Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood-Fuck in the parking sex story | Free sex stories

How much are we spending annually on these company social events? I don't like attending company parties and avoided them whenever I could. Shelly laughed and replied, "You did. This is not a party, Gil. This is a Masquerade Ball.

Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood

Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood

She wondered how much semen he had planted inside the young girl. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under the legal Donna arrants of consent. After all incest was an act that society had stigmatized. If Macie was, Little Red, I still didn't know how she had knowledge of my rope skills. Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood you, Gabby Lowerred it's my turn. She had some training so that was good. She kissed him on his lips, something she had never done before. I took another coiled rope and rubbed it across her spread slit. He remembered on one particular night; he was ten-years-old and the thunder was so loud it shook the house so he ran to his sixteen-year-old-sister's bedroom and slipped under the covers and hugged her back. Perhaps you could give the speech, while I look after what you have to do," I chuckled.

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Your hood is connected to your inner lips. Vibrators are a great way to stimulate your clitoris and can be Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood helpful if you have a thicker hood that interferes with sensation. Make sure you finger her a little to get her natural vaginal lubrication onto her clit, or apply a really silky, non-sticky lube to her clit before you touch it with your hands. So, I did a weirdly aggressive amount of Craigslisting and was able to speak with a handful of women of different clitoral predispositions over email to find out what kind of stimulation their unique clit size and shape demands. Read this next. But if you Lowerd one of those aforementioned hooded Impala fender skirt, it may not move as easily, which could have an affect on the sensations you feel during stimulation. This swelling is usually enough to move your hood aside, exposing your Lowfred. Your clitoris contains over 15, nerve endings. What is a clitoral hood? For Celebritity sex tapes reason, women with medium, un-hooded suckee find themselves Lowerex to a wide array of touch tactics they feel are more likened to porn than they are to real life.

An unexpected thunderstorm, no pajamas, an inquisitive daughter, a small hand finds something hard.

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Wolfe is looking for a new pet. Lita Hood is looking for a new Dom, they meet, how will it work? Send all my calls to the service and call it a day.

He sat back in his leather chair, behind his granite desk. He wondered what he had gotten himself into. His appointment, a new potential pet for him to enjoy. All he knew about her was that she was needy, or that was the description his friend had given him. The friend was a fellow Dom, however he did not take the lifestyle as serious. He had a steady, vanilla girlfriend and only practiced on the side.

Apparently the new girl required more guidance and time than he was willing to sacrifice, so he had contacted Bart and referred him to her. The door opened. He sat up in his chair a little. His right elbow pressed into the arm of the chair, his right hand rubbed the stubble on his chin. At fifty, he still considered himself in good shape.

Although not as chiseled as he once was, his fast paced life allowed him to burn unwanted fat. The big oak door closed. He placed both arms on the desk and scooted his chair closer.

He watched as she walked in. Her heels clanked on the floor as she slowly approached his desk. She was dressed in a modest, church going dress. The top was buttoned at the bottom of her neck, the waist was tight enough to show off her thin hourglass figure. The hem went below the knee. He was pleased so far. She was a pretty girl. He guessed she was around twenty-five or twenty-six, with ginger red hair. Her face was pale, with high cheekbones, small button nose and thin lips. Freckles highlighted her face.

Her arms and legs matched her petite frame. Her hips were narrow, and her chest, although covered looked to be medium which pleased him. He stood and extended his hand and they shook before she took a seat in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

He sat down and planted his elbows on his desk. His fingers intertwined in front of his face as he watched her. You may call me Lita. She took a deep breath. He could tell she was nervous. Strike one, he thought.

He enjoyed a good laugh, but her giggle reminded him of a young school girl from his past. He hoped it was only because of her being nervous, because he would not tolerate much of it.

We both know what you are here for and it is a serious matter, to me. I do not take this lightly, and I will not waste my time on a meaningless affair. So before we can move forward, I need to know about you, I need to know what you expect, and then I will let you know what I require and expect, do you understand? I do understand. Again she took a deep breath, but without the giggle. I am twenty-eight years old. I am a physical therapist at Memorial Hospital.

I am an only child. My parents split before I was born and I was raised by my mother. She continued to tell him about herself. Where she had grown up, hobbies and etc. He began to understand why she was so needy. She had very little to do with her father, but she had father issues. She needed a father figure in a sense. He nodded his head, and made a few notes as she continued.

Sir, he like that. She had some training so that was good. There was something about her that intrigued him. He suddenly wanted this to work out. He hoped she was the one. He began giving her his information. His age, his hobbies and interests. At fifty, he had never been married and had no kids. He was a Senior Partner is a very successful corporate law firm.

After he finished they sat in quiet. He could tell she was in deep thought, as was he. So far, he was pleased with her. She was young, pretty and had some training. How much training he did not know. He thought it was time to test her obedience. Without hesitation, she stood. Her eyes immediately went to the floor, avoiding any eye contact. This was not a gesture he liked. He understood that some Doms did not tolerate eye contact with their pets, but he was different.

He liked eye contact, he liked seeing the need and lust in the eyes of his pet. Her crystal blue eyes immediately looked into his dark brown ones.

He smiled. So far so good, he thought to himself. She dropped to her hands and knees and crawled around the side of the desk.

Once she was behind the desk, without breaking eye contact, she rose to her feet. He smiled giving his approval of her actions. Even with closer examination, he was not able to tell much more about her body. He could tell that her legs were toned. He imagined her thighs and hips were tight from being on her feet in her profession. He desired to see more. Again without hesitation, she began to unbutton the buttons on her dress.

One by one she threaded each button through the buttonholes, never once breaking eye contact with him. Slowly her pale stomach was being revealed. Her stomach, like her face, was sprinkled with freckles. Once the last button was unfastened, she pushed the dress off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. Lita stood before him wearing nothing but a pink bra, panties and her high heels. He was not surprised to see how freckles covered her thin, toned body.

Her breasts, he imagined were a firm 34B, not too big and not too small. Her hips were narrow and her thighs were as tight as he imagined. He did notice a small patch of dampness between her legs, and he smiled. She was enjoying this as much as he was.

She reached back and unclasp the buckles on her bra. The straps fell down her arm and she quickly removed it and stood with her hands on her side.

He ran his fingers over his dry lips. Her breasts were firm and perky. Her pink areolas surrounded her pink eraser sized nipples, which were erect.

Look at that huge clitoris being stroked! Botox is often joked about and criticized as complicit in the perpetuation of damaging, unrealistic beauty standards. For some, the hood of the sweatshirt rests below the head, some have the hood up just a little, and some have that hood all the way around the head. What to Read Next Culture. That fold of skin, which is technically the upper part of the labia, is referred to as the clitoral hood, and it keeps the clit's 8, nerve ending from harm and irritation.

Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood

Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood

Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood

Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood

Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood

Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood. related stories

This helps your hood move smoothly over the glans and shaft of your clitoris. Yes, it does. When you become sexually aroused, your glans clitoris engorges, just like a penis. This swelling is usually enough to move your hood aside, exposing your glans. If your hood is larger, it may not retract as easily. This is usually a sign of clitoral adhesions. Adhesions form when bacteria, skin cells, and sebum build up under the hood.

According to research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine , more than 1 in 5 women who visit a sexual medicine practice has clitoral adhesions. If left untreated, adhesions can cause extreme pain and interfere with sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Washing more diligently can resolve or prevent clitoral adhesions. Generally, yes! Your hood is connected to your inner lips. If you place your fingers at the top of your lips and pull the skin up, you should be able to retract the hood enough to expose the glans clitoris.

You can also place a finger on each inner lip and spread them apart while gently pulling up toward your navel. Having a hood with more or thicker tissue may affect sensation, but manually retracting your hood or experimenting with different positions can remedy that.

Sometimes applying more pressure when you stimulate your clitoris over your hood may be all you need to up your pleasure. Some women actually prefer stimulation over the hood and find direct clitoral stimulation to be a little too intense. But they do seem to increase sexual desire and frequency of arousal.

If and how a clitoral hood piercing affects your sex life comes down to you. Personal preference, hood size and shape, and level of sensitivity vary from person to person. With the right moves, you can get the pleasure you crave and use your hood — no matter the shape or size — to your advantage. Use lube. Shop for lube. Let your fingers do the walking. Exploring with your fingers is the best way to learn how to get the most pleasure.

Try rubbing your clitoris over the hood and then rubbing it directly by using one hand to pull your hood back and expose your glans. Experiment with different amounts of pressure and strokes to see what works for you.

Taking your hood between your index and middle finger and sliding it up and down is one way to get some major enjoyment from your hood. Use a sex toy. Vibrators are a great way to stimulate your clitoris and can be especially helpful if you have a thicker hood that interferes with sensation.

Shop for vibrators. Find the right position. To try this, lie on your back. Your partner should angle their penis or dildo so that the upper shaft rubs against your clitoris as they thrust. When done properly, each thrust will slide your hood up and down or provide enough pressure over the hood to stimulate your clitoris.

This procedure, also called a hoodectomy or clitoral unhooding, is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the clitoral hood by removing excess tissue. The procedure is usually performed alongside a labiaplasty, which reduces the size of the labia minora. Recovery time varies from person to person.

You can expect some pain and discomfort while you heal. They can answer any questions you have, discuss potential risks, and potentially refer you to a reputable surgeon in your area. Female genital cosmetic surgery, when performed by a competent and certified plastic surgeon, has low complication rates and high patient satisfaction.

FGM refers to all procedures that involve the partial or complete removal of, or any injury to, the female genital organs. FGM is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of women and girls. They can discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have about sensation, pleasure, and cosmetic surgery. Clitoral atrophy may be one of the most underreported sexual health issues for women.

However, treatment is available. Talk to a doctor or healthcare…. Occasional clitoral itching is common and usually not a cause for concern. Oftentimes, an itchy clitoris is the result of a minor irritation. It will…. What's the clitoris and exactly how big is it? Think of it this way: you could use the tip of your pointer finger and that would be precise and direct, or you could horizontally place the pad of your thumb parallel to her clit and rub up and down, and that would be broad and flat.

This gently lifts my hood and gives my clit a bit of a stretch," one woman told me. Another told me she likes to use a Hitachi Wand to stimulate her clit, because the broad, round head kind of squishes her clit around under her hood, and the friction between her clit and hood feels great.

For many un-hooded women, direct vibration can be slightly more overwhelming or totally awesome if you do it right , but for hooded women, the added layer of skin means they can apply more varied methods of texture and vibration without the threat of oversensitivity.

This clit type is probably what you're most used to seeing in medical diagrams and on porn stars with perfect, surgically enhanced pussies, but still, it comes with its own unique needs. That's not the case," another Craisglist respondent with a medium un-hooded clit wrote me.

She's speaking to the fact that because this clit type is the most visually familiar, the people who handle them believe they have the greatest understanding of what to do with them. For this reason, women with medium, un-hooded clits find themselves subject to a wide array of touch tactics they feel are more likened to porn than they are to real life. They get the million-mile-an-hour flicky tongue, the window-wiper finger movement, and the awkward pinch-y thing.

Some women love these moves, but in reality, what women with this clit type really want is greater communication about their needs. The same is definitely true for all women, and you should never just assume that two women with the same clit want it touched the same way, but these women in particular expressed a desire to be asked by their partners what feels right. They also really liked the feeling of lips as opposed to tongues: "I love when my man lightly sucks on my clit with his lips," said one woman.

Makes sense; medium clits are usually big enough to suck on, and having a smaller hood only facilitates that. Moving on. Interestingly, the greatest amount of women I talked to on Craigslist self-identified as having a medium, hooded clit. When I asked them what type of stimulation felt best for them, many of them expressed a need for G-Spot stimulation in conjunction with clitoral stimulation.

This makes perfect sense. The hood of a medium clit may ever-so-slightly dull sensation, yet the vaginal stretch offered by G-Spot stimulation confers that pleasure inwards. I crave the feeling of a thumb or finger on my clit over the hood, slowly stroking it, while my partner simultaneously rubs me inside," a woman wrote to me. This is not to say that all women with medium hooded clits don't explode during oral sex, but the extra skin does invite a deeper tactile sensation, and the hood does mean you should consider going the internal-clit route too.

This move ostensibly feels great for nearly every woman, but Women with large clits wrote in that they liked it when their partners treated their clits like small penises, manually stroking them with lots of lube, or bobbing their mouths up and down on it. However, having a large clit doesn't necessarily make it more sensitive. One woman told me she's got a baby carrot down south and she's still never come from oral sex.

Bonus fun fact: For any clit type, it's ultra-important that things are slippery and wet. Make sure you finger her a little to get her natural vaginal lubrication onto her clit, or apply a really silky, non-sticky lube to her clit before you touch it with your hands. If you're just licking it, the moisture from your spit should be enough, but as a general rule of thumb: the wetter the better. I also wondered which types of clits partners preferred, so I asked some straight men and lesbians on Craigslist, and honestly I could not come up with a general preference.

Many people who eat pussy regularly find novelty in large clits, because they can be stroked and sucked not unlike small penises, but others relished in the sexual prowess they felt in themselves after being able to make a woman with a small clit come. Nobody mentioned a preference for medium sized clits, but I can only imagine this is because the question "What size clit do you prefer" kind of begs that people categorize their answers as either large or small.

So, no matter what you're working with under the hood or un-hood , all I have to say is be confident in what you have. Chances are, there are million other women with your same pussy, and a million other partners who crave the appearance, taste, and sensation your clit offers them.

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New Pet- Part 1 - punishment BDSM sub dom inspection

An unexpected thunderstorm, no pajamas, an inquisitive daughter, a small hand finds something hard. What's a father to do? Word Count: 16, Published: December 14 Several weeks after Gabby had her fifth birthday party, her father Simon was lying in bed. It was one o'clock in the morning and the thunderclaps that shook the house had woken him up. He lay there waiting for the next flash of lightning; he started counting under his breath after the room was lit up in a blaze of light. The approaching storm was just over a mile away.

When he was a little boy he hated thunder. It scared him and when his mother told him it was God who was angry at something, it made him more scared. He would dive under the covers and put his finger in his ears but he could never escape the feeling that the thunder was somehow stealing his breath from his lungs.

Thunderstorms had figured big in his life. He remembered on one particular night; he was ten-years-old and the thunder was so loud it shook the house so he ran to his sixteen-year-old-sister's bedroom and slipped under the covers and hugged her back. As he put his arm around her, his hand found her breast and it felt warm, soft and yet firm in his small hand. Then he felt something pressing into the palm of his hand, something soft and rubbery but was slowly getting firmer.

He started to pull his hand away but his sister put it back and squeezed it against her breast. Then he got the strangest feeling as his small penis started to get hard pressing into his sister's butt. She put her hand behind her back, and, after searching inside his pajama bottoms, she found his small erection; she put her hand around it and started to rub it. The feeling was overwhelming as his big sister masturbated him.

She felt a small jerk and her hand got a little wet with his semen. As he grew older his fear of thunderstorms disappeared and when he was sixteen, another thunderstorm brought his eight year old sister to his bed.

He spooned her with his hand around her small waist and his now slightly erect cock pressing into her back. He never forgot the wonderful smell of a young girl—the feel of her small body pressing against his and her tiny nipples under his palm. She was holding the right ear of her favorite stuffed animal in her hand, dragging its furry feet across the wooden floor. It was a rather tattered bear that he had given her for her fourth birthday, and she and Henry, as she called him, were inseparable.

Henry was about half the height of her and Simon had no idea where the name Henry came from. Henry's left ear was already missing as she had used it to drag him everywhere; now she was using the other ear and Simon had no idea what she would use next after that came off which inevitably it would as night follows day.

He pulled back the covers. I'll keep you and Henry safe and sound. Gabby climbed onto the bed and snuggled up against his back. Henry says thank you too don't you Henry? Simon hadn't counted on the storm and his daughter sleeping with him, so he started to get out of bed to put some pajamas on as he always slept naked.

The last thing he wanted was his daughter feeling his penis pressing against her bottom during the night or worse yet grabbing it subconsciously. He froze, not knowing what to do. His five-year-old daughter had her hand around his penis that was quickly reacting to the overt stimulus and was started to lengthen and thicken. Her body jerked, and she squeezed his penis as the room lit up with a flash of lightening.

She squeezed his penis again as a thunderclap shook the house. Simon's heart was thumping in his chest as his five-year-old daughter held his rapidly growing penis in her small hand. He heard the thunder start to weaken as the storm moved away. His penis was now fully erect, and Gabby still held it as she snored lightly.

He breathed a sigh of relief that she was asleep but his erection wouldn't go away. Finally after fifteen minutes, with his penis still in his daughter's firm grip, his eyes slowly closed and he slipped into a deep sleep.

Simon awoke at dawn with his daughter still holding his penis that was now fully erect again—his usual morning woody. Fortunately she was still asleep, so he carefully removed her hand and got out of bed. He rummaged through one of the drawers in the tallboy and found some pajama bottoms and put them on. After peeing he got back into bed and snuggled up to Gabby's back, bending his knees slightly to keep his erection away from her bottom.

She was hugging Henry. Sunlight streamed in through the window and fell on her gorgeous long auburn hair that was spread out like a fan on the white pillowcase. He still couldn't free his mind of the sensation of his five-year-old daughter holding his erection. It was incredibly erotic and stimulating, but he also knew it was terribly wrong.

But if it was so wrong why did his body tell him it liked it so much? He put it down to a natural auto-reaction. Simon loved his daughter beyond comprehension; he'd do anything for her, die for her if necessary, yet the nascent thought of incest, of having sex with his daughter excited him.

But wouldn't incest damage her emotionally? He struggled with the dichotomy. He put his arm around her. He froze. He had no idea what to tell her. Maybe if I brush her off she'll forget about it , he thought. She grabbed Simon's hand and, before he could resist, she lifted her nightie and put his hand on her plump pantied pussy.

The effect on him was instantaneous and caused a tectonic shift in his perception of his little girl. It was an incredible rush as he felt the plumpness of her young vulva through the thin cotton and the heat it radiated. His finger traced along her tight cleft; blood pounded in his head as he felt how plump her labia were. Then she gasped as the tip of his finger touched the tiny nubbin of her clitoris; he watched as she closed her eyes and started to mewl.

She lay there as the pad of his finger gently rubbed and pressed her little nubbin through the thin cotton gusset of her panties. He knew what he was doing was wrong, illegal, but he just couldn't help himself; it felt so good and he was making her feel good too. He cupped his face in both hands. I just committed the cardinal sin of all fathers, I've just molested my daughter. I touched my little girl's pussy and I'm now on the slippery slope to incest , he thought. He knew he had crossed a threshold that he never should have gone near, but the excitement—the incredible feeling he got from touching Gabby's small pussy was telling him that he loved it, and he knew right away that he was going to do it again.

The thought that she might tell someone was in the far recesses of his mind. He knew what she had felt when he touched her clit. It was a new sensation, one that she had never experienced before. His little girl had never had an orgasm and as he rubbed her tiny clit she was starting to experience the beginnings of one. He had now calmed back down and his penis had started to soften.

She ran and jumped on the bed, knocking Henry onto the floor. Simon picked it up and gave it to his daughter who he knew would have a lot of questions for him. She hugged Henry and said, "It felt really good when you touched me down there, but then I felt like I needed to pee but I couldn't. Why was that? At five years of age it was a little early for the birds and the bees talk, he thought, but maybe just the basics.

She hoisted her nightie and pulled her panties down. She parted her labia and looked at her pussy. He resisted the incredible temptation to actual touch her and show her where her clitoris was. His penis throbbed as he saw the bright-pink inside of her vulva with the dark red opening to her tiny vagina. If you rub it then it makes you feel nice and tingly, and if you keep rubbing it you'll get what's called an orgasm.

It might feel like you want to pee but you won't. She seemed satisfied for the moment with what Simon had told her; she gave him a quick kiss on his cheek and jumped off the bed and ran to her room dragging Henry behind her.

He sat there contemplating what had just transpired. He was now a pedophile and had committed an incestuous act with his five year old daughter. He tried to rationalize it; she hadn't minded in the least, in fact she seemed to enjoy it so what's the harm in that? After all incest was an act that society had stigmatized. In ancient Egypt, sex between brother and sister, father and daughter, mother and son, uncle and niece, and other combinations of relations were practiced among royalty as a means of perpetuating the royal lineage.

Two days later, just after Simon had tucked Gabby in and had read her a bedtime story, he heard her shouting from bedroom. Simon ran upstairs thinking she was somehow in trouble. As he entered her room he gasped as he saw her lying on her bed with her head propped up on a pillow and her nightie pulled up to her waist.

Her panties were at her knees and she had her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. He looked at her bald pussy with its prominent mons and tight slit. She had her finger where the opening to her vagina was and was rubbing it. Simon was torn, he knew he shouldn't; she was his five-year-old daughter for heaven's sake. But the sight of his little girl with her fingers in her small bald pussy was just so overwhelmingly sensual he couldn't resist.

Lowered head clitoris sucked pink hood