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Spanking your kids can send you to jail in Corpus Christi, Texas, although corporal punishment is allowed by Texas law. Wednesday, Gonzales was in court to plead guilty to the charge after reaching an agreement with prosecutors. But before she was let go, th District Court Judge Jose Longoria made it very clear to her and everyone else that even a simple straight forward case of spanking is a crime. You understand? She is working with CPS to get them back, but until the state feels that she is ready, the kids will remain with their paternal grandmother.

Texas spanking groups

Texas spanking groups

Texas spanking groups

What's Hot: We're Hiring! June 20, June 21, June 22, June 23, You also get access to the spanking classes. Please Texas spanking groups up to one week to receive your confirmation and booking code — thank you. Texas spanking groups farewell brunch spakning have to say goodbye to all your spanking buddies with some eggs. That discipline includes spanking, shaking or hitting the hands or other body parts with soanking instrument, said Claudia Cappa, a statistics and monitoring specialist at UNICEF and an Amateur nsfw of the report.

Haliburton tire blow up. Kicking Cancer’s Ass, One Swat at a Time

Houston biggest free kinky play party! I am 5th. Central Texas Kinky Classifieds is described as "A free place Texas spanking groups advertise with no word limit or page size restriction amongst our Texxs. Texas Forced Bi Parties, FetLifereviewed Jul Organizing group events where there are at least 4 types of participants: Audiences, dominants, sissies, real men. For those that like to beat be beaten and play sexually with others. Texas spanking groups to this newsgroup implies agreement to comply with the standards and terms outlined above. Austin Afternoon Adult Pleasures, FetLifereviewed Jul Opportunity for those who have weekday daytimes available to get together and enjoy whatever spanikng pleasures. Dallas Cruising, FetLifereviewed Jul For anyone who loves cruising for sex, public gloryHoles, peep holes, cruisey trails, hiking locations, places for public sex. A learning group. Asian massage parlor kansas city mo to create a comfortable place for younger community members, particularly those under 30 and their partners. Sponsors a private party after our monthly munch as well as other events Ultimate, Dpankingverified Mar Austin. Safe haven if you wish to learn or spaning experiences for all. North Texas Council of Clubsverified Mar Fosters spirit of inter-organizational fellowship among Member Organizations, Independents, and the community at large who share a common philosophy with each other and this council of clubs.

This is the home page of the latest Texas Lone Star Spanking Party: All the latest news, events and how to sign up to this event are here on the website.

  • DFW Area Groups Cowtown Leathermen in Fort Worth: a Leather organization formed as a charitable organization devoted to providing service and assistance to the gay and lesbian community of Tarrant County.
  • NOTE: Links are listed in alphabetical order by name of the group, not city or specific location.
  • We meet twice a month on every second and fourth friday night.
  • This helps us find good matches for you.
  • Monday, November 18, Christmas Party in Texas.

TASSP has been working to help end cancer one swat at a time for the past decade! Every year we do a large fundraiser with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society, through our spanking games, spanking booth, silent auction, and charity raffle. If you would like to learn more about the various charity events, including how you can donate your items, time, or your backside!

A bit of history. One year they decided to all get together for a once-a-year shindig. The first one was at a house in Houston, and it was so much fun they did it again, traveling around each year. The World's Best Volunteers Thank you so very much to all of our volunteers and volunteer leaders!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Steve or post to our FetLife group. For questions regarding any main party issues, please use the contact form, or contact us through our main email: tassparty gmail. For issues regarding specific events, you may contact us, or contact the individual leaders via FetLife.

Building Community. Kink Education. Giving Back. Want to get involved? Lectr Head of Marketing: JerryBear For questions regarding any main party issues, please use the contact form, or contact us through our main email: tassparty gmail.

Central Texas Kinky Classifieds is described as "A free place to advertise with no word limit or page size restriction amongst our subculture. Men and women welcome. Garden massage parties, Bon fire picnics, Bamboo suspension in the trees and kink food fairs. Looking to find new friends to spend quality kinky time with? Safe haven if you wish to learn or provide experiences for all. Goal: Provide a supportive environment where members can discuss their health goals, progress, successes and challenges they have faced. Hands-on peer group for enthusiasts of all levels of experience, a place for leatherfolk of all sexual orientations to learn and exchange ideas for rope art and play.

Texas spanking groups

Texas spanking groups. Photos from the 2019 Party

Very active meet-up group. For forming parties, matching players with DMs, discussing kinky campaign or character ideas, etc. Everyone welcome. Other pets are welcome puppy girls, cow girls, cat girls, etc. Open for questions, information, and sharing of experiences. Austin Pornographers Club, FetLife , reviewed Aug For the development, production and viewing of Austin made pornographic movies.

Austin ROPE, Yahoo , verified Mar Educational peer skill-share group dedicated to adult fun and learning all styles of ropework.

Hands-on peer group for enthusiasts of all levels of experience, a place for leatherfolk of all sexual orientations to learn and exchange ideas for rope art and play. Austin rope and bondage exchange, FetLife , reviewed Jul Rope and bondage event. Open forum where free exchange of ideas is encouraged. Primary intent: To discuss things of interest to the Austin kink community.

Austin sub Culture, Yahoo , verified Mar Outreach organization dedicated to the personal growth, education, and support of its members. Goal: To educate its members and the community in the joys of a safe, sane, and consensual lifestyle. Austin Tantra, FetLife , verified Mar Events related to the education and practice of tantric sex. Restricted to: residents of Austin and nearby cities. Austin Texas Group Exhibition and Orgies, FetLife , verified Mar For couples interested in creating venues where folks can have shared group sexual experiences safely and enjoy the energy created by group sexuality.

Primarily used to facilitate parties, play and munches. Mission: Create a safe, positive, encouraging environment for young adults to meet one another to build a support group of peers interested in kink.

A place to look for something or to advertise it including stuff, rooms for rent, roommates sought or more personal things. Great place for newbies and experienced people alike. To provide an outlet for young Kinksters who want to connect, meet, learn from, and just hang out with people of the same generation. BBC Encounters, Yahoo , verified Mar Offer all forms of sexual encounters with black men at our swingers parties. Hosts two group events a month at swingers clubs in San Antonio; Kyle and Austin.

To create a comfortable learning environment for the younger crowd, limited to those under the age of Learn about local happenings, scene. The books read or films screened will contain references to BDSM, fetishes, power dynamics etc. Safe haven if you wish to learn or provide experiences for all. Workshops geared towards everyone are intermingled with social opportunities and lots of entertainment. Worth, San Antonio, Houston as long as you are willing to come out to see us every so often.

Welcomes all ethnicities. Dedicated to keeping alive the spirit of the bootblack within our community. Borderland Kinksters, FetLife , verified Mar Comprehensive list of groups, social and educational events, and kink resources, area vendors, in and around El Paso and Las Cruces.

Borderland kinksters TNG, FetLife , verified Mar For kinksters and fetish lovers to connect and learn together in the borderland area. Parties every other month. Members are friendly and loads of fun. Bound by Desire , verified Mar Bound by Desire, FetLife , verified Mar Non-profit, social, educational, and support group exclusively for women who have a positive interest in BDSM play with other women.

Sponsors educational, informational, and social events. Formed in Format: Casual with few guidelines to ensure that each person has a safe and sane experience. Brownwood Texas Kinksters, FetLife , verified Mar Kinksters in and around Brown County who are looking for other kinky people to either share a good time or interests.

Restricted to: littles, Daddies, Mommies, brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles, puppies, kitties, and like-minded individuals. Meets monthly. Gives everyone the opportunity to freely socialize, tie decorative or restrictive bondage or be tied, or to simply watch, and give you the opportunity to practice and learn from others. Hosts monthly munches and play parties. Meeting place for those who wish learn from the experienced, find someone special, share your tales, or announce local happenings pertaining to fetishes, power-exchange and all affiliated groups, activities and munches.

Central Texas boys of Leather, FetLife , verified Mar Safe space for all types of self-identified leather submissives to gather, have fun, and work for the organizations and charities within the gay and leather communities. Mission: to offer a safe place for subs, to educate, encourage, support, network and learn about submission in all its forms.

Hope to attract people in all kinds of lifestyles—poly, leather, slaves, subs, bottoms, boys, bois, pups, and cubs to name a few. Central Texas Tickling Galore! Club D. To have fun, socialize and not judge each other. Holding regular munches and coffees as often as we can.

Coalition Of Cypress Kinksters [C. Looking to find new friends to spend quality kinky time with? Hands on group with monthly meetings and Hands on practice. Get togethers and events, for extracurriculars such as billiards, bowling, etc. For those who want to know more, share and inform about tight lace training, from corset newbies wondering where to start to the experts who will only wear the best of the best.

Cowtown Leathermen , verified Mar Cowtown Leathermen, Yahoo , verified Mar Leather organization formed as a charitable organization devoted to providing service and assistance to the gay, lesbian community of Tarrant County. Often out in the community doing fund raisers and various events. For people to rediscover non-sexual touch and affection.

Learn to have self-control. A fun networking event where you can meet new friends. Welcomes everyone. Do you like face sitting? Do you like face fucking? Do you like smothering? Do you like to eat pussy? Social group, sometimes goes to pubs and do not care to take the chance of being around minors anywhere. Daddy in Texas, Where are the Babies at? Sole mission: To arrange times and places that we can meet and interact. Dallas BDSM , verified Mar Serves as a stepping stone, where people can begin to explore what is available around Dallas metroplex and beyond.

Primarily on groups and events, links to sites that sell toys, bondage furniture and accessories, and informational sites to help people expand their knowledge of BDSM. Mission: Community service, fellowship, fun and lasting friendships.

Dallas Cruising, FetLife , reviewed Jul For anyone who loves cruising for sex, public gloryHoles, peep holes, cruisey trails, hiking locations, places for public sex. Dallas — Ft. Restricted to: Members of any 12 Step based Anonymous fellowship. Membership is not limited by race, creed, orientation or gender; however, identification of Leathergirl is essential. Mission: To provide, camaraderie, and a safe space to any individual who identifies as a Leathergirl, To provide community service.

Portable holes are serviced by both men and women. Men and women welcome. Holes are separated. Gender preference respected. Thinking about being Poly? Want to know more about Poly and ethical non-monogamy? Dallas Poly Potluck, FetLife , verified Mar To provide discussion, support, tools, resources and community to people in DFW and surrounding areas, for those living a polyamorous life or who want to learn about it.

Monthly meetings; focus on educational activities and social opportunities. Dark Necessities, Fetlife , verified Mar Houston based group for local players into humiliation play.

Meetings are like munches but might include play. Email darknecessitiesgroup at gmail to attend. Time for company and conversation with others in the community outside of play parties and events…and for those that just love coffee!

Denton Area Kinksters, FetLife , verified Mar To help facilitate education and growth as a community, to ask questions, share successes and failures, make new friends, meet with old friends and have fun. Denton rough sex, FetLife , verified Apr From mild to extreme no judging here; looking to get out there and meet.

Long-running safe place for people to meet. Have a discussion, post your events, pimp out other sites and folks. Post personal-ish ads here and see if you can find someone to connect with. DFW Bootblacks, FetLife , reviewed Aug For those learning to black, those who appreciate a good bootblack, and those looking for bootblacks for an event.

A resource for materials, advice and information related to bootblacking and leather care. Gay, Bi, Straight, Transgender-all welcome. Guest presenters, teaches how to hypnotize someone, and provides a safe space for hypnotists and subjects to come together for their first experiences or to practice advanced techniques.

If you know something about DFW kink, please post it. Group leaders, event hosts, and DFW kink vendors, please promote your group, event, or products here. Not high on protocol. Just a few simple rules for our parties. DFW Leather Corps , verified Mar Goal: To provide a common meeting place for Leather people regardless of age, nationality, sexual orientation or experience.

Common bond: living in leather. A great way to get information and meet new people. Meet up over coffee, tea, lunch, or whatever and relax and talk about life in general, life with kink or just sit and listen the knowledge being exchanged.

DFW Online Garage Sale, FetLife , verified Mar People can post items they are trying to sell as if they were selling it at a garage sale, just this will be done online. DFW Recycled Treasures, FetLife , verified Mar For people to give away items they may not need any more to people who could use them, instead of throwing it away.

Goal: Train others to be better, safer players. Come to this place to learn, with respect and acceptance of those around us. Open and accepting group with positive energy and drama free zone. Monthly munches. Purpose: To allow you to meet others face to face who share your interests. Discipline Corps , verified Mar Dallas. Hosts activities for all levels of players, from novice to highly experienced; encourages sharing, mentoring and learning. Dominant Roundtable — San Antonio, FetLife , verified Mar Free exchange of ideas, to promote education in our community, is aimed at helping Dominant-minded individuals discuss various topics dealing with life and the lifestyle, and meant to foster and promote camaraderie, friendship, and fellowship.

Pansexual group for Dominants and Switches in Top Mode. Information, support, sanctuary, understanding, learning, growth and service to the Community. For Tarrant Co. Open to any; curious, newbie, and active lifestylers. Formed to learn and explore everything kinky you find outdoors. Water, Fire, Earth and Air! Garden massage parties, Bon fire picnics, Bamboo suspension in the trees and kink food fairs. Focus: Using nature to enhance our kinky lifestyle. Private party. A learning group.

Beginners workshops in progress since in Will learn more about all things rope: safety and preparedness, ties and hitches, rope bondage, erotic ropes. For fun-loving kinksters without all the politics. For friends and newcomers to all grow in skills and have kinky fun!

Gathering of friends, family and people of like-minded interests who, enjoy the company of others in the lifestyle. Founding principles: Establishing friendships, sharing knowledge, and socializing with people of like minds. For all skill levels to post events from slow casual rides to extreme crazy shit. Offers people with an interest in BDSM an opportunity to eat and socialize.

Younger or older, experienced or beginner, all welcome. Fun, safe group. Welcomes, encourages members of other groups to come and meet fellow kinksters, whether to learn, teach, meet new people, or simply enjoy kink. North Houston. Events have a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can have fun in a safe place. Gainesville, Tx personal adds, FetLife , reviewed May For anyone looking for someone or something. Golden Showers Central Texas Area, FetLife , verified Mar So you can come and experience golden showers plus be watch and watch others receiving showers.

Golden Triangle Rope, FetLife , reviewed Jul Designed to promote safety and education in ropes through experience and sharing knowledge with each other in a relaxed and positive environment. Gulf coast foot lovers association. FetLife , verified Mar Where people living in states surrounding the Gulf of Mexico can speak their mind, set up socials, find partners and friends that share the same desires.

Monthly dinner socials munch so people can meet and get to know one another in a comfortable setting. BDSM play parties for our members. Goal: Provide a supportive environment where members can discuss their health goals, progress, successes and challenges they have faced.

Highland Lakes Kinksters, FetLife , verified Apr For all kinksters in Highland Lakes area to build friendships, share experiences, provide support if needed and possibly even help some find what they seek. Hill Country Fetish and Kink. Meet to learn, share and experience rope first hand, based upon the Peer to Peer and un-conference learning and sharing concepts. Women do the tying, the teaching, the demoing and the topping at events invited to participate in. ABDL lovers into age play welcome as well.

Bi, Straight Latina ladies and those women that appreciate them. Houston Area Induced Lactation H. Houston Area Nightlife, FetLife , verified Mar If you visit any bars clubs pubs or taverns in Houston Area and have some information to share or want to find out where to go to meet people. Houston Barter, FetLife , verified Mar Allows kinksters to barter services or possessions for help, trade, or items.

To teach a little and learn a little. Individuals and couples with a desire to increase their knowledge and skill sets in scene play and edge play. Those who enjoy the company of their peers through social mixers and munches.

For those that like to beat be beaten and play sexually with others. Pan-sexual, Pan-kink, singles, couples, straight, bi, gay, uncertain — all welcome. Houston Couples and Threesomes Connection, FetLife , verified Mar Couples looking to hook up single males or women for adult fun who are open mind persons.

Houston Doll Factory, FetLife , verified Mar For dollers and the china dolls, porcelain dolls, wind-up dolls, pull-string dolls, ragdolls that we create. Of course those that are interested in the dollification processes we employ are welcome too.

Operates as a private club by membership only. Houston Events Calendar, FetLife , verified Mar Community project involving group leaders, party hosts, educators and individuals in the Houston Area. Goal: To provide an updated list of local groups and events along with a share-able calendar as a team effort. Houston Fire Bugs, FetLife , verified Mar Folks who like to play with fire, be on the receiving end of fire play, or like to watch people play with fire.

Membership is not limited by race, creed, orientation, gender or disability. Mission: To provide, camaraderie, and a safe space to any individual who identifies as a Leathergirl; To provide community service. Houston Goreans, FetLife , verified Mar For real life Goreans, and those interested in living the lifestyle, who reside in the Houston area, to meet and exchange ideas and knowledge.

Houston biggest free kinky play party! Houston Kink, FetLife , verified Mar For discussions and event postings and also serves as a great place to put your foot in the door and get to know some people here in the Houston scene if you are new. Open to all kinks. Houston Kink Information Central, FetLife , verified Mar Comprehensive list of real time groups, social and educational events, and kink resources in and around Houston.

Houston Kinksters in the Workforce, FetLife , verified Mar Where managers can post their positions, or people looking for work can post their skills. TX, FetLife , verified Mar Monthly social event to get to know each other, hang out together meet new friends and or play partners in kink scene.

Houston Mentors Association, FetLife , reviewed Jul For those more experienced to share their knowledge with those just entering or wishing to further their development in the BDSM lifestyle. Houston pet play, FetLife , verified Mar For the animal in all of us. Houston Poly Network, FetLife , verified Mar For poly and ethically non-mono folks to meet like-minded folks for conversation and support.

Find new friends, explore your interest with like-minded folks and plan get-togethers. Houston Spanking and Discipline Enthusiast, FetLife , verified Mar For people from Houston and neighboring area who are into spanking, discipline, domestic discipline, loving domestic discipline and such similar areas.

Chat, make new friends, share experiences, ask questions and help build an organized spanking community. Houston subs and slaves seeking Doms, FetLife , verified Mar Chatting, meeting place for subs looking to meet a Dom…and Doms searching in the Houston area for the perfect sub or slave.

Houston Texas Area Kinky Contractors, FetLife , verified Mar Whether you build kink equipment, spaces or are simply the sort of kink-friendly builder other kinksters might feel comfortable working in their home. Houston TX Area Threesomes!! Admirers welcome. To support and educate everyone on the bottom side of the slash, so we can all grow in our journey. Humble, Kingwood, Huffman, Crosby and all the surrounding areas. For fun loving kinksters without all the other politics, for friends and newcomers for us all to grow in our skills and have kinky fun.

I am 5th. Then you have arrived at the right place. Join a community to explore the world of BDSM. Looking to get spanked? Or wanting to take charge? You can find someone to obey your orders - be the master that you are. Or submit yourself and become the ultimate servant.

Serve or Dominate. Register today for free, create a profile and get your leather on! Find local, mature BDSM members online and get chatting. Members are here to explore their most intimate fantasies. So join our community of kinky seniors today and explore yours. You will be glad that you did.

Texas judge sentences mom for spanking, although state law allows it - Beliefnet News

CNN - Most parents know the proverb, "spare the rod, spoil the child. To spank or not to spank has become a highly contentious issue. Related content Divorced Saudi women win right to get custody of children Yo-Yo Ma plays private show for Turpin children Opioid overdose among children nearly doubles, study says Many experts have advised against using physical discipline to teach kids lessons.

Others argue that the uproar surrounding spanking has been overblown. Some parents have decided not to spank and view it as harmful to their child's development, whereas others see no harm in physical discipline and believe it teaches respect. Though there is no clear definition of "spanking" in the scientific literature, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the act as "to strike especially on the buttocks with the open hand.

Around the world, close to million children aged 2 to 4 receive some type of physical discipline from their parents or caregivers on a regular basis, according to a UNICEF report published in November. That discipline includes spanking, shaking or hitting the hands or other body parts with an instrument, said Claudia Cappa, a statistics and monitoring specialist at UNICEF and an author of the report. Overall, simply "explaining why a behavior is wrong is the most common form of discipline used across countries," Cappa said.

Here's a look at how children are disciplined around the world, including where spanking is legally allowed and where it isn't. In these countries, it's illegal to spank your kids Sixty countries, states and territories have adopted legislation that fully prohibits using corporal punishment against children at home, according to both UNICEF and the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children. Globally, about 1.

In the United States, corporal punishment is still lawful in the home in all states, and legal provisions against violence and abuse are not interpreted as prohibiting all corporal punishment, like spanking, according to the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children.

In , Sweden became the first country to ban the physical punishment of children by law. There has been a recent move to discourage parents worldwide from spanking or physically punishing their children, led by UNICEF, the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children and other organizations calling for more laws.

In other words, "there are more than million children under the age of 5" in countries where there are no such laws, Cappa said. A study of six European countries found that the odds of having parents who reported using occasional to frequent corporal punishment were 1. At the time of the study, all but two of those countries -- Turkey and Lithuania -- had legal bans on corporal punishment in the home.

Yet not all experts agree that laws should dictate how parents decide to punish their children. Ashley Frawley, senior lecturer in sociology and social policy at Swansea University in the United Kingdom, said that such laws disproportionally impact marginalized groups -- such as the working poor or certain ethnic minorities -- regardless of whether incidences of physical punishment actually warrant such surveillance or not.

In Canada where I'm from it was called the 'Sixties Scoop' where large numbers of indigenous children were taken from their homes in the [incorrect] belief that indigenous women were not good parents," said Frawley, who identifies as Ojibwa. What the science says about spanking Many experts say that spanking is linked with an increased risk of negative outcomes for children -- such as aggression, adult mental health problems, and even dating violence -- while a few others warn against jumping to such conclusions.

To determine how spanking might have lasting impacts on kids, Grogan-Kaylor and Elizabeth Gershoff, an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, analyzed previous studies on spanking published in the past 50 years and involving , children. Their meta-analyses found no evidence that spanking was associated with improved child behavior and rather found spanking to be associated with increased risk of 13 detrimental outcomes.

Their analysis was published in the Journal of Family Psychology in He found that spanking that was used only as a "back-up" method when other discipline methods were ineffective resulted in either less defiance or less aggression in children when compared with 10 out of 13 disciplinary alternatives, such as reasoning or timeout. Children need love and positive parenting The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a number of alternatives to spanking, including taking toys and privileges away and the age-old technique of timeout.

The Academy notes that it does not recommend spanking. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry also does not support the use of corporal punishment as a method of behavior modification. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. These 10 photos of Alex Bregman's grand slam will make you want to cheer all over again Astros.

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Texas spanking groups