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Taking care of your health is like Adulting , and this includes mental health, emotional health, and sexual health. There are many different types of birth control, and while the primary purpose is to prevent pregnancy, it can impact other aspects of your life, too. According to Dr. If you're considering getting an IUD , here are a few ways that having one could impact your sex life. We've all been there: You're getting busy with your boo and then a little voice in your head starts nagging you with worries like, "Did I ever send that work email?

Merina sex

Merina sex

White: The first thing that your doctor does is to place a speculum inside your vagina, and this is an instrument that just holds the walls of your vagina apart so she can see your cervix. I joke that the starter pack for an IUD should be a box of panty liners and a 12 pack of se from Target. Merina sex highest doses of progestin IUDs, Camp male nudist sex story are the Mirena and the Lilettavery commonly cause women to have incredibly light periods, often only spotting or no periods at all. But you tend to have symptoms. A small but significant group said the Merina sex could lower libido. After that though you tend to only have the IUD checked once a year at wex time of your checkup. White: For women who are incredibly hormonally sensitive, it can make it worse. Now go fling yourself out of that plane! A c 3 tax-exempt organization.

Back shot ass. Can an IUD improve your sex life?

Redtube Premium. Taking Aleve unless you are allergic to Naproxen is very suggested. Postmarketing reports : Oligomenorrhea, irregular menstruation [ Ref ]. Medically reviewed by Drugs. Thank you for your Merina sex. I'm 18 and have never had kids and Merina sex don't have endometriosis but I have bleeding that has lasted for 6 months now the doctors The deepest throats xxx it is related to chrones and it was extremely painful and Merinx and I started taking norethisterone and it was amazing it stopped the bleeding and pain in about 3 days, in an attempt to stop the Merina sex and bleeding 4 days ago got the mirena it was incredibly painful to get put it and I'm still having cramps, bleeding and intense pain that I can feel in both the front and back of my body. I do have very intense period Merina sex normally so maybe I'm just accustomed to that sensation but just wanted to share my positive swx. I don't think sex interferes with the device in any other way though, it just moves the strings I hope. Porn Videos Recommended. I think yours is a legitimate concern. Drug Status Rx. Also have noticed that I get cramps way worse now then I ever did before during my period

I recently got an IUD before having penetrative-vaginal sex for the first time and had a lot of questions about how the device works.

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  • Medically reviewed by Drugs.
  • I am 21 and in a committed relationship and we like to have sex, well a lot.
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I recently got an IUD before having penetrative-vaginal sex for the first time and had a lot of questions about how the device works. While there are a lot of great resources online, there was no comprehensive guide to help quell my anxiety—so I decide to compile one of my own. Here, doctors and experts explain what to expect when you're jumping into the unknown and getting an IUD for the first time. To start off: it is safe to get an IUD, which is over 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy , at any level of sexual experience.

Four of them are hormonal—meaning they contain the hormone progestin—and one of them is non-hormonal, meaning it uses copper wire as a birth control method.

All five IUDs work locally, meaning the area of greatest impact on preventing pregnancy comes from its effects on the lining of your uterus. Most of it stays in your uterus. The hormonal IUDs that are out all have the same hormone, progestin, but have different levels of progestin in it. Consequently, they last for different numbers of years and have different effects on your period. The highest doses of progestin IUDs, which are the Mirena and the Liletta , very commonly cause women to have incredibly light periods, often only spotting or no periods at all.

White: Both estrogen and progestin can prevent pregnancy, although they work in slightly different ways. The biggest difference between the two is that estrogen-containing methods tend to have more predicable bleeding patterns—meaning less spotting and more regular, lighter periods.

The methods with progestin only are known for causing more breakthrough bleeding and irregularity. White: The first thing that your doctor does is to place a speculum inside your vagina, and this is an instrument that just holds the walls of your vagina apart so she can see your cervix.

I describe the IUD process as a series of three cramps. And then the last step is the IUD insertion itself. The IUD tucks into what looks like a very skinny soda straw, and that passes through the opening of your cervix and the IUD pops out the other end. White: The speculum does go into the vagina, and the hymen does cover the entrance into the vagina. It is very uncommon for women to get to their teenage years without the hymen naturally opening.

White: Yes, absolutely. It will just involve a process to actually cut through the hymen. Which means it might not be able to happen in the office and might need a procedure in a procedure unit. A lot of it is the size of the speculum the doctor uses, how slowly they go, and how relaxed you can make the muscles in your pelvis. I do know that there are a lot of [more limited] healthcare providers will then refer out to an organization like Planned Parenthood, for example, who will provide all of the options available.

If your provider is putting up barriers to that, it's worth asking, "Is this the right provider that aligns with the needs of my health? White: First, having a provider or a nurse practitioner that you really trust and feel comfortable with and always be[ing] honest about what your sexual activity has been like. The other trick that works for some women is they place the speculum themselves, that way you get to control how fast you put it in.

White also said you can also always ask for your doctor to use a smaller speculum if the one they're using feels too painful. You could just take a high dose of Advil, so you could take four tablets which would be milligrams of ibuprofen about 30 minutes to an hour before the procedure [to help reduce some of the cramping]. For some women, para-cervical block is very painful [getting injected].

It does tend to get better after the first months, and women who have a hard time with the cramping can get a prescription for an anti-inflammatory—like ibuprofen or naproxen—from the doctor and start taking the medication even before their period starts. And that can be really effective with an IUD.

I joke that the starter pack for an IUD should be a box of panty liners and a 12 pack of underwear from Target. Ghodsi: If you have a copper IUD then for sure, no spotting by that point.

You might just notice that you have heavier periods than you did before. For people who have the hormonal IUD, unfortunately, sometimes they still have spotting. White: The vagina is longer than you expect. I always say that, you know, after a glass of wine, lay down in bed with your knees bent and then try to place a finger in as far back as you can.

And then you can feel around in that area. But if you have a partner, you could also have your partner try to feel them. White: I think it depends on the woman. Because you should be getting enough foreplay—and even lubrication—before you let someone inside you for the first time. Your first is not the time for a quickie; this is the kind of time where you want a lot of playing around before actually reaching intercourse.

But having an IUD placed lasts a lot less time than sex. Most people do have sex for more than about three minutes. Maybe not if their partner is a teenage boy, but normally it lasts a little bit longer than that. I have heard women talk about post-sex spotting when they have an IUD, especially in the first few months. White: The birth control pill, which might have given you nice, regular periods that are very predictable with not a lot of cramping, you may be trading now for irregular bleeding and the increased cramping that we talked about.

The birth control pill also has other benefits on our skin with regards to helping decrease acne. I think those are the three major things: bleeding, cramping, and acne. White: For women who are incredibly hormonally sensitive, it can make it worse.

And some people use a copper IUD and the pill. They use the copper IUD as the better birth control, and they use the pill for their skin. After that though you tend to only have the IUD checked once a year at the time of your checkup.

First of all, you tend to notice that. You tend to have, all of the sudden, a lot more cramping, a lot more bleeding, or both. Because there might be signs the IUD is starting to expel. And secondly you might feel it actually coming into your vagina. If you use tampons you might notice something in your vagina. But you tend to have symptoms. White : Yes, you can with the copper IUD.

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Mia Feitel. What are the differences between what those two hormones can do to your body? But what about the numbing shot, cervix dilation pill, or spray I've heard some doctors use to reduce pain? Why does the IUDs cause more cramping in the first couple months after insertion and for the copper one, beyond?

At what point should you be concerned about spotting? What should you expect happening after the first six months? Do you have any advice for that? If you become sexually active for the first time during the first months after insertion, what is normal to expect with bleeding? Can some of the hormonal IUDs cause cystic acne? If something is wrong with the IUD after insertion, how would you know? Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Beware the Wisconsin Ghostographer.

I like the idea aout not having to take a pill each day and my period has not come on since three months after having it put in. Postmarketing reports : Stroke, syncope , IUS insertion related vasovagal reaction or seizure [ Ref ]. And I kept getting itchy. The beginning of the procedure was a bit uncomfortable but nothing I couldn't handle. I honestly have been extremely happy with it I had post partum depressen and it helped my emotions. This week I have had sharp pains everyday and I really believe its the Mirena. So do not assume it is the same for every woman.

Merina sex

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I had a visit with my doctor today and I asked her about and she had reassured me that it could not be moved by vigorous sex. I have found a few cases looking though reviews where other woman's have shifted. If it was from sex or not they can not completely prove, but that is what they all think made it happen. Shifting of Mirena is one of my greatest concerns along with the hormone it has in it. So, my search continues for other stories. When I have mine taken out I will admit I will miss it.

I have not had a period at all since I had it put in. Hopefully you'll find what works for you! I'm 21 and I'm having lots of pain with my mirena, I'm worried it may be lodged in my cervix Has anyone else experience a sharp kind of pain and very gunky discharge?

I had Mirena put in almost a week ago since I also have difficulties remembering to take a pill Mirena has a higher rate of preventing pregnancy as well I have never had children, and while it is preferred it is NOT necessary for a woman to previously have children to have Mirena. One of my best friends who also does not have children recommended it to me. While I have not had sex yet still sore since getting it placed I do know that sex will not cause it to "slip out" or embed in the uterus.

Think of it like a foreign organism, your bodies natural response is to reject this new "threat" that is unknown in order to protect itself from a possible virus or infection. No amount of excessive movement will cause it to fall out. The strings should soften as time goes by and at times can be felt by a sex partner, if the strings have been cut too short then that can cause the problem of them "disappearing" but should be checked by your gynecologist in case the device has became embedded.

Other than that, the strings should not go past the cervix. I would suggest to keep them the recommended length and not have them cut short, otherwise it will be very difficult to have it removed. Now, since you have not had children, and I can tell you from experience that placing Mirena is very painful.

The cramps can last a couple of days and you may get nausea as well. Taking Aleve unless you are allergic to Naproxen is very suggested. Make sure that your gyno also gives you an anxiety or pain medication.

If you have a good gynecologist they will implant Mirena while you are on your period, if not trust me on this one it is excruciatingly painful the first day. After the first couple of days you will experience discomfort. As far as sex goes my friend that recommended it to me has a normal, active, and very satisfying sex life. If it causes discomfort during sex I would recommend talking to your gynecologist.

I am 37yrs old and had my first baby 8 weeks back. I had it placed last week and literally did not feel the insertion AT ALL, so please stop scaring people. Everyone is different. I had no cramping or discomfort whatsoever, but can't say if I spotted after its insertion because I am still lightly bleeding after baby called lochia. Husband and I plan to try sex for the first time sometime this week, as my doctor DID warn not to the first week because she said he WOULD feel the strings and 'hate me'.

She let me feel the ends of the strings before insertion and it was comparable to two long toothbrush bristles. Understandably, that doesn't feel great stabbing at the tip of a sensitive penis! Also, she just said to check them every 2wks for the first 6, then monthly. And to call if I have any questions of concerns. The odds of anything bad happening are VERY slim. I really like and trust her, and therefore am not worried at all.

Again, everyone is different, I just wanted to share my experience thus far. Good luck to us all! Cchaney, of course you didn't feel it. She specifically stated that it was painful for her, because she had never had children.

Her cervix has never been opened, and she has never had anything in her uterus. I had my paraguard inserted a year ago never having had any children before , and it was very painful. Several of my friends who have never had children stared their insertion was extremely painful as well. One ended up fainting.

The reason SOME doctors not all recommend to wait until after childbirth to have an iud is because of this and the uterus of a woman who has never been pregnant is also very different than someone who has, and expelling is more common in these woman.

I had mirena iud put in yesterday at docs office. I had been bleeding for months and after many tests and ultrasounds, was told i had a fibroid. I had a c-section 7 mos ago and bled since. Doc told me at the time i had the fibroid! Don't know why it took so long to come to the same conclusion?! Anyway, it was finally suggested to try mirena. It hurt getting put in and i have had two kids, 1 vag, 1 c-section. So i guess it just depends on the person.

I am so cramped now and starting to worry about how sex and orgasm are going to be. Kind of regretting it because it hurts and now i see that women have had problems!

The ONLY reason i did this was to stop the bleeding. I'm 42 and had a tubal ligation during my c-section. Anyone else with a similar story? I guess I'm trying to see how likely it is to get better!

I just had one inserted 36 hours ago. The beginning of the procedure was a bit uncomfortable but nothing I couldn't handle. It was just a new sensation of cramping lasting for about 20 seconds as he first touched the cervix with his instruments. I did not feel the insertion at all. That part was completely painless. I have also never had any children. I had light spotting for the first evening but no uncomfortable cramping to report this far. I do have very intense period cramps normally so maybe I'm just accustomed to that sensation but just wanted to share my positive experience.

It was virtually a pain free process for me. I had 2 c-sections 18 and 12 yrs ago. I recently broke up with my ex of 10 yrs and tried getting pregnant for the last couple yrs but did not happen. I am now with a new partner and got the iud in July. I had bleeding almost eveyday for the first month..

It's so uncomfortable. I know this post is a little old but wanted to share my experience. I had mind just 7 weeks ago. I went back 2 weeks later to get the string's cut. I bleed for 35 days then it finally stopped. I got it to help with fibroids.

Good luck to all. Ik this is an old post but I thought I would go ahead and respond. I have had mirena in me for over a year and i have had no side effects during sex..

Best part after a few months I stopped getting my period yay! I've had mirena now for almost 4 months. I don't know if it's because of the mirena or because of coming off the pill, but sex has been mind blowingly amazing. I am a 40 year old mother of 3 and I am just glad to be having mind blowingly good sex on a daily basis!!!

I have a question for everybody with the mirena. I got the mirena, exactly 6 weeks after i had my daughter. And for the first 8 months, i did not have my menstruation. However, soon after i hit my 9 months mark, i got it. And it won't stop. It is heavier than ever before. And i've been on menstruating for 2 weeks now.

I went to my health care provider, and she could not find it. Neither could the pelvic ultrasound people, when she sent me there. So, it's lost. Tell me, how far can the mirena travel in one's body? It could travel up towards your bladder puncture and cause rectal issues I would see a specialist to find it before the problem gets worse and call the mirina lawsuit.

I'm 22, just got Mirena about a week ago and after my first time having sex with it in place, the strings are gone. I'm going to go try to find them again tonight and I'm hoping they come back down, but right now I'm really afraid that they've gone into my uterus. I don't think sex interferes with the device in any other way though, it just moves the strings I hope.

I have still had cramping this whole week and I got a small sharp pain in the same place several times today already and it's starting to freak me out. I often struggle with finding the strings on my IUD and I get very paranoid.

I don't want a pregnancy scare! I've done a lot of research and read plenty of reviews, but because it is different for each person, I wasn't exactly sure how to handle my situation.

I was reassured by my Dr. So I called my Dr. This how I found your question. As I talked to my Dr. I am awaiting my normal period as my time creeps closer, but so far I've only had random days of very light spotting. I hope this helps you! I am 39 and have had Mirena for 4 and half years. I like the idea aout not having to take a pill each day and my period has not come on since three months after having it put in.

I have begin to spot in these last few months. I do believ ethat sex can move the mirena. My husband always complains that he strings are poking him and sometimes during and after sex I have pain and there is bleeding. About two years ago I rushed to the emergency room with severe abdominal pains and they found nothing wrong but assumed that I was suffering from PID and didn't pull the Mirena out. I followed up with my GYN and he said that it may have pinched something but it was still in place.

This week I have had sharp pains everyday and I really believe its the Mirena. I think I am going to have it removed and switch to something else. I can hardly move and its hurts to sneeze and breathe. I don't think its a wrong or right answer because we all have different bodies and will have different experiences with it.

I do know of someone who had to have it surgically removed. I've been using mirena copper IUD almost 7 months now. The mattress mambo, no issues, can't feel it, but recently getting sharp poking like a plastic needle inside, not constant. I have had a child, but emergency c-section, so uterus never opened, it was painful insertion.

I've had nothing but issues, bleeding more than I was normally, just to be told, its apparently normal with this. Fast forward, get cramps now, never did before. And I kept getting itchy. I'm allergic have the symptoms, never diagnosed to nuva ring, and similar issues with this. Dr refused to remove, would cost the insurance too much of a loss. I'm in a small town and the only gyno doesn't want to remove it, so waiting until I move.

Anyways, I've been searching online and I can't find anything about sharp pains feeling, like poking. Sorry kinda hijacked your post, not intentional,. But apparently all was well. I don't believe severe pain and sharp stabbing sensations are normal. You can get anything removed that you want- Drs must respect the patients rights and it does not ever matter what will be easier on insurance.

Get it out if you feel that the Mirena is causing the problems. My body is still adjusting so I'm still in limbo for now. I don't care what Drs say about it effecting you- it does! It's a foreign object within your body ejecting hormones that wouldn't be there normally.

Thanks, that's what I'm gonna do, remove it. I'm in a long term relationship now with someone snipped, so need for it anymore. They must respect a patients wishes- I work in medical and know all about patient rights. And insurance certainly has nothing to do with getting it out, unless it must be surgical. But honestly, your health comes first!!! I have Mirena now and I've had it for almost 2 years.

The strings in mine I can no longer feel but the Mirena is still in place. I bled and cramped for about 3 weeks after insertion.

I am 22, no kids, engaged and in reply to the original post Before I had my Mirena placed, I had Nexplanon for 3 years and it was horrible. Super heavy periods every months, horrible cramping, and right after my 2 year mark with Nexplanon A few months after, I made the switch to IUD!

I love it. I know this is an older post but I feel the need to reply to this. I had the Mirena IUD inserted in Afterward sex was painful for me and the strings annoyed my husband. After about 3 years the pain during intercourse didn't go away but I built up a tolerance to it. Other than that I had no issues with the Mirena until time came to remove it. The IUD broke when the doctor pulled on the strings. I had to have a hysteroscopy guided procedure to get the fragmented IUD out and now after 2 months sex is painful yet again.

But just because this happened to me doesn't mean it will happen to you. My main advice is to weigh the pros and cons of the Mirena vs the pill vs the shot and figure which fits into your lifestyle the best. It was the best thing I ever did I wish I had it removed 18months ago! I think that the Mirena coil is good but if you get pain, have it removed so that you can determine if that is causing the pains or not.

Everybody is different. Are you finding the Norethisterone helps with your endometriosis pains? I'm 16 and have just had the mirena inserted in a desperate attempt to stop the intense pains and spreading of my endo tissue, just so I can finish school. Now I'm reading all these horror stories about how it can cause infertility and pain during sex etc!

I'm not yet sexually active, but that wouldn't be fun if it's true!

How Does An IUD Affect Your Sex Life? Here Are 4 Changes You Might Not Expect

We already know that IUDs are really good at preventing pregnancy. But are they good for your sex life? My research colleagues and I recently interviewed 50 women ages 18 - 29 to get their perspectives on how IUDs might affect sexuality. But there were some common themes:. For many participants, there were sexual benefits of feeling extremely protected against unwanted pregnancy.

Some participants talked about IUDs allowing for more spontaneous sex, particularly compared to methods you have to use in the heat of the moment like condoms and withdrawal. The women we interviewed emphasized the importance of using condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections STIs , but they also had used condoms for pregnancy prevention either as a back-up or primary method.

While condoms work great for many couples, some dislike how they affect sex and prefer not to use them. For example, one woman said she and her partner had used the pill as their primary birth control, but they sometimes used condoms for additional protection—particularly if she had missed a pill.

Once she started using the IUD, she said they no longer felt like they had to use a condom for back-up protection, and their sex life improved as a result. A small but significant group said the pill could lower libido. In comparison, an IUD could have a more positive effect on interest in sex. Those who had actually used an IUD were much less likely to report this phenomenon, so secondhand stories about IUD string issues were much more common than personal experiences.

It was reassuring to hear that despite all the stories, the strings were rarely an actual problem for the folks in our study. Pro tip: If the string is a concern for you, ask your provider to leave the strings long and coil them around the cervix. These changes can be a big turn-off—both generally and in terms of sex. Talk to your provider for more info. If this is a deal-breaker, consider a hormonal IUD. To me, the take home message is that sexual pleasure can be an important factor in choosing a birth control method.

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Merina sex