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Stacy in amateur first dates

Stacy in amateur first dates

Stacy in amateur first dates

Stacy in amateur first dates

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The parking lot was full of cars as she pulled in and found a spot. First anal date with gorgeous teen model 1, Nate walked around and looked to see his best friend's cum dripping out of the sloppy pussy. Then they rolled over and it was Stacy's turn to tease and please the handsome young man's cock. Teens 39, Videos. Black guy nails married mature in hotel The enormous penis song. Stacy in amateur first dates Poems Story Series. Stacy was excited as she removed the wrapping paper but then she just frowned as all she found was a short denim skirt, a thong and a light blue tank top. All the guys cheered me on as I came and almost fell off the couch. That's how you eat pussy! For all of her un issues an even bigger problem was her shyness. Then he watched as her lips slid off his cock. Gina had Stach her some of Stacy in amateur first dates guys in these porno's are huge and this kind of worried her. Group Sex Stacy's First Porno.

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  • When i finally made up my mind to become a woman, i had to tell my Pops.

Stacy Valentine born August 9, is a former American pornographic actress. Adopted by her parents in Tulsa, Oklahoma [ citation needed ] and married at a young age, Valentine posed for Gallery magazine's "Girl Next Door" amateur photo contest. She won the contest and parlayed this into a follow-up spread in Hustler magazine. She enjoyed the shoot and agreed to perform in Coast-to-Coast's hardcore film, Bikini Beach 4.

A week after filming, she returned home, packed up her belongings, left her husband, and moved to Los Angeles to become a full-time adult actress.

Valentine took her stage name from the fact that she appeared in her first adult film on February 14, Her last film was made exactly four years later in Valentine knew early on that she did not want to be in the adult industry too long.

I was a contract girl. I got the awards. I fought very hard to climb that ladder and I would be damned if I was going to climb down it. So I thought, this is a perfect time to make my exit. As of , Valentine lived in California , working as a director and model recruiter for Penthouse magazine.

As of , she was still working for Penthouse, with the professional title "West Coast Creative Director". In the lates, Valentine spent two years filming as the subject of a documentary called The Girl Next Door , by director Christine Fugate not to be confused with the feature film of the same name.

The New York Times review of the film said:. Christine Fugate's melancholy documentary portrait of the porn star Stacy Valentine, suggests that the intersection of pornography and cosmetic surgery has given birth to a new genre of performer: the porn star as human approximation of an inflatable sex toy.

With her platinum hair, fat-injected lips, breast implants and body planed by liposuction , Ms. Valentine doesn't look entirely real. Of course, that's probably the way her fans like it Is it really an act of courage in this era of free-for-all confession for her to reveal so much?

Or is it simply exhibitionism posing as truth-telling? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stacy Valentine. Tulsa, Oklahoma , U. Archived from the original on May 4, Retrieved The New York Times. Retrieved 20 September Archived from the original on August 21, Pornography portal. Ginger Lynn Categories : births American female adult models American pornographic film actresses American adoptees Documentary films about American pornography Living people Actresses from Tulsa, Oklahoma Pornographic film actors from Oklahoma.

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He just hasn't found you yet. He was really gentle more so than I would have expected and with the lube it went in quite easily even with the cock stuffed in my cunt. She looked over to see her mom fucking and sucking and she burned with desire as well. Stacy went off and changed and in few minutes returned. Barb was no longer in a position to worry about the guys using her as her own orgasm was close. Login or Sign Up.

Stacy in amateur first dates

Stacy in amateur first dates

Stacy in amateur first dates

Stacy in amateur first dates. Change picture

You see she is like your son, shy and a virgin. The only thing she got to do in there was suck cock. I think we can help each other out. If you had found a whore tonight were you going to use her too? Tonight I figured Stacy would have several older men use her and that would at least draw it out.

If you will get a room Stacy and I will fuck you and your boys but I will do those guys first and you can give Stacy a nice long fuck. After that we will just go with the flow. There's a place just down the road if that is alright. Happy Birthday baby! In a few minutes Barb watched as Don emerged from the motel office and then pulled his car around to the back of the motel.

Barb followed and parked next to his car. Don got out and walked to unlock the door of room It was then that the two other guys got out of the SUV. The one in the front seat had to be Don's son as he shared his father's height and build. The other teen was a little shorter but was still eight inches taller than Barb and Stacy.

Unlike the father and son's light hair the friend had black hair and dark eyes. The one overwhelming feeling that Barb got from looking at them was that they looked scared.

Barb and Stacy got out of the car and walked to the room and it was then that Barb noticed that her own daughter had that same look as the two boys. Soon all five of them were in the cheap room together. They all looked at each other but no one spoke. The three younger adults just glanced at each other when they thought no one else was looking. Finally Barb decided she needed to break the silence.

This is my daughter Stacy and I'm Barb. Tell Barb and Stacy that you are glad to meet them. At first the two boys seemed to not know what to do. Those two are just as shy as my daughter. Stacy say hello to the guys. Barb pulled Stacy by her arm over to where Don was standing. Barb then opened Don's pants and pulled out his half erect cock. There was a happy sigh as Stacy went to her knees.

Her hand stroked his rapidly growing cock. Her eyes closed as her mouth opened and took his dick in her mouth. Stacy looked up at the tall man as her mouth slid up and down his cock.

Barb walked over and stood between the two boys as they watched Don getting sucked. Barb pulled off her top to reveal her small but still pert tits.

For Nate and Zack they were the first real tits they had ever seen; which made them perfect. Soon both of them started to squeeze and then suck her tits. Barb had forgotten just how good it felt to have her nipples licked and sucked. Now both of the teen boys had their other hand under her skirt feeling her ass and then finding her wet slit.

Stacy again loved the feeling and the taste of a man cumming in her mouth. Don had a lot of cum and she had to keep swallowing to keep the sperm from spraying out of her mouth. Drink it baby! Don collapsed onto one of the beds and moaned with pleasure as he watched Stacy lick her cum covered lips. Nate and Zack realized that they were going to get to have sex and they could not get their clothes off fast enough. They both got on the bed with Barb who now only had her tiny thong on.

Both of their cocks pointed straight up at the ceiling but on occasion they would twitch. Stacy crawled up on the other bed with Don and watched as her mom knelt between the two guys. Don put his arm around her and pulled her close. The feeling of having her neck kissed and her ear sucked made Stacy's pussy soaked.

Then she felt his hand cup her small tit and squeeze it. She turned and looked at him with burning desire. Then he kissed her and pushed his tongue into her mouth. The teen girl felt her body on the verge of a mind numbing orgasm. Barb looked at the two cock that were throbbing just inches from her face. She moved closer to Zach and then let the tip of her tongue touch the bottom of his shaft. Nate groaned as he watched and waited his turn. Barb then lightly began to massage Zach's nuts.

Her other hand came up and found Nate's balls. Soon Nate felt the warmth of Barb's breath on his cock.

The feeling was absolute torture as he waited. Then the tip of her pink tongue ran along the bottom of his cock. Then she just wiggled it against the area just below the head that was shiny with pre-cum.

Suddenly Barb felt Nate's cock throb violently and she opened her eyes to see the geyser of seamen blast several feet in the air! Stacy cooed with excitement as she watched the young guy's cock blow cum on to his stomach and chest as well as her mom's hair and face. Why are you shooting your stuff on me! Barb looked to see a large pool of cum on Zack's stomach that had come from his friend. She smiled as she decided what had to be done.

She then lowered her mouth and let her tongue lap up the seamen as the young man watched her. How does yours taste? Zack watched as the mature blonde teased his cock with little kisses and licks. His balls ached for release. Then her blue eyes looked into his as her mouth slowly lowered on to his prick. He was like a mouse hypnotized by a snake as her mouth moved up and down his cock. On the third time up his cum started to fill her mouth and then drip down her chin while he groaned with satisfaction.

Then he watched as her lips slid off his cock. Which of you boys wants to learn to eat pussy first? Both of them quickly said they did. How about it Stacy; would you like to cum on my tongue before I fuck you? Zack and Nate watched as Don helped Stacy out of her clothes. Stacy laid back and Don opened her legs to reveal her pussy. Stacy was shaved clean and her pussy lips were swollen with desire.

Her clit looked oversized for such a small girl but Barb knew that was a family trait. Look at how big her clit and lips are. Now watch this. Stacy felt her pussy spread open and all three men sighed as they looked at her pink wet pussy. Then Don lowered his mouth down till it was nearly touching her.

The anticipation was killing her as she pulled on her nipples. Then she felt his hot breath on her open pussy.

Her mom sat on the bed next to her and watched as Don teased her. Barb approved because she knew that a big part of sex was the long build up. Barb was looking into Stacy's eyes that suddenly changed from want to pleasure.

Then Barb heard the sound off a tongue being pushed in and out of a pussy. It is really sensitive so be careful.

Just gently lick it and kiss it and then put it between your lips and suck on it but not too hard. Stacy felt her hips bucking widely as her clit was kissed, licked and sucked over and over again. Then he pulled back as she shook with the intensity of the stimulation.

You see how open her sweet little fuck hole is. You can kiss it and lick it but watch how her body reacts when I push my tongue in her. Stacy felt his lips press on her opening and then his long thick tongue pushed into her opening.

Then he started fucking it in and out of her. Her ass bounced off the bed as her mom held her. Barb was impressed by Don's pussy eating abilities and from the look on Stacy's face she was on the verge of cumming. Stacy was delearious but then she screamed as Don started to tongue her tiny asshole as his finger pushed into her pussy and his finger rubbed her g-spot and then his thumb rubbed her clit.

Stacy lost it and could hardly breath as her entire body tried to turn inside out. Then her pussy sent long jets of girl juice onto all three men. Stacy curled up into a ball as the her body felt like she had been jolted by electricity and not just an intense orgasm. Don you really know how to get a girl off!

Let me see if these boys learned anything. Zack got to go first. He spread her pussy just like his dad had done for Stacy. Zack moaned as he got his first real smell of aroused pussy. He let his tongue circle the older woman's clit before he pulled back and kissed it. Barb moaned as his tongue lapped at her clit. I love to have my tits played with! Zack open her pussy up and was fascinated by how wet she was. He pushed his tongue into Barb's pussy and was thrilled to feel her body ripple with pleasure.

That's how you eat pussy! Barb looked over and watched as Stacy rolled on her back as Don knelt between her thighs. Barb knew her little girl was about to become a woman.

Stacy looked over at her mom and smiled as Don positioned his cock at her opening. It will hurt a little but not much. Stacy looked up at the older man and felt safe as his cock head pushed into her.

She felt his large strong hands grip her shoulders as he started to push his large thick cock into her. The feeling if being entered was so intoxicatingly erotic. Give me your cock! Then Don groaned and Stacy screamed as her hymen was ripped open. There was a sudden sharp pain and Stacy just laid under Don as his cock sank into till his balls rested on her ass.

Fuck me! Don started to pull back out but then he pushed back in making the girl grunt. He kept doing this as Stacy tried to kiss his face. Barb decided she also need a cock in her pussy. She pulled Zack up and positioned him on his back. Soon she squatted over him and lowered her pussy on his cock. His cock was so hard and long and thick. Soon she was riding him like a horse. Nate watched as everyone but him was fucking.

Stacy could feel the long thick cock slide in and out of her. She looked over to see her mom fucking and sucking and she burned with desire as well. Don pushed back into her and he held her hips and pounded her pussy. Stacy now could see even better as her mom rode cock and sucked.

Stacy watched as her mom went to the same position that she was in. Nate moved behind her and soon Barb guided his inexperienced cock into her sloppy wet pussy. As Zach stroked his cock and watched. He then looked at Stacy. Nothing was said but he then stepped in front of her. Suck my cock! Stacy opened her mouth and soon tasted her mother's pussy juice on the cock she had been fucking. Stacy was shocked at how good it tasted. Barb watched as her daughter was being spitted by dad and son.

Nate was pumping hard into her pussy. At the rate he was going he would cum too soon. Come on birthday boy it is your turn again! Stacy was only vaguely aware that a different cock was in her mouth. Her pussy was ready to cum again.

Nate loved looking down and seeing his cock resting between Stacy's lips. Then Stacy screamed as her pussy released another orgasm that made her jerk. Nate loved seeing her orgasm. Zack was now behind Barb fucking her harder than ever. He changed his tempo to keep from getting over aroused. Nate walked back over and offered his cock too Barb who immediately started sucking him. Barb was no longer in a position to worry about the guys using her as her own orgasm was close.

Zack felt Barb's pussy tighten on his cock as she suddenly convulsed with an orgasm. Zack grunted as his balls released all he had.

Again poor Nate had to just watch as the other couples fucked. It was obvious that Zack was cumming in Barb's pussy. Then he turned when Don grunted that he too was filling the lovely Stacy with seamen. Zack rolled off of Barb. Nate walked around and looked to see his best friend's cum dripping out of the sloppy pussy. Fuck me too! Nate needed to cum so bad that while he was at first reluctant he stepped up behind her and pushed his cock into the sloppy fuck hole.

Nate suddenly felt just how great the freshly fucked pussy was. He now fucked Barb hard. She was grunting as the bed squeaked and the other three people watched as Nate pumped his cock in and out. He looked down at his friend's cum on his cock along with Barb's pussy juice. When he finished he pulled out and watched as a puddle of seamen grew on the sheet. Don walked over and looked at Barb's twice used pussy.

He could not believe that the sight would turn him on so much. He crawled up behind her and pushed his cock into the sloppy mess of a pussy. Barb groaned as the third cock started to push in and out of her pussy at a steady pace.

She felt bed move and she looked back to see Stacy watching as Don fucked her pussy. Then Barb felt the cock pull out of her. Don held his cock and put a hand on Stacy's neck. Stacy opened her mouth and took Don's cock in. The taste of pussy a sperm sent electric thrills through her. She continued to suck as her mom laid on her back and spread her legs. Stacy looked up at Don and he stroked her face.

Barb watched as Stacy moved her mouth onto her pussy and her tongue began to lap at the juices that flowed out of her. Soon Barb was getting close to cumming again.

Zack and Nate were now taking turns fucking her mouth as she held Stacy's head and pushed her pussy against face. Eat that pussy! Don placed the sexy mature mom's legs on his shoulder and then slid his cock balls deep into Barb's pussy as Nate and Zack fucked her mouth. Stacy was on her knees watching as her mom was being used by all three men. Then Zack looked at her.

She moved closer to him and felt his arm go around her waist. Then he kissed her and his tongue slid into her mouth. Stacy grabbed his hand and pulled him to the other bed. Stacy laid on her back and opened her legs as Zack positioned his cock. Their eyes were locked on each other as his long cock pushed into her pussy. Zack held her ankles as he started fucking her. Being young and having cum twice already he was in no hurry. Instead he watched how Stacy reacted to his cock as he varied the speed and depth of his strokes.

Then they rolled over and it was Stacy's turn to tease and please the handsome young man's cock. Stacy looked to see that Nate was now up behind her mom pumping his erection in and out of her while Don held her mom's head and pushed his cock in and out of her mouth.

I wish we could do this all the time! Unless you get jealous about me fucking you daddy and Nate. Besides I think you mom is a great fuck too. Zack looked a little annoyed but then rolled Stacy on her back and held her legs open as his friend mounted her excited pussy. Stacy loved having both of these guys looking at her with so much desire. For the first time in her life boys were wanting her!

Her pussy exploded as her desire and self confidence increased each time Nate's cock pushed deep into her. In her mind she wanted this to be all of her fantasies come true and then in her sex crazed mind she knew what she wanted. Nate rolled over and Stacy was on top.

She grabbed Zack and kissed him with an open mouth. As the kiss ended she looked with longing into his eyes. Fuck my ass while Nate is in my pussy. Barb heard Stacy make her request as Don was grunting as he finished fucking her. Despite being totally exhausted she maned to get to the bed where the three young people were having sex.

Zack looked at her as he positioned himself behind the eighteen year old woman. He seemed dazed and unsure how to do what Stacy asked. Barb lowered her mouth to Stacy's tight asshole. She then started to tongue her ass. Stacy shivered with pleasure as her mom first licked and then fingered her virgin ass as Zack stroked his cock. Barb could feel the girl's ass relax and she then put the tip of the cock at the tight opening.

Stacy whimpered as she felt Zack push gently on her ass. Then she felt it the head of the cock pushed past her opening. Then each time she relaxed more and more of his cock entered her. Nate felt Stacy's pussy squeeze his cock and the he felt his friend's cock rub against his own through her small passage. Both of the guys gently pushed and pulled but soon the two were moving in unison making Stacy whimper as one orgasm after another rocked her body. Barb walked back to where the exhausted dad sat and watched as the teen threesome went on for another ten minutes.

As they watched they cuddled together. I know this is a strange thing to ask but could we go out some time? I would love to see you again. All the guys were okay looking some in better shape than others, had really nice dicks not too big and not too small. She told Stacy once she was naked she started sucking and yanking on the guys cocks making sure to get to all of them.

They groped her huge tits and ass and fingered her while she sucked and yanked all of them. She was a bigger girl than Stacy, had 'more meat on her bones' as she says and this made her tits bigger as well. She wasn't as pretty as Stacy, more plain than beautiful with hazel eyes and darker hair. Much taller with wider hips and Stacy figured this helped her with bigger cocks, especially two at a time.

Gina continued telling Stacy how her scene progressed. She told her she was on her knees and the guys had surrounded her and moved in a circle so she could suck each one of them in turn and as she sucked one the others either licked her ass and snatch or grabbed at her large tits and pinched her nipples. Then after she had sucked all of them more than twice the director called cut and started explaining the positions he wanted to see her in. Nothing shocked her and she was prepared to do whatever he told her to get her money but some of what the director had said scared Stacy and she didn't know if she wanted to go through with it.

With your looks and body you just need to make sure you get more and it will all be worth it I promise. Hell you may actually really enjoy it; I mean these studs 'know' what they are doing. And then once one guy had fucked my ass for a while it didn't matter anymore and the rest just stuck their cocks in and went right to it. You've done anal before I'm sure you will be just fine. Are you going to bail? I mean shit Stacy I set this up for you, got you in the door, they are expecting you and your tests all came back good so you are set to go.

They will waste a shit load of money if you don't show and will make me look fucking stupid and could hurt me getting another gig. Don't worry about it just relax and get into it is the best thing to do.

I knelt on the couch and faced the back and one guy got behind me and shoved his cock forcefully in my cunt and the other three got around me so I could play with them or suck them. Two guys knelt on the couch on either side of me and the last guy was behind the couch with his cock over the back.

I sucked and stroked them as best I could while this guy behind me fucked my pussy good. He almost made me cum but then quit and was replaced by the guy behind the couch that I was sucking. He came around and shoved his wet cock in my pussy and proceeded to fuck me just as hard. The guy that was fucking me at the start came around and I took his cock in my mouth and tasted my own juice and sucked him deep. The cameramen were filming me getting fucked with one camera and the other was filming me sucking and jacking off the other three.

The guys on the couch with me had a hay day with my tits, grabbing and twisting my nipples and this only made me cum quicker.

They kept their cocks hard by playing with me and sometimes themselves when I couldn't reach them. They even reached under and played with my clit once and a while as I was fucked from behind. Sucking cocks and getting fucked doggy style hard. The second guy made me cum and I screamed and shook as he pile drove my dripping snatch.

I only did the two of them like that and then the director wanted to change to a different position. He put one of the guys I hadn't done yet on the couch and told me to sit on him backwards facing away. So I got up on the couch and lowered my self down on this guy as he held his cock vertical for me to slide onto. It was harder to balance this way and I wasn't able to get to the other three guys like I wanted so they just played with my clit and tits and stroked their own cocks.

One guy did jump up on the couch and tried to feed me his cock but it was difficult to suck him and move up and down on the one in my pussy. So he just ended up stroking it and I tried to lick it as I moved up and down. It was cool watching the three jackoff while I rode the guy on the couch and they switched after a while and I rode the last guy I hadn't yet.

We stayed like this for a while and them playing with my tits and clit and me riding this large cock made me cum again and the cameraman got really up close to my pussy as I convulsed and shuddered on the second guys cock. All the guys cheered me on as I came and almost fell off the couch. They actually had to catch me all laughing and cheering. And the more you get into it the more the guys will like you and trust me that is a good thing because some other guys I've been with can be real asses and try and hurt you on purpose.

So even if you aren't really into it act like you are. Anyway after I came the director stopped us again and said it was time to go to the next step and I knew he meant anal or even double penetration. He had another guy sit down on the couch and told me to straddle him with my ass facing the front of the couch. So I did and eased back down on this guys cock with my arms resting on the back of the couch.

The guy I was fucking, sucked and nibbled on my tits while the three other guys just watched and stroked their oozing cocks. Then the director picked a guy and told him to fuck my ass as well. I looked back at the guy and the camera started to roll again and I watched this guy lube up his large cock and start walking towards me rubbing his hand up and down his shaft. It glistened with the lube and my heart started to race as the anticipation of him sticking it in my tight ass excited me.

I stopped moving on the cock in my pussy as I felt him press his cock head against my puckered hole and he slowly eased it in me. He was really gentle more so than I would have expected and with the lube it went in quite easily even with the cock stuffed in my cunt. Once he got it all the way in the director told him to raise his left leg onto the couch so the cameraman could get a better view of my stuffed ass and pussy.

Then he proceeded to slowly fuck my tight ass and the guy under me pressed his ass down in the couch and moved his cock as well, still nibbling on my tits. It was fucking tight but my body got use to it and I could feel my heart pounding in my head and chest and they started getting faster and fucking me good," Relayed Gina "Okay now this is the part I'm worried about, and especially the last thing you said you did.

I mean I've done double before but just with Randy and a toy, never two big cocks that have a mind of their own. I mean won't they just rip me big time? Stacy honey they are going to do this to you for sure, maybe not the last thing I had done but they are definitely going to fuck your ass and pussy at the same time. It's a given with the gangbang site they work for.

You had to know this when you signed up. I mean I'm tiny and they are going to be big I have a feeling. I just don't know if I can handle two big cocks in me at once. You'll be fine just let yourself go and enjoy. Once I got use to the first guys cock, it was no big deal when he pulled out and was replaced by another guy. They actually got me to cum again fucking my ass and pussy so for me it was great.

I lost track of how many times they changed because all three were behind me now and popping in and out off my gaped ass like it was nothing. I would reach under myself and play with my clit as much as I could and this really helped but I'm sure you already know that.

Stacy in amateur first dates

Parents: Fuq. Protect your children from adult content and block access to this site by using parental controls. All models were 18 years of age or older at the time of depiction. Amateurs meet and fuck in first date By RedTube on January 11, Share with friends:.

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Stacy in amateur first dates

Stacy in amateur first dates