiger tattoo s, swallows, or pin up girls. Sometimes, a mixture of different symbol tattoos helps to create the best representation of what we want others to see in our permanent artwork. Artists that specialize in this style are always looking for ways to improve it, making it seem more modern but still have that timeless feel that will only get better with age. Colors, shapes, and intrigue all make for a great classic style tattoo, one that you can see for yourself and maybe even on yourself.

A classic pin up tattoo is one of the most recognized of these designs, being popular in World War II as a morale booster for airmen, seamen, and the likes of the army. Seen on everything from postcards, letters, and other manner of correspondence, each soldier had their own perfect pin up to keep their eyes forward during some of the more rough times out on the battlefield. The informal display of these pictures mean that they were meant to be collected and cherished for years, taken on many travels, and woven into stories and memories of experiences.

The makeup style and clothing worn by the girl in a pin up are indicative of the time period she lives, as well as the personality that she is trying to show off. Today, we can see many of these designs in freelance military logos that are still in use as morale-boosters in the United States and elsewhere.

Each culture has its own version of the pin up girl, all based on that classic American design. Thick black lines and a pop of color, along with a snide smile are all hallmarks of the classic pin up, then and now.

Female empowerment will always be in vogue, as women continue to garner more respect and admiration in the art and tattoo world. Taking all these different styles and meshing them together into a cohesive whole will work towards a more representative culture for men and women of all demographics. Today, everyone can appreciate this pin up style, with some artists taking a unique spin on the classic girl and creating male designs for different demographics.

Each tattoo artis t has their own representation of what the pin up looks like, whether brazenly sexual or more modest and seductive. Celebrities, musicians, and an entire subculture of enthusiasts call the pin up girl their style inspiration.

The defining clothing and makeup that make a pin up girl are well known today, and exceptionally beautiful.

While they all might have the same level of familiarity, each one is just as unique and worthy of praise and the WWII originals. While not so much an overtly sexualized version of a woman as much as a representation of their strength as partners to military men, these female artworks are not just classic but also timeless. The future of pinup tattoo design is one that is rooted in cultural changes as well as keeping with tradition.

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The best part about this whole tattoo is the red dress and heels. Seductive sexy pin up maid girl 3D realistic colored chest tattoo. Add to Likebox. Well, this tattoo design proves us wrong and tells us that pin-up girls can also have bad personalities! Cookie Policy - RF. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. She is lying down, talking on the phone with a huge grin on her face.

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When sailing was the main method of moving goods from place to place, sailors had to rely on the stars for navigation. Thanks to the wandering minds of these sailors, the world received its first pin up girl: Virgo. The gigantic area of the constellation ensured its visibility during optimum sailing months. Despite its place as a zodiac constellation, which should only be visible for half a year, you can see it for longer than that! Thankfully, sailors could rely on something in the winter months: pin up girl tattoo designs!

Great work! In modern times, we did something good for ourselves and just included pin up girls in our magazines. If you scroll below, you can find a gallery of over 55 pin up girl tattoo images to pick and choose from!

We included both classic and modern pin up girl tattoos in our gallery. The designs of pin up girl tattoos drastically changed in about the 50s. New thoughts about women, feminism, and sexuality in general pushed the mild pinups to new boundaries. They used to focus on beauty and cleanliness, but now they focus on sexually charged images. Since then, plenty of people argue over whether this represents a good or bad thing for women.

Despite this, no one questions whether this meant a good thing or a bad thing for tattoo design. Undoubtedly, the variation of an age-old classic provided new material for artists around the world!

Artists gained leeway to practice their designs however they chose, and 50s pin up girl tattoos and photographs exploded onto the scene. Today, pin up girls look quite sexualized. Models know what they do with their body, pose proudly, and remain empowered to do want they want. Men and women who receive pin up girl tattoos wear a piece of art.

Of course, that assumes they chose the right tattoo artist. When selecting from tattoo designs, check the 50s pin up girl tattoos for more mild-mannered designs. Otherwise, the modern pin up girl tattoo designs cover you. You can choose between many different kinds of tattoo designs when selecting a pin up girl tattoo. Classic designs are characterized by bare shoulders, ankles, legs, and arms. Otherwise, classic tattoos only wear modest clothing..

People have all kinds of different tastes—what makes a pin up girl tattoo a pin up girl is simply the presence of a woman showing herself off!

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