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The thing about my friend Penny, was she never got embarrassed. I was sitting watching her in class as she realised her blouse had been unbuttoned since PE half an hour earlier, and all she did was laugh it off and do it up. And as she closed the white cotton over her leopard-print bra, it was as if nothing had ever happened. Not like me, I get embarrassed all the time. And it stays with me for ages.

Embarrassing skirt stories

Embarrassing skirt stories

Embarrassing skirt stories

The 18 year old student's luck once again was running dry when his opponent this time was a stubborn soda machine in the school hall. Then she walked out into the corridor. Love the illustration. They were very smiley. The first in Embarrassing skirt stories ongoing story. What if we wear only till knees?

Crushing skulld. Don't be the product, buy the product!

It's now in his office, and it reminds me of how bad it was: I'm all red and almost skort tears! My sister hadn't noticed that I was down, so as I was getting up, she kicked the ball. When his dad asked me what my favorite book was, I totally blanked, so I said Grapes of Wrathwhich I was supposed to read in school but never finished. I closed the hood, put my receipt in my purse and drove off. He was shocked, and I was so Embarrassing skirt stories. Apparently, someone had clogged the toilet in the men's room, because there was water Bang babes victoria pictures Embarrassing skirt stories from underneath the door. On my way down, I instinctively yelled, 'Jesus! I tossed the squeegee in the water and stepped quickly back to my door. I was Free Trial. Embarradsing I, Time tracking software for remote teams. My bruised ego wouldn't let me give it to him. Today's Top Stories.

We went for a drink after work.

  • Melissa at the Filling Station.
  • I like short dresses and skirts and the ones with a slit in the rear or side.
  • They got on the topic of hybrid cars — which I drive — and how awful they think those are.
  • Those toe-curlingly embarrassing moments which make you squirm.
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The best part? When it was my turn, I completely lost my train of thought and in a really lame attempt to explain how cool my dad is shared that when I was weighing then-boyfriend pros and cons my dad asked me how the sex was. So instead, it came across like my dad and I have really weird and really inappropriate talks about our sex lives. I considered writing about the time that I met with a potential vendor at work and about five minutes into his presentation, I sneezed.

I wiped down my hands, blew my nose and told him to continue. Needless to say, vendor dude never did call me. On his face. In the end, I decided that the event that continues to make me want to smack myself in the head happened at a wedding. I was at a wedding sporting this really amazing new dress. But for this particular wedding, and this particular dress, I made an exception.

Fun was being had by all and at some point, I excused myself to use the restroom. I finished my business and manipulated those tricky hose back up and went to wash up.

I then met my date, drank champagne and we danced. No wonder that one creepy drunk dude kept flirting with me. I never went on another date with that guy again.

The thing is, I looked in the bathroom mirror at my reflection. My front reflection. It might be virtually naked. This post is a part of Finish The Sentence Friday, where our supercool hosts think of a sentence and then we get to finish it. The awesome hosts:.

Kristi posted twice in one day! PS — I was just proofreading this and chuckling just a little bit. Something might be wrong with me. Like this? Janine Huldie - Kristi, first off, thank you so very much for linking up and sharing one the most embarrassing thing that happened to you. January 11, — pm Reply Cancel. I plan to! Rachel Harper - This quite possibly is the greatest post ever. This made my day. Your comment made MY day!

Stephanie Mommy, for real. I love your opening stories almost as much as the big story. And that picture was f-ing perfect! Just one more thing we have in common! You had Hub1, too? I like to think of it as a space program thing…Hub 1, Final Hub, you know… Thanks for the awesome comment.

Space Program. We have classified secrets. January 15, — am Reply Cancel. Jennifer - That is too funny! This is why a woman should always look at her butt in the mirror. Everyone was looking at me funny. At least I had underwear on…ol. At least you were little, though… Thanks for the awesome comment!

You had me in fits. January 12, — am Reply Cancel. Kate Hall - Oh my gosh! I thought the first paragraph with the farting was bad, but all of them are hysterical!

You need to pin that picture on Pinterest. That should get some action. Thanks so much for going the extra mile and writing this second post today. Awesome stuff! Kate Hall - I posted this on my FB page.

Sara - Ha! Love it! The picture is so perfect. You were so young! Stupid panty hose. Great post! This happened about 6 years ago, a month or so before I met Robert. Terrye - OMG. Yeah, that would be embarrassing and what a jerk for not telling you. Good thing you dumped his sorry butt! January 12, — pm Reply Cancel. They just make your writing sing. And I love that you were brave enough to include more than one embarrassing moment.

You are my hero! Story of my life. Thanks HUGE for the superawesomeamazing comment. I simply love it!! Sadly, I wanted to join the blog hop too, but my week was crazily busy! January 13, — am Reply Cancel. I hope this week is less crazy for you! January 14, — am Reply Cancel. Michelle Pond - There is nothing wrong with you, Kristi.

You are very funny! January 22, — pm Reply Cancel. Jenn Something Clever 2. Yeah, that definitely wins Most Embarrassing Moment Ever. Loved your TALU post, too. Just mushed love all over it, in fact. So true and so funny! I sent an email to my two closest friends. I only knew it was her because I have caller I. Kenya G. If you had been able to illustrate the fart in the chair, I might have laughed so hard to let one go myself. Thanks for visiting!

Anne Kimball - Love it love it love it. Nuff said. Needs one more. There now. Thanks for linking this awesomeness up with TALU! Love the illustration. Thanks for the giggles ans for linking up to TALU this week. January 23, — am Reply Cancel. And thanks for the comment.

MJM - I freaking love this blog…one of my all-time favs. You are my freaking blog idol…I hope to one day be just as good…and funny…as you.

April 23, — pm Reply Cancel.

I didn't realize until I took off my cover-up that I had put on my one-piece backward. I plowed into a snowbank in front of school and totaled the car. I got checked out a few times. Have you a seen a girl in college without panties under her skirt? I am now more careful, and I rarely ever wear dresses or skirts anymore; only on formal occasions. What do you do?! I attempted to whisper in my softest feminine voice.

Embarrassing skirt stories

Embarrassing skirt stories

Embarrassing skirt stories

Embarrassing skirt stories. 2. Calling your teacher ‘Mum’


One of the most embarrassing things I ever did was

We went for a drink after work. Bar was jammed so we sat on the wall outside, opposite the chip shop. BF was chatting away to me and somehow I managed to turn towards him and in doing so I opened my thighs. My skirt was very short and my knickers were non existent so my ginger snatch was totally on view to anyone that wanted to look. All the staff from the chip shop did want to watch and made a point of standing outside their shop and ogling my naked cunt. Worse to come. Even when BF told me to go to the chip shop to buy dinner.

They were very smiley. When we got home and sat down to eat he told me the story. I was relatively senior at the bank i was contracting to. I influenced some recruiting from the company I used to work for.

As a gesture of gratitude two of the managers invited me to lunch, and I could choose where. I chose the sushi restaurant on the 41st floor of the Heron Tower.

We agreed to meet at I was sipping champagne in the seating area next to the restaurant. He was in the bar on the 39th floor. He ordered a beer and we sat for 15 minutes. So he called his colleague who apologised and said he would be with us in 30 minutes. The guy I was with asked if it would be OK for him to go out on the 41st floor terrace for a cigarette. The whole wall to the terrace was glass with a pair of doors in the middle. Being a gentleman he walked through the door and held it open for me.

The wind up there was a gale and it just lifted my dress up over my head. If I had smaller tits I would have been naked! As it was i showed everyone out on the balcony my naked shaved cunt. It got worse still when I tried to pull the dress down and turned towards the restaurant and showed everyone in the restaurant my cunt! This is the dress, no bra here but I was wearing a bra…. I was travelling to India for a business meeting. I was in the BA business lounge and had a few glasses of champagne.

I missed the first call to board. When I realised the gate was open I rushed out because it was a 15 minute walk from the lounge to the gate. When I travel I just wear a dress. He calls it my travelling dress as I wear it every time. It has a cross over top. I ignored him. Baffled, I stopped. I thanks him and quickly rearranged my dress so my naked cunt was no longer on show! Well, it definitely was an embarrassing experience!

I had a date at that time, and I chose a short strapless party dress that I hoped would really impress my date. It was a few years back, and I was at the age where I felt really compelled to show off my body to compete with other girls. Dumb, I know. The actual dress that I wore had a lower neckline and a flowy higher hemline. So you could probably imagine how I looked.

Like a slut :. Anyway was supposed to drop me off at home, but he received an urgent call and dropped me off nearby. I kissed him goodbye and walked home. Since I had spend all day indoors, I had no idea how windy it was outside. I was struggling to keep my dress from blowing upwards. The more I held down the front, the more my butt was exposed. When the draft got really strong, I was struggling to even walk against it. I tugged on the skirt really hard, and the bust of the dress gave way.

There I was, with a dress bunched up around my midriff, breasts, genitals and buttocks exposed. I used my hands to cover up my bits as I raced home. I was glad once I moved out of the neighborhood. I was seen by a lot of people that night. Wow, most embarrassing experience wearing a short skirt when I was in Ipanema.

All the women were unbelievably beautiful and all were wearing micro skirts and skin tight dresses so I decided I wanted something sexy. My friends and I went out and purchased very short micro skirts and some high heels and cute blouses to go clubbing that night. At the club we felt confident as all the ladies were dressed sexy, but we felt right in.

We all were having a blast dancing but our skirts kept riding up. I was ok with it as I was just showing some cheeks, but I felt so embarrassed for my friend as she has a very very thick bottom, which was showing the whole night. To make matters worse we all went commando and my friends vajayjay was visible. She tried to dance and ignore the fact she was flashing everyone and I think she would of been ok if it was not for the men groping her. We decided it was too much and decided to leave.

When I was young and quite happy to show my legs off, I worked as a waitress at night in restaurant whose uniform was high heels, tights and a short full skirted dress, nothing overtly sexy, more like a vintage female bellboy. Well it happened to my sister actually as I never wear skirts. My sisters read all my Quora answers and get quite a kick out of them. Tracy and my sister Lori started modelling at age fifteen and had very successful careers. Always wearing the latest fashions, sometimes they picked the wrong days to wear certain outfits.

Just a gust if wind blown upwards is all it takes. My sister was having quite a hard time this gusty day and obviously dressed the wrong way for a day like this. Her twin sister Lori could not make it to my baseball game. Tracy, eighteen, was driving me to my game which she wanted to stay and watch and cheer her brother on. I was sixteen. She wore one of those short Scottish, tartan, pleated skirts. On the way to her car, a strong gust of wind blew it up. This was not the short skirt my mother forbade her to wear out of the house either.

On the way to the game she was stopped by a young cop who just wanted to talk to her and find out her name which made her very angry and what made her more angry was that he kept glancing at her legs.

Anyway we get to the game and the wind kept blowing her skirt up. If she held it from the front, the back would blow up. If she held the back, the front would blow up. She was getting a lot of stares from guys.

She was often stared at wherever she went and hated it. She got to the bleachers still fighting her skirt. I was about to leave her and go to my team. Another gust blew her skirt up. RJ, you okay? I said sure, and she walked back to the parking lot fighting her skirt. I made sure she got to her car safely. I was smiling as she tried to keep her skirt down. When she got to the car and waved to me, I walked to the team. A little later, first inning, I played first base, I watch as the batter smacks the ball, a grounder to second.

I get ready. The ball is whipped to me and I catch it. She had driven home and changed. I smile and give my big sis a thumbs up. After all her trouble, she was still there for her brother. This was before I knew I had issues with kidney stones and infections. I had an infection and was severely dehydrated. I was tired, achy, and weirdly disconnected for maybe a week.

Embarrassing skirt stories

Embarrassing skirt stories