Lords of the ring gay-Project MUSE - "Oh. . . oh. . . Frodo!": Readings of Male Intimacy in The Lord of the Rings

Along with recent reports that Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett,and the guy who plays Gollum are also Hobbit-ready, it would seem that the band, as they say, is really getting back together. For most of , McKellen kept us guessing about his involvement in the Lord of the Rings prequel the way some actors keep us guessing about their sexuality. Get over it! Was the joke that McKellen has played multiple movie roles and that can be confusing? McKellen teased me about wearing shorts complimenting my boyish calves, thank you very much and proved that he has a healthy sense of humor about himself.

Lords of the ring gay

Lords of the ring gay

Lords of the ring gay

Although they are of course inferior to the original book, they are still very good. Others tje even moved to crochet their own Gayspers. Frodo opened his eyes. People have a very, very hard time of it. Was Teen sized doll you? Any regrets? Instead, some of this erotic energy has re-emerged in the developing relationship between Frodo and Gollum, which is a main focus of The Two Towers. But o was a serious intent behind the real shirt. Institutional Login.

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Aragorn, son of Arathorn, pal of hobbits, scourge of orcs and wielder of a legendary sword, appears to have met his match in a tiny gay ghost.

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Catharine Stimpson claims that "[w]hen Tolkien does sidle up to genuine romantic love, sensuality, or sexuality, his style becomes coy and infantile" Found lacking in his representation of women and heterosexual relationships, Tolkien does not satisfy on other counts either. Stimpson declares, "[u]nlike many very good modern writers, he is no homosexual" Although Stimpson recognizes that "the most delicate and tender feelings in Tolkien's writing exist between men, the members of holy fellowships and companies" , this fact seems to become part of the general resentment and criticism of his inadequate representation of sexuality.

For Stimpson, Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings— or Tolkien himself, apparently—was neither homosexual nor heterosexual enough, and other critics echo at least the latter of these sentiments, if not both. The questioning of sexuality in Tolkien's story has intensified now that reception of the text has become complicated by the intertexts of the Peter Jackson films, the extended DVD versions of the films along with their commentaries, and the enormous outpouring of fan fiction and fan art that has been posted on the Internet.

For a book that is supposed to be devoid of adult sexuality, The Lord of the Rings has always elicited strong reactions focusing on sex. The male intimacy that Tolkien describes, particularly the relationship between Frodo and Sam, often has an unsettling effect on readers whose reactions may range from dissatisfaction to erotic excitement.

Neither of these extremes usually recognizes that the Frodo-Sam relationship reflects a historically contingent mode of British male friendship that belongs to the First World War. After examining the possibilities for male intimacy in that historical context, I will look at the contemporary predominantly British and North American reception of that friendship in film and fan fiction, where it is evident that the Frodo-Sam relationship continues to challenge categories of gender, sexuality, and male friendship.

Part of the difficulty in understanding Tolkien's representation of male friendship may be caused by those readers who assume that Tolkien's medieval idiom marks his book as belonging to a childish or adolescent genre, a throwback to Victorian and Edwardian medievalized stories for young boys. In fact, this connection between medieval literature and young readers predates even the nineteenth century. Ever since the early modern period, when medieval literature had been perceived as falling short of the standards of classical elegance required in polite literature, medieval stories were deemed good enough for children, who were given drastically reduced medieval tales in chapbook form.

By the late nineteenth century, however, in the midst of an unprecedented medieval revival, a flourishing children's publishing industry turned to medieval stories as a staple of children's reading and asserted their pedagogical value. Particularly influential was Andrew Lang's championing of the "survivals" theory that children represented a primitive stage in the development of civilized nations; by extension, then, the earliest, primitive literature of a nation, to be found in its medieval texts, was considered naturally suitable Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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Damian is horse-hung, so before you can say "Round 2," Glenn is jawboning the big slab. At any rate, he roughs Kelly up a bit and then feeds him some dick. Once again Blue Blake gets his straight bodybuilders in hot muscle-to-muscle man sex. Tolkien's novels "The Lord of the Rings". Damian is horse-hung, so before you can say "Round 2," Glenn is jawboning the big slab. From ManNet The "Lords of the Ring" is not, as the title might suggest, a take-off on the wildly successful fantasy movie series based on J.

Lords of the ring gay

Lords of the ring gay

Lords of the ring gay

Lords of the ring gay. Categories


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In both the original three-part novel by J. Tolkien and its recent cinematic adaptation, a hobbit named Frodo Baggins is able to realize his potential as a hero and save the world from ruination only by relying on the loving bond he develops with his steadfast companion, Samwise Gamgee.

Throughout the story, the two hobbits are openly affectionate, often described as sleeping together, holding hands, even sobbing with feelings of affection for one another. For example, while Frodo is ill and unconscious for days with a severe stab wound, Sam almost never leaves his side, holding his hand continuously. Frodo, my dear! Frodo opened his eyes. Was it you? It was not enough for him to find his master, he had still to try and save him. The deep, undying affection between the two hobbits is made even more explicit in an another scene, while Sam is observing an inner light in Frodo while he sleeps.

But I love him, whether or no. Perhaps here the author was remembering his own experiences of friendship amidst calamity as a British army lieutenant in the nightmarish trenches of World War I. Tolkien: A Biography. Tolkien survived his time on the front line, but almost all of his closest friends did not. It was partly in their memory that Tolkien began creating the mythology that would become the foundation for his epic. Tolkien created an incredibly rich and detailed fantasy world from which heterosexual romance is almost entirely absent, and none of the primary characters is married.

Instead, this world comprises a fellowship of nine single men all bound to each other by their solemn word, with the bond of Frodo and Sam at its core. Tolkien was open about his desire to create a new, living mythology for English culture in Lord of the Rings and related works.

Jung and subsequent psychologists, anthropologists, and literary critics have articulated. The Lord of the Rings vividly demonstrates this essential, painful aspect of the individuation process. Before he took possession of the ring, Gollum was a peace-loving, hobbit-like person, but now has devolved into a wild, emaciated, obsessive creature who can devour an entire live fish raw.

He offers a frightening mirror image for Frodo, who may face a similar disintegration if he fails to destroy the Ring. But only Gollum knows the way to Mordor, so Frodo must somehow develop a relationship with him in order to reach his destination.

Frodo is initially disgusted by this creature, even wishing his death, but he eventually develops a strong empathy for Gollum.

In the two films so far released, Jackson has elected not to show much of the homoerotic behavior that the novel describes as occurring between Sam and Frodo. Instead, some of this erotic energy has re-emerged in the developing relationship between Frodo and Gollum, which is a main focus of The Two Towers. This new depiction of Gollum, greatly enhanced through the use of breakthrough computer graphics, is a truly impressive sight.

With huge glistening eyes, he is virtually naked save for a tiny loincloth, the only bare-skinned body amidst a world of heavily clad and armored characters, almost phallic in his libidinal scrambling about. Here is a striking image for each gay man to consider as a possible reflection of his own inferior, infantile, crushed, gay shadow-self. Perhaps never before on screen has a hero had so much affection for such a grotesque character.

Yet in order to integrate the shadow and its hidden treasures a person must actively wrestle with it. This process can be assisted in yet another way by watching The Two Towers. Because Jackson has successfully applied an amazing hyper-realism to this fantasy character, Gollum seems utterly believable on screen. With some referencing to the original novel and a little erotic fantasy, gay filmgoers can restore the sexual union of Frodo and Sam as well as the other pairings, such as Merry and Pippin, Gimli and Legolas, Aragorn and Boromir.

The Lord of the Rings shows a world on the edge of apocalypse that is saved by one individual who learns to rely upon the everlasting support of his loving comrade while developing empathy for the most inferior creature in his world. Each of us can embark on our own psychological version of this journey in order to become more whole, self-actualized, and liberated, thereby modeling a new way of gay being and becoming for a deeply troubled and hateful world desperately in need of a more authentically loving alternative.

Roger Kaufman is a gay-centered psychotherapist intern working in a Los Angeles private practice. Log In My Account. Home Articles. Save the Planet! Gays for Trump? What Is Gender? Douglas: Who Was Gayer? Do You Surfer Boy? Tom of Finland: Sexual Liberator?

Lords of the ring gay

Lords of the ring gay