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Bollywood dancing history

The other film centres of South Asia are often referred to by their own designations e. Dancing traditions of India have influence not only over the dances in the whole of South Asiabut on the dancing forms of South East Asia as well. Contrary to these Pigtails tits and geographies being filmed as they are, they are actually Indianised by adding Bollywood actors and Dancinh speaking extras to them. APH Publishing. Bollywood is the center of a thriving Indian film industry, where hundreds of movies are Bollywood dancing history each year and ticket sales actually out-perform those of films made in Hollywood. The queen of the cabaret - Helen.

Columbia presbyterian hospital prostate cancer treatment. What Is Bollywood Dance?

Daily Pakistan. Retrieved 9 January Aldershot: Ashgate. Lagaan was released in Archived from the original PDF on 22 July Bombay Cinema: An Archive of the City. Rahman have composed filmi qawwalis in the style of traditional qawwali. Jha; Subhash Mother Bollywood dancing history. The various use of languages in Bollywood songs can be complex. India portal. Not to be confused with Hollywood.

Bollywood named with a nod to Hollywood is the largest film industry in the world.

  • Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in the Indian films.
  • If you are interested to know the style of dancing in Bollywood movies, you have to check Facts about Bollywood Dancing.
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The audience got mesmerised by Shammi Style Dancing. Her most famous dancing songs are…. Mera naam chin chin chu, Piya tu ab to aaja, Mabooba so forth. Many good bollywood actors also came into limelight at that era because of their dancing skills like Hema Malini Meri payaliya tere geet , Rekha In ankhon ki masti mein , Sridevi Chandni, Lamhe etc. Madhuri Dixit has become extremely popular in many countries. Aishwarya Rai also followed madhuri style. Now the choreographers has become more smart.

Item Dancers are also become a part of Hindi Movies. Hope Bollywood dance sees such more innovations through years now. Your email address will not be published. Padmini Aaja to aaja — Raj Tilak 4. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

This article is about the Hindi film industry. In this sense, a Bollywood music director also plays the role of a composer and music producer. The Pakistani Qawwali musician Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan had a big impact on Bollywood music, inspiring numerous Indian musicians working in Bollywood, especially during the s. Part of a series on the. Retrieved 23 August Naturally, the hero would not succumb to the charms of this vamp, thus allowing him to marry the heroine five reels later. The Hindu.

Bollywood dancing history

Bollywood dancing history

Bollywood dancing history

Bollywood dancing history

Bollywood dancing history

Bollywood dancing history. Facts about Bollywood Dancing 3: other singers and dancers


The history of Bollywood dance by Tianna Beggs on Prezi

Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in the Indian films. It is a mixture of numerous styles. These styles include belly-dancing, kathak , Indian folk , Western popular, and "modern", jazz, and even Western erotic dancing. In this web page, we will look at Bollywood dance and place it within the commercial and artistic framework of the South Asian film world.

However in spite of all of this, it is surprisingly recognisable. Let us begin by discussing the term "Bollywood". The other film centres of South Asia are often referred to by their own designations e. But a few years ago it started to become chic in Europe, and today it is rising in popularity in the US, and Canada.

Today, dance schools that teach this style may be found in most major cities. The only theatrical genre where song and dance are not expected, appears to be modern TV dramas.

The unbroken tradition of linking theatre, music, and dance is traceable all the way back to the Natya Shastra circa 2nd century BCE. Bollywood films must have song and dance, so it is reasonable to look into the styles of these dance forms. Although these influences continue today, they seem to have become mixed with many more dance styles and have at time become unrecognisable as to their origins. Choreography is not a field that gives a lot of fame. It is a demanding job, and one that is largely out of the public eye.

But one must never forget that the actors and actresses do not just get in front of the camera and dance spontaneously. Someone has to create the number. Some notables were, B.

Today there are a number of choreographers who continue this tradition. With the right costume, one can do many things. If the film is a period piece, the proper costume goes a long way toward giving the feel of that period. If one is trying to make the dance scene dream-like or surrealistic, then obviously one goes for costumes that in no way relate to the clothing found in real life.

If you are trying to give an erotic sizzle to an item number you can Over the decades many great artists have excelled in the field of costume design. In recent times Manish Malhotra e. But these artists are only part of a long tradition which extends back for about a century. One may also find songs about holidays, e. The romantic number has been the cornerstone of the Hindi film since the first talkies.

But dance has generally not been a strong part of these numbers. If the camera made strategic moves off-screen to shots of birds and trees, this was quite enough to suggest activities that the censors might not approve of.

Closely related to the romantic number is the playful number. In the early days, there was an awful lot of dancing around trees. I really do not know what Freud has to say about trees. In the early days, some of these moves were really rather hard to class as dancing.

The spastic deliveries of songs by Shammi Kapoor came to mind. Still, from these random spastic jerks and jumping around, identifiable moves began to develop. Today the playful love song has matured into an identifiable set of moves, some of which may be shared by other dance traditions around the world, but others are unique to Bollywood. Sometimes elaborate "Busby Berkeley" style dance numbers are used for the playful numbers.

As early as , the erotic elements in "Zarina" were creating a public outcry, calls for greater censorship, but more significantly, lots of money for the cinema houses. The obvious question was of course how to handle erotic content. Three formulas developed in order to fulfil this requirement, these were the rape scene, attempted seduction, and the item number. In the s a different approach to providing the necessary erotic titillation was sometimes used; this was the attempted seduction scene.

In this scene, the vamp, would attempt to seduce the hero by way of her song and dance. Naturally, the hero would not succumb to the charms of this vamp, thus allowing him to marry the heroine five reels later.

Dances were often employed in the attempted seduction scene. Undoubtedly the artistic high point in the delivery of eroticism in Bollywood films was the development of the "item number".

The item number works like this. You bring in a secondary girl known as the "item girl" who is able to act, sing and dance in an erotic manner, often for only one piece. This introduces the erotic element, yet maintains the heroine's modesty. It is interesting to note the way story lines, item numbers, and dance, have been handled over the years.

This obviously had nothing to do with story development, but it was a convenient way to graft the item number into the film. In this early period, the item number would generally revolve around a kathak style of dance. However true to Bollywood form, this kathak piece would not necessarily be a good kathak , but was the substantially more suggestive mujara variety. This method of introducing the item number proved to be a very practical and popular approach; in the 's this evolved into the cabaret number.

The cabaret scene is probably the most significant artistic and commercial example of the Bollywood dance. Where previous item numbers might have utilised traditional mujara dances, the cabaret dance was unique to the cinema. Undoubtedly the reining queen of the cabaret dance was Helen. She started dancing and acting in the s, and by the s was the undisputed queen of the item girls. However by the s, item numbers were going to the younger girls.

By the 's the downplaying of the item girl from the standard formula, along with Helen's age, put her career on the rocks. Although Helen is the most famous item actress, she was part of a tradition that extended before and survived afterwards. Today, the mantle is being taken up today by artists such as Kareena, Malaika or Sameera. It has no connection to the story line. Virtually any item number could be interchanged with any other item number, in any film, and it really would not make any difference.

It is interesting to note how item numbers have evolved. The more relaxed attitude toward eroticism in modern films means that one does not have to rely upon a secondary item girl in order to maintain the heroin's modesty. But when the item number is used to provide erotic titillation, it is usually at a very high level of eroticism. Even modern film audiences might be uncomfortable with their heroines exhibiting a level of abandon which is sometimes found in today's item numbers.

The dance style of these modern hyper-erotic item numbers is very different from the item numbers of the past. Today the overriding influence is the Western erotic dancer. Bollywood dance may be seen as being on the ascendency in the world markets. For comments, corrections, and suggestions, kindly contact David Courtney at david chandrakantha.

Andhra Natyam. Bharat Natyam. Bollywood Dance. Folk Dance. Mohini Attam. Dance Matters: Performing India. Indian Dancing. Scene from Pakeezah. Proper costumes contribute to the overall "feel" of the dance. Scene from "Pyar Ke Side Effects".

Shammi Kapoor's The queen of the cabaret - Helen.

Bollywood dancing history