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Merely a year later, Private Suite Magazine has grown to a staff of over 40 people, with thousands of readers and physical copies being sold by the hundreds. Our family is not limited to those in the staff though. It's comprised of all our readers, listeners and fans that care about our project right alongside us—everyone in this network is equally important. This person also did not realize what could be done by people that are contributing because they can, not because they have to. We love what we do, and if you do too, feel free check out our Discord, social media or Patreon.

Private magazine slick

Private magazine slick

Shakur began recording Private magazine slick and used his music as an outlet to communicate his thoughts and relate to anyone who listened with an intense connection. Increased appreciation. The blinking red light drew my focus, and a smile turned the corners of my mouth. My own gap year consisted of teaching English in Tokyo, and for me this experience had a uniquely musical subplot. Aiming to make a clean break with the past in the early 20th century, and develop a style all their own, Soviets under Lenin modelled their g to a mental orgasm Our special thanks to Zhurnal Mod for providing magazine scans for this article. While not necessarily entirely sample-free, it harkens to a sound similar to vaporwave, but dreamier and somehow with more feeling.

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Directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Robert.

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Merely a year later, Private Suite Magazine has grown to a staff of over 40 people, with thousands of readers and physical copies being sold by the hundreds. Our family is not limited to those in the staff though. It's comprised of all our readers, listeners and fans that care about our project right alongside us—everyone in this network is equally important.

This person also did not realize what could be done by people that are contributing because they can, not because they have to. We love what we do, and if you do too, feel free check out our Discord, social media or Patreon.

Thank you all so much, and enjoy your read! Mornings broke one million views, Windows96 rather silently released a new album, Enchanted Instrumentals and Whispers, again to community acclaim. Yet, Eduardo says he views this album as pure ephemera.

But my mindset is always different for each release, and I don't even know about this last one. I don't remember the names of tracks even.

When I release something, I'm done with it. I'll probably just release it quietly like always. I'll probably also start releasing stuff with my real name soon. I struggle with aliases, but as I said twice already, I'm trying not to think too much and just focus on the music. Then a few days later he announced his new tour. Between these two announcements hype has been at an all time high.

With big names like George Clanton, the elusive Saint Pepsi and others the party will be beyond words. We reached out to some of the artists to see how they felt about being part of this monumental event. Dan Mason, the artist. For those who bought a ticket,. So now you know what to expect from the venue, but what about your own experience? Our scene is so connected that not only are we meeting our favorite artists but maybe for the first time also each other.

Friends, musicians and label heads all have tickets; this is ultimately a massive scene meetup. Summertime was always about that dreamy feeling — a hodgepodge of memories that overlap with one another in your rolodex of recollections.

Deep Sea. Like a child longing for summer to last just a bit longer, this album meanders through its tracks with pointed intention — it encourages you to get lost in its weighted distortion and explore the. Deep Sea M a l l at your leisure, wandering through each track as though it were its own glimpse into different sections of an oceanic galleria. As samples begin to double. Even though the album utilizes familiar samples heard in Kmarts around the globe, it never at any point feels familiar.

While one track may sound like the ambient background loop to the title screen of your favorite cruising game, others might sound like they were taken straight from the vapor funk vending machine. Cityman Productions have outdone themselves with the Optical outlet physical.

They are providing something. Akira Mall attempts to portray a story, and he does a damn good job. Recommended for your next off-world journey.

Its nuanced trimesters drift smoothly through a dazing day full of unfamiliar fuzzy feelings. Glazed vaporwave beats fall over a diverse set of source materials. Every track has movement to it, a feat than can be difficult, especially in vaporwave. Both famous and obscure cuts are stretched to their limits, with new takes on classic samples throughout. Bonus Bundle takes you on a tour of eccojams up until now, and pushes the genre into the future. Arguably, the simplest way to describe vaporwave 2, or glo-fi as some prefer to call it, is vaporesque music that utilizes real instruments and vocals.

While not necessarily entirely sample-free, it harkens to a sound similar to vaporwave, but dreamier and somehow with more feeling. If vaporwave is the machine, then its second iteration would be the attribution of emotion and feeling to said machine.

The main reason I came up with VW2 as a name was to make it seem like it [was] the next wave in the genre. Even in my own efforts to learn what vaporwave 2 could be considered, I was met with fewer facts and more instances of witticism and chiding. His work is passionate, and attempts to quell the lack of seriousness that the community at large seems to The second wave of vaporwave 2 began to showcase.

But even late into and here in early there are still artists putting out music that fits the bill. Their willingness to explore vaporwave through attempts to make what one could call "original content vaporwave" is bold. Through the sampling and chopping of their own dreamy, chill loops and recorded thoughts, artists who may be comfortable in their DAW playgrounds are challenged to bring in a new physical element as a means for experimentation.

That was an article. I wrote for Private Suite issue 4 about how vaporwave soundtracked my year living in Tokyo. While that article dealt with how vaporwave heightened one of the most adventurous parts of my life, this one will focus on the role the genre played in one of the more mundane and.

The albums and playlists I used to live with now fall flatter. Not in the. My own gap year consisted of teaching English in Tokyo, and for me this experience had a uniquely musical subplot. As I wrote in my previous piece, my appreciation of vaporwave and my time in Japan are tightly linked. It wrapped itself around everything while I was there, from daily activities, to iconic moments. Humid Summer mornings spent with Neo Cali, a.

CVs, scraping through job listings, figuring out how Skype interviews work. But the artist who became my partner, the person who made that daily job search a bit more inspiring, a bit more bearable, was Internet Club. Each of my favourite vaporwave albums now conjured.

The early experimental morass of , and the more rigid, but harder edged Floral Shoppe era. IC has that. The emptiness in the sound straying into the unsettling side of vaporwave. The songs here are full of echoing muzak and. Webinar from , and Redefining the Workplace in The sharing economy, online commerce, freelance webinars, the global village, these were the keys to the future.

And this is the nerve of Webinar, it captures that genuine optimism of the era it was created in, while foreshadowing the deep. New Millennium Concepts is one of my personal favourites. It looks beautiful, but totally anonymous. As the record spins, its rictus grin of optimism becomes creepy, the samples too harsh, too loud, fuzz and noise start to coat everything. And whether the result is a masterpiece or unlistenable will depend on your own ears.

But you have to respect this level of adroitness. I remember listening to it on my awful, overheating MacBook while scrolling through indeed. My YouTube recommendations became full of webinar offerings and get-rich-quick. Sure, the shocks of.

Like other crossover hits, Birth of a New Day, or Blank Banshee 0, Redefining the Workplace can claim space within ambient, glitch, techno and experimental music genres.

And it can fight for that position. Even more so than its consort Webinar I used Redefining the Workplace to project myself into a job. I wanted to work in the polygon office pictured on the cover. With its glass exterior and huge carpark surrounded by greenery. The sun shining so bright. I wanted to give myself a workplace that cared about me, that had been Redefined towards the needs of me as an individual.

Is my office as artful as the cover of Redefining the Workplace? Kind of, sort of, a mix. Life tends to be that way. When you step out of an album cover and into a real world that can happen. Priorities shift, and things you once thought a gigantic deal shrink in size. But albums, music, is very good at giving you the fuel to move forward, even if what you move into is just as nuanced and complex as where you were before.

The artist behind the moniker has moved on to other projects. So we can relive that golden-era when vaporwave was a stranger in a strange land. Go listen to Internet Club. There was also a booming international manufacturing expansion, opening up factories all over the globe.

Everyone was buying Japanese products, and America was a huge customer. Japanese cars. Japanese companies spent copious amounts of money in the United States, buying up property, hotels, golf courses,. The Sony purchase of Columbia Pictures, a massive entertainment venture established in , exemplified their purchasing power.

Meanwhile in Japan, enormous and outrageously expensive properties were built, from extremely lavish and upscale condominiums to recreation centers with 10, person wave pools.

American Rock bands started streaming on Japanese radio and coming to Japan to perform. Gathering inspiration from New Music and this new wave of popular American music, Japanese artists, performers, music producers, and engineers began to use the newly emerging Hi-Fi audio quality and bass-blasting sound systems to their advantage, giving birth to a brand new genre.

With a girly voice and teasing presence, bodacious Rita Faltoyano made a huge impact with her appearance in Private's award-winning Gladiator. If you would like a copy of the chat transcript please click "Send Transcript" below. This journal is designed for piano teachers and includes features on theory, techniques, instrument reviews, Question Please enter your question. Item is not in stock! Phoenix magazine provides need-to-know information about the restaurants, shops, issues, local personalities, In Stock.

Private magazine slick

Private magazine slick

Private magazine slick

Private magazine slick

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Bloomberg Businessweek prepares you to succeed in today's complex economy. You'll find in-depth coverage Geared to established and aspiring film professionals, and covers the art and business of making movies Creative card-making projects of every kind: large, small and all straight from the heart!

Phoenix magazine provides need-to-know information about the restaurants, shops, issues, local personalities, Chicago Magazine has news and features on personalities, politics, trends, culture, and lifestyle issues of Involves itself with mans cultural, intellectual, social, and physical environment. Published Monthly

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Hey You! Welcome Back! The calming tides of our cover may have drawn you in, but we can assure you we have plenty more to offer within the pages of this publication.

We are all eagerly waiting to ring in the New Year. Slick Magazine will be celebrating its three-year anniversary in ! If you are a returning reader, we urge you to stop by our classroom, A24, to learn more about our program. We wish you a happy and safe break Oilers! The world simply asks for a sign of respect; in requital—a deed unlike kindness. So little acts of humanity against a giving Nature.

For the world takes the blame, we are let off for our wrongdoings. When in a bind, we carelessly accuse nonetheless, nature keeps composure. Regardless of what the world has to give, be thankful, and give back. Teenagers with musical talent using their passions and taking advantage of their creative outlets to do something remarkable is common in Huntington Beach High School. With programs like Music Media Entertainment Technology MMET and guitar classes offered, kids are coming together to form melodies mostly about their high school experiences and speak about things they feel strongly about.

In an interview with the co-founder, Jake Ramos, he mentioned that they both release songs on streaming services, such as SoundCloud and Spotify, while also having a way of physically releasing music by using social media and wordof-mouth to make their presence known. Lucas runs the business side of the label, making sure every signed band is working on something.

One student, Jake Ramos, and former student, Lucas Nyhus, have taken a special interest in the music scene presence. They have established their very own record label, Slam Jam Records, who represents many bands including their own, along with Acid Blondie, the Beachstones, the Calicos, Ecstatic, Fockstail, and Panacea.

The professional label has the responsibility of working to spread their name and recruit bands. Rhiannon and Ciera began thinking about forming a band knowing both were very fluent with music.

Rhiannon, friends with Aidan, asked him to join, knowing he was capable of playing drums well. After the three played their first show, Alana Johnson had admired them, always wanting to be involved with a talented band.

She had previously been in a few other bands, and never being content with them, she finally joined a band she enjoyed. Acid Blondie represents the company well, maintaining a professional attitude and ethics.

The band just played a show at The House Of Blues which was significant for them, as a larger venue. The members explained that it was serious, having artists wristbands, backstage passes, and a soundcheck. The atmosphere never fails to be full of life. Each person attending is friendly and radiates positivity that can be felt throughout the shows.

Slam Jam Records is one example of the outcome that results from the most creative, passionate, and dedicated Huntington Beach teens who are turning their talents into the beginnings of many careers to come. The dazzling lights beaming across the arena tucks you into the massive crowd. On the website of Pow!

We thought it would just be paintings on walls, but in reality, each one has a unique meaning. Either they are old-fashioned or funky, and collectively, they present a positive atmosphere to make people smile as they pass by. My father, Binh Lam, works with Pow! He has been creating commercials throughout the U. He has been working with the Pow! As my father and I were wondering who to interview, we decided to have a conversation with the main organizer of Pow!

When we were in the meeting, I asked Tokotah when she first heard about Pow! I am very excited to help Pow Wow beautify the city of Long Beach and make it a more inspiring place to live. It made me feel inspired to see how a worldwide company keeps people happy and creates inspiration for young teens and adults illustrated in different ways.

Takotah chooses 10 local and 10 visiting artists along with her colleagues. It is an honor to have the trust and respect of some of the most creative people in the world. Long Beach will take place this coming summer again. The experience looking at the murals around the city is amazing, but did you know that Pow! Long Beach would love you to share their history and give everyone an inspiration with many artists such as walking around and taking pictures to spread the word on social media.

They will be holding a huge festival in the year of during summer, bringing families together with joy. If you need further information, go to the Pow! Long Beach website to see other interesting stuff they will be providing. Instagram: powwowlongbeach powwowworldwide. Whether it is shopping, gambling, or narcotics, everyone falls to the weakness of addiction. An opioid epidemic is currently happening in our nation and affecting our family and friends in neighborhoods many call home.

To fully understand addiction, gathering multiple perspectives, first-hand accounts, and accurate statistics is crucial. Opioid Addicted Orange County Orange County is a prime illustration of how addiction does not discriminate on race, gender, sexual preference, or economic status.

In the luxurious suburbs of Orange County lies several generations of addiction. Orange County has a prevalent culture of alcoholism. A large portion of parents in Huntington Beach, who are returning from one of the numerous bars in town, inflict their addictive behaviors on to their own children, setting a standard of acceptance towards substance abuse.

It also states that addictions most commonly occur in upper middle-class neighborhoods, such as Dana Point and Seal Beach. Additionally, in Orange County, over half of all opioid related deaths are linked to prescription painkillers such as OxyContin and Hydrocodone. We are currently facing a mass drug epidemic in Orange County. The root of teenage drug use is simple: naivety. In this area, there is a large group of wealthy students who have their luxurious lives to blame for their drug use.

Often, with privilege comes very little understanding of the consequences of risky behavior. Some parents of said teenagers are also to blame for spoiling and censoring their children. In doing this, the consequences of drug use are shielded from them. The fear these parents have of their children doing any wrong conceals the truth of what behaviors their child has truly been engaging in.

This fear creates a barrier between the parent and child because neither party admits to the inevitable truth of needing guidance towards sobriety. Teen drug use is also highly accredited to the urge to fit in. Although it is a well-known cliche, it rings true.

It may be due to the fear of being perceived as uncool or maybe even wanting to hide their true personality, but most teen users are aching to belong. This evidence proves that the easiest road to sobriety is by aiming towards self-acceptance. Personal Connections Sobriety is a true value of mine. Most of my life has been lead by the addictions in my environment. As most of my family has a background of substance abuse, my genetics are designed for me to also become an addict. Breaking the cycle is what I so determinedly tried doing.

To my surprise, sobriety occurred naturally. I filled the void with daily distractions, keeping busy from depths of narcotics. Yet what allowed me to maintain my sobriety most was by simply declining. My situation is fortunate, as it did not take extreme effort to avoid drug use, yet any negative responses to the offered narcotics may also work for you when you want to decline.

My tone of voice was important in this part. By using a very stern and absolute voice, the message of my abstinence was very clear. In order to maintain my concrete beliefs of sobriety, frequently reevaluating the direction I desire my life to follow is key.

Interview with an Addict To understand fully why addicts use, we need to take a closer look at first hand accounts. An ex-addict, who remains anonymous, is a Huntington Beach native. He went to HBHS and sat in the same classes as the rest of us.

There were multiple accounts in which he had slept in parks to avoid coming home high and facing the reprobation of his parents. Like most teenagers, he attended parties, which were flocked with messy and drug-ridden acquaintances. This is an excellent example of how his poor choice in friends held him to the same standard as other users. As he looks back years later, he realizes how invisible and untouchable he believed he was and how selling marijuana at sixteen gave him the feeling of superiority.

His drug use eventually led him into the new world of speed, also known as methamphetamine. Speed is far from the luxurious life that TV shows like Breaking Bad may lead teens to believe. When he was under the influence of speed, he would frequently hallucinate. He would have hallucinations of dangerous and scary scenarios. He was also extremely truculent, causing him to constantly want to fight.

This rabid behavior later resulted in countless domestic violence charges that later returned to haunt him. In the interview with the recovered drug addict, he talks about how his greatest regret is using drugs.

His drug use has continued to torment him and has everlasting consequences. Having arrests for drug possession and the intent to distribute narrowed his chance of jobs that would potentially hire him, making it excruciatingly difficult to further develop his life. His advice towards teens is to to avoid drug use, and to take advantage of the opportunities given to you and always appreciate what you have.

Seeing posts on social media and hearing songs on the radio about drug use is a manipulative, but efficient way to tempt people, especially teens, to enter the realm of substance abuse.

Private magazine slick