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How to create a good relationship with 2 people that starts with unrequited love and a lot of flaws and ends with both people loving each other and understanding each other after a lot of development:. I am so mad at Kishimoto. Naruto was my favourite anime when I was a kid and I loved it so much. I enjoyed coming back from school and having the opportunity to watch it. It made me so happy but now… I dropped Naruto some time ago and then came back again.

Fuck me naruto

Fuck me naruto

Fuck me naruto

Fuck me naruto

Fuck me naruto

More: Naruto Uploaded by Silver Chariot. Panty and Stocking Did Naruto change the situation? If Kishi wanted him to love Karin, then guess what? Naruto : "Yes I would, Sasuke! Zabuza: I'm going to disguise myself as a hideous old woman, then I'm going to offer them this [holds out an apple]. What the hell happend?? Where did that come from??

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Her violent eyes carried a mischievous sparkle, her waist length crimson red Fuck me naruto trailing down her back like a waterfall. You have to believe me! She saw Naruto instantly smiling, but knew she had a certain servant to deal with. If there was anyone around, for sure they would've heard already Deidara's erotic moans. You're telling me, that Fuck me naruto am to fuck everyone in this land and bare them with children. She had forgotten hers at home so she grabbed the best one they had and got dressed. Faster, I can feel your hot pussy. She thought about how he promised to bring Sasuke back. Silk bras sexually frustrated. I had fun thinking ridiculous euphemisms for Obito to refer to the things that are too embarrassing for him to mention. When you came back from the fight the village already wanted to make a statue in your honor.

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How to create a good relationship with 2 people that starts with unrequited love and a lot of flaws and ends with both people loving each other and understanding each other after a lot of development:. I am so mad at Kishimoto. Naruto was my favourite anime when I was a kid and I loved it so much. I enjoyed coming back from school and having the opportunity to watch it. It made me so happy but now… I dropped Naruto some time ago and then came back again. How wrong I was.

I was looking at a young, bright child who wanted to make his dreams come true. Of course it is - to everyone. He had a dream and he wanted to make world better. I saw him as a hero. I believed he is a hero. Not anymore. Naruto saw how many things are wrong and he did nothing with it. Slavery in Hyuuga clan? Not stopped. Neji was living as a slave and died as a slave. Massacre of Uchiha clan?

None knows the truth. None knows that Uchiha were opressed and felt desperate enough to attack the village. Smaller villages who were being ignored and turned into battlefields by big bosses as Konoha? Did Naruto change the situation? Are they recognized by other Kages? Of course not. I love Naruto fanarts but my childhood memories were destroyed by the truth of what Naruto really is. Bragging about high ideals and doing nothing to make them come true. Hiding the truth.

Supporting slavery and massacres. Every immoral action? I will never be able to look at Naruto as the story and character the same way again. And hard to believe I still have reblogged so many stuff about it. Gotta delete it. Kishi had written such a convincing relationship between Naruto and Sakura, with so many romantic undertones, that a solely platonic relationship between them becomes impossible. Tbh i dont get why fairy tail gets hated for using friendship as a power boost in fights while naruto gets praised for doing the exact same thing.

Like damn yall were never even friends why the hell are you acting like hes your brother or some shit. Keep reading.

Well first of all, the ending felt extremely forced, especially from the pairings keep in mind that I dont ship anything in naruto.

Also, if you need a whole movie to show the development of a pairing then you know already that the pairing didnt have a good development. Also, I just felt like it wasnt… complete. Tbh, when i first read chapter I almost thought that it wasnt real. I mean, apple laptops??? Where did that come from?? Also, Boruto??? Why do all the children look like ocs from deviantart?? What the hell happend?? And where the hell was Orochimaru?? If I had to explain it in one sentence, then it would be that the ending felt like a bad fanfiction made by a 12 year old who added all their ocs in the fanfiction.

Always helping! I like Sasuke over Naruto 1. External image. It truly is that simple. Log in Sign up. How to create a good relationship with 2 people that starts with unrequited love and a lot of flaws and ends with both people loving each other and understanding each other after a lot of development: How NOT to:.

Gruvia Fairy tail Anti Naruhina Naruto hate Yeah i know gruvia still has some flaws and they are not canon yet but you get the point as a non shipper i dont even hate naruhina that much its just that they could have so much potential and then kishimoto fucked up by them having rarily some developments and creating a shitty movie to show that they love each other nah bro you should have shown that in the manga already Kohpai. The worst: naruto the movie. How to make people hate their childhood anime - made by Kishimoto.

This must be said If Kishi wanted him to love Hinata, then guess what? If Kishi wanted him to love Karin, then guess what? If Kishi wanted him to love Ino, then guess what? Naruto hate naruto was a compleet disappointment for me first i thought it was bc i didnt watch it when i was younger but OP was also not part of my childhood yet i really love it Kohpai. So done with naruto oh god. Ask juviavevo a question Ask Anon Naruto hate. Favorite episode scene if movie : NONE.

Favorite line: ew. Favorite outfit: Gross. OTP: NaruSasu. Brotp: NaruSasu also. Head Canon: Sakura never slept with him. An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Him showing up in the rumored Bolt series. My nickname for them: none. Ask misguidedmasteraqua a question naruto hate ask Anonymous. Listen this my naruto description. Yes no problem but this may end up long if I explain thoroughly Keep reading.

Ask kaneklee a question asks naruto hate not really but idk someone thought I had naruto hate earlier tw anon. Want to see more posts tagged naruto hate?

He had to remove him from there at once. The main hero wants to become a father:-RRB- That's why he do everything he can to cultivate his seed and plant it well inside Rebecca's sweet pussy. We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well. Click on her boobs to get some surprise. I do Naruto.

Fuck me naruto

Fuck me naruto

Fuck me naruto

Fuck me naruto

Fuck me naruto. Sex Time with Naruto

It was unknown if he truly did, but he was placed under ANBU watch for a unprecedented amount of time. She took a closer look at Mizuki, and she hummed quietly in approval. Mizuki has white shoulder length hair with a slight hint of blue to it and dark eyes. He wore the standard attire of a Konoha nin, which included a flak jacket and forehead protector that he wore like a bandanna.

Mizuki turned towards, and almost instantly the initial surprise was replaced by lust. His eyes slightly undressing her. If she wasn't as sexually frustrated as she was, she would have been disgusted. But, instead, it turned her on. After receiving a nod from the Chunin, she continued. I'll be your fellow instructor for awhile, please take care of me! Mizuki smirked, "Don't worry Uzumaki-senpai.

I have a feeling that with the two of us, those brats won't know what hit him. Kushina discreetly rubbed her thighs together, a gleam entering her eyes before it faded. A few minutes later, the students returned to their classes, all of them surprised to see Kushina sitting next to Mizuki, smiling at all of them. After introducing herself to the class, making them excited at the fact that the legendary Red Death herself was teaching them.

Throughout the rest of the day as they taught the students, Kushina found in one of her sexual dazes. Only this time, whenever she had them, her lover would no longer be faceless. Instead, the face would belong to that of Mizuki's.

She imagined him bending her over a desk, proceeding to slam his cock deep in her pussy, making her go wild with lust and desire. Other times, they would fuck in the middle of the classroom, the man having an arrogant smirk on his face. In another of her daydreams, they would lay on a bed, practically sucking each other's faces as he exploded his seed into her pussy. It made Kushina bother throughout the day, but she managed to recover herself, and continue on with her day.

Finally, the academy was finished for the day, teachers returning home, leaving only a few to grade last minute papers. Unfortunately, Mizuki and her had to grade a few of those papers. She was putting the final touches on her grading, before she had a practically erotic image appear in her head. Her and Mizuki, in the hot-springs. She was sitting on his lap, her body facing his, bouncing atop his lap, her breasts bouncing slightly due to her movements.

Their bodies covered in water and sweat. The Chunin sucking on her breasts as she grinned oh so seductively. Kushina snapped her head towards him, and a small hesitance stopped her. A remembrance of his lustful eyes appearing in her mind, and mentally said fuck it. She and Mizuki were gonna have the best fuck of their lives.

She didn't care of his reputation. She just wanted to fuck! Grabbing a startled Mizuki by the shoulders, she pressed her lips against his, shocking the Chunin for a moment. Pulling back moments later, she smirked at his dumbfounded face. Mizuki smirked widely, excite, lust and all other sexual emotions being revealed in his eyes.

Kushina enveloped his lips with her own again, and the two kissed passionately, lust fueling their actions. Kushina's hand unzipped Mizuki's pants, pulling them down and his underwear at the same time, allowing his erect cock to stand all full attention. Separating their lips, Kushina's eyes gleamed in lust and excitement when she saw his cock. A whole two inches bigger than her husband, who sported an average sized length.

Removing her top, and pants, leaving herself in her bra and panties, Kushina sank to her knees, and wrapped her delicate fingers around Mizuki's length. The Chunin remained seated in his chair, gasping slightly at her touch. Smirking, Kushina pumped him a few times, earning herself quite a few gasps from the Chunin. Licking her lips, she allowed two of her fingers to slip in her panties, and she played with herself as she took Mizuki's dick in her mouth. The Chunin groaned loudly at her action, and he gasped as she gave an experimental lick.

Than she began bobbing her head, her fingers moving in and out of her pussy quickly. She closed her eyes, and ran her tongue around his cock as she sucked on it like a lolipop.

Her other hand came forward, and played with his balls, making Mizuki groan at her actions. She moaned the vibrations of it giving Mizuki a pleasurable jolt as he grit his teeth. His hands came forward, one grabbing a fistful of her hair, and the other helping her play with herself. Kushina moaned more, the vibrations once again giving Mizuki a pleasurable jolt. Gasping, Mizuki grit his teeth, taking the hand that was helping Kushina play with herself.

He licked it, enjoying her taste. Seeing that, Kushina suck on his dick harder, it made her so hot and bothered. I'm gonna cum! Kushina began deepthroating, she wanted her prize, right now! Moments later, she felt Mizuki's hot semen in her mouth, it tasted sour, but Kushina swallowed it all nonetheless. Letting his cock go with a pop, she gave it one last lick as the excess cum fell on her bra covered breasts. Rubbing her breasts, she gave her lips a sensual lick.

The sight of that made Mizuki junior pop back up. Mizuki didn't needed to be told twice, he threw off his pants, and shrugged off both his jacket and shirt. He also threw his headband aside, the protector joining Kushina's off in the corner. Kushina stood, unstrapping her bra and letting it fall to the ground. Her perky C-cupped breasts exposed in all their glory for Mizuki to see. Moments later, Kushina's panties joined her bra on the floor.

She stood over Mizuki, the Chunin still sat in his chair. I can't wait any longer! He couldn't believe this was happening. He was going to tap the most beautiful in the entire village. Soon, he would feel that pussy enclosed around his cock.

He really needed to thank that fool of a Hokage for this opportunity. Kushina's pussy rubbed against Mizuki's tip, making them both gasp in anticipation. Finally, Kushina eased herself down, moaning lowly as Mizuki's cock entered, and push aside her insides. Mizuki grit his teeth, a groan wanting to escape his lips.

This is actually my first fuck in months. Mizuki seemed surprised at first, before he smirked widely. Kushina ignored the insult to her husband, instead raising herself, and pushing herself back down on his cock.

His hands helped her with increasing her speed, and she kept her balance by keeping her hands rooted to his shoulders. Soon, she was riding Mizuki like she would a mount, his cock sliding in and out of her, the friction of his cock rubbing the walls of her pussy making her ride him eagerly.

A smirk settled itself on her face as he buried his face into her breasts, his mouth covering one of him as her and nibbled on the nipple. He kept one hand on her waist, the other coming up to fondle her unattended breasts, pinching the nipple on occasion.

Kushina was moaning, smirking widely as the Chunin's cock filled her pussy, unlike a certain blond haired Hokage who was to busy with his work.

Thinking of Minato made Kushina wrapped her hands around Mizuki's head. She now had a sex partner, one she wasn't gonna give up so easily. Minato doesn't want to give her sex, fine! She'll get in the form of Mizuki. With that thought, she moaned lustfully as Mizuki switched to her other breasts, his mouth enveloping that.

Mizuki was thrusting his hips upwards, allowing their respective crotches to smack against each others as they met in rhythmic unison. Their moans of pleasure echoing across the classroom as the two instructors fucked. Mizuki released her breast with a pop, and he fondled them with his hands for a few moments. Groaning as he felt his cock practically melting in the moist and warm cavern of her pussy.

His hands grabbed handfuls of her plump ass, squeezing them in his palms as she rode him. Mizuki could hardly believe that the Hokage wasn't tapping this everyday. Heck, if he was married to this woman, he would make her scream his name all day! Fuck yes! Suddenly, she froze for a moment, before she eagerly bounced on Mizuki's dick again. Mizuki's cock was hitting her G-spot, and Kushina will be damned before she lets Mizuki stop hitting her there. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and her tongue trailed out of her mouth, her lips twitching upward giving her a fuck silly expression.

Moaning, Kushina squeezed her legs together, tightening her pussy hold on Mizuki's cock. Kushina screamed into the kiss, pulling back from their kiss. Bringing her head down, and kissing the white haired man as they fucked stand and carry, Kushina pressed her breasts against his chest, legs wrapping around the Chunin's waist.

Mizuki carried her to a desk, and laid her on it as they fucked missionary. Their bodies pressed against one another's as sweat trailed down their bodies. Their hot breaths were felt on each others faces as they exchanged saliva. Pulling back from the kiss, Mizuki ignored Kushina's protesting whine, smirking as he thrusted into her pussy like a piston.

Kushina didn't answer, instead clawing at his chest, attempting to pull him down and to kiss her again. A bit taken aback by her sudden yell, but smirking nonetheless, the Chunin obeyed, claiming her lips, their tongues once again wrapping around one another as their bodies pressed against each others.

Stroking her hair as his cock pushed deeper into her pussy, Mizuki finally established that he wasn't dreaming. He was truly having the best fuck of his life with Uzumaki Kushina.

S-ranked Kunoichi, The Red Death herself. Wife of the Yondaime Hokage. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. Other people wouldn't believe him if he told them about this. Not that he planned to tell anyone about this. Usually he was the bragging type, but this? This he intended to keep to himself. No one need to know that he was doing this with Kushina, oh no.

She was all his, and he intended to keep that way. Pulling back from their kiss, but keeping their faces close, Mizuki groaned. I gotta cum again! Just from that alone, Mizuki knew what she wanted.

Cum inside me! Kushina came, Mizuki following a moment later, his white hot semen shooting into her womb and filling her up. Kushina blacked out for a moment, loving the feeling of Mizuki's hot seed shooting into her womb. She had forgotten what creampie felt like, and once again, she was reminded of how much she loved it.

Mizuki pulled out, laying beside her on the desk, panting slightly due to their actions. Kushina herself laid on the desk, partly satisfied that her sexual frustration was sated, and partly satisfied with the semen that was currently making itself at home within her womb.

Looking over at Mizuki, she smirked. Pulling herself up, she quickly straddled a surprised Mizuki, and smirked at him. By request: After The Chunin Exams. Mabui And Omoi. By request: Mabui and Omoi. Punishment For Being Naughty.

Ready For The Other Hole. Can't Wait Anymore. By request: Can't wait anymore. You're The Best Mom. By request: Special Juice for a special girl. The Man Of Our Life. By request: The Man of Our Life. Hanging Out After School. By request: Hanging out after school. Naruto's Tongue Service For Anko.

Relaxing Time. By request: Relaxing time. By request: Rock lee has a crush on Anko. The Day Before Her Wedding.

Tayuya Beach Sperm Shower. By request: Tayuya Beach Sperm Shower. Maiden Battle? By request: Maiden Battle? By request: nude Hinata "The Last". By request: The best part of our mission. Satisfy My Lust. By request: kin tsuchi tayuya bffs. By request: Raikage visit Konoha before Hokage's summit.

By request: Young Naruto and Hinata. By request: Hinata At the Beach. By request: Hanabi's first mission in Kirigakure. A Trip To The Past. By request: Fox vs Cat. Our artists makes images by premium members requests.

Signup and post your request. Follow us on twitter for updates. Artist : Jeppu [] Fuen wants to be a konoha kunoichi By request: Fuen wants to be a konoha kunoichi 24 Oct Artist : Rex The Humiliation Pt. Artist : Koala Karui solo nude 19 Sep Artist : Koala [] Hokage's order 13 Sep

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Fuck me naruto

Fuck me naruto

Fuck me naruto