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Huggies Forum Forum Help. Welcome Active Popular Browse. Weaning to Formula Sign in to reply. Hi All I'm putting my DS onto Formula and want ideas or suggestions on how to handle my breast situation, I've been told to express just to ease the engorgement but I feel like I'm filling up faster than I can handle.

Weaning and breast milk drying up

Weaning and breast milk drying up

Weaning and breast milk drying up

Weaning and breast milk drying up

Weaning and breast milk drying up

This will help make the milk less sticky so it flows through the milk ducts preventing clogs and mastitis. Hope you feel better soon. But I Xnxx galeries that giving my children a healthier mother is far more important. Some medications are avoided by breastfeeding mothers because they are known to decrease breast milk supply. Use breast pads to soak up any leaking milk and be sure to change them whenever they are wet. When Does Milk Come Waening

Pussy cat dolls dance tips. What Happens When You Stop Breastfeeding?

There are 5 Weaning and breast milk drying up cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Hi Victoria! The pregnancy itself with the hormones, may change the flavor of the milk…but dryijg she will realize it is different. A treatment scheme has been reported for mothers with hypergalactia that uses low doses of cabergoline to decrease milk supply. Details of support groups are listed below. Lactation suppression can be uncomfortable at times, but if you experience pain and other worrisome symptoms, call your doctor. However, if you are wanting to continue nursing, the baby will still be getting the antibiotic factors associated with breastmilk which will protect her through flu season. Engorgement painful, overfull breasts. When to Start Drying up Milk. My breasts are still engorged, but not painful. When all else fails, you might consider breast binding. Last Penis enlargement piill buffalo.

Your breasts naturally produce milk when you have a baby.

  • When you decide to wean from breastfeeding, learn how to stop breast milk production and dry up your milk quickly with minimal engorgement and pain.
  • There are many reasons why women need to suppress their lactation stop their milk supply.
  • This sort of weaning tends to occur gradually over time and gives a mother and her child a chance to readjust physically and emotionally.

Breastfeeding rates in the United States continue to increase, but with an interesting twist. In , 79 percent of newborns started breastfeeding, but only 49 percent were continuing to breastfeed at 6 months and 27 percent at a year.

No matter your feelings about breastfeeding, the math says that there are significant numbers of mothers who wean their babies and may need to dry up their breast milk quickly. Maybe you are returning to work and don't want to pump, or your baby has a medical condition that requires formula feeding, or your older baby or toddler has weaned himself, or perhaps breastfeeding just didn't go the way you wanted it to.

Regardless of your reasons for weaning, if you simply stop breastfeeding, your hormones will stabilize in seven to ten days, and your body will stop producing milk. Cold compresses, cold cabbage leaves, and sage teas will also help reduce your milk production. Unless you have a significant need dry up your milk immediately, gradual weaning will be most comfortable for you and your baby.

Try dropping one feeding session per week and replacing it with either a bottle or cup depending on your child's age.

Starting with midday feeding sessions is often easier because children are more active during the day and less attached to these sessions. Morning and nighttime feeding sessions are often more difficult to drop because babies are used to nursing when waking up or going to sleep. Be sure to spend time cuddling with your little one while he eats or drinks, even if you aren't nursing any more.

If you need your milk to dry up quickly, it is safe to stop breastfeeding entirely although it can be very uncomfortable. Your milk supply works on a supply-and-demand feedback loop and if you stop breastfeeding your body will gradually stop making milk. Your breasts will become very heavy and full of milk while the hormones stabilize. Use breast pads to soak up any leaking milk and be sure to change them whenever they are wet.

Wearing a supportive bra at all times can help with the pain, as can cold compresses on your breasts. You can use a pump or hand express to drain off just enough milk to keep you comfortable. As unusual as it sounds, raw cabbage leaves contain an enzyme that suppresses milk supply.

Placing cold leaves in your bra is both soothing and helpful. Be sure to change and discard the leaves every few hours or when they get limp. Remember to keep drinking fluids when you are thirsty, and handle your breasts carefully as they will likely be tender or bruise easily. While most women find that their milk dries up within week or two of stopping breastfeeding, it is typical for some women to continue to let down or leak milk for several weeks.

If your breasts are particularly engorged or painful, ask your doctor about over-the-counter painkillers to help. If you develop a fever or flu-like symptoms, a red patch on your breast, or if your breasts feel hot to the touch, see your doctor.

These can be symptoms of a clogged duct or mastitis. If the circumstances that led you to need to dry up your milk supply were traumatic or not your own choice, counseling or other professional support could be helpful. Stacy Zogheib's writing has been published in various online publications. She is a teacher and developmental specialist with experience teaching first grade, special education and working with families of children ages 0 to 3.

She has written for online publications including Demand Studios and Working Mother on topics including child development and choosing a child care center.. Follow us email facebook twitter pinterest instagram Google Plus youTube rss.

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Sage contains a natural estrogen that is reputed to dry up your milk supply. Also keep using cold compresses for discomfort. My doctor feels that since I am not ovulating, I should give up the breastfeeding. Bantam Books. Please HELP???

Weaning and breast milk drying up

Weaning and breast milk drying up

Weaning and breast milk drying up

Weaning and breast milk drying up. Search form

How long before the milk goes away? This depends on a few things. These include:. How old your baby was and how much milk you were making, or your stage of pregnancy if you had not yet given birth.

How much milk is taken from the breast through expressing, let-downs and leaking. How much your nipples are touched, such as in lovemaking.

Another pregnancy. Some mothers find it takes weeks for their milk to go away completely. Others will be over the worst of it in a few days. You may notice milk stains on your bra or that you leak during or after a shower. You may even feel the let-down months or even years after losing your baby. Every mother will have a slightly different experience.

When a baby dies. If it is sudden, there is no time to prepare yourself for the worst and you may well be in shock. You are even more vulnerable if you lost your baby in an accident or medical emergency where you were also involved. As well as feeling a range of emotions as you grieve for your precious little one, your body will also be going through physical changes.

Until now, your body has been preparing to breastfeed your baby. This article is a summary of how to stop your body from making milk. You can download a more detailed version of this article at the beginning of this page. Other things to consider. A frozen memento? Many parents like to keep mementos of their baby. You might like to freeze a small container of your breastmilk to remind you of the special bond you had with your little one.

As no one will be using it, you can keep it as long as you like - only you need know it is there. You can discard it when you are ready. Can my milk be used to help another baby?

Some mothers wonder if the breastmilk they express can be used to help another baby. There are only a few human milk banks in Australia. If you would like to know more about this, ask your doctor or the hospital staff if there is one in your state which might accept your milk.

Milk donors need to be screened by having blood tests before they can donate their milk. One step at a time. It can take a long time to recover from the death of a baby. There will be times when you feel you have made some headway, only to fall back into the deep sadness of it all.

You may find it hard to get to sleep or you may wake often. This is quite normal. This is the time to be kind to yourself. Talking with others who have also had a baby die may give you support and some comfort. Details of support groups are listed below. There are also a number of organisations that may be of some help to you at this difficult time. These vary from state to state. Look in your local telephone book or on the Internet for the following:.

These organisations may have comprehensive libraries with a wide variety of useful books and other literature for further reading. Skip to main content. Lactation suppression There are many reasons why women need to suppress their lactation stop their milk supply. It can be because: you have decided to wean quickly for personal reasons you thought you had finished breastfeeding, but woke a few days later with very full breasts your baby died during pregnancy or at term your breastfed baby has died.

Suppressing milk If your breasts are firmly supported and you don't express milk more than needed for comfort, your milk supply will gradually decrease. Wear a firm bra both day and night to support your breasts and keep you comfortable. Things to watch for Engorgement painful, overfull breasts If your breasts become engorged and the ideas given above do not ease your discomfort, it may help to express all the milk in the breasts, just once, with an electric breast pump.

Blocked ducts and mastitis When breasts are left very full, there is a risk that one or more of the ducts that carry milk to the nipple will become blocked. To treat blocked ducts and mastitis: Apply warmth to the affected area for just a few minutes. Then express your milk. These include: How old your baby was and how much milk you were making, or your stage of pregnancy if you had not yet given birth.

Other things to consider A frozen memento? One step at a time It can take a long time to recover from the death of a baby. Last reviewed:. Aug Making the decision to wean is a tough one, and often harder on mom then the baby or in this instance toddler.

But sooner or later that time comes. My advice would be to begin the steps of drying up your milk. The milk will begin to taste bitter with the cabbage treatment, and your daughter will most likely not like that. However, the biggest issue is a battle of wills. Your daughter has reached the fabulous age of 2 where she is testing her limits, how much she can get away with, and cause and reaction.

The best thing to do, since you want it to be a positive experience, is to distract her with something else. I would gradually wean out one feeding session. For example start by cutting out the feed right when you get home. Distract her with a different fun activity that the two of you can do together. The hard step will be the night feeding.

At that time your milk will hopefully be dried, and you can begin introducing a bottle or sippy cup at this point. Have her mimic the bedtime routine with her doll and she will eventually stop. The bottom line is, you as the mother get to decide when it is time, and she will eventually realize that decision too.

Stand firm, and know that it will get better. The more you explain that breastfeeding is over, and replace it with something else, the easier it will get. I have breastfed my daughter for 2 and a half years and we are at a point where we are thinking of having 2. My doctor feels that since I am not ovulating, I should give up the breastfeeding. We were nursing in the morning and at night and sometimes before nap time. Any thoughts on how long I will be engorged for?

The engorgement is the worst for the first 3 days but should begin to get better. Be sure to keep up with the cabbage, crush the leaves prior to use, and replace them when they get wilted. Also keep using cold compresses for discomfort. Peppermint and Sage is huge for drying up milk, so you can of course add that to your diet.

In severe cases some doctors suggest using an over the counter decongestant, but I would always speak to your doctor first. I am planning to ween slowly. My baby is very happy with either formula or breast feeding I have had low supply issues. What I really need is a step by step ideal guide. Like: week one, cut out an afternoon feeding. Week 2, cut out a night time feeding, and doe on.

Gradually weaning is much better then going cold turkey…your breasts thank you! Your instincts are correct. The fact that you have a lower supply may help you in this catagory. I would start eating peppermint altoids or peppermint tea as this alone will bring down your supply.

If you are pumping at all, I would stop and stick to just feeding. I would start by eliminating the middle of the day feedings first, as this is when babies are more likely to not notice. So for example if you have been feeding 4 x a day, pumping 2 x a day.

Start gradually. Continue to feed 4 x a day, eliminate all pumping week 2. Feed in the morning, skip middle of the day, feed late afternoon, and at bedtime.

Feed only in the morning and at bedtime no pumping week 4. Do this for 3 days, then by day 4 begin the cabbage treatment as stated in the article. By the end of the week you should be dried up. If you experience engorgement cold compresses and Ibuprofen will help. Good luck. He is now very gassy and constantly cries because of it. Tried everything under the sun and still no luck.

How much of this is safe to take and how often to help dry up my milk supply? My daughter Will be a year old tomorrow. I really want to stop breastfeeding bit she is hearing a hard time with it. What should I do….. I would gradually begin the weaning process. Using the cabbage and other suggestions, will make the milk taste different as well as lower the supply which will make her not want to breastfeed as often.

Distracting her at the times she wants to nurse is helpful too. She will eventually not be interested, but it often takes times. Offer a sippy cup or bottle to her during those times and reward her with affirmation and praise. She will want to then seek that out more so then the breast. Hang in there, it can be a challenging process, but you will get there. Hi Nicole! I am sorry to hear you have had such a difficult time. Benadryl or Sudafed will work, but is not something I would take regularly.

What I would do is pump till you are empty to give your breasts a good starting chance to dry up. Feel free to give that milk to your baby. Then start with the cabbage treatment. Crush the cabbage leaves first, place them in a tight fitting bra, and change out every hour. Then begin eating peppermint altoids 1 an hour. This should help slow things down for you. If you decide that you would like to pump and bottlefeed your baby expressed milk, let me know and I can get you set up for a plan.

Some mommas opt to do that while gradually weaning from breastfeeding all together. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you! When you begin the process you want to pump to empty it completely at first. Then begin with the cabbage and peppermint treatment. At that time I would only pump for a few minutes for comfort. Remember your breasts work by supply and demand, so the more you stimulate the more milk you are going to make. So ideally you want to try not to pump if you can.

Please I nid ur help,I have never been pregnant and I dnt av a baby bt I have breastmilk. Hi Mary, Thank you for your response.

When ever a woman is leaking fluid from her breast, and she has not been pregnant or ever breastfed, it could be a sign of a more significant medical condition. Most likely it is a benign, non-cancerous cyst or small mass either on your pituitary gland if your leaking from both breasts or a small cyst or mass in your breast most likely inside your avioli or ducts. I would go to the doctor sooner rather then later. Best of luck to you, and as always let me know if you have further questions.

Ok HELP! Like razor blades!!!!! Is this normal? Should I press through the pain to reach my goal or pump to take the edge off? Thank u! Your doing great. I would pump for no more then 3 min to alleviate some of the discomfort. Keep up with the cabbage, and remember to eat peppermint. Do not pump more then the 3 min, as you are just trying to eliminate some of the discomfort.

So ideally the less stimulation there is the better. Cold compress will be a good thing also. Hang in there girl your almost through it! Let me know if you have any questions! I stopped cold turkey 5 days ago and I am miserable. I have not tried the cabbage but I will tomorrow because I am desperate. How much longer should I expect to hurt this bad? I wear a tight sports bra all day but it seems to feel better when I take it off and lay down.

Hi Jennifer, thank you for your comment. Absolutely recommend using the cabbage method as described in my article, it works really well, along with eating peppermint. Using other methods besides just a tight bra, will make the process not only go faster, but feel much better. Usually within 4 days or so you should have relief. Hang in there, go buy some green cabbage and peppermint altoids, and if needed a decongestant.

Good luck! I am back at work and want to gradually wean my 4 month old off the breast, i have stocks of breast milk and i can have time to express once or twice a day.. Hi there! You can absolutely exclusively pump expressed milk and bottle feed now that you are back at work. I would definitely use what stored milk you have first and then begin pumping during the day to help build your storage. By law, your employer needs to give you 15 min to pump every 2 hours, and it has to be in a place other then a restroom or public facility.

So your boss needs to give you an office to pump in. If you are able to pump every hours throughout the day and night you should be able to still make plenty of milk to supply for your baby. I would continue to provide the breast milk vs. Also I never recommend taking medications to dry up your milk supply. Good luck at work and let me know if you have further questions. I am pregnant and want to wean my one year old.

Was thinking if using cabbage leaves but if they release enzymes is it safe when pregnant?? Yes the cabbage treatment is absolutely safe for pregnancy. Also eating the peppermint altoids. The pregnancy itself with the hormones, may change the flavor of the milk…but soon she will realize it is different. Good luck with both the new baby and your current little one. Let me know if you have further questions! You poor thing. Okay if you are engorged, try pumping out once to empty completely, then use cold compresses to help bring the inflammation down.

Next I would begin the cabbage treatment of crushing the cabbage leaves and placing them in your bra, changing them out every hour when they get wilted. Be sure to then begin eating peppermint altoids, and peppermint tea. Hang in there, it will slow down and stop. I breastfed my daughter until about the 8 month mark when she started refusing to bf. I used to pump at work but I gradually stopped by cutting out one daily session each week.

When I squeeze my breasts milk still squirts out but I am not uncomfortable or engorged. How long will I keep making milk?

Do I new to do anything to hrlp the process or will my breasts dry up naturally? It sounds like you handled it beautifully though. As for your breasts, it is not uncommon for their to be some residual milk left in them.

Some women are able to express some milk out of their breast for up to a year after stopping or sometimes longer. The good news is that since you are not engorged, the production has most likely stopped. The best thing is to try not to express milk if you can help it, and eventually the body will just absorb it. Let me know if you have further questions. I also work full time and have cut my pumping down to once during the day… Like a previous post, I need a weekly schedule.

Etc… Also when should I start only pumping to become comfortable? In the afternoon, my daughter is a little aggressive and will turn away from the bottle and tug on my shirt because she wants BM, what can I do? Great job nursing so long! I always recommend weaning gradually. Initially cut out one feeding each week till you are down to just night or morning feedings. Then at that point you can begin wearing the cabbage leaves and eating peppermint.

The cabbage and peppermint with both change the flavor of the milk making it more bitter and less appetizing to the baby. After on week cut out the morning feed, then on week 2 cut the night feed to every other night, until you are able to go without.

Good luck and as always if you have questions please ask. But sometime she cry like she wanna nurse but she just like my breast to be on her face for soothe I guess. I just need Some tips. I am so sorry to hear you are having a hard time.

I never recommend going cold turkey unless medically necessary, just because it is so painful for your breasts. Hopefully they have settled down a bit for you. I would recommend gradually weaning her feeds down. I would also try to get some peppermint oil capsules to ingest. Also I recommend the cabbage treatment as listed in my blog, remember to crush it prior to placing in your bra. Remember parsley also helps to decrease your supply as well. My boobs are swollen and engorged.

Hi Stacy! For the engorgement, be sure to use a cold compress to help bring down the inflammation and you can use an anti-inflammatory such as motrin or advil. Make sure you are crushing the cabbage leaves and replacing them every hour or when they become wilted. Peppermint is helpful too. Decongestants, over the counter medication, often works well for acute situations, but I would use that as a last case scenario and advise your doctor. Hang in there it does get better.

Please help. Your website is very helpful and I appreciate that you are responding to every query posted here. I gave birth last October. Unfortunately, due to post partum bleeding, I was not able to produce enough milk and was just able to breastfeed my baby for only two months until December.

As often, one breast produces more milk than the other. Fast forward to today, I noticed a milky discharge in my left breast the more productive one when I performed my self-breast exam. Though I found no lump thank goodness! The doctor performed clinical breast exam last August and found no lumps too. I am deeply concerned about having this milky discharge in one breast only.

I am thinking of asking for an ultrasound as I have had too many CT scans in the past and one just recently, for a different issue that having another mammogram and exposing myself to more radiation scares me.

I just do not want to subject myself to more unnecessary harm, if ever. An opinion from you would be a lot of help. Thanks a lot! Hello there. Thank you for your kind words and response. I did respond to your questions in a private email to you from my account danielle justbreastfeeding. Hello, my daughter has been exclusively BF for almost five months and I have had mastitis twice and a very pesky case of thrush.

I am very nervous about getting mastitis again and I am also very uncomfortable. Any advice is greatly appreciated. You are doing all the right things, and you are correct to be wanting to watch for mastitis. One thing you could do, and as always with medications I recommend running it by your doctor, but you could take a decongestant like sudafed.

That along with the other treatments, and not stimulating your breasts should stop the production. Try not to stimulate them if you can. You can also take lecithin which is an over the counter poly-unsaturated fat that will make your milk less sticky and prevent the clogs and infections from starting.

Let me know if you have any questions. Only pump to relieve pressure? Or pump and completely empty as I have been? I also went to the grocery store and was unable to find Sage Tea, although I did find peppermint tea.

Will that work? Or should I continue to search for the Sage Tea? Thanks so much. Ideally you want to try not to pump as your breasts will make more milk if they continue to be stimulated. However, that being said you want to start the cabbage treatment when the breasts are empty, so when you begin the process empty them first then begin.

Peppermint tea works just as well as sage tea, so you can go ahead and use that. I am an overproducer pumper. I attemptedt to wean off the pump slowly and was still producing a ton of milk, so I went cold turkey starting this past Sunday afternoon. Should I stop letting it fall out on its own? Also is it too late to pump a little here and there to alleviate the painful engorgement? Thank you. Hi there, It is okay for milk to be leaking on its own. Ideally I would not recommend pumping to relieve pressure as breasts work by supply and demand, and it may send a mixed message to your body.

However, if you are super uncomfortable you can do an initial pump till they are emptied, and then begin fresh with the cabbage treatment, adding in peppermint as is listed on the article. You can always do cold compresses and take an anti-inflammatory as needed for the engorgement. The showers are always helpful to. Good luck and let me know if you have any further questions.

I have been breastfeeding my daughter for 4 months and am going back to work soon. I wanted to try weaning gradually and started over a week ago.

I gradually dropped pumping and then a week ago I dropped one feeding but became very engorged. I pushed through for about a week only pumping a little when it really hurt to take the edge off. But that was only one skipped feed! After reading your article I pumped to empty my breasts, put on a tight sports bra and cold cabbage.

If I try to breastfeed in the morning will there be milk? What do you recommend? For a while there will be some milk in the morning, but eventually you may find that it completely dries up, or there is very little left.

The breasts work by supply and demand the more you stimulate, the more milk you will make. If you continue to just feed at that one particular time of day, your body should respond and still continue to produce milk at just that time. However, when you introduce the cabbage and peppermint, it does significantly lower your supply. Be sure to crush the cabbage to with a rolling pin, prior to placing in the bra as this will make it more effective.

Decongestants and antihistamines such as Benadryl will decrease a milk supply. If you have decided to wean, then either of those will then become safe to take during the weaning process. Follow the steps in the article, and hopefully the process wont take to long for you. Hope you feel better soon. If I want to dry up my milk through your methods, do you keep nursing ince you start the cabbage and peppermint or do you switch straight to formula while drying up? You can continue to nurse while you are trying to bring down your supply.

Gradually weaning is always a better method then going cold turkey as that can cause pain. However keep in mind that your breasts work by supply and demand.

The more you stimulate them the more milk you will make. So I would gradually begin decreasing the amount you are stimulating your breasts if you are truly wanting to minimize the production. Yes you can use similac, but once she is completely on formula and no breast milk then I would use basic similac instead. Best of luck. The doctor says I am producing a lot of milk and are just prone to block ducts.

I need to start weaning gradually or make my boobs stop producing so much. I tried this last week to reduce the time spent nursing and pumping and now I have a lump and fever. Which for mastitis everyone says pump and nurse.

Well I do that and the. How do I wean completely or just so I make enough milk for baby and not excess??? If you go to my article on clog ducts it will explain how to prevent the clogs from return. I would start with mg capsules, 3 x a day total of mg a day, for 2 weeks. This will help make the milk less sticky so it flows through the milk ducts preventing clogs and mastitis. Once the clogs are gone, then you can take a preventative dose of just 1 capsule a day mg.

To help cut back on the amount your body is making you could add peppermint or sage tea to your diet, or peppermint altoids, as this will naturally bring down your supply.

This should help reduce your supply without causing more milk. If you have further questions please ask. Begin taking a probiotic as well and be sure you are not wearing an underwire bra as that will increase the clogs. Best of luck to you. Thank u so much I will try this. I decided not to wean completely yet. If I have a clogged duct on each boob how Would u nurse to get rid of them? Nurse one side and pump other?

Or nurse one side TIl empty and the other next feeding hrs later? Do I take an altoid every hour or how many to reduce my milk supply? Should I put cabbage on my breasts too? Unfortunately with mastitis, it is best, in my opinion to go the antibiotic route as the infection if left untreated can continue to become worst and possibly abscess. You can of course take lecithin which is a vitamin to help with the clogs that may be present and prevention of further cases. For dosage instruction please visit my article on plugged duct therapy.

Probiotics will be helpful in the prevention of yeast. Remember to continue to feed your baby and or pump so that the milk will continue to flow. You never want the milk to sit. Best of luck to you! I am so glad you decided to not wean competely yet.

Your breasts should simmer down soon. For the clogged duct, place warm moist compress on each breast and then massage the clog while breastfeeding or pumping. You can of course nurse one side and pump the other, however this may maintain the supply that you currently have. Remember breasts work by supply and demand. I would most likely start with nursing on one side till empty then alternating to the other breast on the next feed.

Take an altoid every other hour to help slow down production. I would not do cabbage right now, just stick to less stimulation and adding in peppermint. I would follow the directions on the box. Do not take more then is instructed as sudafed is a stimulant. I would also continue with the other instructions mentioned on the site. Be sure to continue to drink plenty of fluids as Sudafed can be dehydrating as well.

I need help I have had mastitis times and plugged ducts in 10 weeks of breast feeding. Apparently I produce a lot of milk. I need tips to reduce my milk first to see if I can be even with my babies needs instead of way above hers. Also if I continue to get these ill need to wean. I go to work in 5 weeks and need a schedule for weaning. I currently have fever for last 4 days and was put on antibiotics which tears up my baby but I was told to keep nursing.

Does anyone have a schedule to reduce my milk and Aldo one for weaning in 5 weeks? Also suggestion for ur opinion of great formula? I feel lost……. I am so sorry to hear about all your trouble…. You can find this at any pharmacy or natural food stores. My blog on clogged ducts will give you the dosage. The lecithin should help with resolving most of those issues. If you would like to bring down your supply a bit, try drinking peppermint tea, or eating peppermint altoids as that would help to reduce your supply.

Only feed baby on one breast per feed and see if that helps. For further information you can see my blog on overabundant milk. I have posted a weaning schedule on here for when that time comes. Hi dr. I have been breastfeeding for 2 yrs and 2 months to my son, William.

But recently up until Thursday this week I breastfed mostly when he went to bed, when he woke up during the night and in the morning. I then had to travel to Hongkong for 6 days and thought it was a great idea to wean him. Now my breasts are hard. I have started placing cabbage leaves on them and expressed them a littlebot dduring shower. Is this the right way to do? Does the milk will dry up afyer a few days?

What should I do when I see my son next week if he asks for breastfeeding? Thx a lot. Hi there. Your breasts work by supply and demand, so I would try not to express them while you are weaning. Being away from your son may have been good for weaning. I would offer something else to comfort him instead of the breast, if you are ready to wean.

Follow the suggestions mentioned in the weaning blog and engorgement blog. This will help you reduce your supply. Make sure you crush the cabbage leaves before placing them in your bra.

Remember peppermint is a great way to decrease your supply as well. Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions. I started the Altoids and cabbage today around noon and I was just curious as to how long it usually takes for the milk to dry up? I stopped cold turkey after pumping every three hours for three weeks. Maybe try pumping to empty the breasts then try the cabbage treatment so that you can start fresh.

By next week things should be much better. Any suggestions?? I would follow the steps in the blog, and use the cabbage and peppermint. If you needed to use a medication, a decongestant like sudafed is better and safer, but always consult your doctor first. My son will be 11 months old in a few days. He has been nursing 4 times a day since around 9 months old. I would really like to only be nursing morning and night by the time he is a year old.

I do not want to do that cold turkey so I am trying to not offer not refuse. Little info about him: He eats A lot of solid foods and drinks water from a sippy. He never took a bottle or had formula. He signs for breastfeeding. So I guess my question is what do you suggest regarding weaning the two day time feedings? Also what do you suggest regarding WCM?

He does not nurse to sleep, but it is the last thing he does before being put down. Great job nursing!! I would gradually wean out one of the feeds during the day, for about a week. Then the second week wean out the other daytime feed. You can keep that going for however long is mutually desired by you and your baby. When you are ready to wean completely I would stop either the night or morning, whichever is best for you and your son.

Then when you get ready to cut out the last feeding you can make sure to follow the steps in the blog. Your doing great! If you just gradually stop each feed it will be less traumatic for you and your son.

I started trying to gradually wean off the pump last week. I have not tried decongestants or anything peppermint. I have heard that cabbage leaves will cause a reaction if allergic to sulfa so I will not be able to try that route.

What would you recommend? Great job maintaining a supply for as long as you have!! If you have been exclusively pumping and not having her at the breast then you would treat your pumping sessions like feeding sessions in my previous comments. So you would still do things gradually. So you would just eliminate one pump session every three days until your breasts slow down and stop producing. You are correct in not doing the cabbage leaves, but you can try peppermint.

So for this weekend, go ahead and pump out till you are empty, then gradually decrease as the days go on. You can also pump for less minutes as well. Hope this helps, and I hope your daughter has a great first birthday. I started weaning my LO at 1 year. He is now 13 months and down to one nightly feeding. Will my boobs ever be the same size again? Your breasts will eventually be even again.

It just takes a bit of time for them to settle. It is normal for one breast to produce more then another one, so it would naturally take longer for one to dry up then the other. You are doing great, keep up the good work. I have a beautiful 4 week old daughter who latched right away with no problems. For the past 2 weeks she has been spitting up every time she feeds and is hungry about every 45 minutes to an hour.

I thought it was due to an overactive let down so I started pumping and also feeding her from a bottle. She continued to spit up. I broke down and gave in to a few formula feedings and no spit up. Thinking of making the switch to formula full time. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

Hi my names patricia my daughter is 2 yrs old an I have just started th weani g process as of last week she stood with close family for 4 days straight and was dokng very well with the breast over those days I became very very engorged on my left breast my right milk completly dried up its was always the left breast where she got nursed I tried the cabbage thing for a full 24 hr nd that was it now on the 5th day she crying for the reast and I have hard lump on one side of my breast.

Whag should I do???????? If you are trying to wean it is best not to express your milk out. You can talk to your doctor about adding in a decongestant to help unclog as well. My last baby is 18 months old and my breasts still have milk in them. I no longer have let down but if I manipulate my breast milk comes out. I have wrapped myself w ace bandages, used cabbage , peppermints, Benadryl and sage pills for 1 month now and I still have milk.

As long as you are not feeling full or engorged you are okay. A woman can express milk out of her breast if she manipulates it for up to 3 years or longer if she wanted to.

The key is to not do that as that may tell your body to try and produce more milk again. I recommend continuing the steps you were taking and try not to express any milk out. All you are describing is normal. Great job breastfeeding as long as you have!! I breastfed my son for 9 months. I just started a new job so I decided to stop. My sister said she had used cabbage to dry up her milk and suggested I try it.

My breast are still as hard as rocks and although no quite as sore as they were for the first 3 days, still a bit sore. I was quite congested so I even decided to try taking Sudafed. Nothing is working. Will this ever end?!! How much longer is it going to take to dry up my supply?? There is an end in site I promise!!

Try crushing the cabbage leaves and changing them out every hour. Also if you can get a hold of some peppermint oil capsules that will work tremendously on drying up your supply. Eventually it will dry up, it just takes several days. No you do not have to empty your breasts before beginning with the cabbage treatment. I do recommend crushing the leaves prior.

I would also suggest replacing them every hour as well or whenever they get wilted. It is normal to leak milk during the process and you may even be able to leak for weeks after as well. It is best however to try and refrain from stimulation as much as possible during this time.

You do not have to empty your breasts before starting the cabbage treatment, I have just found it more successful that way. The lump you are feeling is just a clogged duct. If needed you can apply warm moist heat to the area and it should help it to loosen.

There is no wrong way to try to dry up your milk…. I am on day 5 of having stopped nursing my son who is 22 months. We were down to nursing at morning and night. And comfort if he got a booboo. From day 1 I bought cabbage I am on my third large head. I have been eating altoids like crazy and have been drinking sage tea 3xs a day. My breast are still very sore and full! I get some relief during the day like they have gone down a little and during the night they seem to fill back up and are super hard and sore.

I have no reavers or red marks that go along with infection. I know it will take awhile for them to totally dry up but how much longer till they are not as hard and painful!?

Once you stop all stimulation it should subside. However it can last for about a week or more till your breasts feel more comfortable. If you need to you can talk to your doctor about taking a decongestant, however I would recommend peppermint oil capsules first. I have gradually weaned my son. First, I have reduced the number of feeding down and when it reached to 2 I have kept the nursing times shorter. And then, I have weaned him completely since Thanksgiving.

But I am worry if leftover milk in my breasts cause any health concern later on, e. Should I empty my breasts? Please give me some advice. No need to empty your breasts, that will only confuse your body. The extra milk in your breasts will just be reabsorbed into your system. Great job!

I have a question regarding drying process. I am currently trying to drying up my right breast. My left breast is almost dry because my son favor the right more so he nurse on the right all the time. I am currently doing the cabbage, altoids and I just order the no more milk tea should be arrive on Monday. I have a few question that I would like to ask. But I still have a lot of let down on my right side does this increase my production? My next question is does no more milk tea work?

Also how long does it take for my right side to dry up if there are still let down? It is okay if you are experiencing let down. That is your body relieving itself.

It does take some time for your milk to dry up but it is different for everyone. I have heard some positive reviews about the no more milk tea. It basically is peppermint and sage tea mixed together. It should help in relieving some of your milk production.

Best of luck and let me know if you have any further questions. How long after having mastitis and being on antibiotics should I wait before drying up my milk supply? Once the infection is gone and you have finished your dose of antibiotics you can begin the drying process.

I have been exclusively pumping for 17 months. I have slowly eliminated pumping sessions. I went down to 1 pump session a day for 15 mins. I skipped a day then pumped because my boobs were extremely engorged.

How long before this goes away? I have been using the cabbage leaves, drinking peppermint tea and taking Benadryl at night makes me drowsy. It can take a good week sometimes two for your milk to completely dry up, but it will eventually dry up.

Ice will bring down some of the swelling and you can always take Ibuprophen for engorgment pain. Keep doing what your doing. Great job pumping for as long as you did. That is amazing! Hi I have the same problem , with my son favoring my left side , so i have on huge breast and one small … not very pleasant to look at nor does my bra fit on properly …. The dr already prescribed an antibiotic which I started yesterday.

My question is will hinder the length of time it will take my breast to dry up? Also how will I know when I have dried up? I am currently taking a sage tincture along with no more milk tea. I will start the altoids later on this evening thank you very much! I forgot to mention that we are on day 3 today of attempting to dry up. Oh and ibam also doing the cabbage remedy.

It is possible to still leak milk for a couple years after. However if it is one breast it is worth getting it looked at by a doctor.

When in doubt check it out. You know your body better then anyone. If anything for peace of mind. Chances are it is nothing to worry about, but I would always trust your gut. I have been breast feeding my son for over a year now and half way through he rejected my right boob. My plan was to stop breastfeeding him at 2 years and then pray that my boobs would become the same size. However I just got pregnant and now my left breast is super engorging whilst my right is as flat as a pancake.

Will it continue to remain this way throughout my pregnancy or is there anything in the world I can do to make them both the same size again??? I get my son to feed off the right breast and a bit if milk does come out but it has not engorged in about a year.

First off let me apologize for the delay in response…. Secondly, let me assure you eventually your breasts will go back to the same size. It is very common for women to produce more milk in one breast then the other, and the majority of the time the right breast is the lower producing side, for whatever reason.

The pregnancy hormones may change your milk production in and of itself. You can try weaning your son for the pregnancy to give your breasts the chance to level out and then reintroduce the breast to him later. Or see if he will suck just primarily on the right breast now that he is older.

Normally I would suggest pumping the lower producing breast as that would help that side produce more, but I never recommend pumping while pregnant unless you receive the okay from your doctor as pumping can cause a large amount of Oxytocin to be released which is the same hormone responsible for stimulating contractions. The good news is that with your next baby, it most likely will be a completely different experience.

Hope this helps some. I breastfed exclusively the first year and continued to breastfeed only the night feeding to put baby to sleep. She is now 20 months and I want to stop breastfeeding now. Does the milk eventually go away. Will my boobs turn into flat bags when the milk goes away?

Your breasts work by supply and demand, so if the demand is gone, meaning no more stimulation, then your milk supply will dry up. Hope the process has gone well for you, and if you have any further questions feel free to ask.

I have only been breast feeding for about a month and I am wanting to stop…if ii only feed over night if I use the cabbage leaves during the day would it make the milky asked nasty to my son? Or if I only feed in the evenings approx how long will it take for my milk to dry up? So I would ideally decrease the stimulation gradually so that you can slowly dry your milk supply up. The cabbage can make your breast milk taste a bit bitter.

Every woman is different in regards to how fast their milk takes to dry up. In your case, since you have not been lactating as long, it may dry up quicker. I have also found out that I am allergic to multiple types of antibiotics. I was considering slowly weaning my 6 month old and switching to formula but I have been forced to cut down the feeding very abruptly. The steroids I am taking to control my allergic reaction requires me to wait 4 hours after each dose to nurse. Few questions: 1.

What can I do to for the next few days to prevent clogs while on the meds? After the meds, should I go back to a slow weaning process or should I just keep with the momentum? Can I use the cabbage leaves even if I choose to wean slowly? I am so sorry to hear about all your troubles you have had. Great job getting to 6 months however, that is a great accomplishment. To help prevent clogs, I would use lecithin which is a natural poly-unsaturated fat that will make your milk less sticky.

You can find that at any whole foods store or any pharmacy. If you read the post on plugged ducts it will help you with the dosage. I would recommend in your case doing the slow weaning process as this would be the safest option in preventing more clogs from forming and another case of mastitis.

Make sure you stay hydrated as well. And yes you can absolutely use the cabbage leaves even if you choose to wean slowly.

What Happens When You Stop Breastfeeding? 5 Things To Know | BellyBelly

Every breastfeeding mother comes to a point where she is faced with having to wean her baby. One filled with joy of being able to eat, drink whatever, and go wherever you want…but also one of sadness as you may be mourning the loss of those quiet special moments between you and your baby, and that special time of closeness and bonding you shared. Alas, all things come to an end.

Whatever the reason, breastfeeding is an accomplishment you should be proud of no matter the length of time, whether it was 1 week or 2 years. You did a wonderful thing for you and your baby. So now that the time has come let me walk you through how to dry up your milk supply. The process seems odd, but it works. I never recommend going cold turkey.

Your breasts and your baby wont be happy! I would try, if possible, to start cutting out a feeding session and replacing it with a bottle of either expressed breast milk, formula, or cows milk if over 12 months.

If for some reason these steps are not working, then contact a Lactation Consultant, such as myself for further guidance. You may smell like peppermint coslaw for a few days, but in the end your breasts will be happier that you chose not to just abandon them through this process.

Best of luck! Please help my baby have a horrible rash on his bottom duecto my breast milk and I csnnot breast feed him due to my engorgement I am trying to wean off cold turkey and God it hurts.

Scared of my ducts clogging whatcto do how should I know…5 weeks breast feeding. My guess is that if his rash is not clearing up with basic diaper ointment, I would take him to his doctor to make sure it is not a yeast infection, which would not be caused by anything he is eating from your milk.

An antifungal cream should help treat that. As for the engorgement, I would always recommend doing it gradually.

For right now, unless you really want to give up breastfeeding, I would treat his rash, maybe cut out spicy foods and dairy, and continue to breast feed. Hang in there. I do hope you find a root cause of his rash. I breast fed for 4 weeks and still got no relief. My boobs hurt when feeding my little girl.

So I stated pumping and feeding her with a bottle. My breasts fill up really fast and fill up a lot. It seems like they always hurt and I am not sleeping well because of the fullness. They literally feel like rocks when I get up throughout the night to pump. I read the above article but when I do pump do I need to empty my breasts or just enough to relive the fullness? I am definitely going to try the cabbage leaves and altoids. Please help! Hi Ashley, I apologize for just now getting back to you.

Your breasts work by supply and demand, the more you stimulate the more milk you will make. Originally you want to empty them completely, or as best as you can. Then I would use cold compress for the discomfort, and begin to space out the pumping, with less minutes. So for example if you were pumping every 3 hours, I would go to every four hours, and only pump 5 min instead of During this time I would begin eating the peppermint altoids, and begin with the cabbage leaves.

Make sure you crush the cabbage prior to wearing it. If you still feel really uncomfortable, you can try a decongestant like Sudafed. Just like how it decongest your nose it will decongest your breast. Hope this helps! My daughter is down to one feeding at night and sometimes one feeding during the day.

The doctor said i shud stop becuz there is no need for her to have my breast milk anymore. Shes 15 months. Would it be bad if I just stopped. Would the pain in my breast be terrible if she only feeds so little?

If so what can I do?! The AAP American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding your baby up to 1 year of age OR for however long is mutually desired between mother and child. Nutritionally breast milk is your infants first source of food for the first year.

After that 1 year mark the child is often eating table foods and getting their daily nutrients in that form. However, if you are wanting to continue nursing, the baby will still be getting the antibiotic factors associated with breastmilk which will protect her through flu season. If you do decide to stop, that would not be bad, I would gradually wean and begin the steps mentioned in my article and you will begin to dry up. The pain is not as bad if it is done gradually.

I would recommend though, that you are ready to wean because you and your baby want to, not because your doctor feels the child is too old to. It should be on your terms, unless medically indicated. Hope this helps. Marie John-Portier: I know this is late, and hopefully the diaper rash is cleared up!

Coconut oil can be bought in the baking aisle at WalMart. Try it!! I have been breast feeding for 11 months. For the past few months I have cut back his feeding and I am now down to only feeding once a night.

I have tried using cabbage leaves, tight bra, and sudifed but nothing is working. I am in so much pain. What else can I do?

Ice is always helpful. Try eating a peppermint Altoid an hour, or peppermint tea. Large amounts of peppermint along with the cabbage has to be crushed will help decrease the supply. Hang in there it will go away soon. I exclusively pumped for 9 mo. At the 6th mo my period returned and was very heavy and harsh, knocking my supply in half…I spent a month drinking mother milk and taking fenugreek and pumping every 3 hours and couldnt get it back up. So for that month I was only getting 2 ounces or less per session.

I then stopped to pumping 2 times a day and then 1 time a day for a week. Most likely because your hormones have shifted again and your body is trying to produce more. If you are wanting to re-boot your milk supply I would begin to pump again and start the other steps to increase your supply. If not then continue with the peppermint and sage instructions, as listed in the article. Begin icing and if needed to dry you up, you can take a decongestant.

Let me know if you have any further questions. I have breastfed my first for two years stopping for about three months before the birth of my second child.

It has been a little more than two years with her and I just eliminated the night feedings a week and a half ago. Now I have relentless headaches but no engorgement. I can still express milk but refrain from doing so. I had hormone issues before my first pregnancy as I had nipple discharge for over a year before I was ever pregnant. About 6 months ago I randomly went bald in two patches on my head, it had grown back sans treatment. I wish I could know more what to expect.

How long will these headaches last? So far OTC medication for headaches barely makes a dent. I read some places it can be years before I stop production. Thank you for your honest response Kelly. The fact that you breastfed so long is absolutely wonderful!

Because of that your body is used to the hormone surges. I went through all of your symptoms…. The fluid you were leaking prior to being pregnant, especially if you had hormone imbalance before, may be due to a papiloma in your milk ducts which can cause clear fluid to express from your breast.

This is a benign tumor the size of a grain of salt in your milk duct. It can be discovered by a ductogram that should be performed by a breast specialist doctor. If you are in Southern California I know a fabulous one! As for your headaches, weaning and headaches are not common, and is something worth getting checked out.

Your other symptoms would make me wonder if you have a magnesium or vitamin B deficency as both of those can cause hair loss and headaches. You also could be developing a thyroid condition which is common after pregnancy and weaning. That is checked by a simple blood test. I had doctors wanting to put me on every medicine under the sun for my headaches, finally I gave up after gobs of side effects, stopped sleeping with a pillow which amazing cut my headaches in half and started taking a food base magnesium suppliment.

Weaning and breast milk drying up

Weaning and breast milk drying up

Weaning and breast milk drying up