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National angus semen supply

National angus semen supply

National angus semen supply

National angus semen supply

National angus semen supply

Download Catalogue. Approved All prices are subject to change without notice. Our clients find that it is easier to contact us to purchase AI certificates from one source as opposed to contacting various sources for AI certificates from multiple bulls. His heifers mature early and have National angus semen supply milk. Some owners include the A. He has balanced and believeable EPDs, exceptional carcass with powerful structure and an incredible phenotype. He is Naitonal perfect height and weight for a Dexter bull. Thoroughly clean manure from and around Free pornos for psp vulva with a paper towel prior to inserting the AI syringe.

Goddall rubber. RED LAZY MC TRADITION 111C

Agriculture Future of America. Submit your entries online today: […]. Tyler Babbs works on a tailhead. Danny and Courtney Zehr of Wisconsin have a livestock show style […]. I will be looking for new bull prospects for and sale calves for our fall online sale at our headquarters in Virginia. NASDA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit association which represents the elected and appointed commissioners, secretaries, and directors of the departments of agriculture in all fifty states and four U. Kentucky Beef Expo — Angus Click below to view! The Angus Foundation will host the 18th annual golf tournament […]. Diaper pales you have your tralier packed yet? Land O'Lakes, Inc. San Antonio — Jr. Chairman of the Board really excels for National angus semen supply and National angus semen supply being awesome headed, long fronted and extremely balanced from front to rear. To view more photos, visit photo.

His calves consistently average about 85 lbs.

  • We are proud to be sourcing from around the world and sharing with other breeders, the most current, Australian beef industry relevant, Red Angus genetics.
  • JrAngusAssoc The first follower is just as important as the leader.
  • Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer […].
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Contact us directly by telephone, email, facsimile or on our website to order semen from these or any of the genetically superior beef sires in our listing.

In addition to our extensive inventory of beef semen, Bovine Elite, LLC can also provide you with all the equipment and supplies that you will need for your AI program, including estrus synchronization products, liquid nitrogen tanks and complete AI kits.

Contact us for a complete listing of our AI equipment, or refer to our website: www. UPS will pick up our shipping containers at your door within one to three days after your order is delivered. On all sales orders over ten total straws, no packing, handling or lab fees are charged. Overnight shipments are available through UPS for an additional fee.

When time is short and specific delivery times must be guaranteed, Bovine Elite, LLC recommends this option. Please contact us for all shipping fee quotations. All prices are subject to change without notice. We will answer any questions that you might have about our products and how to place an order. Bovine Elite, LLC only accepts a bank wire for payment on all international orders and all orders are prepaid. Bovine Elite, LLC will prepare all documentation necessary to export your order.

This documentation takes from two to four weeks after a firm paid order is placed. Shipments will originate from our office in College Station and will be shipped from our freight forwarder in Houston, Texas. Contact us for current prices and to place your order. You can also place your order online, but we will be contacting you by telephone to verify some information.

Make sure that you have your Angus Member Number available when ordering. All Angus certificate orders are prepaid and will be transferred electronically to your member account as soon as possible. We will service your order as quickly as possible, but if we do not have all the certificates necessary to fill your order, it may take more time. A typical order for certificates that we have on file will show up in your account in approximately three working days from the day placed and confirmed.

Since we do not profit from the sale of each certificate, we charge a small service fee for all certificate orders. Our clients find that it is easier to contact us to purchase AI certificates from one source as opposed to contacting various sources for AI certificates from multiple bulls. If you do not understand this policy, ask us to explain it again when you contact us.

Concerning Signing Fees for Charolais bulls, we do not provide the signing for each and every bull listed in our lineup. Review our Charolais listing on our website and pay particular attention to the AI Signing section for each bull listed.

There will be listed the source of the AI Signing for each bull and the contact telephone number. Please have your AICA account number and the name on that account available at the time of your order. Most Brahman A. Certificates are provided by the owner of the bull. Some owners include the A.

Certificate with the semen, while others charge a nominal fee for each A. Certificate to cover the ABBA fees. Contact us for specific information on bulls that you need certificates for.

Expected progeny differences EPDs provide estimates of the genetic value of an animal as a parent. Specifically, differences in EPDs between two individuals of the same breed predict differences in performance between their future offspring when each is mated to animals of the same average genetic merit. EPDs are calculated for birth, growth, maternal, and carcass traits and are reported in the same units of measurement as the trait normally pounds.

EPD values may be directly compared only between animals of the same breed. In other words, a birth weight EPD for a Charolais bull may not be directly compared to a birth weight EPD of an Angus bull unless an adjustment is made to account for breed differences. Breed associations calculate EPDs using vast amounts of data collected on economically important traits. The power of this data is tremendous. Breeders need to remember that EPD values are not exact, and that actual progeny differences will vary from the predicted EPD values.

Therefore, breeders should look to use bulls with high accuracies more heavily than bulls with low accuracies. Armed with sire summary data, you can use this as a tool to make breeding decisions based on documented records for a variety of traits and breed cattle that work in your program.

EPDs are designed to compare sires within the same breed. Accuracies closer to 1. A higher number is desirable. Reported in pounds, a lower number is desirable. Reported in pounds, a higher number is desirable. Reported in pounds, a higher number is generally desirable. DMI - Dry Matter Intake expressed in pounds per day, is a predictor of difference transmitting ability for feed intake during the post-weaning phase, compared to that of other sires.

Reported in inches, ideal values vary depending on production environment. Reported in centimeters, a larger number is desirable. Docility Doc - is expressed as a difference in yearling cattle temperament, with a higher value indicating more favorable docility. In herds where temperament problems are not an issue, this expected difference would not be realized. Reported as a percentage, a higher value is desirable.

Weak udder suspension results in pendulous udders that make it difficult for a calf to nurse. Oversized teats are difficult for newborn calves to nurse and the calf may not receive adequate colostrum. Expressed as a deviation in the proportion of the ten-possible calvings to twelve years old expressed as a probability. Reported in pounds, ideal milk values depend heavily upon the nutritional environment of the herd.

Reported in pounds, higher numbers are generally desirable. A larger value is more favorable when comparing two animals more dollars saved on feed energy expenses.

HP - Heifer Pregnancy Angus, Red Angus , is a selection tool to increase the probability or chance of a sire's daughters becoming pregnant as firstcalf heifers during a normal breeding season. Herds MkH indicate the number of herds from which daughters are reported. Daughters MkD reflects the number of daughters that have progeny weaning weight records included in the analysis. Mature Weight EPD MW - expressed in pounds, is a predictor of the difference in mature weight of daughters of a sire compared to the daughters of other sires.

Mature Height EPD MH - expressed in inches, is a predictor of the difference in mature height of a sire's daughters compared to daughters of other sires. Heifer Pregnancy HPG - predicts the probability of heifers conceiving to calve at two years of age. Many breeds offer genetic predictions of yearling bull scrotal circumference as an indicator of age of puberty. While puberty is a prerequisite, many factors influence pregnancy rate.

Carcass Traits — EPDs for carcass traits are calculated using weighted averages of yearling ultrasounds and progeny carcass data. Reported in degrees of a marbling score, higher values are desirable. Reported in square inches, larger numbers are generally desirable. Reported in inches, lower values are desirable.

It provides a multi-trait approach to encompass ribeye, fat thickness and weight into an economic value for red meat yield. Indexes Simmental All-Purpose Index API , expressed in net dollars returned per cow exposed, evaluates Simmental sires being used on the entire cowherd bred to both Angus first-calf heifers and mature cows with a portion of the daughters retained for breeding and the steers and remaining heifers fed and sold on a carcass grade and yield basis.

With the exception of shear force tenderness , all EPDs are considered in this index. Terminal Index TI , expressed in net dollars returned per cow exposed, evaluates the merit of sires when bred to mature Angus cows and all progeny are fed and sold on a carcass grade and yield basis. Consequently, maternal traits such as milk, stayability and MCE are not considered in this index.

The potential profitability of the sire is measured by the incidence of live calves at birth. Moderate mature size is also emphasized in the index. This multi-trait index assumes the sire will be mated to a mix of heifers and cows and attempts to measure profitability when progeny are sold on the fed market. Overselection may cause detrimental harm to longevity, reproductive efficiency, and fleshing ability. Shorthorn females can likewise be gauged at adding value to British or British-composite bulls of other breeds.

A balance of growth and carcass traits is desired with a strong maternal component aimed at optimum reproductive efficiency and cow longevity. No emphasis is placed on fertility as all calves are harvested.

CE and MCE carry significant weight along with fertility. Little emphasis is placed on growth with less on carcass. This index is specifically designed to be used in a heifer program.

GridMaster Index While Red Angus has traditionally been known as a superior maternal breed, those who have retained ownership in Red Angus calves know of their potential to excel in the feedyard and ultimately hang a premium carcass.

The TSI uses estimates of the genetic relationships between traits with an economic default value based on three year rolling USDA data. This dollar index is to be interpreted much like single trait EPD. Additional Terms: Homozygous Polled - This individual is polled and carries two polled genes.

The animal will sire all polled offspring regardless of whether the other parent is horned or polled. Heterozygous Polled - The individual is polled but carries both a polled gene and a horned gene. The animal will sire both polled and horned calves. Homozygous Black - This individual will always pass on a black gene for color to his offspring. When bred to a diluted cow, this bull can still sire gray color patterns.

Nondiluter - This individual does not carry the diluter gene and therefore will not pass on the diluter gene to his progeny. P — Pedigree Estimate.

Just Win Baby! You should neither act, nor. Have a question for us? Perfect to use on those carrier cows to make steers or heifers or on maternal based cows to produce extremely valuable replacement females. Merck Animal Health Merck aspires to be the best healthcare company in the world and are dedicated to providing leading innovations and solutions for tomorrow. National Jr. To view more photos, visit photo.

National angus semen supply

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Megan Pelam! Angus Hill cattle check-in begins at am this morning and closes at pm Shared from the American Angus Association. Reserve Angus Steer Sire: Blue […]. Photos Coming Soon! Reserve Angus Heifer […]. Reserve Angus Heifer Lazy H […]. Reserve Angus […]. Congratulations to Jase Stagemeyer! Reserve Angus Steer Sire: […]. Kathryn Coleman accepts champion female. Wesley Johnson works on […]. Garrett Cloud working hard or hardly working?

Do you need photos from the National Jr. Angus Show? Make sure to order your prints from Pearl at […]. Congratulations, Adam! Congratulations to […]. Congratulations to Dawson Dal Porto on your Reserve […]. Great […]. In the summer of , we introduced the Stock Show University, Ultimate Fitting Challenge, where we showcased the talents of […].

Bryce Fitzgerald pulls […]. Kole Lorentz focuses on perfecting the tailhead. Judge, Courtney Zehr talks with Team Colorado. Ethan Dickerson breaks out the big […]. Tom Burke gives opening remarks at the Opening Ceremonies. Danny and Courtney Zehr of Wisconsin have a livestock show style […].

Contest sign up: […]. Sullivan Supply is at the Nationals Jr. Angus Show all week long! Come by and visit with Sullivan Supply Show […]. All day — Cattle may begin arriving, set up stalls and move-in all day p.

Register by June 15! Register […]. The Angus Foundation will host the 18th annual golf tournament […]. Calling all juniors! Make sure to get your application in! Submit your entries online today: […]. Click Here. Tuesday, May 15th is the ownership and early-bird deadline for the National Junior Angus Show and contests. Submit your entries […]. Vote for your favorite submission by liking, commenting or sharing the photo.

Check out the careers section […]. The Indiana Angus Association needs your help! This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the National Junior Angus Show, and […]. Proceeds support junior members and there are many […]. Be sure to take full […]. Have you heard? NJAA members have an easier and more efficient method to sign up and enter their contest materials […].

We are officially less than 90 days away from the […]. Congratulations […]. Congratulations to Whitney […]. Five young ladies competed for the […]. There is online voting going on now that allows for everyone to be the judge in the Big E Virtual […]. Breakfast — Varied Industries Building a. Maddy Udell is all smiles as she and her heifer capture the final division title of the day. Sydney Wisnefski […].

Trade Show and Silent Auction opens — Varied […]. Thank you for […]. Trade Show and Silent Auction […]. Trade Show and Silent Auction Open […]. Angus Foundation Golf Tournament […]. Ella Jordan shares her prepared speech about […].

Co-Show […]. Brigham Stewart and Megan Collison are couplegoals. Luke […]. Zombie Burger With a humorous horror theme and lots of different items to choose from, this is a place we […]. The Tiger Tooth Teflon! The comb of choice for Mr. Dan Kelley of Express Ranches! Chad Oates working on the […]. Paige Lemenager competes for Grand Champion Bred […]. Sullivan Supply products are the first choice for Sydney Schnoor and her crew getting her reserve champion heifer ready before […].

Professor Brigham Stewart educates attendees on proper showmanship techniques. Jeremy […]. Ty, Nikolyn and Brazos Williams have some family bonding time at the stalls. Jeremy Clark trying out some new calf […]. Sullivan Supply Salesman, Trevor Biley, works hard to sharpen blades so exhibitors can use them during the week.

The Mentoring […]. Fred Penick is working double time this […]. Mason Walker of Arkansas […]. Stop by our location in […]. If your looking to do a little gallivanting around Grand Island, Neb. All day Cattle may begin arriving, set up stalls and move-in all day p.

One week away from NJAS! Do you have your tralier packed yet? Below is photos of panels in the […]. Click […]. Thats a wrap on the National Junior Angus Show. Congratulations to all the exhibitors and show coordinators on a […]. We thank you […]. Allison Manchester selected as Champion Showman. Madeline Taylor in the showmanship finals.

Congratulations to these top 5 winners in the showmanship competition. Another day down at the National Junior Angus Show. Tomorrow the owned heifer show wraps up. Judges Kevin Jensen and […]. Last night to cap off a full day of shows was the team fitting contest! Check out some of our […]. Austin Woltemath with a look of intensity. Reed McCormick from Iowa during the competition.

Reid Shipman and Allison Manchester both […]. Top 15 Showmanship Finalists that will compete in the finals on Saturday morning. National Junior Angus Show a. Not a member? Join Our Membership. The Angus Convention is a gathering place for all quality-minded cattle producers and friends from every sector of the cattle business and offers industry-leading education, networking and entertainment.

Save the date! The Angus Convention takes place Nov. Zoetis to Sponsor Angus University Workshops at Angus Convention Hands-on workshops provide education for all aspects of the cattle industry. Register Now for the Angus Convention - Join thousands of other cattlemen and women for industry-leading education, networking and entertainment. Take advantage of low-cost registration before pricing increases in September.

Click here for a list of delegates and alternates. Candidates for the American Angus Association Board of Directors - Meet the Association members who have announced they will seek election on the board of directors this fall. September Board Highlights - Review of topics discussed and action taken during the meeting of the Board of Directors held September 9 - 12, Websites View All.

Spickler Ranch North.

His calves consistently average about 85 lbs. They will have length, depth, longevity and mothering ability. He has balanced and believeable EPDs, exceptional carcass with powerful structure and an incredible phenotype. This is one of the most massive bulls ever to stand at Hoffman AI. Packer will see heavy use as we all are searching for a twist on the modern carcass genetics being used today.

Put some in the tank and let him show you what it is the Angus breed has been so coveted for over the last few decades. Destination strides out on a powerful hind leg and huge top. Bring your Red Angus program to front with this powerful sire. His first set of sons topped several prominent red angus programs through out the country.

Firebrand not only offers a different twist on Red Angus pedigrees but a new look as well. Massive in his rib and heart, Firebrand is made for the long haul. Bulls capable of placing in both roping and conformation classes at the National show are uncommon.

He has routinely settled 50 cows in each annual breeding season. He puts a real stamp on his calves and they are long, deep, and thick with a lot of muscle expression.

She has commanded a lot attention in the show ring where she Triple crowned in Negotiator gained a lot of attention himself at the Illinois State Fair where he was selected as the Reserve Grand Champion percentage Simmental bull.

Negotiator is loose structured, big boned, tremendous hair, and carries a huge sweeping rib cage. He travels well possessing that much body and mass. He has great flex on his pasterns and moves free and easy.

Harmon Ranch feels that Negotiator will sire some tremendous heifer and bull calves. Give him a try and see what these powerful genetics can do for your herd. Has proven to excel under extreme conditions. His heifers mature early and have excellent milk.

This bull will add size and marbling, and calving ease. He will make an excellent out cross for Tajima and Shimane Wagyu Cattle. Burwell is the bull you have been looking for. His dam has produced four calves; two promotional bulls and two heifers that will not leave the Sojka herd.

He is especially thick through the stiffle and into the twist. He is big backed, full bodied, thick through the lion, clean fronted, well balanced and moves like a cat. He has coal black hair, no dye needed, and a baldy face. If you want a great show steer, heifer or a breeding animal he has it all. He is registered maintainer. He is the perfect height and weight for a Dexter bull. He has Canadian and European blood lines.

Yakima is very gentle and his calves have been gentle. His dam has an excellent udder and gives a good amount of milk. He has nice conformation, a wonderful disposition, and good fertility He moves out nicely, with good legs and feet. Along with the championship accomplishments of his sire, dam and maternal sister, JR has the winning genetics to make his offspring show ring competitive.

He caps off his value with one of the finest dispositions and character that can be found in any animal. Whether its meat production or visual appeal, JR can put an increase value and higher level of competitiveness in your breeding program. Jackaroo is dead and no Jackaroo semen is currently commercially available in the United States.

This smooth made Jackaroo son is one of his best, being out of an outstanding daughter of another of the most popular bulls from Australia, Beau Lad. These genetics not only excel in calving ease on first calf heifers and strong maternal traits like milk production, very high quality udders and fertility they are also among the Lowline breeds best for the carcass traits of tenderness, Marbling and exceptional rib eye area per hundredweight.

Use Bojack semen on all of your first calf heifers and keep all his daughters as low maintenance cost replacement females to improve your ranch efficiency and produce more pounds of weaning weight per acre! He is ideal as a sire for smaller heifers safety with quality. He is ideal for breeders who want smaller, high-quality, even-tempered cattle. Breeding to beef genetics has shown udder improvements for greater calf growth.

His temperament is very calm and he was dam raised. Be the first to have a calf on the ground from this outstanding painted bull. Hoffman A. Breeders Inc. How Many. Call to order your dream genes today!

National angus semen supply

National angus semen supply

National angus semen supply