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He is initially portrayed as a detached and apathetic figure, but as the series progresses, his loyalty to his friends and students becomes increasingly apparent. Kakashi's past has been extensively explored in the series, resulting in a gaiden being devoted to his past experiences. Kakashi has appeared in several pieces of Naruto media, including six of the nine featured films in the series, all of the original video animations , and all of the video games. Kakashi was originally created by Kishimoto to be a harsh teacher but the author decided to avoid that. Instead, he made him more generous to calm his students in difficult situations to the point of giving him feminine traits.

Excellent sight, smell, and reflexes abound in the clan. Kakashi thanks them and resumes his Kakashi naruto with Zabuza, copying his ninjutsu and using them against him. His calm and detached demeanour has been called "cool, hip, and trendy" many times by Maito Gai. His new Wind Release: Rasenshuriken is temperamental, nxruto, forcing Kakashi and Yamato to rescue Kakashi naruto when it fails on its first aKkashi. Instead, an Uchiha just has to give you theirs. He is capable of performing some incredible jutsu, and his taijutsu talent is off the chart. House: 5 Times Dr.

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Team 7 continues on to Tazuna's home, but Kakashi must be carried, having exhausted himself due to overuse of the Sharingan. Having expected him, Kakashi and Yamato attack and restrain him, though he points out that he can escape whenever he wants. Naruto greets Gaara when he awakens, and a few days later, Teams 7 and Guy attend Chiyo's funeral in Kakashi naruto. A few words from a Kakashi naruto missing-nin offers him some Embarrasing celeb pics of what might have happened. Unable to do anything against such large Kakasbi, Kakashi and Guy leave them to Naruto and B. Only by the end of his battle against Sasuke did he show exhaustion, and even then could still fight to a standstill and eventual victory. Shino then appeared, encouraging Naruto to have faith in his son as the teacher himself was recently saved by Boruto's efforts. He meets with Tsunade later and thanks her for waking up before he Kakashi naruto stuck with any real responsibility. Frustrated by this and the future bullying Kakashi will Things in assholes him, Yamato hits him in the Kwkashi. Does he do exactly what he did in the past before he died? To that end, he will do anything to protect them, even if it Kakashi naruto killing Gaara. Naruto blocks the attack and vows not to let his teammates die.

What exactly makes someone a true fan?

  • After joining Team Kakashi , Naruto worked hard to gain the village's acknowledgement all the while chasing his dream to become Hokage.
  • He is initially portrayed as a detached and apathetic figure, but as the series progresses, his loyalty to his friends and students becomes increasingly apparent.
  • To his students on Team 7 , Kakashi teaches the importance of teamwork, a lesson he received, along with the Sharingan, from his childhood friend, Obito Uchiha.
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Kakashi Hatake is one of the most prodigious ninjas to have ever emerged out of Konoha's academy in Naruto. He once wielded the Sharingan as well, and as his moniker suggests, he has gone on to copy over a thousand Jutsu.

As a student of the Fourth Hokage, it is no surprise that Kakashi went on to become the Hokage in the future. Here's a list of five characters Kakashi can defeat, and five that he can't. Tsunade uses chakra to amplify her strength to incredible heights, and one punch from her is enough to incapacitate even the strongest of fighters. Despite this, she pales in comparison to Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi is a very fast, and shrewd shinobi, so for him to let Tsunade hit him in the head is preposterous.

Furthermore, Kakashi's offensive powers, such as Kamui, far surpass that of Tsunade's. If the two ever fight, Kakashi would emerge as the victor. Quite possibly the strongest person in the entire naruto-verse, Kaguya is an alien being who is from the Otsutsuki clan. She's the progenitor of chakra, and her own reserves are huge in comparison to Kakashi's. When it comes to power, Kaguya possesses enough to simply blow away a star with her expansive truth-seeking ball.

When the two fought in the ninja war, Kakashi had help from Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, and that's the only reason he emerged victorious. On his own, Kakashi would get obliterated by her. Might Guy is a jonin from Konoha who excels in hand-to-hand combat. He's taken this skill of his to the highest level, even earning praise from Madara Uchiha himself.

Using the Eight Inner Gates technique, Might Guy can defeat almost any foe at the cost of his own life. However, Kakashi isn't one of them. Kakashi's own double Mangekyo Sharingan power is far superior to Guy's eight gates. Even though Guy almost touches the speed of light, Kakashi's Kamui is instantaneous. He's fast enough to blitz even Kaguya Otsutsuki, and as such, Might Guy stands no chance. One of the few known members of the Otsutsuki clan, Momoshiki came to earth along with his partner Kinshiki in search of potent chakra in Boruto.

He was a threat that even Kaguya feared, and one that adult Naruto and Sasuke had to deal with by combining their strength. Even though Kakashi is a genius when it comes to fighting, his skills are limited to ninjutsu. Both Naruto and Sasuke relied heavily on taijutsu to defeat Momoshiki because ninjutsu simply doesn't work on this godly being. Momoshiki is someone that Kakashi can't hope of beating alone, and it is safe to safe that he's levels below him, in terms of overall power.

Thanks to the surgeries performed on him by Orochimaru, Danzo gained access to both the Sharingan of the Uchiha and the Wood Release of the First Hokage. As such, he possessed strength worthy of being a contender for the Sixth Hokage' spot. Even though he has this much power, Danzo simply pales in comparison to Kakashi. By the war arc, Kakashi had trained his Mangekyo Sharingan to a level where he could fight most Kage level shinobi.

Thus, taking on Danzo shouldn't trouble him at all. Kakashi's Susano'o would certainly prove strong enough to match Naruto if the two had fought. But, ever since then, Naruto has grown at a tremendous pace, while Kakashi had already peaked, and thus, lost a lot of his powers down the road. Meanwhile, Naruto went on to become the strongest shinobi in history. Strong as Kakashi is, he doesn't have much chance of beating Konoha's Seventh Hokage.

The Fourth Hokage of Konoha, Minato Namikaze was the strongest shinobi of his generation and was considered to be the greatest shinobi by the likes of Jiraiya. Minato was a master of three basic nature types, but his forte was the teleportation ninjutsu.

Unfortunately for the Yellow Flash, Kakashi also excels at the same Jutsu, and his variant of it is much better than Minato's. As noted by Minato himself, the Kamui is superior to the Hiraishin in every way. Kakashi' s double Mangekyo variant is multiple times faster and stronger than the Flying Thunder God.

So, while Minato is undoubtedly one of the strongest shinobi in history, he'll likely end up losing to the Copy Ninja. Sasuke Uchiha is of the strongest shinobi in the series' history and is known to be the only man capable of matching Naruto Uzumaki in battle.

By adulthood, Sasuke is said to have bridged the gap between him and the Seventh Hokage. He's grown strong enough to fight against gods like Kinshiki Otsutsuki, Urashiki, and even Jigen.

Meanwhile, Kakashi can't hope to exchange blows with them with the powers that he currently holds. Knowing how smart Kakashi is, he'll more than likely avoid fighting Sasuke because there's no way he can ensure a victory against the legendary Uchiha. The First Hokage of Konoha, also known as the God of Shinobi, Hashirama Senju was considered to be the strongest ninja of his generation.

The only rival he had back then was Madara Uchiha, and it's fair to say that Hashirama was slightly stronger than him.

Regardless of how strong he was, Kakashi, with his two Mangekyo Sharingan, is more than capable of defeating Hashirama Senju. After seeing a display of Obito's power, Hashirama openly declared him to be stronger.

Obito passed on the same power to Kakashi Hatake later on. Kakashi's double Kamui, when combined with the Susano'o, is more than enough to defeat the First Hokage fairly comfortably. The Sage of Six Paths' enormous strength in the Naruto series can only be rivaled by his mother.

While Kakashi is strong and fast enough to take down most enemies within seconds, he doesn't have nearly enough resources to do the same against Hagoromo. Just half of Hagoromo's power was enough to amplify Naruto Uzumaki to where he is today. A glimpse of his power was seen when he casually created the moon after the battle against his mother. Hagoromo's true power eclipses that of almost all the other characters in the series, and Kakashi is no exception to that.

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It ends up not being necessary as Naruto, by entering his own Tailed Beast Mode, deflects their attacks and subsequently frees them from Tobi. Upon arrival, Naruto was greeted as a hero by the villagers, his dream of acknowledgement being realised at last. Hinata brought Naruto back to his senses by reminding him of all the people who had given their lives to protect him and whose memories he would be insulting if he had given up now. Shocked by Kisame's suicide, Naruto observes that even those in Akatsuki fight for their comrades. Kakashi pretends anger when he approaches them, but tells them that they pass the test for placing the team's well-being above the mission parameters.

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Naruto: 30 Crazy Details About Kakashi’s Body | ScreenRant

What exactly makes someone a true fan? The line that separates true fan from the casual fan is not clear. Lots of fans consider themselves true fans if they watch every episode or read every chapter of the series. Some find true fandom as unwavering support for the character they love. Ultimately, being a true fan is in the eye of the beholder. So, for the sake of this list, take true fan as someone who knows those tiny details about a character that the most casual person would forget.

This definition helps lay out the case for powers that Naruto character, Kakashi Hatake, has that only real fans know about. Kakashi is a staple fandom pick for the coolest anime character. Many find the character design and his skill set to be so amazing that fans of the manga and show cannot help but like him.

Kakashi seems to have this secret ability to instantly become a viewer's favorite character when they see him. So, what separates the casual Kakashi fan from the true fans?

Well, Screen Rant would argue it's the knowledge fans have about his powers and weaknesses. For the sake of this list, powers are being defined as any jutsu or technique Kakashi is seen using in either the anime or manga. Weaknesses are identified as any characteristic that allows opponents to gain leverage over Kakashi in battle.

These are powers that only true fans know about, so expect the obscure ones that fans may just see Kakashi use in rare instances, or that casual fans easily forget about. The same goes for weaknesses, but, honestly, it can be argued that most casual Naruto fans forget Kakashi has any flaws at all. Again, it needs to be emphasized that being a true fan is in the eye of the beholder, so keep that in mind as this list goes on.

The groundwork is done. The chakra is mysterious in its exact functions, but it primarily works as a power-up. The chakra strengthens the user and is incredibly complicated to obtain. Not many characters wield it during the entire run of the series. However, real fans remember that Kakashi is one of those characters. This allows his lightning release to change color due to the intensity of the chakra.

It is unclear just how much of the chakra was given to Kakashi at that moment, but only some will remember him as one of the wielders of that incredible strength. This entry is complicated, so to start one has to clarify this power. The Eye Mind Reading technique is basically what it sounds like; a shinobi is able to enter their opponent's mind by locking eyes with them.

While in the opponent's mind, the shinobi can restore or remove information at will. Only two ninjas are capable of using it, and one of them is Kakashi. The power is just discussed in an anime arc, and, in fact, Kakashi is never shown actually using it. Hanare, the other shinobi who can use the power, tells Kakashi to use the technique her and that is the only clue viewers are given to this ability. The most casual fan would never know Kakashi can infiltrate minds like this.

Here is the first weakness in this list. This entry is likely one of the more controversial, again, some fans might see this as apparent. However, the fact that Kakashi has low stamina is lost on some of the more casual fans. Kakashi is not an Uzumaki, and he is not Sasuke, so in comparison, his stamina is way lower. He is capable of performing some incredible jutsu, and his taijutsu talent is off the chart. Still, the significant weakness Kakashi is overcoming is the fact he does not have the stamina depth that some of the most active characters do.

This prevents Kakashi from lasting long into battles at full strength like Naruto and Sasuke are capable of doing. However, Kakashi makes up for this by using his Anbu training to finish off an opponent before his stamina wears out usually. Say what? This entry is not a joke. Kakashi is actually capable of performing the Shadow of the Dancing Leaf, a move popularized by Rock Lee.

The move involves positioning oneself behind an airborne opponent. The move is not harmful to an opponent, but it can be combined into a more fatal combination. Taijutsu takes a lot of talent and speed to master any number of its more complex jutsus. However, it only appears in the anime mostly and goes unnamed.

The various video games gave the move a name based on a North American falcon. The technique basically involves the shinobi grabbing their opponent mid-air and driving them down to the ground in a pile driver like stance.

Sasuke is the only character shown doing this in the manga, but the anime shows a few other characters making the move as well. Kakashi is one of these characters, and he does it as well as Sasuke it seems. Since he only uses it in the filler arc, only true Kakashi fans likely remember this as part of his skill set. Fans are a few years removed from the series finale and with that time goes memories. Even the most faithful fan might forget one or two skills their favorite shinobi possesses.

With that logic, only true fans likely remember Kakashi mastering Kamui and the techniques associated with it. Kakashi initially has difficult accurately using this Mangekyo Sharingan technique, because it requires incredible accuracy. Kakashi is shown slowly mastering this technique, and once he does, it becomes a notable shinobi along a long list of users.

The move allows him to move things through space and time. Not everyone read the Kakashi Gaiden story arc. That fact will shock the biggest Kakashi fans, but some may fan likely skipped the story because they were confused about its purpose. With some casual fans missing that arc, only the true fans know of a critical weakness young Kakashi had growing up. The truth is Kakashi feared that breaking with the shinobi way and its rules could lead to his passing.

When he was young, his inability to bend the rules of the shinobi made him difficult to work with. The same stubbornness to the regulations put his friends in danger and caused a lot of grief for Kakashi down the road. That strict rule following was an exploitable weakness Kakashi had growing up that was shown in the Gaiden arc.

The Earth-Style Wall jutsu is a technique associated with the earth release. It forms a barricade or wall that separates the shinobi from their opponent. The third Hokage used this technique to shield himself from huge offensive attacks and slow his opponent.

However, Kakashi is shown using this technique differently and to a great extent. Kakashi can use multiple Earth-Style Walls to layer his defense or reinforce the captive shell around his opponent.

Generally speaking, fans only ever see the copy cat ninja use this technique as a capturing move to seal his opponent within the strong walls. It took Minato years to craft this unheralded A-rank technique and every person who masters the technique has struggled the same.

Kakashi is the forgotten master of the Rasengan. He learned it through his Sharingan and tried to infuse it with his lightning release.

The pairing never worked and its argued that this is why Kakashi created the Chidori. Though Kakashi shows an infinity for his incredible Lightning Blade, true fans remember that Kakashi is more than capable of using the Rasengan.

To access that kind of power takes incredible strength. A strength not many shinobi possess. This ability allows Kakashi to perform more powerful taijutsu moves and strike his opponent with more speed and strength.

This detail is quickly forgotten because Kakashi is only seen opening this gate less than a handful of times in the series. Kakashi is more similar to the Uchiha clan then most of his fans would care to admit. He is shown performing a number of the most popular Uchiha patented jutsu and techniques in the anime. Throughout some filler arcs, Kakashi displays talents usually reserved for the Uchiha clan. For instance, Kakashi is shown using the Great Fireball technique popularized by the Uchiha clan.

The clan already has an affinity for the fire release, and this is one of their more powerful techniques derived from it. Being that Kakashi is the copy cat ninja and consider remarkably gifted in the shinobi way, it is not hard to see how he learned this jutsu throughout his life.

In fact, it leaves many of the true fans wondering just how many jutsu he knows. However, Kakashi is not an Uchiha and, therefore, the Sharingan constantly drains his chakra. This makes the Sharingan an equal weakness as it is a strength. Kakashi is not able to stop his Sharingan from working, so to make up for that he covers that eye. This means Kakashi usually fights with only one eye, which makes his skills even more impressive when you think about it. When he does decide to use Sharingan, it will drain him and leave him exhausted for a while.

The power is a double edge sword Kakashi learns to deal with throughout the series, but casual fans forget the drawback to using it. Kakashi spent a lot of his life in the Anbu as a leader and dangerous assassin. Part of what made him so dangerous was his the Lightning Cutter, or Chidori, that gave off the sound of a thousand birds.

However, the Sharingan is a big reason that the technique works. The purple Electricity, or Violet Bolt, is the new lightning release that Kakashi comes up with to replace his Lightning Cutter.

Many fans likely forget about this power as it is only seen in the anime. This entry is a tad misleading and needs some clarification. In fact, fans consider it the exact opposite of Gentle Fist style.