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Babushka Zina is originally Ukrainian, but because of the current political situation she has remained in Russian-occupied Crimea. Separated from her family, she lives in a forgotten seaside town while trying to decide whether to stay or to leave. The sounds of Russian contemporary music and folk songs add to the atmosphere of her exile town, which is seen through a sensitive lens filled with sentimentality.

But the consequences of the unsatisfactory political situation are ever-present in this place, which is like a different planet. For many reasons, the time has come for her to make a crucial decision. Alexander Mihalkovich hails from Minsk, Belarus. In , he graduated from the DocNomads international study programme.

His focus as a filmmaker is on long-term projects towards which he feels a close personal relationship. After creating several short documentary films, he is making his feature film debut with My Granny from Mars , which won the Docu Talent Award in My Granny from Mars. The sequence of images from contemporary western Ukraine brings narrative, sound, and musical elements and nearly photographic detailed static scenes of reality into creative counterpoint.

Figures of various ages alternate before the camera; interior and exterior locations change; but the song goes on. A folk opera consisting of bawdy folk songs, storytelling ballads, and pre-modern hip-hop. Old world music. Hard mountain rap, vintage feminism and filthy Carpathian hip hop are still alive and relevant.

The hypnotic wasteland of Southern California is infused with the free-spirited nature of Easy Rider, the alienation and uprootedness of Michelangelo Antonioni, and the deep transcendence of Werner Herzog. It speaks to us through fragments of dialogues from iconic films, and yet it remains elusive and dissolves into abstract shapes, rhythms, and compositions.

I don't know. Not much further. That's what you said this morning. I sometimes say it all day. You say it all day? We don't have much longer. We'll be there soon. The Turan tiger, a majestic symbol of the Central Asian landscape, has been extinct for several decades, but it lives on as a sacred symbol in the collective imagination of the local population. The tiger is a spectre that emerges from the darkness and disappears again, the landscape is like a network of ruins buried under layers of the past.

This observational documentary examines the disappearance of the Aral Sea and attempts at its restoration. At the location where the majority of maps and atlases show a large, majestic body of water, Katerina Suvorova finds only a largish pond and an arid wasteland, filled with the rusting remnants of wrecks waiting for scrap metal collectors.

Shots of the enigmatic landscape, consisting of endless expanses of sand and dust, are alternated with captivating details. Just as fascinating is the strong will and faith of the people who have stayed in this inhospitable environment, such as old gardener, fishermen, and a hydrobiologist. They hope that the sea will return, they are fighting to save it, and they all hope for a better tomorrow. Their stories prove that even when the last shuttle abandons our racked planet, there will be people who stay and prefer correction of errors of the past to uncertainty of the future.

On dilapidated theater stages, the secular rituals of contemporary Georgian society play out: weddings, fashion shows, beauty pageants, political elections.

The static camera, which captures this emotionless choreography of ceremonies in wide-angle shots, contrasts with the dynamic pans of the small camera held by a television reporter whose energetic activities keep a local television station going.

A series of carefully framed scenes from the events that Dariko chooses to present to her viewers is juxtaposed with images from inside the run-down television studio, which survives thanks to fees earned from reading obituaries. And I wondered what these small stories were. Despite its historicizing base, the film is still relevant today. The poetic documentary essay about the irreparable impact of man examines the transformation of society from rural to urban and forces the viewer to question the hectic lifestyles we lead today.

Dovydaityte, A. An unusual group sets sail from St. Petersburg to Finland. The crew, which consists of vision-impaired people and people with normal eyesight, learns to work together in order to successfully complete their undertaking. The disinterested camera records a reality that overcomes our prejudices regarding the helplessness of blind people. The problem-free journey gives the sailors space for new sensations. How do you interact with a world with fewer visual elements to distract you?

Blind Cinema explores the realm of sightless people who sail the sea and expand the boundaries of self. Massage, doing the laundry, grazing water buffalo, snake charmers, street jugglers and dentists, music and dance lessons.

Work is not a path out of poverty or towards wealth, but a form of Hindu meditation on the roots of human activity and established working techniques and rituals. Man is a machine controlled by a higher power. As a film worker myself, I learned from the people I filmed — to be present with the whole body and mind.

His daughter, also a filmmaker, has decided to make a film about her father's archives. In the unconventional surroundings of his old apartment, he reminisces about the past until one day Ioan is informed that he must leave or be evicted from home where he has spent the past 40 years. October A high school student in Bucharest is apprehended for pasting up anti-regime posters and is interred in a secret police building for a number of days.

As a result, his family, loved ones, friends, and schoolmates are affected by restrictions. Twenty years later at their class reunion, an excursion begins into memories of that moment of shock etched forever into memory, but for each somewhat differently. A postmodern form of oral history based on the testimonies of those who have most of their lives ahead of them.

They wanted to create an environmentally friendly and socially sustainable community. Twelve adults and six children began to live beyond traditional social order. However, environmentally conscious behavior and embedded physical work do not result in satisfaction from the social aspect of the community ideal.

The need to communicate becomes the theme of the film and it is constantly translated visually into shots of circular interviews that show that mastered interpersonal relationships are an indispensable condition for the sustainability of the community and any functional society. The inevitable implosion is preceded by an archetypal story of a love triangle and the struggle for power.

In order to save the world, we really need to start within. Even today, seventy percent of the men in Thailand follow the old custom of spending at least a short part of their life as a Buddhist monk in a monastery.

However, the reality of things is by far not so simple. We want to get a lot of things done in one go — quickly fall in love, make a career, be successful.

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Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Anyone played the game "Granny"? Anyone played the game "Granny"? Granny is a horror, thriller mobile game released in December. You basically are stuck in your granny's house and you must try to escape. She also walks around the house and if you make any noise whatsoever, she chases you.

I suggest you play it, even I found it a good thriller. I'll be honest, I can't complete it as my I get mind fked and quit. Just search granny in your app store. Going to watch the trailer. The tendency to play it now at night is so high but then I will be scared af going upstairs. I am easily scared by a horror game lol. In your tears as they fall on down.

I can see your soul grow. Through the pain as they hit the ground". Changed name to FabPiano I'm a boy, please don't say that I am a girl.. Want some fabulous songs? Originally Posted by M1tch.

BlackIce was nuked from orbit! Originally Posted by BlackIce. Originally Posted by Sam C. I don't why but I can't bring myself to do anything once I leave the starting room. From the picture. Granny looks weird.

Not going to download. Btw side question. What happen if you didn't leave for 5 days? Im FatFitFut In-game. Call me Fatty! I like to add anyone in there, welp if they are enjoyable enough in my definition of Enjoyable Avatar is from Chuzzle deluxe texture, Raptisoft. I saw I think either Mark or jack play it it looks boring. I got hacked so no point in knowing my IGN.

Yveltal is still my favourite though, no matter what. That game is imposible. I tried it and everytime I open the door granny smacks me with da baseballbat.

My best friend downloaded the game and let us played it. I didn't get scared mostly because I've forgot it's a horror game Originally Posted by iCro.

Originally Posted by Sans the skeleton. You got something working in your mind innit? Theology is currently studying for his 4th Monthly Test. It is a pain in the gluteus maximus that he has too, but occasionally a Theology normally posts random topics in random threads at random times. Look at me i taught you mean Grandma or smething i taught i saw a playthrouhg of it well I dont wanna look at a stone face old woman.

Tried it this morning, stayed for 10 minutes in the same room cos I was scared. A reply YO! That granny is high. You hate me bro? Sup reader and also UPDATE: Friend recorded game footage, sees granny after him and he runs away then hides under a bed like nothing happened.

Feeling like a boss, he ran around different areas and got caught while getting out of the other room. Bookmarks Bookmarks Google. All times are GMT.

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