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Onto the episode where Dr. Crusher fucks a space ghost who lives in a lamp and the ghost reanimates Beverly's dead grandmother's corpse Would have loved to be in the writers room for this pitch. JLP gets all jelly that Bev is off riding and throws a hissyfit. Space ghost uses magic electricity to make JLP go sleepy sleep.

Is this mind control? And a ghost starts stripping Beverly. Commenting Beverly crusher fucks this item is available only to members of the site. Why this tagline? Share This Story. Nothing here has any emotional weight or real significance; it copies the attitudes of a great TNG episode, but forgets the soul.

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Berman brought her, and the Bed erection of Beverly Crusher, back for third season after Hurley departed the show's writing staff. So I stayed quiet. She closed her eyes savouring the pleasures of his cock, as he filled her cunt. Popular Tags. Wesley enjoyed the taste of his cum on his mother's lips First teacher sex librarian Beverly crusher fucks is tongue deep into her mouth to get more. Namespaces Article Talk. Flexible busty BBW babe wants to get paid to exerciseked-hd. Wesley's cock began to stiffen as he realised what it was. I couldn't stand the thought of that, I couldn't. For you to serve with a commanding officer who would continually remind you of such a terrible personal tragedy If spammers comment on your content, only you can see and manage such comments Delete all. When the spasms of his orgasm had died and the last jet of cum squirted from his throbbing cock; he realised that there was a presence in his room; he blinked, then rubbing his eyes Beverly crusher fucks disbelief; standing in his room was his mother, stark naked. She looks like my boss. Submit bug report.

Jesse and Jeff Tapia break down the seventh and final season of Star Trek the Next Generation in the first half of our th episode celebration.

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He was fucking her to the very brink of orgasm. I couldn't stand the thought of that, I couldn't. They were later freed, but not before Redblock shot Whalen and threatened to kill Beverly. Cunnlingus - Her large breasts hit several buttons on the console, quite by accident, one of which was the intercom, which clicked on throughout the ship.

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Her tits; his mouth around her nipples sucking deeply; her red haired cunt filled with the Captain Picard's cum oozing out of her; finally her puckered brown arse, the thought of Picard fucking that tight hole made his cock jump in his fist.

He wondered what it would feel like to have his throbbing cock penetrate his mother's bowels, what the sensations would be like inside her, would it be tight, hot, have the same hold as her cunt. What he wouldn't give to fuck his mum's arsehole. When the spasms of his orgasm had died and the last jet of cum squirted from his throbbing cock; he realised that there was a presence in his room; he blinked, then rubbing his eyes in disbelief; standing in his room was his mother, stark naked.

Beverley had woken up remembering how Picard's cock slid easily in and out of her cunt to night before. She lay in bed masturbating, as her fingers probed deeply into her slippery cunt. What she needed was a huge cock, like Picard's probing her inner recesses. She reached out to the drawer of her bedside bureau; opening the drawer she fished around for her vibrator.

It was then that she heard Wesley moaning from the other room; she was drawn to the noise like a bee to a flower. The interconnecting doors swished open, then, swished closed behind her, as she entered his room. She gasped her eyes wild with excitement. Wesley was lying naked on the bed wanking; her hand dropped to her cunt once more as she watched Wesley wanking. Looking at his body, those muscles, that cock, she watched as his fist slipped easily up and down his glistening shaft.

The way he held his balls as he orgasmed, until finally his cum spurted through the air. She knew Wesley was handsome and probably masturbated, but this was the first time she had actually caught him doing it.

The sight of him lying stretched out naked on his bed tossing himself off really turned her on. She had to toss him off, to feel his orgasm ripple through her fingers as his load shot into the air.

She stood trembling as she watched Wesley milk the last of his cum out of his cock. Standing stiffly in its fully erect state, his cock was easily as big as Picard's, or bigger. Amused Beverley didn't realise she had been living so near such a cock.

A vision of her son, fucking, sucking and chewing on her clitoris, drinking her delectable nectar, arse fucking her, then as he tired she would rest his head against her breasts, suckling her nipples as he did when he was a baby. With these visions in her mind she went over to his bed.

Wesley watched his naked mother moved towards him. Her tits bounced as she walked, then climbing onto the bed, her eyes staring hungrily at his cock. He gazed wide-eyed at his mother's naked body. Beverley noticed his hungry stare alternating between her breasts and cunt. She positioned her body openly so that he would get a better look. Wesley's tentative gaze caused Beverley's cunt to spasm.

Reaching out she shamelessly wrapped her fingers around her son's throbbing cock. It made me so randy, you masturbate a lot don't you son: I know it is only natural for young men to fantasise a lot and relieve themselves in this manner.

You haven't shagged Robin yet, have you? She felt her son's cock begin to jerk and twitch obscenely in her grasp, Beverly's cunt began to drool uncontrollably. I can't wait to feel you inside me. Excited by the presence of his mother, sitting naked on his bed, talking obscenely to him, her hand stroking firmly up and down his cock. His mothers drooling hairy cunt, winking lewdly at him, beckoning him to use her shamelessly, wantonly all he had to do was reaching out and touch it.

Wesley hit the roof: as Beverley stroked his prick a little faster, staring at the large flared head, the dilating piss hole in the tip, which winked at her every time her fist reached the top of his shaft. His cock was calling to her, pulling her head ever closer to that appendage. Without hesitation she opened her mouth and sucked his cock in, just like sucking on Asparagus she thought.

Curling her fingers around the shaft, pumping up and down very hard. Wesley moaned and fucked his cock up into her hand eagerly as she watched his purple cockhead swell in front of her oozing streams of thin pre-cum.

Your balls must still be awfully full you really do need your mum to suck your cock! Making her cunt crawl with lust as she wished he would hurry up and shoot his proper ejaculate, that opaque cream, like a weak salty porridge she loved to drink. She began to bob her head up and down sucking her son off like a pro. He couldn't wait to get this sex-crazed woman to let him fuck her dripping wet cunt.

Beverley moaned as Wesley's cock collided with the back of her throat, pushing ever deeper with each thrust. Her tongue pushing his cock to the roof of her mouth, making it as tight for him as possible. She let her emotions soar as she knelt between his legs letting him fuck her mouth as hard and as fast as he could.

She inserted her fingers deep into her cunt. Wesley looked down between his mothers bouncing tits and gazed with excitement as she shamelessly thrust her fingers in and out of her drooling cunt. She wanted her son to stick his cock into her cunt and fuck her. Wesley was teasing her and she knew it. Soon she was shoving her whole fist into her tightly stretched cunt, trying to stimulate a huge fucking cock. He had hold of her head in his hands fucking her mouth hard, her lush white tits, their painful aureoles and nipples, rubbing provocatively against his body.

Wesley grunted as his cock slammed brutally in and out of his mother's mouth. His mother was giving him his first ever blowjob. He was in ecstasy as long she didn't stop sucking his cock. Yeah, you gorgeous fucking whore, suck it hard. If anyone else had spoken to her like that she would have felt degraded and dirty, but this time she felt her cunt tingle with carnal excitement.

Her fist was completely buried in the frothy squirming hole between her legs, the thought of her son's hot creamy cum squirting into her mouth caused her to moan whimpering sounds around the shaft fucking her mouth. Her hand was a blur as he reamed in and out of her cunt: she came hard biting her son's cock as she lost control letting her teeth graze up and down his thrusting shaft. It made her cunt quiver in anticipation as she dragged her teeth along his shaft again, this time on purpose.

Wesley cried out, fucking his mother's face with deeper strong thrusts. He held her head in a vice like grip; she knew he wouldn't let her go until his cock had released his molten load into her mouth. Until then: the inevitable: male explosion: the anticipation was multi-orgasmic. She heard him give a strangled yelp, "Mum, here it fucking comes: get ready, get ready to take it all mum Her cunt twitched and bubbled with an uncontrollable urges a she savoured the exquisitely masculine taste.

She made a mental note of giving him a blowjob again at the first chance she got. His flaccid cock slipped from her mouth. Pulling his naked mother on top of him he kissed her long and passionately. Wesley enjoyed the taste of his cum on his mother's lips and thrust is tongue deep into her mouth to get more.

Beverley continued to fondle and stimulate his cock. She wanted him hard again as soon as possible so that he could really fuck her: her cunt was aching to be serviced again. With a single lunge he rammed his cock to the hilt inside his mother's juicy wet snatch.

Beverley squealed like a stuck pig as her son's cock knifed into her cunt. She began thrusting his hips up and down hanging on to Wesley strong shoulders whimpering with delight as he fucked her. She adored his rough, fast fucking, knowing that Wesley didn't care if he came. As, in a matter of minutes he would be ready to fuck her again. She closed her eyes savouring the pleasures of his cock, as he filled her cunt. He was fucking her to the very brink of orgasm. It was a hard quick fuck, both were so turned on; they climaxed within minutes.

But she encouraged the boy nonetheless to keep him interested. Wesley always did better work when encouraged, and this time was no different as he hurled his tongue into her seething maw licking her bowl clean as if it were his favorite chocolate cake frosting. The chocolate flavor all gone, but now replaced by her own lubricating pussy. I want you to fuck me up the ass this time!

The boy had guts, she had to give him that. Just stuck to it, and began to tongue fuck her butt nice and slow, groveling pleasantly in the cleft of her dimpled tight ass the way a good son should. In no time at all her asshole felt as squishy wet as her pussy always was. But more than the pain was the intense fire brand of masochistic pleasure that coursed through every fiber of her flesh at having her son, her own blood kin fucking her up the ass like some Centaurian Hillbilly scrum sucker.

Fuck me, mother fucker! Fuck me! If hurts soooooooooooooooooooo good! So fuck…ing gooooood! He gloried in watching his mother writhe, and undulate under him as she went from one multiple orgasm after another with the remote still firmly grasped in her right hand. Seeing her there before him, down on her hands and knees groveling, actually begging Wesley to fuck the living shit out of her was like being promoted from ensign to Captain of the Enterprise in less than a nano second.

Even more powerful than the things the Traveler had taught him. Or at least if felt that way to Wesley now. When they used to call his color of human beings… Niggers, and the women they fucked… a Ho. Which was short for Whore, and mainly meant that a certain kind of woman liked to fuck every bit as much, and as often as most men did. And as silly as that was, he also remembered how much it turned his mother on to be called a slut, ho, whore, or Nigger loving bitch, just the same.

Fuck me baby! No words spoken though could ever match the reality of what their lust had caused to take shape. Mother and son combined together to commit a sin so foul since time forgotten that even in this enlightened age was frowned upon by most of decent society. The head of his prick nudging up against her womb on every stroke. Cum… ingggggggggggggggg! His cock and balls suddenly released from their strangled prison was like living through the Big Bang as all the power of the universe was let go all at once.

Wesley would later compare the feeling to that of having his balls sending out huge rapid fire phasor blasts out through his cock mindlessly for hours instead of mere seconds. Making his blaster go into cosmic meltdown in the process. Delete that last sentence, and close out my personal log. Something was incredibly wrong here. Yet the computer had recorded it never the less, and how could that be? Or was it? What was it the captain had said about them?

That they and their computer were symbiotic to each other. Converted it into a living entity? It was as if Beverly was suddenly really all alone on a ship with thousands of sentients traveling through the silent ever lasting night of space for the first time in her life.

Most of the ethical choices I make are so muddled up in emotion and circumstance and timing that they barely ever feel like choices. During rehearsals, you take direction and comments on your work, but in the moment of the performance, 95 percent of the notes you get drop away. You just do your best and hope some of it sticks. It has a pre-space technology culture.

I should be all over this shit. So why was I so bored? There are all the pieces here of an interesting episode. We have a world-threatening climatic catastrophe; extensive use of the holodeck in a fairly reasonable, non-horrible fashion; extensive debate about the obligations and responsibilities of dealing with alien species okay, that sounds a little on the dull side, but it could have been fascinating ; and Worf in a pivotal role, dealing with his somewhat estranged foster brother, Nikolai.

Nikolai is played by Paul Sorvino, which should mean that even if this is a snooze fest, you have ample opportunity to make Goodfellas jokes whenever Paulie is on screen. Nothing here has any emotional weight or real significance; it copies the attitudes of a great TNG episode, but forgets the soul.

Basically, the episode breaks down to: Nikolai does something that violates Federation ordinance; Picard is upset; Nikolai has a plan that solves everything; Picard fumes some, but they follow the plan; it basically works out. Which means that I spent most the time trying to get worked up about what was happening on screen, and failing again and again.

Nikolai Rozhenko has been hidden on a science outpost on the pre-space and most other technology Boraal 2. But the planet is in crisis, as the atmosphere has become unstable; vicious electrical storms will render the surface uninhabitable in a matter of days. The Enterprise arrives to get Nikolai and his records off the planet, but when Worf beams down, he finds his brother has made contact with a village of Boraalans, and led them underground to protect them from the storms.

He makes his case to Picard, and Picard, citing the PD, refuses. So Nikolai beams the colony aboard the ship onto the holodeck, and then trusts the merciful judgment of the Enterprise senior staff to help him complete his plan anyway.

This works out well for him. The issue is that once Nikolai goes through with his plan, he suffers no consequences for his rash behavior. Or even why this particular adventure is so ill-advised. Then find a planet capable of supporting them, and program the holodeck to simulate a journey to this new terrain, beaming them down once the transition is complete.

The two stepbrothers handle any difficulties that arise easily, and the Boraalans arrive at their destination none the wiser, with only a single casualty. Which makes for some lackluster drama. The only way this might have worked is if we were given more reason to give a damn about the Boraalans.

Faced with a choice between returning to his people and keeping his experiences a secret, or making a new life in the Federation, Vorin kills himself. More than that, though, is the unspoken condescension in this entire plotline. Instead, it offers a wish fulfillment scenario in which a deluded, arrogant do-gooder decides he wants to save the world—and does.

All right, this one hurt. The episode should have started with Patrick Stewart in front of a red curtain, warning us that the hour to follow would feature scenes not fit for human consumption. A real missed opportunity there. A handsome man drops a camellia on the coffin, and gives Beverly a sexy look.

Strap in! At this point, I like to think I was still laughing with the episode, not at it. Picard and Governor Maturin get us up to speed on the colony. Caldos—terraforming project The place was built to look like the Scottish highlands.

They walk over and stand in front of a fence. Nana raised Beverly after her mother died. A magic candle. Because of course there is. Old guy just wanders in and blows the candle out. Beverly is upset. Ned Quint, the creepy caretaker. Sorry for that image. The Governor hanging out with Data and Geordi in Engineering.

Oh, and something something Caldos has some problems in its weather-control systems. Nana was years old and was nailing a guy in his 30s, Ronin.

Beverly and Deanna both think this is tops. It gets worse. The candle comes back to light. And a ghost starts stripping Beverly. Keep going. I know. But keep going. Oh lord, this. A bunch of new flowers appear on the grave.

And flashing green light. Gardening Tommyknockers! Problems with the weather-control system. If anything, these signs drag the episode down even farther. The sci-fi stuff is, by comparison, tame and rather half-assed. Although the two plots come together gloriously in the climax. Beverly goes home. There are flowers and shaking mirrors. Ghost seduction, step one: Poltergeists are hot. I think Beverly just orgasmed on screen. Oh lord. See Step One. Just as I loved Felisa before you. How is this romantic?

You are now part of the great chain. The great chain of me fog-banging red-heads till their eyes turn green. I think Beverly is orgasming through this entire exposition scene. It just makes me feel bad for her. Really, how is this not rape? Poor, poor Gates McFadden. This is embarrassing. I wonder if Marina Sirtis was gloating, just a little.

Back on the ship, Beverly seems perfectly fine. This is such a weird jump. Is this mind control? Not a clue. Past Zack, you are one funny son of a bitch. This is basically just a direct-to-video erotic thriller with all the skin edited out. Are you seeing anyone? Ground fog on the bridge. Ned, the comical ethnic stereotype, tries to shut down the weather-control system, dies. Energy residual.

He was killed by ghost discharge. Ronin shows up in the flesh and gropes Beverly. Who looks like basically every other male dreamboat on the show, excluding Billy Campbell—a perfect marriage of father figure and sensitive artist, with a dash of stern violin instructor.

And the high forehead just means his hairline recedes from the intensity of his eyes. Ooo, good burn, Past Zack. Temporal paradox high five! He wants the candle lit again. Back on the Enterprise, Beverly lights the candle, and is clearly, very nervous and excited and this is so weird.

Troi is the only other person on the show I can think of who was this thoroughly mind-screwed. Riker was brainwashed by the Game, but he was never this subservient, which is telling, and more than a little sad.

Beverly wants to quit Starfleet, stay on Caldos, dedicate her life to ghost-fucking. And they say The American Dream is dead.