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Choosing the best funeral poems for your special Grandma is a very personal task that is especially difficult at a time filled with deep sadness. The 4 poems for Grandma that follow below were chosen for three loving and deeply missed Grandmas that passed away within a short time of one another. Each special grandma was affectionately called MomMom by those who loved her. The reading of funeral poems for a special Grandma may help grieving grandchildren say good bye by expressing their love and appreciation, especially if they did not have the opportunity to be with her at the end. Feel free to change them in ways that create personal funeral poems for your special Grandma.

Anniversary of grandmas death short poems

Anniversary of grandmas death short poems

Anniversary of grandmas death short poems

Anniversary of grandmas death short poems

I just Anniversarry this first year has sucked. This past year ,Oct 14, hurt so much more. It helped tremendously for me. So glad you found this list helpful. His 1 year suort is in June. Thank you. We had the ashes of my father for a while, with no great ideas what to do with them. It has been difficult. First of all I must ask you if you are having thoughts of giving up, or if you feel like there is no reason to live, to please seek immediate help. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with CBT.

Vibe j lo. What Are The Best Funeral Poems for a Special Grandma?

Today our plan is to park a weekend get away bag, and just go. It takes a lot of faith in God and daily efforts to become closer to God to seek peace and grace to continue each day. It can definitely be very helpful when it comes to Anniversary of grandmas death short poems and consuming thoughts that are making it hard to function or have a bond with Anniversary of grandmas death short poems loved one. I still google looking for encouragement regularly, but the pain now really is more bearable than what I felt a year ago. Jesse james northfield raid movie birthday and on the day she went home to God I send my precious angel letters to heaven and I figure she floats around up there reading them knowing that she still is and always be the best part of my life, always and forever my Kaitlin Lee. First one. I live alone and my every thought is of my precious girl. Numb, in denial I guess you can say. I am so, so sorry for your loss. My daughters and I like to talk about Jr every once in a while when something reminds us of him. Peace and light to you and all of your readers.

As soon as the fall weather hit, I could feel it approaching.

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  • As soon as the fall weather hit, I could feel it approaching.

Choosing the right funeral poetry for your grandmother can be a complicated task. No matter what your time with Grandma was like, choosing the words that commemorate her death is both healing and difficult. Funeral poetry is a traditional way to offer sentiments to mourners while speaking kindly of a grandmother.

Many individuals use poetry to convey final thoughts and tell the deceased things they wish they would have said in person. These grandmother poems by Michele Meleen capture different aspects of Grandma's relationships and traits to fit with any matriarch's funeral. A short haiku about your grandmother is great because it conveys a lot of emotion in a few words so you won't get tripped up if you're crying as you read.

A memorial short poem for Grandma can be read at the funeral, gravesite, or an annual memorial service. Her smile rests in mine, her hands help me sew, her love fills my heart, her spirit runs through my soul. An acrostic poem using the word "grandma" or "grandmother" or even your grandma's actual name makes for a great keepsake funeral poem. Grandma, Gigi, Gam Gam, Remember all her names.

A matriarch to our family, Never selfish or vain. Dear grandma, we remember your: Mothering spirit, Open heart, and Tempting recipes. Hugs and kisses will be missed, but Everything about you will be Remembered. Funeral poems for grandmas don't have to be religious and can touch on the specific things these women do for their families. Grandma's life lessons are simple she's shown them through and through. Grandma' life lessons are ample and they're yours if you choose, too.

Lesson Four: Never close doors. Lesson Five: Help them thrive. Lesson Six: Always offer a fix. If you follow Grandma's life lessons, your life will be happy and sweet. If you follow Grandma's life lessons, your life will be fulfilling and complete. Turn a letter to your grandmother into a sweet poem when you use the free verse form of poetry.

Dear Grandmother, Thank you for all the love you gave, that unconditional, unwavering kind. You showed us how to put family first and give more than receive. We will do our best to mimic the family bond you created, strengthened, tended to.

Dear Grandmother, from your grandchildren there's only one gift we can give. We'll live by your example as we create our own family trees. We'll embody all that is a grandmother because that's the ultimate love. A long poem that's fitting for all ages and ties in thoughts of heaven is perfect for a religious funeral. Do all grandma's go to Heaven? Does every other grandmother do the things you do?

Is every other grandmother a strong, loving, faithful woman too? If God gives his love both below and above to those who have given a vow, surely that's where you are now. I believe all grandma's go to Heaven you're settled among them today. All grandma's must go to Heaven because grandma's always see the way. Grandma's not old anymore, her wrinkles have all gone away. Her joints are all working and her hair is no longer gray.

When grandmothers die, they instantly age down back to a little princess complete with a crown. This may not be the picture of death that you see but Grandma gave me her sense of humor so it's what I choose to believe. If your family and grandmother have strong ties to religion, use religious verses or scriptures in place of or addition to poems.

Bible verses read like poems and carry inspirational messages. Look for bible verses your grandma loved, or choose one that speaks to her personality. There aren't many Bible verses that speak specifically to only grandmothers, but 2 Timothy is one that does.

The verse shares " a faith that first dwelt in your grandmother," and continues "I am sure dwells in you as well. Another verse that speaks directly of grandma's is Titus Part of the verse says "Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine" to state how grandmothers serve as an example for their family members. Many of the sentiments written about God in Psalm 23 are fitting for grandmother's because they take on similar caretaking roles.

Lines like "for his name's sake" and "you prepare a table before me" relate to your familial ties and family meals shared with your Grandmother. They also assert that she will now be taken care of by the Lord.

The love of a grandmother feels unconditional and unending, just as the love of God. Part of Psalm reads "we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture" which also represents how family members feel about their matriarch. The verse ends with the line "and his faithfulness to all generations" which encourages all of a grandmother's kin to keep her faith. Beautiful poems about grandmothers that are written for other occasions like birthdays and holidays can also be used as funeral tributes.

Whether you're preparing a eulogy for a grandma or putting together funeral programs, poems about these amazing women are easy to find. Selecting funeral poetry for your grandmother can be an emotional and cathartic experience. Different kinds of poems for funeral tributes set different tones and convey different messages. Look for the type of poem and subject matter that will best. All Rights Reserved.

My mother has had a very rough year without him and as a result has lost a lot of weight and went into a depression. Andrew is dead. And watching videos we made. Take care Jennifer! Come home, light a candle, have a glass of wine and sing his favorite karaoke songs. Thank you for your suggestions as to what to do on this day. Never wants to talk to me about him.

Anniversary of grandmas death short poems

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I love your idea. I have been numb ever since. I just returned from a retreat to write about grief and loss, and today I feel stronger and ready to commemorate that day in a special way. Thank you. On July 28, , it will be a year since I lost my Mom to dementia. This past year has been a rollercoaster ride for me in every way. Also, when I thought my life was over, out of nowhere came something I thought I would never experience, again.

I now know how truly precious life is and am determined to live it to the fullest. Hi everyone, today is the first anniversary of my fathers passing. I have been struggling with the fact that he is really and truly gone, and the fact that a whole year had passed made it even harder. I was planning to visit his grave site, but honestly I have been making every excuse not to go.

I think the first year is the hardest, and I pray it gets easier to cope as the years go by. I am coming up Nov 4 of the year anniversary of my dads passing. It was very sudden, no warning 36 hours and he was gone. I feel your pain about the first year being awful. I feel like the first 6 months I did not even know myself, if that makes sense.

I lost my daughter to cancer. I know she is in a better place, free of pain but my pain has overtaken my life. My heart is breaking. I live alone and my every thought is of my precious girl. The anniversary of her passing is July Hi Darlene, Ive just found thus site and read your post about losing your precious daughter.

My heart goes out to you. I truly believe loved ones stay close. God bless. Hi Darlene, Im sorry for your loss.

I lost my twin daughter Natalie on July 26, Her 2 yr anniversary is coming up, I live alone and find it hard to cope. Anyone on here have any coping ideas? The emotions are hitting me in waves.

I helped my mom take care of my grandmother for 6 years. The pain hits differently when you watch someone decline, build your life around their medication schedule, then that dedication is completely gone. I know that death is apart of life, but seeing my mom get very depressed this morning, made me feel so helpless. I felt like the best of who I was left with her, so I grieved her and I grieved who I was when she was here.

No one ever tells you that when someone you love dies, a large part of yourself goes with them. My mother, Carolyn was a remarkable woman who loved her family, dearly and deeply. She saw the best in her kids and was our source of encouragement. Even now, years after her passing, she still sends me her love through others, like an expected hug from a friend or the kind words from someone you work with or even a stranger. June 13th of this year will be 10 years. I will spend it laughing with those I love and be truly appreciative for a gift I never asked for but was given to me and my siblings.

I will spend the day encouraging family, friends and strangers that they matter and that we can share in our losses and celebrate too. Blessings to you all. I have been doing many of these things year round.

My mom died 5 yrs ago in Jan. Visit the cemetery often — leave flowers. My sister and I talk about them all the time. I feel as if I will never get over the loneliness and isolation I feel. My heart will never stop breaking. I have been to groups and that was a bust. My sympathy to everyone who is experiencing what I am feeling. Maybe she wants you to make less of it and move on with your life.

I will never forget her and she knows that. For me, trying to cope with that still is difficult and am actually trying to downplay it more than memorialize her, for my own good. I think a person should do whatever helps them best get through it. My mom passed away a decade ago tomorrow. A decade. I grew up, from 16 to For some reason, the decade part of this is the hardest. Addiction hijacks our loved ones. My son died of a meth and heroin overdose three years ago and I am trying to focus on the memories of him before the addiction swallowed him.

Be proud of yourself. Some grief is like walking around with a sword in your heart… forever… yet somehow learning to breathe around it. I wish you well. My grandmother passed away tomorrow one year ago. We found out on 5 Jan she has pancreas cancer. Mom and I were devastated so we made plans to take my twins to see her all the way from Australia to South Africa to see her and to spend time with her and to meet my twins for the first time in real life.

It was a longggg flight and so emotional not knowing what she would look like cause her eyes turned yellow and she lost so much weight so we prepared ourselves.

This was the hardest 4 weeks of my life and special at the same time as the twins turned two and she got to celebrate with us and we got many photos of her with them and us.

After that she went backwards quickly. One year later still feels like yesterday. I miss her so much my heart is still so hurt. Mom will call me telling me she misses her and I try to be strong and say something positive but it makes me so sad. As I am typing this I am bawling my eyes out. I know she loved her classic music and opera which I come to love even more everyday. I hope I can figure out what we can do to celebrate her special day…. Thank you this site. It will be four years tomorrow.

That was after a three -year battle with lung cancer. I miss my Dad. He was It was me, my mom and dad and my brother. There were and still are issues with my brother and soon after my Dad died the relationship between me and my mother fractured.

Like you the crisp air and changing colors of the trees along with the Jewish holidays get the ball rolling for me. This past week has been particularly difficult. I spent time with her the day after that and got the call on Halloween morning that she had passed. And all of a sudden I had an anxiety attack. And then I realized that the past three anniversaries I had spent at work. I would do my job, but i am lucky that I have the kind of job that I could post on Facebook and cry in my office.

Come home, light a candle, have a glass of wine and sing his favorite karaoke songs. But tomorrow is different. I guess I will prepare for the funeral on Sunday. I will take a moment to be grateful. Thank you so much just for the opportunity to post something and get the feelings out. So exhausted and hoping I sleep.

But, I am sure I will be reading your posts tomorrow. There is still the hell of all of the holidays…….. Peace and light to you and all of your readers. Thank you for this.

Your website has been incredibly helpful. I like the no nonsense way the articles are written. We lost our Aysha girl 5 years ago today to suicide at the age of This anniversary is particularly hard. It seems unfathomable that she has been gone that long and I wonder how we have been able to go on. But we are forever different and this has become a part of who we are, just as she was.

One year ago, my brother was finally reaching a positive overcoming point in his depression battle. He was on new medicine, and actually went for a walk at the track because he was feeling so good. Exactly one year ago, I was so optimistic of the future and living in this bubble of never having suffered an unexpected death of an immediate family member.

On October 10, between am I received a phone call that changed my very existence forever. I looked down at my phone at the red light on my way to work, to see my mom calling. I answered. Andrew is dead. How could this be? Are you serious? How could my 33 year old brother really be dead? He struggled with depression and substance abuse for years, but how NOW when he finally was getting help could this happen? I am broken. I thought I would die when I got that call.

I did not see any way to live without my brother. I still google looking for encouragement regularly, but the pain now really is more bearable than what I felt a year ago. I am learning it really is a process and with time the stabbing knife eases its grasp. No I will never talk to my brother again, but just look how he has manipulated a storm into giving me a day off tomorrow for his death anniversary.

I know his spirit is with me, and somehow life with continue forward. It was alcohol made me forget the social allowances and allowed me to remember. Well, for me, alcohol brought to surface some of the memories I had forgotten.

Talking with a buzz was much easier to open the hatch. It made me remember…. The people around me know know about my mother and how I feel. Now, I take these unfortunate days and make the best. I call my grandma, i speak to people who feel the same loss and like about how I fiddle with my shirt in uncomfortable situations just like my mom did.

I make her favorite dish, I look through her purse with old grocery receipts, pictures, and chapstick in it. Being reminded how human she was and how much she loved siblings and I. It took me over 15 years to realize what I was doing was only toxic for myself. We are all just pawns in the universe and we should be thankful that we had our parents for as long as we did. They helped mold us into who we are. Thank you for sharing this post!

Today is the first anniversary since my mom past away. I looked at old pictures, listened to a voice memo recorded a week before she passed and ended everything by writing her a letter, updating her of everything that happened in the last year, from her funeral to today. It is hard for me to express my feelings, but writing the letter allowed me to organize my thoughts and gave a clear passage to my grief and sadness. To cry and miss her. I was scared of looking at old pictures and the pictures I took the day she passed, to be depressed again.

After I did my new ritual, I felt closer to her. I miss her so much, being an only child too. I will probably bake her favourite cake for her birthday. Thank you all! My wife lost her mom 1 year ago today. Today our plan is to park a weekend get away bag, and just go. Go any place or direction but towards the grave site.

Has anyone come up with a more pleasant phrase. Somehow these words bring comfort. Another thought is to have my family pick out special fake flowers, one for each. And then to use sharpies and write a message to my Dad on the underside of each flower petal. Then place it on his gravestone. You can buy a sealer spray in any craft store to preserve the same. This idea could be done on any special day like a b-day etc.

My mom passed away this time last year in July. Her and my Dad both died violently. God bless all of you. It is very interested to see a few different posts of parents whose child has died on May 3. My Caleb died May 3 He was three years old. Today has not been as bad as the last two weeks. I think the anticipation hurts more than the actually day.

Maybe seeing May 3 is a confirmation that everything is ok. This is some wonderful ideas. I lost my mom Jan 3, She had end stage copd. She was an absolutely wonderful, kind person who would help anyone. And losing my own mother has committed me even more to help those in need.

I can speak from personal experience on losing a close loved one. She had her last exacerbation of copd in July And ended up on a ventilator. She made this choice. I asked her mom what do you want done? And she wanted them to save her. Her first and only great grandchild was expected in 2 weeks. My grandson. She wanted to see him and have more time with us. I knew as a hospice nurse her days were numbered. I wanted to believe she had more time and maybe just maybe couple more yrs.

Christmas was amazing and we had to have it at the nursing home where she was staying while my siblings who lived with her were being trained on taking care of her. I live 3 hrs away. They were almost ready to send her home when she passed. It was a matter of maybe couple weeks? She just stopped breathing one morning before my brother got there.

The pain I feel is indescribable. The loss unimaginable. It was helpful to read others stories here about their loss of their wonderful loved ones too. This to shall pass. Yes in some ways, It will. But the loss we feel never will pass. We will just learn to live with it and move forward in our lives. They will always be with us and they will continue to live thru us thru our love and our memories.

My children and I are going to make a scrap book called memories of maw. And share pics and diff stories of good times with her. I feel this is therapeutic for all of us. And a way to not forget precious stories and memories about her. May god bless you all. We will share special memories, her favorite sayings, food, and love on each other.

She is missed beyond measure but lives on through each of my siblings, our children and myself. Our loss was devastating but boy am I thankful to continue learning from her many lessons. I cherish her with every fiber of my being. God speed each and everyone in this club I wish we did not have to be apart of. We had the ashes of my father for a while, with no great ideas what to do with them. It was amazing and such a nice way to let him go, to do something nice with the ashes — and has helped me and the family move on a little.

A childhood kidney cancer. Not a day goes by that I dont struggle to hide my pain for my other 2 kids. Especially my daughter. Shes 6. She just lost her father October 11th…3 days after my sons 10th birthday. We have kept each other strong through many hard days. Life will never be the same without him here with us. We find some peace knowing he has his dad with him now.

But the pain for us is still so fresh. I am not sure what to do for his anniversary. In a way I want to be alone amd just cry all day. But I know thats not what he would want. I have about 5 weeks to figure it out. In 8 months, Oct 7th, will be the day my mother passed 16 years ago as well. They both past of 2 different cancers 16 years ago, 8 months apart. Usually July 1st is the hardest day of the year, their anniversary. As I look back on 16 without my parents I wonder to myself how I ever made it!

I can see my mother laughing at me now, she had an incredible sense of humor. Losing both mom and dad in 8 months, you can imagine what the first 2 years were like.

But something happened, I started seeing my parents differently. A smile would come to my face. Some days you deal with it better than others. I am grateful for all they taught me and grateful for keeping them close when it was the hardest to enough them this close without the sadness.

However, at 50 the wisdom I have come to embrace is the closeness with them after the initial grieving process. Allow yourself to grief Allow yourself to cry Allow yourself to let your lost loved ones live through you Allow yourself closeness with them again…. These posts have really helped me. I lost my mom February 20, I want to honor her, but I also want to pretend like she is still here.

The pain of not having her is so much more painful then I could ever imagine. I am not alone. I have never wanted to go back in time until now. I feel like an orphan even though I am a grown woman. I just want my mommy. When I think of all the difficult times my mom had before she passed away, I get so sad and frustrated.

She deserved a fun and full life. I pray she is in heaven as happy as can be. I love and miss her more then I could ever express. I hope everyone that has lost someone, feels thier love and presence.

I was just reading through posts and saw yours. I lost my mom February 23, , just 3 days after you lost yours. That day is coming soon and my heart is still aching. Peace to you this wee….. But I cried more in the past year than any other year since childhood. The pain is still real but I am managing a bit better one day at a time. Today went surprisingly well, I took off from work to spend the day reflecting and all, and it was good. Numb, in denial I guess you can say.

She passed away December 21st, My mother and me were like sisters, we would talk to each other almost every day. She was my best friend.

My daughter is having a really hard time about it. She was super close to her also. She hated winter and she died the first day of winter.

Her grandmother nanny died December 21 also years back. They were super, super close and I know she wants something to have of hers. All of grandmas clothes are gone. I just know this first year has sucked.

Her Birthday was November 18th… I slept almost the whole day to keep from thinking about it or crying. Because of that experience December 21st is going to be super hard. To make things worse, we had her memorial the day after Christmas…. My main worry is helping my daughter through this. I wish I could make my daughter whole again.

She wants something tangible for her to touch and feel that helps her be near grand ma. Honestly, it is probably something she will cherish for the rest of her life. My mother died unexpectedly as well at 56 on Dec 2, , and I was I used to sleep with the angel statue I have with her ashes in it. I have learned not to fight the grief. Your body needs to get it out. On her birthday I made her favorite meal. Take care Jennifer! Hi Jennifer, My father, at the young age of 49 passed away last year on December 20th, I was 17 at the time, now 18, and still have a hard time dealing with the loss of such an influential man in my life.

My mother is now left with my 3 siblings and I, to struggle through the bad days and cherish the happy ones. She asked for it with the obvious intent of having a piece of her grandmother with her. Having a younger brother around her age, my family and I did everything we could to ensure he felt loved, specifically choosing to give him my fathers university graduation ring.

Best of luck finding strength this month. They are very special pieces. My 16yo wears her necklace nearly everyday. Fantastic Post! I totally agree and have given the same advice to many of my friends who have asked the same question. Drawing on the right side of the brain is great. My mom read it when I was young and a budding artist to help guide me. Thanks for your terrific information.

In two days, November 8th will mark one year since my mom died of colon cancer at only 58 years old. She was fighting for 18 months and I took care of her while she was in hospice at my aunts home. It was always her and me growing up and I still need her guidance, I have more growing up to do.

My person to turn to gone. I just miss her so much. I appreciate the ideas of what I can do to honor her. All I can hope for is to feel her with me more.

I was widowed at age 34, left with two young kids. Have lost parents and only sibling since then. Have lost many friends and coworkers. Living is what we HAVE. We have God-given gifts to share with others…time spent in pity past a couple of years is time for professional grief counseling.

No one enjoys being depressed. Granted, a tragic death is one harder to deal with than expected elderly parent but a loss is a loss. My boyfriend of 5 years died on June 24, which also happened to be his birthday in a car crash.

He was 25years old. However we live on opposite sides of the country because of work. At about 9am the security officer called me and when I went outside there was Omar with a single white rose in his hands and a big grin on his face. They drove 3 hours to come see me. On their way back home his friend crashed. I was so excited to see him that I forgot to remind him as usual to wear his seat belt.

I still cry everyday. Still unable to cope. There was no one on the earth like him. We had plans to get married and start a family. All I can do that help me cope is looking back at photos and reminiscing on our memories. And watching videos we made. I miss him dearly. He was my best friend, comforter, doctor, my everything. I have a similar story to yours in that the love of life of ten years passed away suddenly on April 3, I know the pain your feeling and continue to feel the effects of grief everyday… some things that have helped me are reading books about grief, seeing a therapist who specializes in grief work, placing photos in my house of him I even carry a photo of him in my pocket book everywhere I go.

Even though there are days where It hurts to look at his beautiful face in that frame. Grief is a nightmare but it is something we can survive. Honoring your boyfriend and allowing your self to feel the pain and devastation is the best advice I can give you.

The pain will never go away but it will soften and at times it will return with full affect. I hope this post has helped you and hope it gives you the courage to hold on as you walk through your grief journey.

Reach out if you need to. I lost my Grandma on 11th September in by cancer when they found the cancer it was to late to treat her it was already spreading to the rest of her body and making her very ill.

Life is not the same without her here by my side and supporting me on every decision i make. Thank you for your suggestions. Tomorrow will be six years since losing my husband. What a journey! I have also lost my mom, dad, and brother.

I think by doing something to honor him also helps me forgive myself. The guilt of the should ofs and could ofs seem to wash away, at least for that moment.

Now just have to decide what to do this year. Today was the day that my mother got the phone call from the nursing home saying that my father had stopped breathing when they were bathing him and they had to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

Later that day at the hospital, we had to make the agonizing decision as a family to withhold medications and just keep him comfortable with palliative care until he passed. The next morning, at a. My mother has had a very rough year without him and as a result has lost a lot of weight and went into a depression. I was thinking of maybe planting something in their backyard that will come back every year.

Thanks for this post. Your suggestions were awesome. He loved serving others in small ways. We figured that would be the best way to remember him. I lost my father in law two days after thanksgiving my daughter had our first grandson on April 8th and my dad died the day before his sons 37th birthday.

I am so numb…. Life keeps going on and I thought after my only child died in sleep,that it should all stop. I can feel your pain, after I read the bottom of your page. Your faith in God and his son Jesus is very important. If your brother was suppose to be here, God would see to that. Living your life with a broken heart is something that only you know the pain. But God knows. And if you ask him in Jesus name,he can help you carry on and when time on earth is over, you get to see him again.

Keep the faith. They may have others that might want to give them things to sell also. If you would like to contact me, please do so. I lost my only child. It has been 3 years ago. I know that pain. My brother passed away in a motorcycle accident too. His 1 year anniversary is in June. You should set up a go fund me account to try and get donations to help you out. On Monday it will be one month that my mother became an angel. She left us after a three and a half year battle with pancreatic cancer.

My mother was such a fighter. I find that my days are getting harder instead of easier. My family and I have tried to do the things she would normally do Thankgiving. It has been difficult. Her favorite holiday was Christmas so I set up a little tree.

Her one month is Monday and I am planning on letting balloons go. Thank you so much for this blog. Her bday will be on nov 2nd. I dread the days ahead. This blog has helped me a lot tho. I thank you all for your contibutions. It was 4 years this September since I lost our 23 year old son very suddenly.

Finally i felt like celebrating his life on his anniversary with my husband and our 4 children. We planned ahead — I made all his favourite dishes, we watched old home videos, we shared funny stories and made a toast to our son between us.

I set up the table and chairs to include him in the celebrations and it really felt like he was there with us? The day was beautiful however the grief hit me strongly a day after between his anniversary and his birthday 3 weeks later. This year I accepted them as just how things will be always knowing September will always be so very emotional for me. That is definitely an improvement on where the last 6 months of the year were terrible and the two years prior when every day was so very painful.

Vicki, thanks for sharing this. My son was murdered during a burglary of his home while he slept in bed. He was 27 yrs old and his birthday was 3 weeks later as well. I am having a really rough week this week as it is now one year since I last saw him, saw his smile and got to hug him while he was alive. Hope they are right. Thanks for listening. Diane, my sincerest condolences on the loss of your son in such a horrific way. She was kidnapped, tied up, raped, and strangled.

We just recently finished with the trial for the man who did this to her and thankfully he is going to prison for life without the possibility of parole but it does not change the wake of hurt and pain left behind by such an evil act. I was on here though just looking for ideas to hold a traditional memorial service for my daughter as the anniversary of her death is fast approaching.

My name is Jo, and I lost my twin sister 14 years ago. Even though life moves on and so many thanks have changed, I have always struggled with the anniversary of her death. The date looms from about the month before and I usually end up in a flood of tears at some point. I spoke to my local doctor who suggested trying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I wanted to try that but something that was specific to grief.

I found a great book CBT when dealing with grief and it really helped me. Im not saying that it will help everyone, but I have always struggled around the anniversary of her death and our birthday which I celebrate without her now. Hope this helps. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with CBT. It can definitely be very helpful when it comes to overwhelming and consuming thoughts that are making it hard to function or have a bond with your loved one. Can you give me the name is that book?

Hi Kira, thanks for your message. So sorry to hear about your twin. On the anniversary day 15th May , I will still fall into a black hole of grief again reliving the day she past away in my head.

The book I used is stored away now in boxes as I am decorating at home, but I will dig it out for you and let you know the details. It might not be what you need — but give it a go. It did help me. I wish I could go to sleep on September 10 and wake up September Barring that possibility, I listen to the names reading. It is our 24th birthday coming up on the 31st of august. I am more or less, dreading this day.

Every year we have always celebrated together, so I have no idea how I am supposed to celebrate this day — when all I feel is such a terrible, deep sadness and loss of his presence. I have never felt so much pain, lonliness and a loss for words at how to speak of this amazing human. If you have any ideas or tips of what to do on this day coming up — I will welcome them warmly. Reading this post helped me realise I am not alone… But I still feel completely lost at what to do, to prepare for this day.

Well, this is the hardest pain that I have ever felt. My mom pasted on June 29 of her services was July 8th, 90 days before my wedding. Words can not describe the pain.

The motherless club was one that I knew that I would join some day but not this soon and not before my wedding. I had kept my mom clueless about the wedding because I wanted to surprise her and see her face when she saw the venue and decorations.

She did have a chance to see my dress and she really liked it. She was so happy for me and I was secretly going to do something special at the wedding- now I can barely think straight. My sister was planning my bridal shower, all of this seems so pointless and trivial. The pain is beyond compare. I have a voice mail from my mom that I listen to. I must admit that I am angry at God for taking my mom.

I feel like the world does not have the same color and that food taste different,. Karen I lost my Mother on May 31, I know what your going through, email me I would love to have a grief buddy. Terrible year it was…. My son took his own life so his deathiversary is a day we just try to survive.

On the other hand we celebrate his birthday every year with a gathering at his favorite pub with cousins uncles aunts and friends. This was the 9th anniversary and it has become a joyful gathering where we start planning for our summer vacation as an extended family. I would be lying if I said it gets easier. His birthday will be 2 weeks later so the month of July is hard for me and our kids.

I cremated him and have him here at home with us so having his favorite food for dinner and skylanyers is what I plan to do. I have planted a beautiful little tree in his honor of his birthday, released balloons with the family 1 for each year of his life.

My son built a bench to sit by the tree for fathers day, so we have done many of the things already but, as I sat and read through the suggestions of things to do to commemorate his memory I found something that is very fitting, he was always very neat and kept all his things in order his side of the closet was always perfect, me not so much. I really felt bad about that later, when he was gone and my part of the closet was still a mess!

Hello, we are trying to come up with idea for the 1 year mark on losing our daughter, Makinley Rain was 13years old, and fought hard for 21 months with leukemia.

We want to do something big for her remembrance. I lost my daughter on March 14th , she fought cancer for 15 years. She was so strong and so positive and life without her is very difficult. She was only 47, and should have had many more years, but her suffering is over and she is with God. I struggle to keep positive for her children and do the best I can, although I know I will never measure up to her.

I am trying to plan something to celebrate her life and appreciate all the suggestions I can get. Thank you for this site. Sophia, I lost my mom a year ago today too. March 3rd, I shared the fact that this was the one year anniversary with some of my coworkers just to acknowledge it in some way.

My birthday is March 2, that is the day one year ago that the doctors lost my father but were able to revive him. I spent my entire birthday at the hospital completely lost. That was the day I was told his body was deteriorating and we needed to start saying our good byes. March 3, was the day my father earned his angel wings. The day my father watched me take my first breath, exactly 34 years later I watched him taking some of his last breaths of air.

I will be honest, I just want to lock my self in my room have a tantrum all by myself. I think the world should stop just so I can grieve. To me, there is nothing to celebrate. Sophia, your post struck a chord with me. I had my first birthday without my lovely Dad last May. I had friends who tried to tell me I had to celebrate my birthday but, like you, there is nothing to celebrate. You do whatever you feel. Sending you love, you WILL get through those awful 2 days x.

When we first started dating, she had been impressed that I was a regular blood donor. He was not an easy man to have as a father — exacting, smart, funny yet not one to easily share his feelings. I believe I was special to him and he sure was a special man to me. He was kind but quiet about it, he was giving but would never openly acknowledge it. At his wake, I heard literally a hundred stories about how my father helped in one way or another. He would make fun of my trusting and giving nature but after hearing these stories, I realize he was more trusting and giving than I have ever been.

My father…measure twice, cut once. Be kind but never overly ingratiating. Until the last six weeks of his life, he was not especially giving of his love in an open way except with animals. What is the saying…the true measure of a man is how he treats those less fortunate and animals.

I thank this man, this stranger, for celebrating and recognizing the greatness of my father. He was and will forever be a hero in my eyes. He was special to me, my mother, my siblings, my animals and to so many others. I miss him every day but as I read other posts, I am also extremely grateful that we had in him in our lives for as long as we did — so many others have lost someone special way too soon. I feel blessed for having him as a father, a teacher and a guiding force in my life.

June 29, is my grandfathers 1-yr anniversary since his passing. It has been so hard for me. He passed away from a stage four stomach cancer… I miss him so much. But I would like to do something with my family to remember him by. Thank you for this posting of ideas. I am wanting to do something for him, for me, his siblings for a remembrance. Hunting, fishing, and amateur radio. I am going to take some old antlers he used for rattling, and a little fishing pole and find a way to secure them.

As a hunter, he was very adamantly against trophy hunting and was more concerned about filling our freezer. Same thing with fishing. Luckily, where he is at is pretty isolated so very little chance of vandelism.

He died two days after his birthday, so I want to have a get together for his birthday with his favorite foods and desserts. I think I can do that. When we gather, it will be around a fire pit and it will be easier for his family to think on and remember all the good things they did together. My wife Jo suddenly and unexpectedly passed away13 weeks ago.

She was 64 years old. In March we will be married 46 years. Along with all this I am currently in the hospital with pneumonia and have been for a week now. The other day I was sitting in my hospital room thinking about my soul mate I recently lost.

I was startled when I heard music coming from the hallway. I walked to the doorway and there was this lady playing a harp for the room across the hall. I listened my eyes tearing up until she was finished, it was beautiful. She saw me and approached me. I will hold you close in memory Till I drop my very last tear.

I was 16 years old when my grandma died. She died of kidney failure, but my grandma had a loving heart and was always kind and loving and would do anything for anyone no matter what you were Grandma is one special angel, a Really gentle, beautiful soul. Angel of God, so pure and whole. Never leave me, stay close by. Nan, to walk into your room and see you smile, I walked over and hugged you all the time.

You always made me smile and always had stories to tell. I loved sitting with you every day and listening to the memories you had to share.

My Grammy passed away Saturday morning after a tough battle with cancer. It took her so fast, and this poem captures my exact feelings. I have never watched someone die before, and seeing My heart never felt so much pain.

The sky came together and dropped lots of rain. I thought my life was coming to an end. All I know is I will never give in. Grandma, you are my source for happiness. You are bound to my heart with the epic stories which you taught in my childhood. You created a friendly environment whenever you were with me. Now I You picked me up And held me tight. And said you loved me Every night. My Nana Sue died 2 weeks ago and now I am going to her funeral. I miss my Nana and will do anything to get her back.

She died of a brain hemorrhage It was so unexpected that we only found out Thank you for the gift of love. Now you're sharing it up above.

You had many things to say, All in a caring way. My grandma passed away on October 28th at a. It was really, really hard to see my grandmother leave us.

Coping With a Loved One's Death Anniversary What's Your Grief

There are many beautiful songs, hymns and quotes, but it can be extra meaningful to read a funeral poem for Nan that expresses just how special she was. This selection of beautiful funeral poems reflect on the precious legacy of grandmothers, from the life experiences that shaped them, to the love and joy they brought us. Some funeral poems for grandmother are bittersweet and poignant, while others may bring to mind happy memories of a woman who was fearless or funny and certainly unique.

This moving verse has a comforting message and is a good funeral poem for Nan. The words reminds us how talking and remembering can keep someone alive in our hearts, long after they are gone. This poem was written by Christina Rossetti in when she was still a teenager. A classic poem of remembrance and mourning, the words remind us that love is eternal — a fitting funeral poem for a grandma who meant so very much. This delightful poem is a perfect funeral poem for a grandma who was a lot of fun.

It is written from the point of view of a woman who wants to make up for the "sobriety" of her youth in mischievous older age. These lines are thw work of Helen Steiner Rice, a well-known writer of religious and inspirational poems. The final lines are reassuring:. This is a good funeral poem for grandma as it describes how lucky each of us is to have had the best grandmother in the world. This poem also reminds us that our grandma may be watching us from above — so we should keep on our best behaviour!

With words that remind us of the care she took of her family, this is a wonderful funeral poem for a nana. As these lines how, while we may be sad that she has died, we can take comfort from the idea that she may still be watching out for us from Heaven.

The words remind us that our nans can be strong as well as kind and loving. This funeral poem for a grandmother also comforts us with the thought that our love for our her will always live in our hearts.

It comforts the grieving with beautiful thoughts of a new life in Paradise, free from earthly pain. Moving words by the Bard that may be especially right for a non-religious funeral or celebration of life.

New Testament verses, Old Testament scripture and Psalms from the Bible for a funeral, memorial, or eulogy.

These powerful poems for funerals make beautiful memorial verses, funeral readings or eulogy poems. Funeral Directors - Join now. Home Blog 10 funeral poems for Grandma.

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Anniversary of grandmas death short poems

Anniversary of grandmas death short poems

Anniversary of grandmas death short poems