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I knew the small house next to mine had been sold, but had no idea who the new owners were or when they were moving in. I had been mowing their lawn when I did mine for the month of May, and had just finished the mowing on Saturday, this first weekend of June, when the moving van pulled up in front and a car pulled into the driveway. During the summer families would be out and around, kids playing in the street, neighbors conversing. I was the only single on the block— everyone else was married, most with kids not yet in high school. As four women— obviously a mother and her three daughters— got out of the car, I held out my hand and introduced myself.

Tripod adult erotic literature

Tripod adult erotic literature

Tripod adult erotic literature

I had never pressed any further. Besides, even a full-size bed would have almost filled the room. The adut girls riveted their attention on me, maneuvering to find a better vantage point so they could see more clearly. We raced to the back door of my house. My cock was standing straight up.

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I of course had a crush on her and wanted her bad. Active tags. Around B. The Tripod in Rome. Mom Became an Escort Son finds out mom is a filthy escort. For the rest of you, please enjoy our NSFW glimpse at the eternal love affair between eroticism and art. Walking in on Mom's Gangbang Pt. He's picked up a healthy tan from his latest trip efotic LA and Tripod adult erotic literature muscles are rippling out of his rolled up sleeves. Elizabeth Late Summer Part 2 An afternoon to remember! I'm a little taken aback but agree and feel something turn inside me. Fun for couples - cams online now! Proto-Playboy in Egypt.

This article appears in the March '17 issue of Esquire.

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  • I check myself out in the mirror, but the girl staring back at me in an embellished bodycon dress with smoky eyes and a massive blow-dry looks like a complete stranger.

I knew the small house next to mine had been sold, but had no idea who the new owners were or when they were moving in. I had been mowing their lawn when I did mine for the month of May, and had just finished the mowing on Saturday, this first weekend of June, when the moving van pulled up in front and a car pulled into the driveway. During the summer families would be out and around, kids playing in the street, neighbors conversing.

I was the only single on the block— everyone else was married, most with kids not yet in high school. As four women— obviously a mother and her three daughters— got out of the car, I held out my hand and introduced myself.

The mother, who I later learned was 38, looked at me and smiled while shaking my hand. I laughed. She wore no make-up, her dark hair was cut short, barely covering her ears. What lit up her face was her beautiful smile and white, even teeth. What lit up her slim, spare frame were her breasts. I guessed they were c-cup which they were— ahem! I guess she stood about five and a half feet. By the time Peggy was back from her mission, Anna proudly turned to her girls.

I shook hands with each as her mother introduced us, suddenly wishing I had done some serious analysis of window alignment when remodeling my house a few years before. They were an eyeful. With her dark brown hair and shining brown eyes, Gail looked as if she had some Irish blood in her.

I tried not to stare at her breasts as I said hello, quietly hoping she would be in my senior English class. If I could realign windows, the first would be to get a good look at Peggy. She looked pure Sicilian. Her breasts were just budding, not even the size of limes yet, and more swollen nipple than flesh from what I could make out through her sleeveless T-shirt.

It was interesting how the girls seemed to have different ethnicities— Mickey, with a darker complexion and almost black eyes, seemed more Mediterranean, almost Egyptian, if that were possible. Once my divorce was settled, we decided to come here to Connecticut to start over in a new place.

Fortunately my company has a branch here, so I could transfer and keep my pay and seniority. The five of us had walked into their backyard, and all of them reacted noticeably when they looked over to mine. If you like gardening, having the summer off is a key ingredient to success. If I say so myself, my yard is spectacular, with separate gardens and bushy cul-de-sacs. What blew them away was the three koi ponds and their fountains. Until they saw my garden, Anna had been friendly, but reserved, Gail had been actively disinterested in everything, as only a seventeen-year-old could, Peggy seemed reined in by the lack of stimuli, and Mickie had just been shy.

The flowers melted any reserve, as it usually does. Mickie made a bee-line to the fish ponds and was delighted when I showed her how to move the garden mulch to find worms to feed to the fish. As she dug with her fingers and cast the poor worms to a watery fate, I could see her small tits through the armholes of her blouse.

Until then, I had never paid a thirteen-year-old any mind at all, but her tight little butt and those titties made Mr. Stiffy worthy of his name. Gail and Anna walked together and looked at the individual flowers, bending to sniff their aroma and giving me perfect views of their bra-encased breasts.

Getting that downblouse view of Anna revealed an almost cone-shaped bra that held her tits together. I dreamed of cumming in her cleavage. Gail had an underwire rig on, pure white and very lacy, making Mr. Stiffy swing back and forth between mother and daughter like a confused divining rod. Peggy was overwhelmed by it all. She ran down one path, then another, often out of sight because of tall decorative grasses that surrounded the ponds.

After an acknowledging wave to the man, Anna marshaled her troops into a huddle. Anna was going to supervise the unloading of boxes and furniture, Gail was taking Mickie down to the beach and for a walk through the neighborhood, and Peggy pleaded with her mother to let her stay in my yard. Anna paused and thought for a moment. Keep in mind, though, we were on the road for six hours just to get here, so we may just eat and go to sleep. And just do something simple— remember to watch those pennies and dollars.

And I went back to weeding, that nasty chore of pulling unwanted plants out by the roots and covering the weeded area with freshly cut grass.

An afternoon with Peggy— how to describe it? She had changed into shorts cut from sweat pants, revealing flawless legs and thighs, and a sweatshirt cut off across her flat belly, with no sleeves and the neck seam also cut off. In short, I had as much of a view of her in her bra as if she had worn nothing at all. I knew she was giving me every chance to look down her blouse, but I tried to be a little reserved.

Looking at her ass, all I could think of was two football helmets chewing gum. A moment later she was back. And then I felt her next to me, her butt against mine, side to side, without question intentionally. I looked over to her, then down her sweatshirt.

She had left her bra at home. Beside me were hanging the two most beautiful pieces of woman-flesh imaginable. Then she got up and ran to take her shower and I forgot about realigning windows. I took a shower, too, and, freshly scrubbed, Peggy and I went grocery shopping. She was a fun companion and reminded me of all the things I would have forgotten to make the dinner complete. At about seven that evening the grill was cooling, light was fading, the girls were falling asleep, and Anna just looked relaxed and contented.

She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt that hugged her conical breasts. I brought out two bottles of champagne left over from a party in January. At first she waved away the idea. Champagne would just knock me out. Her daughters overrode her objections, holding her and their fluted plastic goblets for some of the bubbly.

I toasted their arrival, refilled the glasses, and then they toasted me for being a nice neighbor. In my mind I was toasting the eight best breasts and four greatest asses ever to have been at 45 Beach Drive. I had to let her go, of course, but made her promise to come back. After two more glasses of champagne, I took Anna by the hand for a twilight garden tour. The only sound was the earliest of summer insects and the splashing from the pond fountains.

I snaked my arm around her waist and pulled her to me as she rested her head on my shoulder. I held her close and felt her breasts poking my chest as my hands traced the bra strap across her back. I broke away from her lips and just held her. Then she held me close, too, and whispered that she had a lot of issues to sort out before she could even think of, well, anything. I said that I understood, but I was disappointed, and she sensed it.

I eased up with my arms, still tracing her bra strap, and she adroitly spun around so my hands were on her breasts. She stood still as I let my hands take in the sensation of her firm tits held up and out by her bra. Then she kissed me, with just a slip of her tongue pressing against my lips.

Before I could respond, she skipped away. It was another two weeks before Anna and I got down to the critical point, and I was becoming increasingly disappointed as we moved along. We had dated a few times the talk of Beach Road! One of the problems of living next door to each other was where we ended the date. But, after a time, she relaxed with me and seemed to acknowledge that having sex was on the agenda. After our fourth date, we stopped at her house for a nightcap. The girls were asleep, and my mind was very much on Anna.

She had worn a Danskin dress that clung to her every curve. Fashionably short, the dress accentuated her slim, firm legs. The top rose along her flat belly and then flared out to accommodate her jutting breasts. Drinks in hand, we sat on her sofa, my arm around her. My cock immediately went from its usual state or readiness to red alert.

I kissed her and it was her tongue that made the first penetration. We disengaged to awkwardly put our drinks on the coffee table, then clutched each other again, tongues entwined, as I ran one hand up her long legs to gently rub her pussy through her pantyhose while my other hand squeezed her breasts.

She was pumping her hips slightly as I played gently with her cunt, her tongue all over mine. Come with me. She had a single bed, and that was fine with me. Besides, even a full-size bed would have almost filled the room. I held her and kissed her as she rubbed my stiff cock through my pants. Reaching behind her, I unhooked the top of her dress and slowly pulled the zipper down. I pulled away and looked at her.

Demon and his mortal mate. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. Julia with an athlete in I Modi. Twentysix by Jonathan Kemp Goodreads Author 3. One night, over a few drinks I just asked him and he said that yes he is gay. Kate pulls his friend back to the dancefloor and I sit down next to Marc. Before long he's fallen into a sex-worn sleep with his heavy arm lying across my back.

Tripod adult erotic literature

Tripod adult erotic literature

Tripod adult erotic literature. Watch Next


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Jeff and I had planned this weekend quite a while ago. We told our parents that we were going camping with the team this weekend, but planned to sneak back into our house and see what the action was when mom and dad thought we were away.

I had found the video of my parents swinging with other couples several weeks ago and both of us had been masturbating every chance we had. When I showed the video to Jeff he went ape over seeing mom getting it by Mr.

White, one of our neighbors, while dad was doing Mrs. We thought the camera was on a tripod at first, but then realized that someone else was there filming the scene. Mom was 41 and in pretty good shape for her age. She had big tits and a good figure from going to the gym so often. Mom was just grunting and smiling as we could see her head hanging over the edge of the bed. Her legs were straight up in the air and Mr.

I had my dick out and was stroking it, wetting it with spit. I looked at Jeff and he had his huge cock out and was pumping hard and beginning to moan himself. Just then Mrs. I started to gasp and stopped rubbing my cock and looked at Jeff, who also was staring, open mouthed at what we saw.

Your cock is even bigger than mine and I think mom prefers you to me. I love to get it in both ends. She was looking right at us peering through the doorway and she let out a scream as she saw the two of us with our dicks in our hands. Mom jumped up, shoved Mr. White off her and looked at the two of us. We started to run back to our own room as mom grabbed her sheer housecoat and came running at us. Get into your room, now! She followed us into our room and slammed the door behind us.

We were both sitting on our beds, not sure about what to say to her. I started to laugh since I could see right through her housecoat, even seeing liquid cum dripping down her leg.

We three have to have a talk about what you saw. Does dad know about those lunch snacks? I said we would call them after talking to our peeping Bills and Jeffs. Explain yourself, guys! Mom hushed dad and told him to put something on and come back in a few minutes, as she wanted to talk alone to us.

Dad nodded and left the room and we could hear him talking to the Whites as they were leaving. Jeff saw you one day when he came home from school early and saw two men screwing you in the living room a couple of weeks ago.

We both realized that there was something between you and the Whites, but were surprised to see their son in on the party. I need sex more often that dad does and love it when there are multiple partners.

Dad understands as long as he can get some sex at least once over the weekend. She had unfolded her arms as she talked to us. I stood up and dropped my pants and my big dick jumped out, straight at her face.

My dad had moved closer to mom as she pointed out where her vagina was. Pull apart the labia, will you Henry. Come here Billy and take a close look. I noticed that dad also had a huge hardon from all this show and tell. After all Henry, we knew this day would come. Dad bent over and started to finger mom as she started to moan and shake her hips.

Dad was rubbing that clitoris and he slowed down and let us guys get a close-up view of the little needle like thing in her vagina. Make me come for the boys and have an orgasm. See if he learned anything. And then Jeff if he wants to try also. While I was down there sucking she asked Dad to put his cock in her mouth and began to loudly suck him off. I had stopped licking her cunt as I watched giving head to dad. I thought you had learned something from watching your dad. If you want more of me, you better get down here and get used to the smell, right dad!

I started to bite her nipple on one side and dad was squeezing her other breast and rubbing the nipple. They must take after my side of the family. It looks like you may continue getting head while I may have some new cock to fill my hungry cunt. My dad had a big cock and he used to make my mom moan so much she always woke up my brother and me. He was banging me since I was sixteen and Ken, my brother, started fucking my mom when he was eighteen. In fact, both of them fucked me several times the night before our wedding.

You went to your bachelor party and got laid and I had a private bachelorette that night. I still was holding her nipple and Jeff still had his head between her legs. Henry, you go and get the camera, but take your time about it. I want this to be special for the boys. I fell on top of her and she carefully put my cock into her cunt. It was wonderful and I fell to her breasts, resting in a comfortable way, licking her breast. She was smiling and complimented me on the size of my dick and how well I fucked her.

Jeff was going crazy, as he wanted to fuck mom also. He shoved me off mom and started to jump on her. Just lie next to me and touch me while I touch you. Jeff was moaning and I was sweating, watching her touching him. Slowly, she put his cock in her mouth, telling Jeff how big and beautiful it was and how she was going to enjoy it inside of her.

Then mom got on top of Jeff, sliding her cunt over his huge cock and then slowly going up and down, with a big grin on her face. Oh, god, fucking my son is driving me crazy with lust. I love it, I looove it! She just rolled off Jeff, smiling, shuddering and moaning at the same time. Mom, naked, dripping from our cum, took our hands and walked us into her bedroom with the king-sized bed. How about you Jeff?

My brother and I cuddled up to her, with one arm over her and hard cocks against her cunt and ass. Tomorrow was another day. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Tripod adult erotic literature

Tripod adult erotic literature

Tripod adult erotic literature