Why he lust after women-

Now, one of the biggest things that I want to mention before we get started is lust is the ultimate desire to be loved. Lust comes in many forms when it plays into dating, toxic relationships and hopes to have love. Lust is a powerful, physical attraction to someone. The make-believe reality of how a relationship could be. How people put others on a pedestal before they put themselves on the pedestal.

Why he lust after women

Hi Tom, True, thanks for your comment on my blog about lust vs love. Bring it up. I met a man the other night at yoga who I sensed was my former type. A kiss after the first date would Why he lust after women do a lot to let me know that the woman is still interested. I realized that I needed to find the man who would love me unconditionally for who I am, not for who he wanted me to be. Very interesting details you have notedappreciate it for posting.

Minka porn pics. Is it lust or love | 3 clues that it’s lust!

Observing a slippery set of man-made rules cannot eliminate the lustful look. I have seen beautiful things in the men I have dated along with their flaws. New International Version But I tell you that anyone be looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Sadly, sin corrupted the beauty of such an interaction and dynamic, and introduced the ugly perversion of lust. If they were not wired Drunken amatuer girls way, they would not be attracted to Why he lust after women women, and that would leave us all extinct within one generation. Biblical Edifacation. Unfortunately, victory over sin is not automatic. Sometimes not everyone or everything is what its all cracked up to be. I idolized him and whittled myself down to nothing. This is pain unlike any other and it is not something I can explain to anyone. Last February he became involved with an unavailable woman Men seem to be a lot womrn needy than women these days.

But why do men lust for certain women?

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  • But I say to you, That whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.
  • Looking with lust is so big a part of their lives that to do otherwise seems impossible.
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  • Personally, God brought me to a brick wall some years back with my porn addiction, and showed me that it had had to end, period.

Now, one of the biggest things that I want to mention before we get started is lust is the ultimate desire to be loved. Lust comes in many forms when it plays into dating, toxic relationships and hopes to have love.

Lust is a powerful, physical attraction to someone. The make-believe reality of how a relationship could be. How people put others on a pedestal before they put themselves on the pedestal.

I want to try to break this down as simply as possible so that you can understand because, at the end of the day, you know that I want you to have a healthy love life and be happy with yourself and in love.

Addictions to anything or perhaps something happened to you, and you were a victim at a young age to something that has happened. As a result, your idea of love has suffered and over time has morphed into lust. Lust has a lot to do with someone seeking validation from another person in order to be or feel loved. What are they offering to you and what are their behaviors towards you?

How is this woman reciprocating with you? Are you just intentionally physically attracted to her? You are motivated by the feeling that this person is giving you. Let me explain the difference because I know emotional connections form a lot in love as well, but when it comes to lust, with an emotional connection, you have to look into why this person makes you feel like this. When there is an emotional connection in a lust driven relationship, there is typically a reason behind it.

Maybe that person is still married. Maybe that person has another partner. Maybe that person is an addict. Even though there might be an emotional connection like I explained in tip 2, how can you be yourself around this person?

So after this, in both lusting and loving relationships, comes attraction. I just want to give you the inner-workings of attraction. Attraction is when we spend hours of the day either daydreaming about them or are getting exciting and are happier because of them.

Attraction is that feeling that you get when you really want something or when you have those butterflies. At this stage, our hormones play a really specific role when it comes to attraction. They make you consciously think that this is the person for you.

Your happiness, your trust , and your decision making are all being sparked in your brain, and this is what influences this decision. If you are someone who falls into lust with people easily, it typically happens right away and does not take time to build. It was more than physical; it was a physical but also a mental attraction. Remember that. I want to give you signs of true romantic love so you can see the difference here. True romantic love has no pressure, right?

What do I want from this person? In addition to this, we look at possessiveness as such a negative aspect of relationships, but I want to make possessiveness a little bit positive in this article. Like you only want that one person. You only want her and the feeling is mutual. In a lust relationship, the feeling is not mutual.

I say this because this is the true meaning behind why love has been so toxic in our day and age. But then as the relationship continues, problems arise because they never healed themselves and never learned how to be alone. When I say clear barriers, let me explain further. There should be no barriers at all, and you should know that your intentions are good. If there are barriers in the relationship and you feel like this person can be someone that you can love in the future, then have them cross their own barriers first and then come back to you.

Have faith in that. One last thing I want to give you before we end this article on love and lust. The last tip when it comes to love is this person will motivate you to become a better person. In real love, not only are you honest with yourself and who you truly are, but this person motivates you to become a better person.

They want you to be a better person even if it means spending two weeks away from each other so you can go pursue your dream. They motivate you to do those things because there are no barriers, there are no lacks in the relationship and this is what the true meaning of love is.

Also, this can be applied to family and friends. They take the time to really get to know your family, your friends, and this is really, really important when it comes to love. I hope you understand the difference between lust and I always enjoy your comments.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below. Apollonia Ponti, an international certified coach and founder of apolloniaponti. She works with men to attract the woman they desire, build confidence, master their attraction skills and helps rebuild relationships. To get real results with women NOW! Change your life and master your attraction.

Book a coaching session here. You can feel confident because Apollonia guides you every step of the way! Book A Coaching Session! The woman of my dreams is unfortunately married. So I'm going to have to re read this entire article a few times to figure out where I'm at.

Hi, Yeah your right, I am a little bit more wise to the differences between lust and love now , thank you for your helpful words. Problem is I know I really love a certain person and going by what you described love as being, then I am head over heels in real love, but I'm not sure the feeling is mutual, I am too afraid to blurt out my feelings and lose all contact with this person, we are thousands of miles away from each other, which makes things all the more difficult.

Hi Martin, Is this a best friend? Is that why you are talking to her and she lives far away? I believe if it's one-sided and it's been like this for a while it might not be love on the receiving in and that does not complete love. Thank you for reading my blog about lust vs love. Best, Apollonia. Just read your latest email. Interesting, In deed! I like to believe love should always prevail over lust. Taking a break in a relationship, can be helpful when two people need to reassess what is real, true and correct.

Can not speak for any other man, but you have motivated me to be a better me in the love attraction world. It's good for a person to know the "Value of Self Love" So, when connecting with your partner of the opposite sex you can better relate. Speaking of barriers, what do you do if you like a married women? Do you pursue her or do you move on with your life, dreaming, hoping she becomes single one day! No John, you can't go after someone who's married or otherwise in a firmly committed relationship.

That is the absolute, sure fire way to get yourself shot!!! The life you save will be your own. Hi JohnRoberts, If she is married that means she's not available and it can be a world of problems.

Best of luck! Good day, the article is great. I have an issue, there is this lady we meet and became friends for over 10yrs now, then I did not propose love to her because I was with another person, she got married to someone else who later died and its been 2yrs after his death.

Am in love with her, I have told her that I will also want to marry her, but she said no that she is not ready. Over this years we have developed some level of friendship that we can discuss anything. But of recent we have been having some issues which is my fault, I have been calling too much and she has been complaining about it, of recent she told me that we are no longer friends and has refuse to settle the issue with me, this is more than 2 weeks I last called her I still love her what do I do.

Hello Ozor, I would really suggest that you invest in my audio seminar on how to overcome neediness, attachments, and fears. I believe this will help you get a lot of clarity. Hi Scott, Thanks for reading my blog about Lust vs Love. What are your questions? Let's see if I can help.

Thanks so much for this it explained a lot and gave me better understanding of a short relationship i just dealt with. I just know i try my best to be there for her, show up, be dependable, supportive, giving, help her even when going completely out of my way and i dont mind i enjoy doing those things for her.

My issue i realize is when i see a problem particularly a red flag i panic and dont know what to do then pull away or confront the issue to see her reaction. I just dont like feeling used and that keeps happening. I had a childhood friend tell me when youre in love you will sacrifice for the one another and if its one sided you have a problem.

Its tough makes me want to give up but i wont do that. Hi Aaron, Thank you for reading my blog about lust or love. I know this is a difficult time but I do see a couple things here that may influence your relationship patterns.

Please tell them go find a truly available man and keep their legs and cleavage covered and leave us alone. Back Magazine. In my case, I was emotionally unavailable and ended up dating emotionally unavailable men. That is the critical question. Good that he broke up with me — makes things easier for me. I am talking internet, jobs and anything that filters a single woman's confidence. Hint Submitted by Teri on December 27, - pm.

Why he lust after women

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Stopping ourselves from lusting is a great way to demonstrate this truth for ourselves and to learn that we have already been empowered to turn from sinning if that is what we choose to do. If you have been in a long struggle with lust, the prescription of eliminating lustful looks may seem simplistic and inadequate even though our Savior mandates it.

Nonetheless, rejecting a habit that we may have practiced since childhood by bringing our eyes into obedience to Him is an amazingly effective solution. One reason that some Christians reject this approach is that they view sexual purity as something that God and not they must establish.

While they would not condone other sins, like stealing, they somehow have been convinced that lust is different. Unfortunately, victory over sin is not automatic.

Rather, as with other sins, this thorny bush must be thoroughly uprooted. Otherwise, it will entangle and prevent us from being fruitful. Obeying the law of God in this regard strengthens us, since it means we are performing in the way we were designed. By focusing fully on the lustful look, Jesus did not ignore all the other lustful behaviors in which men regularly engage. Instead, His teaching directs us to where the battle is won.

Unfortunately, rather than choosing to permanently close the stable door as He taught, many of us opt to busily chase and corral runaway horses on a daily basis. Both the world and the Church suggest that by sheer determination, we can turn off harmful habits such as viewing pornography, dabbling on the Internet and masturbation. To this end, they commonly recommend the help of counselors and support groups and various regimens and techniques, like installing Internet filters or avoiding R rated movies for this purpose.

Unfortunately, these approaches do not directly address the real issue. Since it is lustful looking that creates our irresistible and ongoing cravings for more, striving to change other behaviors instead is as ineffective as mowing the lawn to get rid of weeds. If we eliminate the fuel, the fire will die.

Once lust has been set loose, fighting off its demands by means of our feeble willpower is impossible. This approach is coupled with surprise at those who tumble over the cliff. We are all painfully aware of the many who have shipwrecked their lives because they could not maintain rules of conduct.

The problem has become especially pronounced as the morals of our culture have spiraled steadily downward. Few sexual activities are taboo and almost anything goes if it feels good, especially if it is make-believe. In this environment, establishing a comfort zone with some but not too much lust is problematic.

Christians are prone to take a more religious approach. They believe that they can keep lust in check by depending on religious activity. Through increased prayer, Bible reading, fasting, Church attendance and mutual accountability they hope to overwhelm the sin brooding in their hearts. In fact, maintaining outward appearances without zero tolerance in our hearts results in hypocrisy and weakness when we are tempted. Of course, anyone walking in victory will do all he can to avoid temptation.

We are the light of the world. Darkness has no power unless we make a place for it in our hearts and minds. We must not give in to lust regardless of our levels of stress, our spiritual mood, the state of our relationships, or the temptations we face. Jesus delivered His clear-cut standard as part of His Sermon on the Mount. This great message and blueprint for how we are to live, ends with the sobering parable of the man who built his house on a foundation of sand, and a warning.

If we hear His teachings and do not obey them, we will collapse when the storms of life envelope us. On the other hand, if we love Him, we will obey His clear call for inner righteousness, build on a stable foundation and be secure in the time of peril. Maybe you are unconvinced. Like many men you may think that a little bit of lust is unavoidable, all the while being acutely aware of where too much of it can lead.

Heartbreaking tales of broken homes, careers, and lives are sadly familiar. We keep this carefully tucked away and are quick to turn back whenever it seems to get out of control. Instead of a deadly disease, it more closely resembles a low-grade fever or chronic condition.

However, nurturing lust at this level will nevertheless still cause significant damage. First off, sexual impurity inevitably injects duplicity into our lives. Jesus deplored hypocrisy more than any underlying sin. If we are Christians who harbor sexual fantasies, we are hypocrites- double-minded, unstable men. Most men are said to think about sex once every ten minutes. If we have allowed lust a foothold, we can readily identify with this statistic.

Jesus sees inside the heart and knows our thoughts. He demands that we maintain an inner purity that would leave us unafraid to have our thoughts read by anyone. An even more grievous consequence, however, is that our choosing to lust means breaking the greatest commandment.

We are told to love God with all our hearts, our minds and our strength. Giving in to lust hijacks our thoughts and creative energies and displeases our Father who demands the attention we expend as we chase sinful desires. Is it any wonder that our walk with God is uncomfortable and our spiritual lives stunted? They have a part in His plan. Why turn these faculties over to sin?

Once we make room for lust in our lives, it will assert its power unexpectedly, even at those times when we desire to draw close to God. Knowing that we can overcome but choosing not to has ominous implications. We dare not overlook the rest of what Jesus taught on this subject in Mathew 5. His provocative suggestion that we pluck out our eyes if they cause us to lust is meant to alarm us and makes perfect sense if, in fact, our eyes were the problem.

However, we know that our eyes are not the problem. Instead, it is our determination to employ our eyes as a means to lust that is so grotesque in His sight and dangerous for us. We must keep in mind that the wages of sin is always death. We will reap what we sow. Assuming that we can engage in lust and yet escape the consequences is foolish. Sin always results in death. Our lust may be killing our relationships with our wives or obliterating our testimony before those who know us.

It certainly will stifle our prayer life and a closer walk with God. We should not act surprised by the resulting havoc or delude ourselves into thinking that receiving forgiveness is equivalent to obedience. God has not suspended the law of the harvest.

A bad marriage is a prison term. I find myself in that situation over and over again. It's like there is a magnet on my forehead, however, as soon as i see that this is another unavailable man, i don't stick around I'm wondering what you have to say about women who prefer to be single, do not want to be in a committed relationship of any kind, yet fancy unavailable men who are unhappy in their relationships for "fun times.

This way, their wish of remaining single and just exploring and having fun stays true. This way, they will not be "stalked" or hounded by men who seem themselves to be insecure and who "need" a woman to feel secure. Because I feel the gender roles are reversing. Men seem to be a lot more needy than women these days. In my experience, men become almost obsessed, which can be very tiring.

This tends not to happen with men who are unavailable emotionally, because they are available for exactly what the woman needs. Just a thought. I have to agree - for single women who want to stay single dating a married man provides all the upside without the downside. You get the romance and companionship without the burden of commitment. Just make sure you're never lusting after a married man with children.

It's bad enough to go after someone else's husband, but when there's children involved, the adultery bimbo sets herself up for really, really bad karma. Yes, I know the man is the one breaking his vows, however, if women would be sisters to each other first, then the world would truly be a much, much better place I find the flippancy over committing adultery with a married man, quite disturbing.

I guess it's the slippery slope of the Southpark generation. These "innocent victimized women" go through life shattering marriages and wrecking homes. Please tell them go find a truly available man and keep their legs and cleavage covered and leave us alone. They aren't victims, they are huntresses. Men could just as well be trophies on the wall of their den.

AND they do this to compete with other women either to show off OR to take what belongs to someone else. Meanwhile the poor bastard who was drooling over the cleavage in the office and took her to the hotel ends up paying child support and alimony. This "huntress as a victim" charade just makes more money for shrinks who empower them.

Unavailable doesn't necessarily refer to married or in a relationship though. Also, when it comes to cheating I think the person in a relationship has the responsibility to be faithful. It's always 2 people involved and its not ok if you feel that you have to keep others away from your partner because they might cheat. They should chose to be faithful because they love their partner, respect their feeling and value the relationship.

That being said though, I agree it should be common sense to not hit on people in a relationship. I couldn't agree more. I have friends who think it's no problem to date a married man. People seem to have no personal integrity anymore. It has a lasting impact upon the children people cannot even imagine. The women who are defending it sicken me. I had long term issue with my unfaithful now husband it was really hurting my deepest emotion.

By cheating on me he was unavailable man for the girl by being in relationship with me don't know if they still keep up so after longer time I just got back to man I who is unavailible to me but single and we can all keep it socially in frame of normal. And man who was unavailible is my about best friend who can be very understanding. What an article says about that? It is still the man who made the choice to cheat. It is not like his dick is being remote controlled by perverted aliens somewhere on a distant planet, his own free will to make a choice to cheat is his responsibility.

The writer was describing you. It's incredible to see that you have still managed to differentiate yourself yet in reality, you are the person he describes. You've chosen to look for convenient reasons why you want to date an unavailable man, but the truth is that unconsciously, you're someone who's scared to be with someone who really wants you. I don't for one second buy the 'I'm just looking for someone for fun' argument.

If it were me, a married man would be the last person on the list to fit that criteria. Get yourself to a therapist is my advice. If Beiber Fever is any indication of the way we're successfully training girls to "lust after unavailable men" en masse, then we better get busy because we're gonna be knee deep in more of this sheet than we already are now before we know what hit us. This is a very patronising article.

Perhaps some women are in relationships with unavailable men because they themselves aren't yet ready for a fully committed relationship. Perhaps everyone and everything doesn't necessarily need fixing or moulding around your notion of ideal health Mr Meyers. Some of these unavailable men are not married or being stolen from other women.

Some are just roving love landmines. Watch where you step. So, not all of us are hussies with our cleavage a hangin out and walking around on our sit bones with our legs up behind our ears. Be nice on here, you guys. Go grind yer ax somewhere else!! I dealt with an emotionally unavailable man for many years after my husband passed. Looking back at the time I was vulnerable, hadn't dated in over 20 years, probably had some self-esteem issues going on and in the back of my mind was looking to be rescued.

I too put so much time and energy into the situation that it became difficult to walk away. I was used to being married and knew how to compromise to make that work. I think your comments on unavailable men were right on target. I went for counseling for a brief time too. I too have been in a similar situation with an unavailable man. I was widowed with a young son and became involved with this man. We had been together for 26 years and have a daughter.

He would never marry me and found all kinds of excuses why not to. Over the last years we grew farther apart and he would not discuss what was wrong Last February he became involved with an unavailable woman So what does this all say about both unavailable men and women.

Maybe the deserve each other as neither has to commit to the other and they can just have fun. BTW this is a long distance relationship also. Very interesting article. I am currently in a situation very similar to what the article describes. It's almost embarrassing. I can honestly say that I was looking for validation from this man and a "pay-off".

I would think about how to strategize to turn the tables around on him and make him chase me. However, I now think I'd just like to walk away from this situation with a bit of my dignity still intact and knowing I have a few skills like patience and perseverance.

These are tough situations but I am definitely worth more than to be put in the "friend" bin aka "catch-all" area. I too have found myself in multiple relationships with unavailable men. But, I have a different theory for the cause. My first relationship was a long, serious and intense one with my first love. It was wonderful for many years, but I outgrew him and had to leave.

It was unbelievably painful to see the relationship with the person who I'd shared so much of my life with come to an end. I wonder if I'm not somehow subconsciously seeking out unavailable men in order to avoid another heartbreaking inevitable relationship ending.

I know, this sounds a little crazy, but somehow it rings true. I think this is so, because if I try to imagine the man I'm pursuing being suddenly madly in love with me, it freaks me out.

I suddenly start pinpointing all of his faults and imagining how that will at some point be our undoing. What do you think? It definitely is. I was dating, a year out of my divorce, and did not think I ever wanted to marry again to avoid pain. I began dating a separated man, who had had 2 girlfriends since separation. I fell in love, he says he did too.

But he is unavailable--not divorced yet, not through the healing from the divorce. I think he is also trying to avoid pain, as his other 2 gfs left him. He distanced himself, "scared of his emotions" and "not able to offer me a real relationship. I am devastated. I realize I was beginning to hope for eventual marriage with him.

I dont want to date anyone else. I'm pretty well screwed. Women like you are morons. Thats why good men wind up single most or all of their lives. Its fun watching idiot women hit the wall though.

I am Puppet and they hold the strings My second relationship I thought Wow maybe this time is gonna be better, different. I dont get it. He did not acted married for long time when I met him,in fact I very much assumed he was divorced. So I thought living in the moment is fine. Problem with this is that he knows I care for him lot more each time I see him. And to reply to my own comment I think as this article states, when we stay or attached to Unavailable men we have our own issues or baggage we have to heal.

I agree there are cases when stuff happens. I am not sadist to want him to leave his marriage but he is to me when he keeps acting like I dont matter,that after knowing him for 3 years and being in "relationship" Ugh. I think the solutions would be to stop looking for validation or approval from them and to start looking for it within ourselves It does not bother me to mine knowing being his "on the side" fun but it bothers me when he is purposely trying to look as if our whatever it is does not matter I am completely broken by this I don't think I will want a relationship for a very long time.

All am 41 and guess the other side of the equation of Nice girls don't finish at all. Girls and women are wicked and vamped. I really don't understand why men feel the need to go after superficial women. Then go and team up with social clicks and go on the internet and disrupt others lives. I am talking internet, jobs and anything that filters a single woman's confidence.

I don't understand please don't get upset because I am no angel. I have been in bad situations but find it harder to build a relationship with a Good man. Is the ratio of 5 to 1 now plagued by barbie dolls and demons? It can be confusing to people why the emotionally unavailable date. I made a video on the topic which gives some insight into why they do. I also talk about some of the confusion with who an emotionally unavailable person is.

Hint: they are not a married persons using you for sex on the side. Bottom line, I like a guy, who happens to be single, but surrounded by many women- so many, he did not find not the need to commit-, and who fits my age and my social status.

However, I feel that I have to do some chasing, because at the beginning he came very aggressive to me and I had to turn him down.

However, I do see good thing in him that I highly value. I am a young,attractive good looking, intelligent woman and I think I have something to offer to a man. So, I do not want to give up on him, just because I have to do some chasing. If he turns out to be a jackass, I will give him up and shift my mind from it. But till then, is it bad to go after him?

This article describes me, low self-esteem and all, and every relationship that I've ever had! I grew up with a depressive, self-pitying working-class drunk of a father who always blamed his lack of success in life to being 'trapped' supporting his 6 children from his 3 marriages and molested me and my 3 sisters. My bedroom was next to my parents, and as a child I'd hear their fights: my father rant on and on about how his life would have worked out better if he'd had stayed in the Navy, never gotten married, not been 'burdened' with so many kids, etc.

I was so, so angry at being blamed for his unhappiness and being victimized by him that I swore that when I grew up, I'd never give ANY man the excuse to say to me that I'd 'held him back' or 'stood in the way of his dreams'. I'd be the most loving, supportive partner ever!

So in every relationship, I always put the man's needs first, made whatever sacrifice was necessary and served his agenda. I never asked for anything, and naively assumed that since I was being so 'low maintenance' and such a loving, supportive "good girl" and not a 'taker', I'd be loved and valued for these qualities, and when 'my turn' came, my partner would support me and my dreams, too. Well, of course, it was never 'my turn'; it was always all about him. I was treated as a doormat and discarded after my usefulness was over, with barely a second thought.

On the surface, he was very competent, but on the inside very insecure and emotionally fragile. I had to walk on eggshells around him, so as not to bruise his feelings and had to constantly stroke his ego.

I put him up on a pedestal Because he was so much smarter than me! He was moral and upright! He was so idealistic and wanted to get elected to public office to help people! I remember thinking at the time, "If the situation was reversed, would he be out here on a street corner in the freezing rain, gathering signatures so that I could get on the ballot to run for Congress? Would Mr. The answer was, No: he might hire someone to do it for a few hours, but he'd never make a sacrifice like that for me.

When he hit 50, he had his 'mid-life meltdown': after his mother died and he'd had some business and political reverses, he hit every cliche in the book: the sports car, the much younger mistress, blowing tens of thousands of dollars of our joint marital assets and our kid's college funds. I was the equally cliched 'last to know': I only found out how bad it was after he made me cancel our 1st family vacation in 5 years taking our kids to Disneyworld because 'money was tight' and of course, I had to be the one to break it to our kids.

As his wife, I clipped coupons, and was lucky if I got a trip to Red Lobster every couple of months if we had one of our rare 'date nights'. He dragged our divorce out for nearly 2 years because he's such a control freak , but thankfully it was resolved before he spent us into bankruptcy. He married his mistress barely a month after our divorce and is now getting his karmic come-uppance: she's an immature, demanding, manipulative gold-digger that's been leaching every dime from him and alienating him from his children, who now want nothing to do with him.

What's particularly galling is watching him jump through hoops to make his new wife happy, when all I got from him for years was the back of his hand.

It's very painful for me to realize that I spent nearly half my life sacrificing for someone who didn't give a damn about me. I idolized him and whittled myself down to nothing. Yet through it all in addition to our separations and divorce, we had several family crises, and our 5 year-old daughter was sexually molested by a relative, who was jailed -- every SINGLE time that there was an opportunity for him to step up, and be the good man that I thought that I married, he punked out he ended our marriage with an e-mail, and moved out of our house without telling me or our children!

I feel like an even bigger idiot for putting this self-centered, morally bankrupt coward up on a pedestal in the first place. I don't know if I had bad judgment and never saw his true nature, and attributed to him qualities that I wished to see, or if he started out as a decent person, but slid down this slope over the years and I was just blind to it.

I'm having a very hard time trying to date again, because I can't trust my own inner guidance system. I've already had 5 disastrous pseudo-relationships with emotionally unavailable men, where I keep being the friendly, supportive, endlessly understanding 'cool girl' who gets used and tossed to the side. I've basically shut myself down and stopped dating at all, because it's just too painful to repeat this pattern anymore, and I have to sort myself out. Now that we're divorced, my X-husband STILL thinks that I'm supposed to cater to him and his needs because his new wife is even more of a narcissist and more ambitious than he is, and isn't going to waste her precious time on his kids.

I'm trying to forgive and move on, and have a 'friendly' divorce for the sake of our children, but it's hard because he just takes my cooperation as a given, and never reciprocates.

My patience is gone; he's 57, but it's like dealing with a spoiled 14 year-old boy. I've had to shut down and limit my contact with him as well, to the logistics involving our kids. I'm at the end of my rope: all my sacrificing and self-martyrdom doesn't win me love or respect, but the opposite: contempt.

Whenever I open my heart and make myself vulnerable, the men I date head for the hills. I know that I'm a good person, but for some reason, I can't believe that I deserve to be treated as one, and subconsciously seek out people who reinforce this dynamic. I know that I have to stop this, and I've already had boatloads of therapy. I have 2 daughters, and I don't want to pass this example along to them.

I know that in order to have a happy, healthy relationship that I have to develop these qualities in myself, but it's very hard when it's a struggle just to get through each day with my children, who hurt so much over the divorce and it's aftermath. I'd like to believe that there are moral, ethical, loving, loyal men out there-- but so far, I'm not meeting any of them! I seem to only attract the weak and the predatory.

Relationships are 'spiritual yoga'-- we grow, and become more 'ourselves' in relation to others. Ideally, I'd like to get beyond this impasse, and get to a point where I can find a good man who wants to grow with me, and we'll bring out the best in each other. I have a lot of work to do!

God bless! What an insightful term. Yes, they do cover it well when things are going their way, don't they? My ex h did, too. Now my oldest son is showing signs of narcissism, and is not nearly as good at being covert about it.

Thanks for sharing your story. Wishing me luck, too. We have similar pasts, behaviour and wishes. Knowing I'm not alone has given me a bit of strength. I wish us the very best! Your story touched me. I too wonder, if i can rely on my inner guidance system, as you put it. My friend adviced me something awesome: if you feel like you dont know about something od someone,it means NO. Thats how i am learning to pay more attention to decisions to rationnaly give it a chance versus take care of myself and not ve satisfied with vague feeling of it may improve or he may surprise me That usually happen when i expect to discover some inner depth..

Your life is the same as mine. Try going to Psychopath Free site. But after the 30 years wasted life to a Narcissist, I found a nice quiet man, who is emotionally unavailable.

I swear I wouldn't be a doormat again, but I did it again for 5 years. I've read so many books on this, why can't I change my pattern? I'm taking a hiatus and dating myself. Good luck with everything.

But why do men lust for certain women? Why do you lust for certain men? Join me on this Love U Podcast for an exploration of why lust is a great feeling — that says nothing about your romantic future whatsoever.

To understand and better connect with men, click here to access my free 5-part video series. Podcast: Play in new window Download. Watch: YouTube. Enjoy the podcast? The very nature of lust implies some level of unavailability. If you can have something whenever you want it, you no longer lust for it. This post was about lust. Not romantic attraction or love. This whole emotionally or physically unavailable kind of lust though? And others have other things that make them lustful and denying their experience and insisting yours is literally the only kind of lust is.

I certainly never implied my definition was the blanket definition for all of humanity. My response was to the podcast. Did you listen to it? Evan said that, of all the women he lusted after, he dated only one of them, and it did not go well. But I also disagree that lust is as Evan describes it and that alone.

And it sort of seemed like people were saying that was it. Forgive me if that was not at all what was intended. This whole unavailability thing gets old really, really soon. The older you are, the sooner. I think the main idea of the podcast is that lust is an intense, visceral response to someone. Not something you have much control over but not indicative of anything beyond that feeling.

It can intensify if the object of it is not available to you because they remain a fantasy. Emily, it is one thing to. I get it. That in itself isnt necesssarily a bad thing. I see nothing ridiculous about this. Love to you, Emily! You are spot on, sister. All the best. Keep the faith in your ability to love. NEVER saw it coming, but some of things Marc has written, resonated with me, made me think it through, made me make room!

Love to you both! I hope that one day you would consider doing a panel with all your guest of female dating experts to talk about your most controversial stances. I would love to hear the back and forth with you ironing out those issues. The reason I want to see this is because 9. I would be curious to hear a discussion between you and a few female dating experts on those or any of your most controversial subjects. Something else I hope that you would consider doing on a future podcast is taking a caller question or answering a email question live.

The comments section for the podcast speaks volumes of how thorough you are with addressing subjects verse your regular post. I would love to hear you attack a question in which you had 30 whole minutes to address it verses 2 paragraphs like in your post. And to make sure that you are not just giving away free coaching, maybe you can restrict the questions or calls to only people who signed up for your love you program.

My final question is which if any of your programs would you allow straight men to sign up for? I think so much of your advice is gender neutral, any man or woman who followed it would become a better partner; and I would love to sign up for your current Love You program because I could always use advice on being more confident in dating. Is this advice that we as heterosexual males can even follow? I think we would have to defer to the female in all of these cases and judge our own feelings accordingly.

The advice is meant to be generally effective. I think the supposed controversy comes because some people interpret that advice as mandatory. Like Evan is telling them they just have to drop down to their knees and take it. Or that he is telling them to do something they are uncomfortable with. And that is a silly way to interpret and piece of advice. A kiss after the first date would definitely do a lot to let me know that the woman is still interested.

I think the advice as much as it could be for us regarding those topics would be the same as the advice to women — do or go along with what you are comfortable with, but know that it may or may not be the most effective tactic going forward. But if it works for your specific situation, then its all good. Make the first moves in regards to initiating monogamy, kissing, sex, moving in, marriage, etc. Anyway, like you admitted about yourself some men would be happy to go months without sex just to be in the presence of certain women.

Some men would be happy to go weeks without a kiss from a woman just for the opportunity to be able to be out with her, and some men would gladly not be offended if a woman gave him fake numbers, refused to give him her address, and even use fake first names until he proves he is not a serial killer; all just for the chance to be able to be out with someone like her. Or because he is so afraid of appearing as an aggressive man a. However, I and I believe Evan am in the camp that believes that all stages of a relationship even courting should be about give and take.

Why should I care that he felt undesired when I rejected his attempt to kiss me after the date? Why should I care that he feels sexually frustrated and his needs are not being met every time I send him home with just a kiss? Why should I care that he feels like I am subtly implying that he could be a rapist or murder every time I refuse to give him my address? I guess what I am hoping to hear with a discussion between Evan and the female dating experts is yes a woman should never do something that makes her feel uncomfortable and of course her wants and feelings matter, BUT if a relationship is about TWO people, then where does his desires come in?

And how? I think women should care about those things. I guess I should end it with him since we are clearly incompatible. How about we have Chinese for dinner and go for Gelato for dessert? It is not your right, however, to demand that the other person become uncomfortable to make you feel less so. You move fast, find a woman who also moves fast there are many who do.

And ditto for the woman, as I said above. She should end it too. I remember you and I had a similar conversation before, so let me ask you, have you ever been offended by something a person said or did that was NOT meant in an offensive way but you took it that way?

A follow up question to that is: Would you consider yourself perfectly immune to ever being unreasonably offended by someone in the future? You also stated that I get personally offended by a woman caring about her personal safety, but I never said that.

Yet I am curious, have you ever had someone negatively stereotype you simply because of something you could not control? Something you had no say over like what gender you were born? So I would love to know your opinion on how does a person know the difference between someone showing them attention because they are actually interested in them and a person who is doing it because they just love the attention it brings?

If you were a third party standing on the outside observing a man and woman interact, how would you know the difference between the woman who is actually interested and the woman who is just friendly flirting? And what type of play? I figure something short and not boring. As adults we have to understand that just because someone made us accidentally feel bad it does not mean we should make them change their behaviour nor that we should dwell on it.

Well hopefully the person knows that the other person is in a relationship and would never cheat on their partner. Interesting that you remembered that we had a conversation on this but not the content where I also explained it was par for the course for actors and I did this with other friends who knew me. It totally and completely depends on the person.

I think one ought to plan dates based on the personalities involved not in the general. I also personally tend to prefer dates where I get to know the person.

Watching a play is a couple hours sitting in silence not interacting with someone ditto watching a movie is not my ideal. As for what to see. Again, this is very personal. I love musicals, some find them interminable. I love Shakespeare is there anything longer really? On the other hand there are some current modern One Act plays I find insufferably pretentious.

Basically I think a play is better as a date later on. Once you know each other and once you know what you both like. Darn it! And… you are right! Anyway thanks for tolerating this conversation with me Callie, I know I can be exhausting at times. It still hurts being assumed guilty until proven innocent, but you are right and I have to suck it up and not get offended.

Why he lust after women

Why he lust after women

Why he lust after women