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If you're not familiar with the joy of butt plugs, allow me to introduce you to a versatile toy you can enjoy regardless of gender, orientation, or genitalia. If you have a prostate, butt plugs can stimulate it; if you have a vagina, a butt plug can create incredibly pleasurable pressure on the back vaginal wall. Not to mention that the anus is also surrounded by nerve endings. Butt plugs are wonderful toys that can help you safely explore new sexual territory. If you've never tried them, or if you're already into anal sex , they can help you switch up your routine while warming up your body for new things.

Painful inserting anal plug

Painful inserting anal plug

You may want to buy your toy in person at a reputable adult boutique so you can ask questions of the knowledgeable staff. That's a decision between you and your butthole, but I do have some recommendations for you. Work your way up to larger butt plugs. Extra Large Plugs. Painful inserting anal plug, there's a significant risk of the product slipping too far into the anal canal and traveling up the colon — which may cause serious bodily harm. Even though pain can be a good thing for some people, if you ever experience pain and bleeding at the same time, then there may be a problem. How, you might ask? I think it works best when both of you are in the mood for particularly naughty, lusty sex and highly Christina ricci breast size. The leg up is important, because it enables access to all of your entrances.

Seduction phase shift. General Tips

After all, the whole point of any sex act is pleasure. Jeweled Plugs. Anal Hooks. When you are ready to remove the plug, grab the stem of the plug and start pulling gently. My first princess plug 19 sec Palekittendestiny - Namorada amadora metendo plug no cuzinho. Slut uses ass plug and fingers 5 min Lindsey-j - Do this as many times as it takes for the plug to go all the way in. Anal Plug Insertion. Estrella butt got plugged.

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Gee, let me Google that for you. A butt plug is a sex toy that is used for anal play. The most common materials it can be made out of are:.

Instead of being short and stocky, this one is long and thin. Depending on how you look at it, it can be vaguely terrifying, like a Grim Reaper claw reaching into your butt hole, or a sensual toy tickling your innermost pleasure points.

Bonus on this one is that it has a handy suction cup, so you can mount it on the shower wall and go to town on yourself while your hands are free to do further exploring, or to actually have a shower. Basic shape, non-threatening, and unobtrusive, but not size Small, but Medium. For when you need something thicker.

Non-recyclable, though. This is your very basic, beginner-friendly butt plug. If I had to pick one word to describe this, it would be…inoffensive. Take that in every sense of the word.

If you thought wood was hardcore, brace yourself for an indestructible butt plug that Transformers probably use — stainless steel. Has anyone ever needed a fucking stainless steel butt plug? Absolutely not. But if you want one, this is your guy. Why not be decadent — and fucking cold! I…I give up.

Anyway, butt plugs come in different shapes and sizes and are obviously meant to offer pleasure to the wearer, and we will discuss its uses a bit further down. Butt plugs are also used for anal training. Yeah, kind of like an asshole workout prepping for the main event: anal sex. You can use your fingers for that, or a series of butt plug s. As a lady interested in anal play and possibly in experimenting with butt plugs, you may be a bit apprehensive.

This is no longer vanilla, right? Does this make you kinky? Can you even use one? Should you? Do you need a certain type of asshole? Do you need to do anything before? Some of these questions will be answered further down, but for now, I suggest asking yourself a series of simple questions:.

It sounds like a lot of rules to follow, but most of that is just common sense. Enjoy your trip to the emergency room. Or ask Doctor Mike. After that, you can move on to the next step. Not only to make sure your toys remain unscathed, but for your own enjoyment, as well.

It sure did mine. You can try to prep your asshole by using your fingers for a bit. Start out with one finger, and then you can graduate to 2, or 3, or whatever you can handle. Keep in mind that the butt plug might still feel differently. You NEED lubricant. That means that while lube can certainly help, it is not necessary for every woman, especially if you have zero issues getting wet.

The enormous difference is that the asshole does not benefit from any sort of natural lubrication. Anal lube has a different kind of viscosity and texture to it than vaginal lube, in order to best suit anal play.

Not only in terms of material — which we discussed earlier — but also in terms of size. Your experience will vary vastly depending on how well you pick out your butt plug — especially your first one. The average person will be comfortable with something around 0. You can also select several sizes in order to ease yourself into accepting and being comfortable with girthier objects down there. The easiest way is to get a pre-made training kit because it already contains the products selected for your needs.

This set is just one of the ones available for this purpose, and it contains three sizes from 1. This trio is made of glass, but there are other ones available made of jelly or silicone, depending on preferences. The shape is standard — larger base and a tapered tip for easy and safe insertion.

For now, focus on adjusting and becoming comfortable, you can always venture into more exciting stuff later. Obviously, like any toy, butt plugs can be used on yourself, or on a partner and by a partner. This is up to your preferences and intentions. If you are allowing your partner to use the butt plug on you, make sure they know to go slowly and gently. There should be constant communication between the two of you and you should definitely signal when something feels good or not or what they should change about their approach.

Something I feel is EXTREMELY important and somewhat obvious, but still something that managed to fly right over my head the first time I attempted ass play is that you need to be in a proper state of arousal for this to be a pleasant experience. And then you take it out. You need to be relaxed, aroused, comfortable, and eager to try this out. That means putting in the effort to get to that state of arousal, so engage in a little foreplay, either with a partner, or by yourself.

I mean come on you should know this shit…. Position is very important, because it can make the difference between an experience that is pleasurable, painful, or just…meh. You know when sex is just…meh, and you fake an orgasm just for it to be over? Positioning will differ depending on whether you are playing alone or with a partner. Playing with your own ass is an exercise in comfort, access, and convenience. The most basic and comfortable way to do it is on your back, with your legs up and spread.

That means your asshole is right there, ready for the taking. The leg up is important, because it enables access to all of your entrances. A personal masturbatory favorite, being on your knees in bed allows for very good access to everything you need. Because they have such good access, it means they can pay extra attention to the details and make sure that insertion is as smooth and pleasurable as possible.

They can also stimulate you in other places at the same time to increase arousal and even flip the chicken in the pan with the other hand, if necessary. Just lie on your stomach on the bed and have your lover spread your legs. They can caress your bottom and your pussy, massage your asshole, and then slowly push the butt plug inside you. So, your partner lies on their back, and you go on top of them, head towards their groin and business end above their face.

Your knees should be resting on either side of their head. Now, this not only gives them a prime position for oral sex, it also allows for excellent anal access. Having your ass in their face may inspire them to try their hand or err, tongue at a rimjob btw this just gave me an idea about a how to give a rimjob article — stay tuned! It especially works during 69 because you are already plenty relaxed and aroused, and pushing a butt plug in can significantly add to that pleasure, or even push you over the edge and into a full-blown orgasm.

Lubelubelubelubelubelubelubelubelubelubelube… You should really take your time with the lube. The best way to do it is to make it part of foreplay. Either you or your partner can take some lube and pour and pour, and pour, and pour some more into your hand. You can work it between your hands for a bit to warm it up and then start massaging your anus with your lubed up hands.

Your asshole should be literally dripping in lube, inside and out. If you can ease a lubed up finger up there, do that. But not before you get a manicure — you need your nails cut short and get any spiky cuticles out of the way. Just pour a lot over it.

That will ensure that not only will it slide in easily, but it will do so without pain and without any risk of creating fissures. Ensure your success; bigger is not always better. Just like with the size issue, this is also a very time-sensitive activity. Butt plugs are not for quickies. Make sure to play around with the tip to get your ass used to the sensation and then start applying very light pressure forward.

Step 2: profit! So, take your butt plug of choice, and hold it with the tip pointing towards the anus. Make sure to hold both the base and the shaft for maximum control. The base should be resting in the palm of your hand, and you should hold the shaft with your index and middle finger. The fingers are mostly there for support. Now, make sure to position your hand to have the plug at a slight angle. The tip of the butt plug should be lower than the base, and your butt plug should now be slightly angled downward, instead of horizontal, if that makes sense — tip down, base up.

This will facilitate an easier and more comfortable insertion.

Once the widest part of the plug is out, the rest is pretty easy. Cat Tail Plugs. Gigantic dildos rip her asshole apart. Stretching Her Asshole with a Butt Plug. Giant butt plug strapped in her gaping asshole 8 min Sicflics - Crowd Cheers In the blue co

Painful inserting anal plug

Painful inserting anal plug

Painful inserting anal plug

Painful inserting anal plug

Painful inserting anal plug. A Little While Later...


Butt Plug: A Sexpert's Guide on How to Use A Butt Plug (NEW) | b-Vibe

A butt plug also known as an anal plug is a great way to add some backdoor pleasure to your bedroom fun. Learn why this anal play product is becoming everyone's favorite sex toy. Unlike dildos, which are designed to slide in and out, butt plugs are shaped to be inserted and left in place.

How, you might ask? The wide bulb of the butt plug slides past the internal anal muscle, while your body holds onto the neck. Most plugs are round and narrow at the tip of the bulb, while gradually progressing in size until it reaches its widest point.

Below the widest point, the plug begins to narrow and is then followed by the "neck" which is the slimmest point and also where the anal sphincter will hug the plug after full insertion. The base of the plug is generally either round similar to the base of a dildo or a narrow flared base. Flared based sex toys like butt plugs create a "feeling of fullness" or pressure, without the back and forth motion that dildos offer.

Not only that, but when the pelvic muscles contract during orgasm, a butt plug can intensify the sensation by giving your body something to squeeze against. If you have a prostate , butt plugs can stimulate it, and if you have a vagina, a butt can create incredibly pleasurable pressure on the back vaginal wall. There's a common misconception that a butt plug is solely used as a tool to prepare for anal sex. However, butt plugs are an amazing sex toy because they allow you to focus on other pleasure centers, while they simply stay in.

In fact, a comfortably positioned butt plug should not be pushed in or pulled out until plug play is over. Butt plugs leave both partners' hands and attention free to roam elsewhere.

For instance, wearing a butt plug is a fantastic way of enhancing the experience while giving and receiving oral sex or while enjoying a sensual massage.

Butt plugs can be combined with all kinds of genital play, including vaginal intercourse. Before you begin, read this: Since a butt plug is designed to be enjoyed hands-free, they should always have a flared base. Otherwise, there's a significant risk of the product slipping too far into the anal canal and traveling up the colon — which may cause serious bodily harm.

When it comes to using a butt plug or indulging in any kind of anal play, lube is absolutely essential. Since a butt plug can stay in the body for long periods of time, you should always apply enough lubricant to ensure the easy and pleasurable removal of the plug.

Not sure what lube to use? Help your body open up before you try using an anal sex toy. Then, slowly angle the toy downward about 45 degrees, so that one side of the bulb slides inside the anus. Keep the toy at that depth and then gently angle the toy upward about 45 degrees. Go back and forth like that a few times, gently going a bit further in with each change in direction. The process of inserting a butt plug is similar to the way you can get a tight pair of jeans on by shimmying your hips side to side, but a lot slower.

Once the bulb is past the internal anal muscle, the toy should slip into place. That will only cause your body to tighten up more. Controlling your breathing and learning to relax will help your body open up. Wearing a butt plug during sex or masturbation can take a little getting used to. It might feel amazing in one position and seem less comfortable in another one because different muscles are working.

Everyone is a little different. Experiment to find the angle or position that feels best to you. Try a different angle of your hips or move in a different way.

Some women like to wear them during intercourse so their partner can feel the vibration on their penis. Lots of men say that the butt plugs feel amazing on the prostate, especially during intercourse since the toy will massage that sensitive spot with every thrust.

You can also wear butt plugs at work, during a romantic dinner date or a walk in the park. Some people like it because it feels extra naughty, especially when they hand their partner the remote control. I can't take out my anal plug. Fortunately, there are some tips to help you take out your butt plug with ease. Be gentle on the withdrawal, just like on the insertion.

Hold the flared base in one hand and gently tug on it until you feel your body resisting. Keep that pressure and take a slow, deep breath. As you exhale, bear down in the same motion as when you go to the bathroom. If the butt plug slides out, great! If not, try it again, but as you bear down, gently angle it down 45 degrees, just like you did when you inserted it.

As one side of the bulb comes out, angle it up 45 degrees. Take it nice and slow so you can be gentle on your body. Even folks who are anal play regulars often report that going slow when they take their toys out works a lot better.

Follow us. Free Guide to Anal Play. What is Ass Worship? Anal Play Advice Beyond Anal. What is Safe Sex? Is Masturbation Good For You? Beyond Anal.

Painful inserting anal plug

Painful inserting anal plug

Painful inserting anal plug