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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by Edgewriter! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around! If you look at the world today and see all the reckless irresponsibility, you can pin it all down on one thing.

Crispins home page spanking

Crispins home page spanking

Crispins home page spanking

Like this: Like Loading Hate Mail! Indulgent Arts - The Back Line. London, Anthony Bond, Elizabeth Sussner, Designer. Why Not to spank children. Issue 6 dated December, For every child, if the parent does not reconnect, the child falls apart, which is heartbreaking to see.

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If you have others that you would like to share, let me know Crispinx I'll add them to the site. Unauthorized copying, sharing, distribution, reproduction, or any other use is a violation of applicable laws. Closet Masochist: Masochists need to suffer. The sequel to the best selling series is here; Westgate Oldschool presents Crispisn 2. Real profiles only. Mobile Version. I have never met anyone interested in spanking or discipline who isn't a mixture of all them in varying degrees at varying Crispins home page spanking. Home About. Posted on October Octopus feeding shrimp, by crankyspanker. I met this talented actress and model and was blown away! We all of us love the attention of others, especially from authority figures.

I am 9 weeks pregnant with baby 2 and my son is now 14 months old.

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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by Edgewriter! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around! If you look at the world today and see all the reckless irresponsibility, you can pin it all down on one thing. There is just not enough spanking going on. Kids today often go about with the idea that there are no reprecussions for their actions. They are taught at a young age that the worst they will get for their wrong doings is a good talking to.

Once a parent has no control over their child, the child has no reason to listen to anything they say. Now when I am talking about spanking I refer to punishment delivered by repeated strikes to the buttocks Or booty if you prefer.

Most often these would be delivered by the open hand, though sometimes a belt or switch could be used. In days of old, teachers, pastors shudder , neighbors, or any upstanding adult could deliver a spanking to an unruly child. I am not advocating a return to those days. There is too much opportunity for dicipline to become abuse. I agree that the physical discipline of children should be left to the parents.

But these days parents are looked down upon with derision or even horror for spanking their kids. In fact, there are constantly bills being presented to government to outlaw spanking. There was a day when if you were at the store and your kid threw a fit, you took them over your knee and spanked them right in the aisle. Now if a kid throws a fit you have to put up with it, maybe lean in and threaten them with future harm so quietly that no one else hears you.

Because if you did spank that child, there might be three or four empty-headed busybodies on their cell phones calling child protective services. At the least you would get looks of scorn or derision, or pure hatred.

As a result of this atmosphere, here is the typical situation you run into at your local Walmart:. Cookie now!!! I want cookie!!! Stupid mom!! Stupid Mom! I hate you! Give me cookie!!!!

We have all seen this scene or one similar to some degree or worse. Why does this happen? First the kid does not respect their parent. At home, the Mom can put the child in time out or turn the TV off for a few hours. In the store, she is utterly defenseless and does not know how to handle the situation. So the kid steamrolls her and the onlookers stupidly try to step in and end her torment. This child never learned discipline.

He never learned that his behavior had consequences. His parents thought that if they just showed him enough love, that they would have his respect. Well children enjoy being shown love, but they also enjoy getting what they want. Now you might be wondering how Edgewriter disciplines his kids. You might even picture me as a howling red-faced child-beating demon.

But that is far from the case. My spankings are delivered hand to booty. Some times bare booty some times not, depending on the severity of the offense.

I have four kids and one is far too small And cute for such things. But she freaks out if sent to her room. The boys however take spankings very seriously. If a spanking is threatened, they shape up quick. So the end result is that I rarely have to spank my kids. So in the spirit of discipline, I have come up with a list of people that should have received more spankings. As a spanking advocate, I would also suggest that a nice public spanking would be a good learning tool even at their current ages.

I will also suggest the proper instrument with which to administer the spanking. All are bare booty spankings unless otherwise noted. In the center of Madison Square Garden before a crowd of thousands. Bill Clinton — With yard stick delivered by Hillary Clinton at live press conference. She would win the presidency if that happened. On Today show. Nicole Richie — With bare hand delivered by Lionel Richie on his newest album cover.

Tom Cruise — With lightning bolts delivered by the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard in front of Will Smith for good measure. Jimmy Swaggart — Delivered by the hand of God at judgment day before the heavenly hosts. If you guys think of any more, list them in the comments section. If we get enough, maybe I will start a new page just for this. I agree with most of your comments. I was one of those naughty boys getting a spanking in the store aisle on rare occassions. The threat of spanking worked great for me growing up.

As a teenager the threat of a spanking was even more powerful, particularly if any of my friends or siblings were around. Looking back now I know my friends probably also respected my parents more for it although I dreaded it back then…. I think spanking children is wrong and disturbing.

You sound like a spanko…. Keep that between adults, and leave children out of it. What seems discussed less often is the benefit to the parents. Our self respect depends upon the ability to repay injuries. So while there seems to be doubts as to the benefit of the practice for children, there should be none that this form of retaliation is good for the parents.

It disgusts me that some people would try to stop parents from spanking their own children, never mind that they are too weak to spank their own children. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

My parents never spanked me, but instead treated me like an adult — and guess what? I grew up acting like one. Most wifebeaters were spanked and look what it did for them!

Violence is far less effective for behavior modification as is the lure of approval and love. Ask yourself why the best trained animals are all motivated by reward and not punishment. Most non wifebeaters were spanked too. Violence is not what I am proposing.

Though if violent things happenned to wifebeaters, I am okay with that. Spanking a disobedient child for diciplinary purpose, does not mean that the lure of approval and love is not used. Love first, spanking when that does not work. Spoiling kids is not a form of love, that screws them up just as badly as parents that beat their kids, just in other ways. I must agree wholeheartedly. They are pathetic and disgusting in their vain attempts to fake a semblance of control.

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Crispins home page spanking

Crispins home page spanking

Crispins home page spanking

Crispins home page spanking

Crispins home page spanking. Blog Archive

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Slightly submissive: hardly anyone isn't turned on occasionally by taking a submissive part in a relationship. When someone else takes control you are released from ordinary cares, you can stop thinking for yourself and let go emotionally and spiritually. There are lots of people who would never normally consider themselves submissive who enjoy letting go from time to time.

Erotic pain lover: we all enjoy erotic sensations; the brush of a tongue, a caress, a stroke, tickling, light spanking, mild spanking - you follow my argument I am sure. The graduation of those sensations goes from mild to moderate to strong to severe, the point at which each of us lives on that continuum varies from time to time and by inclination.

Pain that might alarm you out of context can arouse and please you in a different one. Notably different from Masochism, which embodies a need for pain and suffering, erotic pain is sexual and stimulated by different levels of pain depending on circumstance and emotional state.

Schoolroom spanking is a classic but there are many others. For the effort you put in setting the scene in advance, dressing the part, staying in character you will get corresponding pleasure out of it. Do it properly, take it seriously! Anticipator: anticipators love the fear, fright and anticipation that leads up to the situation.

They may love the thought of the pain and the shame that is to come, they will enjoy thinking about it after the event, but if you ask them during the session you may well find that they aren't enjoying it at all. But if you lighten up and don't spank properly then you deny them the pleasure that comes after and spoil the anticipation of the next session.

Humiliatee: humiliation may be wrapped up with submission, it may call upon hidden well-springs of emotion that lie untapped in normal life but which yearn for release or it may simply be an enjoyable feeling all of its own. Having to undergo a painful spanking, especially if it's coupled with awkward or embarrassing situations is an excellent way of reaching this emotional undercurrent. Closet Masochist: Masochists need to suffer. Their route may be via pain, degradation, humiliation, discomfort, embarrassment or other more devious paths.

There is a little of it in all of us, it's unhealthy to be purely a hedonist always taking the easiest or most comfortable approach to life. Mountain climbers, endurance runners, highly motivated businessmen and women are all examples of people who undergo discomfort to reach a higher goal. Are they driven by the same urges that motivate the Masochist? In my view there is an element of that in all of us. Some of us express it in different ways from the rest, that's all.

Attention seeker: I have encountered a degree of this in every submissive, Masochist and spankee that I've ever met. We all of us love the attention of others, especially from authority figures. What can be a greater demonstration of attention than the feel of a palm landing hard on your buttocks, with words whispered in your ear telling you what is happening to you, what will happen next? Thrill seeker: being out of control, not knowing what will happen next, putting yourself in dangerous situations- why else race cars, bungee jump, go white water rafting?

If you know that a situation will involve pain and discomfort but volunteer for it anyhow, that's understable surely? If you have read what I've written above and thought to yourself 'Attention seeker - of course' or something similar about a person that you know, well, then you have misunderstood me.

I have never met anyone interested in spanking or discipline who isn't a mixture of all them in varying degrees at varying times. People are complex mixtures of emotions. You can't reduce them to a list.

You can recognise that all those things exist but you must treat them all in context, as a whole. If it's with someone you don't know, set some basic limits in advance, set up the situation and then go for it!

Spanking Resources Guide

I am 9 weeks pregnant with baby 2 and my son is now 14 months old. When we say no, he has started throwing tantrums, crying, flailing himself as we try to pick him up, etc.

He also pinches my face, scratches my arm, hits me and grabs my glasses. Lately we have had a lot of stress in our life due to circumstances out of our control, but my son has been acting this way for a while now. My husband and I both come from families who spanked. And, although we know they meant good and well, we know behavior is a heart issue and we want to make sure we address the heart issues as our children grow up. However, do you have any advice as to his violent actions towards me, how to keep my cool, and how to teach him to stop?

I love my son very much, but have had to leave him crying and walk away so as not to cause more harm to him. By the way, we are trying very hard to do gentle disciplining but are still learning how everything works. So any and all advice you can give would be much appreciated. Your boy needs a safe place to play. He needs his parents to spend time there with him watching what he does, appreciating him rather than being annoyed by him. Should your animals go in this box, or would you like them placed here on the floor in the corner?

Please show me where the trucks should go. When the new baby enters the picture, it will be even more important for your boy to have his small, protected play haven and for you to have a way to keep inappropriate toys away from your baby. They are a healthy element of toddlerhood. Also, he will sometimes be in places where everything is not available or appropriate for him to explore.

Take care to intervene respectfully. Instead of taking something out of his hands or picking him up and moving him away, whenever possible talk to him first. They are not safe. Gentleness and respect will work wonders, but there will still be episodes of crying and tantruming. They are par for the course with toddlers. Remember that tantrums and crying are entirely different from hitting, scratching, etc.

Tantrums and crying are healthy ways for your boy to release his feelings and offload stress. When he is doing those things he needs you to support, encourage, and stay engaged with him in a calm, empathetic, non-judgmental manner.

These expressions of anger, frustration, worry, sadness, etc. It is also normal and common for an upset toddler to act out with you physically. Gently, but firmly block him from doing those things to you. Hold his hands to stop him if you need to. Take a deep breath and stay calm. Put him down if you are holding him and he begins to hit, scratch or pinch. Be available for hugs when his outburst has subsided. Accept them as being exactly what he needs to do.

Remember that toddlers are extremely sensitive, and if you are going through something, he is certain to be feeling it, too. If there are specific stressors in your life that you can share, consider sharing with him. Hopefully, the knowledge that his behavior is healthy and age-appropriate will help you to gain the perspective you need to remain calm and confident in the face of his storms.

Instead of walking away, yelling or spanking, try distancing yourself emotionally, but remaining available as a therapist would. This is a common issue for adults who were spanked as children. Enter your first name and email address:. Please share your comments and questions. I read them all and respond to as many as time will allow. I really feel for this mama who has a pregnancy just as her son is beginning this very active, emotionally tough and turbulent age.

I think that she needs to remember that her son is not responsible for her emotional responses. Pregnancy alters hormones and moods and then exhaustion makes things worse. It is hard to keep a handle on those things making you feel out of control and be loving and calm to a whirlgig of a toddler, its important to separate your own emotions from what your child is actually doing. That being said, kids can forgive, you just have to show them genuine apology and try to let them know your mood is better now.

This is the best time for mom to elicit help from other people in her life! Grandmas, neighbors, babysitters, a day or two a week at a loving childcare situation can do wonders for helping mom get some rest. I do feel, however, that in this and similar situations as the writer described, walking away from a child while he is tantruming is appropriate and healthy.

When they are done, be there. If they really just need to vent those feelings, they are able to do it; if they are doing it to control you especially if that has worked in the past or for attention, they are not getting it. I even worry that those few minutes of experimenting might have affected that baby. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify! And I agree, it is most definitely a very uncomfortable video to watch in terms of what the little girl had to experience.

I have actually met and been trained by Ed Tronick, the man in the video. For most parents, as in tune as they try to be, life happens. People must grocery shop, talk on the phone, work, etc and children do the same things to try to entice caregivers back to them.

For every child, if the parent does not reconnect, the child falls apart, which is heartbreaking to see. When the parent does reconnect, you can see the reaction of the child. Securely attached children take a moment and then recover. His research shows that growth can occur in the reconnecting, and the relationship can be strengthened. He generalizes this to all human interactions, that in the disconnect, the opportunity to reconnect is amazing. The infant never changes, whether mom is interacting with her or not.

How sad, and yet how important to identify mothers who may need help! I enjoyed this thread, and wanted to elaborate on the video link. Sorry for writing so much! Here is another link for Dr. This is such an important concept. Children pick up so much from our body language and understand more language than we give them credit for.

Hi Janet! This post reminds me of the email I sent you a couple months ago. Thank you! Complete one-eighty! Everyday I draw strength from your articles.

Hi Dena! Great news about baby 2! And, Dena, you are so welcome. I agree with Shel. The most effective way to curb tantrums is to give them very little attention. Expressing emotions is a healthy, natural thing. It is appropriate for a toddler to tantrum. It is fair to give children the time and space to work through their feelings.

In my experience it is best to allow the child all the space and time that they need, then when they are finished pick up right where you left off playing, etc. I am currently in a debate with my significant other in how we want to discipline our child when the situation calls for it.

Maybe not all the time but sometimes its necessary. Hi Mitchell! Please feel free to respond back, and either way, please keep in touch. Can you elaborate on her position? Now she has started biting herself which freaks me out as I am recovered from an eating disorder and self harm.

But my main concern is that I find it really hard impossible to maintain control when my DD is having these fits, or just any crying in general. I feel so horrible, I always lose it on her and end up yelling or insulting her or even spanking or pinching her. I have no support, all of our family is far away and have their own issues and no interest in helping us.

My DH works long hours at the moment so it is just me and the little ones home all day and evening. I have no idea how old this comment is but I will reply anyways. You say you were spanked as a child and teen and that you turned out fine. You then say you have recovered from self-harm and an eating disorder.

Also, when teens are spanked, I would actually call that abuse. I would encourage you to follow the advice on this website it works! Your email address will not be published.

Crispins home page spanking