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The good news is that it IS possible to make yourself cum more. These are just some of the perks that come with the ability to ejaculate more semen. For instance, some websites say a certain supplement works. Same goes for the diets, exercises, lifestyle changes, therapies, and everything else about the topic. Most of it is just a waste of time, money, and energy.

Cum load tips

Cum load tips

In addition to its culinary uses, pumpkin seeds have also been used by the Chinese for their antidepressant properties. Sorry you read it that way. These exercises can fix your premature ejaculation issue Cum load tips easily losd well. Do pumpkin seeds really Cum load tips shoot a load of manly attributions? Muira Puama are shrubs or small trees that grow native in the Amazon rainforest. Top 12 Male Enhancement Pills Xxx movie max the Market. But I really don't think any woman would say she'd rather wait three days for you to increase your reserves or whatever just to feel like a porn star for a minute.

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This means that not only will smoking make your loads smaller, but they won't shoot as far either. It depends on his preferences and desires. Anxiety is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction ED. Last Longer Cum load tips Bed 9. Oxytocin aka The Bonding Hormone — Semen contains oxytocin[ 8 ], a hormone that helps you to increase trust, reduces your fear Cum load tips Sex education opposed also known as the bonding hormone or cuddle hormone which is great if you want to feel closer to your man. So you can keep your load size large by adding foods like citrus fruits, whole grains, leafy greans and beans to your diet. Dancing, push-ups, sit ups Cum load tips maintaining a physically active lifestyle will do. It is secreted by the gonads of humans and other male animals and is ejaculated from the body during orgasm or ejaculation. Semen has almost a mythical standing when it comes to the world of sex, and probably for good reason. This is against gods will. Want to shoot huge loads of cum farther and harder? I really want to do this to my partner, but I have really bad gag reflexes, and to me, his cum tastes disgusting. I experience an amazing blow job from my wife and she proceeded to kiss me with a mouthful of my own cum and I thought this was incredible! But there are helpful exercises that can increase your ejaculate with practice.

Unfortunately, for many men, that can be difficult or impossible to achieve.

  • One study found
  • Have you ever wondered how to produce more cum and enjoy stronger orgasms?
  • Have you ever wondered how porn stars manage to cum so much?

Written by: Don Watson Updated: April 17th, Maybe porn is to blame, maybe it's just human vanity, but many men have approached me asking about how they can increase the volume of semen they produce during ejaculation. Luckily, there's loads pun semi-intended of ways to increase your seminal volume that can be as simple as adding a couple extra things into your diet or doing some more exercises to increase the distance you shoot your man juice, which is definitely more desirable as opposed to a lackluster dribble.

There are also plenty of supplements that have been shown to be effective at increasing semen count and volume. Here are the methods I've tried personally:.

If you're looking to cum harder and increase your semen count, don't forget to hydrate yourself. Hydration is a huge part of having an impressive ejaculatory evacuation, keeping hydrated is necessary above all else in keeping your semen the desired consistency for it to be launched forward impressively.

The recommended 8 glasses a day should suffice, extra water won't really add much more volume but being dehydrated will absolutely decrease volume. Here's one thing about the whole "8 glasses a day" thing, it isn't meant to be literally interpreted as eight glasses of straight water. Keeping yourself hydrated might be is one of the best ways to increase semen volume naturally, especially if you're not drinking enough water daily, or eating enough foods that contain water.

There's also a plethora of health benefits to keeping yourself hydrated that I won't get into. It's also probably the cheapest method on this list depending on where you live.

After pouring over anecdotal and scientific evidence, here's what I've found works best, use them all in conjunction to ensure fire extinguisher levels of cum. There are many , many , sources that espouse the benefits of L-Arginine as being extremely helpful for the male reproductive system.

L-Arginine increases erection quality due to it's vasodilatory effect and is helpful in increasing semen volume overall. Make sure to purchase your L-Arginine from a reputable source to ensure it actually works as intended, the supplement industry is notoriously dodgy as far as selling products that actually contain the right amount of what they say they contain and in a form that the body can actually absorb.

The dose required to see benefits is 1g of L-Arginine daily. I personally take this brand of L-Arginine , each pill contains 1g of L-Arginine.

Arguably, this is the most powerful of all the supplements listed as far as increasing seminal volume. One dose of mg in the morning some take one at night as well is sufficient to drastically increase your cum output. The granules are very inexpensive and provide noticeable effects. Soy lecithin granules made the difference for me in making my ejaculations go from normal to downright volcano-esque. If you had to just take one of these supplements, I'd recomm end soy lecithin.

In layman's terms, Zinc will help your body make more cum. Around mg of Zinc is best for this purpose. DO NOT overdo it on the zinc, an excess of zinc in the body will result in your body being unable to properly absorb iron and copper which leads to its own set of problems. Zinc toxicity is said to occur at levels of mg or more, so unless your diet is extremely heavy in zinc the extra 40mg won't cause you any issues.

I use this brand of Zinc and I've been taking it for years. Zinc is a great supplement for men period, besides the seminal benefits it also provides. For those who want a fully comprehensive increase to every part of their male secretions, pygeum has a stimulatory effect on the Cowper's gland which results in a higher production of pre-cum. In short, if you're looking to increase pre-cum, Pygeum is worth looking into.

There is scattered evidence that suggests there might be a bit of a boost to overall seminal volume as well, but these claims are a pinch less substantiated. A dose of mg pygeum daily is enough to see the positive effects. I personally take mg daily. The brand of Pygeum I'd recommend is Swanson Pygeum mg. So those three supplements will have all of your bases covered as far as semen volume, but there's two major attributes you're also probably looking to enhance as well: appearance and distance shot.

Celery will work to make your jizz pearly white instead of an off-yellow or clear color. Just munch on a few extra stalks of celery throughout the day to get the color changing benefits and you're good to go. It's a calorie-neutral vegetable on top of it all, so it fits into any diet. Kegel exercises are your first line of defense in going from dropping loads to shooting loads.

Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, these muscles deteriorate primarily with age and inactivity, but it isn't too hard to get them back to puberty levels of potential. Locating your kegel muscles is a pretty straightforward procedure. Next time you're in the bathroom, try and stop the flow of urine without holding your breath or tensing any of the muscles in your hips or abdomen.

Once you've stopped the flow of urine using this method, those muscles you've engaged are your pelvic floor muscles. There's no need to repeat this procedure again once you've located them once as repeatedly doing this is bad for your urinary system.

Exercising these muscles is as simple as tensing these muscles up for five to ten seconds, releasing them for five to ten seconds, and then repeating this ten times to do a single "set. Despite how it might seem, all porn is incredibly staged and has a number of edits made to make it seem like a semi-organic sexual encounter.

A lot of smut flicks employ sneaky tricks like water pistols to create the illusion of long, stringy loads. So, while your finishes will be more cinematic than before should you follow this guide, it's to be kept in mind that pornography is a spectacle and not representative of what a man is capable of in real life. The feeling of semen exiting the body is extremely pleasurable, effectively prolonging the feeling of orgasm by a few seconds as the reproductive system pushes all of the extra semen out of the body.

A strong, powerful release of sexual energy is much more satisfying than a slow dribble of man goop for both partners, the giver has direct proof of their sexual prowess and the receiver knows for certain their partner is turned on and interested. Many women and men have a degree of fetishism around the act of ejaculation.

It is, after all, called the climax. The amount of satisfaction derived from a sexual encounter is increased in a lot of people with a nice, photogenic ejaculation. There's a lot of information out there about what does and doesn't increase how much a man can cum, so I decided to settle on what I know works for sure thanks to them being backed up by pages upon pages of evidence from both scholarly and regular sources.

These supplements and lifestyle changes are simple and no-nonsense ways to get you the results you desire. There's no man behind the curtain or crazy scientific theories behind any of these, it's simple: give your body what it needs to produce more of what it's already good at producing naturally, your body will do the rest.

So remember: hydration for the right consistency, supplementation for the right volume, celery for the right appearance and kegels for the strength to force it all out. You'll need it.

And if you want to outsource your cum production, choosing a quality cum lube can help bridge the gaps you can't fill naturally. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not only do these supplements help me stay feeling my best but I can attest to the fact that these supplements definitely have a profound effect on the amount of cum my body produces and also my overall sexual performance.

Before taking Zinc it would take a few days of no cumming for me to have a sizable load and if I jacked off twice in the same day, my second or third loads would be driblets. Now after supplementing with Zinc daily, I notice my cum loads take less time to replenish.

Leave this field empty. Exercises For Increasing Distance. This article will teach you how to cum harder with more semen volume than you ever have before. Increasing semen count for most men will be as simple as making a few simple lifestyle changes. How To Increase Semen Volume. Soy Lecithin Granules. Want to know how to make more cum?

Here's what you need to know to succeed:. As far as foods that increase your semen count, celery is the gold standard. What Cumming More Doesn't Do. Does Not Replicate Pornography Despite how it might seem, all porn is incredibly staged and has a number of edits made to make it seem like a semi-organic sexual encounter.

Increases Orgasm Pleasure The feeling of semen exiting the body is extremely pleasurable, effectively prolonging the feeling of orgasm by a few seconds as the reproductive system pushes all of the extra semen out of the body. Increases Sexual Confidence A strong, powerful release of sexual energy is much more satisfying than a slow dribble of man goop for both partners, the giver has direct proof of their sexual prowess and the receiver knows for certain their partner is turned on and interested.

Satisfies Your Sexual Partner Many women and men have a degree of fetishism around the act of ejaculation. Make sure to have a towel handy! About the Author Recent Posts.

It pays dividends for me personally and I enjoy writing about the topic as I'm a sexual person by nature. I concern myself with everything on the website that has to do with the male reproductive system to compliment my wife's female-oriented content.

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You last longer in bed and eventually shoot bigger loads. Dildo Guide 8. Are women concerned with the amount of semen you ejaculate during sex? Is there any advice you can give me? You can use a vape pen although there is limited information about the adverse effects it may have on your health or a patch—and there are also lots of support groups available online that can make it easier. Make sure that he knows this. Great relationships are based on mutual understanding and respect and great communication.

Cum load tips

Cum load tips

Cum load tips

Cum load tips

Cum load tips

Cum load tips. THIS WEEK’S FREE GIFT

Dancing, push-ups, sit ups and maintaining a physically active lifestyle will do. Pet owners tend to be more physically active. Walking your dog is a good way to keep fit. Going for a walk and riding a bike during your free time are great ways for men to stay healthy and shoot more cum. Did you know that edible nuts contain high levels of zinc?

Eat a variety of nuts to ejaculate more and produce more healthy sperm. Nuts such as macadamia, almonds and peanuts are also good for your testicles. Most nuts are natural aphrodisiacs that help men and women increase libido. They are also rich in vitamins and several minerals that include phosphorous, iron and calcium that are necessary for good health — and optimal performance in bed.

Smoking and drinking too much alcohol are leading causes of impotence. Drinking excess alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction. This is because booze is a depressant that reduces sex drive when taken in excess. In addition, long-term abuse of alcohol affects blood vessels and nerves in the dick, causing impotence. Alcoholism disturbs the nervous system. Excessive drinking can also cause a behavioral change that affects sexual desire and performance.

But a little alcohol is good for men who are seeking ways of how to produce more sperm. It will not only ensure a guy can ejaculate more: a little booze helps reduce stress and anxiety!

It also enhances self-esteem. Kegel exercises are recommended for men who desire to produce more cum. Kegels target the pubococcygeus PC muscle. It is actually a group of muscles that are found within the pelvis and which are located between the pubic bone and the base of the spine.

A man can feel his PC muscle by gently pressing the region between the base of his testicles and the anus. Men who have a strong PC muscle enjoy stronger erection and have more stamina. Flexing it a few times every day will help a man to gradually produce more sperm — and shoot bigger loads further! Volume Pills enable greater blood flow into the penis during arousal. This results in a harder erection that makes the erect dick bigger.

Seriously, have you ever heard or read of a woman who prefers a small dick? They are doctor-approved and heavily discounted. Moreover, they come with a lot of free extras when you order a bigger package.

This includes lubricants that men can use during sex, jerking off, hand-jobs, jelqing and edging. Combine the pills with a healthy diet to shoot bigger loads. Since semen is mostly water, simply drinking more liquids is one of the most natural ways to produce more sperm. The answer to how to produce more cum can be as simple as eating more fresh fruits and veggies such as watermelon, pineapples, tomato, cucumbers, strawberries, pawpaws and oranges.

The dehydrating effect of tea and coffee is easily corrected by drinking more of both. Sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in testosterone levels in men. Any man who desires to learn how to cum a lot should ensure he sleeps for 7 to 9 hours. Every night. Less testosterone caused by lack of enough sleep is usually accompanied by mood changes, lack of energy and lower self esteem. This combination often leads to reduced libido, lower ejaculate volume and even ED. However, heat affects sperm production.

An increase in testicular temperature may cause fertility problems. Low sperm count is medically called oligospermia , a leading cause of male infertility. Even working with a laptop on your lap frequently can lead to lower semen volume and low sperm count.

Avoid placing your balls near heat sources. Sperm are best made at 2. This is why men have testicles that are placed outside the body. Additionally, the cremaster muscle maintains the required temperature by contracting and relaxing to change the distance of the testicles from the body.

Obviously, this natural heat regulating mechanism will not work if you wear tight underwear or trousers. The sperm begin to die. Fewer new sperm are produced. That huge load becomes a dribble. But you can wear loose trousers to produce more sperm. Men who regularly wear very tight underwear have a higher scrotal temperature that impairs sperm production as well as ejaculate volume.

Just go commando for a few days and see how big a load you will shoot! If heat is bad for sperm production, it must also be bad for cum production. Like stress, anxiety and depression.

Stress is another leading cause of ED and infertility. Failure to manage stress leads to a build-up of stress into a state of chronic stress which makes the ED even worse. Stress management and relief is a good way to increase your ejaculate. Majority of men ejaculate as they orgasm — and many guys would opt for more sex if given the chance. But reducing the frequency of intimacy leads to a build-up of semen.

This enables a man to have more stamina and shoot bigger loads. Other benefits of less sex include better sex, more testosterone, more energy and stronger erection. People who have many sexual partners are at a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections STIs.

They are also likely to be having more sex — and produce less ejaculate. Men who have an STI experience reduced fertility. Trichomoniasis is caused by trichomonas vaginalis. But it can affect men too. The reduced sperm count and inability to cum more worsens as the disease progresses. Anyone who suspects they have an STD should get prompt treatment to prevent further damage to their reproductive system.

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How To Shoot Bigger Loads: 8 Scientifically-Proven Secrets That Work

Unfortunately, for many men, that can be difficult or impossible to achieve. Normal vitamin and mineral supplements can be an easy over the counter way to cum more, without needing a trip to the doctor. To accommodate this higher sperm count, your body will start to produce more ejaculate fluid. More fluid means you cum more, as simple as that. Amino acids are essential for building the protein chains that make up the human body.

This includes the chains that make up sperm. Taking L-Arginine, L-Lysine, and L-Carnitine together have been proven to help increase sperm count, especially when taken in conjunction with the supplements that have already been mentioned. Epimedium, more commonly known as Horny Goat Weed, is a natural herb that has long been marketed as pill to help you cum more and have more powerful orgasms.

There are no studies to support the use of this herb currently, but it is still popular because of its alleged properties. According to commentary from regular users, this herb helps to increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger, longer orgasms. First, you need to make sure that the ingredients are present in the correct amounts, to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Second, you need to make sure that there are not any other ingredients in the pills. Some cum more pills have been known to add ingredients that could cause negative reactions in some people.

Taken regularly though, these cum more pills will get you where you want to be. Most nutritionist recommends drinking at least glasses of water per day. Take Supplements Normal vitamin and mineral supplements can be an easy over the counter way to cum more, without needing a trip to the doctor. Take Amino Acids Amino acids are essential for building the protein chains that make up the human body. Horny Goat Weed Epimedium, more commonly known as Horny Goat Weed, is a natural herb that has long been marketed as pill to help you cum more and have more powerful orgasms.

Make sure you check the ingredients before you start taking any of these pills, though.

Cum load tips

Cum load tips

Cum load tips