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Below is our pricing, and in addition to the fees for the chicas, the client pays the hotel and the taxi for those chicas that do not drive if you are not in the taxi you do not pay for a taxi.

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Joined: Wed May 21, pm Posts: Location: Baltimore Anybody been to both and how do they compare in terms of chica quality, price and the ability to party and have a good time? The brain. I am sure there is a higher class - DR type - place but I am unaware of it. It is also easier to get them to leave. It is different. Some of the places are nice and others are dirty and "sticky" -- your feet crackle as you walk across the dark floor. That should cause anyone to worry.

I used to go to Tijuana a lot and had no problems but would NOT go there today. Not only is there a significant delay in crossing the border, if you drive which is not all that wise anymore, but now you have to worry about being attacked by both the police and drug dealers.

The problem is not necessarily in the Zone, it is all over. San Jose can be dangerous if you are not paying attention but TJ can be dangerous anytime, anyplace. If you're really in baltimore and you're planning a mongering trip, just go to CR. The best thing about TJ is proximity, so unless you live in SoCal there really isn't any reason to go. If you do live in SoCal, don't let a little thing like open warfare and mass beheadings keep you out of Adelitas.

I resemble that remark. IMHO, just as the women in CR offer better services, the women in Colombia are a step above their sisters in CR, in looks and service, at a lower cost. I'm sure that others disagree with me. I live 2 hours driving from TJ. There are some very hot Latin women in that zona. How bad can that be? So far the CRT members that I have gone with enjoyed it. The killings are from drug wars, and not in the Zona.

I assume that the drug cartels probably make money off the Zona, so they take care of business in other areas. Although there is a lady in TJ who has left the club where she worked so she could party with me for the rest of the night por nada, which has never happened to me in CR. Since I am sitting here tonight going through Latina withdrawal, I will probably be going down tomorrow.

Should I go, I'll post about it. NO don't do it!! I can't wait to go back and get phucked up again. But I would not go on my own dime.

Too dirty and dangerous for my taste. Cleaner and less dangerous IMHO. I would choose CR every time. In TJ, I have seem many girls just hop over the sink and sprinkle some water on her poon before going downstairs for business.

No shower, no soap. Also, I can sleep in San Diego and just drive to the border, park and be mongering within minutes. A good chica is like a good carpenter - No wood gets wasted!!!

Why anyone would want to go there is beyond me when there are many other better alternatives. Joined: Mon Jul 02, pm Posts: Mexico is not a cesspool of crime. Very far from it. LA, yes. New York City, of course. But Mexico and Tijuana specifically are far from it. The majority of incidents you read about are very sensationalized media. Yes, there are issues with drug trafficer violence. But not near as bad as you would think.

You have the same odds of encountering a violent crime in LA that you would during a visit to Tijuana. Probably less so, since tourists do not go to the main areas where these incidents take place.

And the victims are not random. If you are related to a well known drug trafficer, do not go to TJ. If you are not then you are home free. I lived in Tijuana for a year. I enjoyed every minute of it. You meet some of the nicest people ever in Mexico.

Great food and very friendly chicas. TJ lacks some of the venues and variety that CR has. And that is what brings me to CR at all. No, they are not as fancy. But no shortage of beautiful women working there. I would put the women of Mexico regions such as Guadalajara and Sinaloa up against the women of Colombia, Nicaragua and CR and the Mexicanas would leave them all in the dust. TJ is a great community with amazing people. The tragedy of TJ is most people visiting miss out on the best parts of TJ and its history.

I would put the women of Mexico regions such as Guadalajara and Sinaloa up against the women of Colombia, TJ is a great community with amazing people. I always chuckle when guys knock Mexico TJ in particular. I just got back from a 2 day trip there and had 4 beautiful Mexicanas that would hold their own in the HDR.

I have a trip to Medellin in 10 days and one to Monterrey in 3 weeks and i know that i am going to see many gorgeous chicas in both spots. If you have some Spanish skills Mexico can be great. Mr Las Vegas is right about the chicas de Guadalajara and Sinoloa Last edited by DrForm on Tue Jan 20, pm, edited 1 time in total. Once again the media makes it sound alot worst than it really is. I feel alot safer walking in the Zona at night than I would if a was walking in South Central LA or the Rampart district which is not advised after dark.

For those of you that do not live in Southern California, both of these areas are well know gang infested parts of Los Angeles where gang bangers and civilians are killed on a regular basis. TJ is a very big city and yes bad things happen to bad people there but not in the Zona Northe.

If you think it dangerous don't go, play it safe and be happy. Everyone has a different comfort zone, If you need a wingnam in TJ I am sure one of the regulars will show you around or PM me and I will try to help you out as much as possible.

To be honest my hat is off to these people and I hope they can take their cities back. I would not go now though. Joined: Tue Nov 11, pm Posts: They are two completely different experiences.

TJ's la Zona has been set up as a commercial mongering spot for decades, if not a century. It has appealed the occassional tourist who comes over from LA and San Diego, and residents of southern California. It is not a rich city, so it will look like the run-down areas of SJO. You will not find Colombians or other foreign chicas in la Zona. However, Mexican chicas will come from all parts of the country to work there.

Prices vary. There are the street girls who congregate in one particular "alley" it is a actually a narrow street. There are at least a reinforced platoon, sometimes a whole company's worth of them on that street any given afternoon or evening and all you need is to just pick the best one or two out of the SG's leaning against any solid wall.

Sometimes, to pass the time, they will be reading comic books or novelas. That is good odds, and their low prices will amaze you. Take one to your hotel room and amaze her with clean sheets, a warm shower, and the prospect of not having to stand in the heat of summer or the cold of winter for hours at a time. There a several clubs that masquerade as strip clubs. There is Adelitas and Chicago Club, which is where I have gone.

TJ mongers would never pay cien. When the economy tanks in the US, TJ feels it immediately. AND the newstories of "dangerous" TJ work in your favor.

You don't hear "cien" in TJ. Too many chicas, too few mongers. Also, most of the TJ mongers are "regulars" and they don't spend like CR mongers. TJ mongers are "commuters", while CR mongers are "tourists". I have driven down from LA, parked my car at the parking lot across the street from the turnstiles, and walked the 10 minutes from the crossing to la Zona Rosa.

Sometimes, I have gotten a room in a chica friendly hotel either in the hotel basic or a mile or so away nicer.

These luxurious beauties are among the hottest women in all of Mexico. Las Vegas NV You can combine the sexual element with the romantic one by choosing the girlfriend experience. Experiencia de prepa 01 65 Avenida Revolucion. Massage parlors offer convenience and an oily alternative. Soy ambar la chica que buscas Avenida Revolucion. Escorts Tijuana.

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Hong Kong Club Reports

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Posts: Sorry, I just saw this post. I think I took this same girl up on my trip two weeks ago, she told me her name was Critzal and was wearing a different outfit. I remember her showing me a tattoo on her arm and it was of a few kids, her only tattoo, she was 19 too I believe. Was the tattoo fairly small, centered on the inside of her forearm? And that's not even deducting any amount for not having to deal with legal issues like American putas do. But somehow, somewhere down the line, American mongers came down and threw the pricing structure all out of whack and it hasn't corrected itself since.

Matter of fact, it's been getting worse. Tijuana hookers actually make more than their American counterparts.

Halloween party October 31 Hohoho! Chicas in halloween costumes! The bros don't have to and should not tip girls who don't meet their criteria for attraction. If you tip girls you are not attracted to, they keep coming back hassling you for more. But if you decline once, they would remember and never approach you again. The chicas have photographic memories of guys in the club, who tip and who don't hehe.

OTOH, the bros should seek out and tip good strippers, hot dancers and attractive girls to encourage them to go to work and entertain us. A lot of younger girls in HK speak passable to good English. That would make you very popular and gain you a lot of hot friends and fun.

They are just nice and economical gestures of friendship. Also occasionally tip honest, helpful meseros, valet parking guys, banos attendants, good security guys at the door. Nights before Christmas, I would have a stack of 50 and peso notes in my pocket, tipping the workers in HK, including managers and MCs, wishing them Feliz Navidad, to show them my friendship and appreciation for their good work.

Compared to the US and other parts of the world, It's way cheap and easy to have fun times with hot girls in Tijuana. It's a small cost to relax among friends in the club and have sexy fun with the chicas. This is ridiculous, it's capitalism.

The people working regular jobs in Tijuana aren't taking their clothes off for stinky men. The girls at HK deserve to make whatever guys are willing to give to them. The club is packed. Why shouldn't they jack up the entry fee, why shouldn't the girls ask for as much money as they can? If it's not worth your time and money then find something else to do. Dollar tips and other nice gestures The bros don't have to and should not tip girls who don't meet their criteria for attraction.

Stop giving dollar tips to HK chicas walking around? I agree with you that there are plenty of chicks to bang at a better rate outside of HK. But, HK is HK. Got to give a little cheese there too! Like I said before, to us that remember the standard rates in HK, the fact that they have managed to double their asking rates is ridiculous. If we start accepting as the norm trust me next thing you know they're going to want And of course there's some poor saps who will pay it not knowing they are doing a disservice to their fellow mongers.

It can get to the point where we might as well just bang American chicks without the hassle. Of having to travel to Mexico. OrganicAlo: yes that's the one!

How could I forget the lip rings? She's so hot man. She has the perfect body. I can only imagine what her girlfriend looks like. HK's target The bros should try to not ruin the market for a lot of the other bros and locals, who don't make as much money as gringos. I do know many of HK's hottest girls who would normally go with locals for 1, pesos. Promise them the basic rate and dangle a propina to entice them.

Most girls just hang out all night not selling any fichas or sessions. They welcome the approaches and negotiations, in fact they are happy that you would consider them. Snag a good deal with another girl and walk her past the nasty rejects to teach them lessons. Missing Jacket. Always good to keep your whits about you in HK and other bars. Had a lightweight jacket taken today with cheapo sunglasses in pocket.

Nothing else lost so not a biggie but just a reminder that there are all kinds of customers and some who will take advantage of absent minded gringo's like myself who left it unattended in the next booth over for a few minutes. On the plus side the employees have always been totally honest tracking me down when I left sunglasses in one of the dance rooms etc. Just had to share.

Amazing girl from Monterrey MX today. Thin spinner. Can't remember her name exact but she was so open to everything and was So extremely intuitive to what makes a guy happy. She leaves tomorrow but comes back to HK in another couple weeks. Also to note we human beings are very subject to making emotional decisions and it goes both ways. Oh well.

Think of it as an investment into the Mexican economy. This is such a non issue. Again you guys are spoiled. Dollar Tips for HK chicas. I don't think woman sweat losing any man's money. I'm in Cascadas, seeing these woman go up the elevators constantly. Even the ones I wouldn't of dated for free three years ago.

One thing, is guys need to stop giving dollars to girls walking around asking for it. Why should see have sex for 70 if she can make 35 hour walking around asking for "one dollar". And, if you are going to give a dollar, make her work for it for a full minute. I went to Baltimore strip club, these woman need more money to live than Hong kongs girls. They need four times the money. But they didn't ask for money.

They walk up to me and dance for three to six minutes, let me smack their ass, and I give a dollar or two. Then they walk away and the next one comes. But these guys in Hong Kong, just want to give money away for free. And venture out to the other clubs. All the ones next to Hong Kong, have chicks to bang. Adwlitas, Chavelas, there's another one next to those with big stage, I walked in, must been ten attractive 25 year old woman working and two dollar beers.

Pay with pesos for beer for cheap price. Man, Not going to sugar coat it, this sounds like straight bitterness. These girls are basically sales people trying to make as much money as they can. If negotiations don't work between the two of you, just move onto the next one. If they are just visiting for the night and it is their one shot, you can't really blame them. Last Jump to page:. The time now is All rights reserved.

My apologies, I just saw this post. And yes, it sounds like the same girl. Her most distinguishing feature was her pregnancy marks, which was very noticeable due to her petite frame. I find it interesting how she changed her club name.