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Yes, get over that "weird" feeling and just go apologize to him. It doesn't have to be a big apology or explanation either, a simple apology and that you were so caught off guard you overreacted. Act like it never happened and go on like normal you act no different around him. I mean, really, it's not a big deal, he might have accidentally seen something for a split second. I say might, because it probably happened so fast that he probably didn't see much?

My brother to saw me naked

My brother to saw me naked

My brother to saw me naked

I agree. You were taking a long shower. Soon I will be the only member of society that isn't like op and the majority of sexually frustrated and immoral children commenters. What do I do? Pretty sure he knows he needs curtains And, my vagina was exposed. One was in the shower and didnt realize i had arrived. First time, I had a baby gate on the front door, which was open to let in a breeze. My brother to saw me naked talk to him and apologize.

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We returned, and undressed together, no erection. He held my hips and pulled me further onto him. At least I was Daddy daaughter. My brother to saw me naked A. He's your brother. Coming from the balkony in the periphery of the house the balkony door of the bedroom of my parents was half open, i entered directly Gallery porn search star found a naked guy on the bed of my parents! Don't be embarrassed, be grateful he was there. Stepsister unexpectedly on my cock after she caught me 7 min Lookatmyas5 - Not at all. Chalk it up to one of many M moments that happen when you live under the same roof with family. Stuck in an elevator for hours. Security code:. Warning: This Link May be Unsafe. Yes No.

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  • It began one day when I was feeling really horny in class.
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  • I'm 17, and I was in the shower when my 20 year old brother opened the bathroom door and came in while on break from college.
  • Uh, we used to bathe together when we were younger, but that only lasted a year or two.

Oh man, Steve had a great story to kick off today's text question of the day. He totally caught his roommate playing online poker completely nude whilst smoking a cig. Why play poker nude!? Sign In. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. They were great friends with there neighbors. They loved to play tricks on each other. My brother in law was in the shower. The neighbor lady came over with a bucket of ice water she goes in the bathroom dumps it over into the shower! I hear a scream and laughing!

She comes running out of the bathroom he was right behind her! He got to the kitchen and slipped on the kitchen floor under the kitchen table naked as a jay bird!! It a good thing he didn't get hurt and BTW he is not shy My step dad!! I ran and told my mom. My mom, but because of that I always keep my butt covered no matter how hot it is :P My 60 year old co-worker. She strips down to nothing and changes her clothes in our break room with no care in the world who walks in on her.

This is Mandi the hygienist I accidentally saw both of my parents naked I thought hubs needed to do his pee-pee thing. No words of said exchange have occurred. A group of elderly men were literally hanging out!! Needless to say, I never saw their faces!! I was at a friend's house getting ready for the Homecoming dance and I knocked on the bathroom door.

I didn't hear any response, so I opened it. There stood my friend in nothing but her bra and panties fixing some of the sparkles on her dress while another girl was doing her hair. I said, "Oh shit, I'm so sorry! I was at a Christmas party at my in laws and my father in law was sharing a video from when the kids were younger at the cabin.

Our younger cousin and me were sharing and the video froze and he hit next and there was a video that started automatically if my father in law naked strutting his stuff back to the bedroom! My mother in law claims that she doesn't take the video!! I saw the woman I cleaned house for her naked.

She had just gotten out of the shower and was walking around her bedroom naked and I had come upstairs to clean and she didn't know I was up there. She walked past the doorway and I screamed and she screamed it was pretty funny My son saw me on the toilet and when I came out of the bathroom and he was leaning on the wall ,staring into space and says to me" mom, I am traumatized forever" I lol'ed and lol'ed all day!

I was rolling around on the floor as a child, probably 7. I rolled to the bathroom door and peeked under the door. It scarred me for life. Once i was at my 2 guy friends apartment. One was in the shower and didnt realize i had arrived. I was sitting out of sight when he got out of the shower and he flashed his roommate right as I oeered around the corner to say hello so I saw it allllll TQOTD When coarse cow and I were first married his brother lives with us. We ALL slept naked and I never put clothes on to go to the fridge for a drink in the middle of the night.

BIL went to the bathroom. And when I was in kindergarten my crush did she was my nabor and I did not have blinds Probably the most startling naked person I saw was my brother when I was maybe 12ish. My brother is 8 years older than me. My brother and I had rooms in the same area of the house.

I could hardly let him finish his sentence because I was trying to end the conversation and hurry him away. My brother has always been a good looking guy so much so friends would ask if they could spend the night if my brother was around , but no sister wants to see her brother holding his junk.

My neighbor! Only have seen him naked once. Pretty sure he knows he needs curtains He likes to watch movies on his big TV of people making balloon animals on Wednesdays.

My friend's brother saw me naked.. First time, I had a baby gate on the front door, which was open to let in a breeze. I had been showering and I heard my then 2 year old messing around near said door. I don't know who screamed louder. They were living with me at the time.

Fresh out of the shower. Must have been a cold one. Yes I told my daughter and no she is no longer with him Omg one night my husband and I accidentally saw our neighbor naked while having balloon animals I've been caught sunbathing topless quite a few times mostly by family members rolling in to my parents house FYI they were gone so I thought it was safe to sunbathe partially nude About 10, people It was like walking in on Sasquatch I didn't even know he was there.

I heard my mom in the shower and needed to get something out of her room. I opened the door and When I was 18 I was in Vegas for spring break. He panicked. I panicked. Luckily enough, he didn't let go of his rope My oldest brother I have a bad habit of wanting to sleep after tubing down the river. Well I sleep naked and it was hot out so I didn't have covers on When i got back to my room my younger brother had his friend in the room which happened to be my exes little brother.

They were Poor things. My landlord saw me naked. He was also my neighbor. For 4 years he came over everyday or was in my yard because he needed to "fix" things.

He knocked on my door once and I didn't answer because I just got out of the shower. He decided to walk right in. I screamed and he said "sorry I knocked but you didnt answer I'll wait for you to get dressed. I screamed and told him to get out.

I researched the other tenants that lived there before, all blonde women who had been evicted after the set boundaries. My then 23 yr old sister-in-law on New year's Eve comes out of the bathroom butt ass naked and goes to the back yard and starts jumping on the trampoline.

Years ago my siblings and I went through all the old family VHS tapes just to watch and laugh and what not. Half way through one of the tapes was a balloon animal scene of our parents Oh and yes, we all give my parents hell to this day about it. I went to scare my best friend when he was showering one day on spring break. Phone in hand to record his reaction, I snuck in the bathroom.

I yelled and tore open the curtain to find him A quick washcloth cover was unable to alleviate the scarring image seared into my brain. That's not the intended purpose of conditioner. That's the last time I'll ever disturb another man's showering peace. I have a story for the text question of the day!

I was at my in laws and my motherin law told me to use the shower in the master bedroom. She said my father in law was just watching TV in the bedroom but I could go use the shower. Well I knocked to no answer and let myself in. Sure enough my father in law was watching TV on top of the covers on the bed. Butt naked!! Now I know where my husband got his jewels from. My 18 year old son knocked on our very closed bedroom door and just opened it. There we were stark naked in the middle of balloon animaling..

After seeing both my bare dick and ass, my older brother laughed hysterically as he walked out of the room and to the kitchen. Soon I was standing there without any clothes on, my body on display for him, totally and utterly embarrassed. He carried on moving my head up and down on him. Why is my mom moaning from my parents room? In a daze I turned off the computer and went downstairs. Please try again. I was standing before him in see through.

My brother to saw me naked

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When I was 17 and my brother was 13 my parents wer | I Saw My Brothers Naked | Similar Worlds

Remember me. Forgot my Password. Log In. Groups Stories Questions People. When I was 17 and my brother was 13 my parents were out of town and I went out with some friends. I was supposed to be out for a while but I came home after we ate. I walked into my room and my brother, Caleb, was at my desk, naked and jacking off to something on my laptop. He stood up and didn't didn't know what to do so he was just frozen there.

He penis was about 4 inches fully hard. He was really embarrassed and I started laughing and that just got him even more embarrassed, he ran off to his room. I looked at my laptop to see what he was watching and he was on my Facebook, looking at my friend's and my profiles looking at the bikini pictures of us. I went back to him and told him that is was ok and he's not the first naked guy I've seen.

He asked me if his dick was big and I said it was ok but don't worry, it will grow. I've seen him naked again, but ever since then it hasn't been as weird. May 30, Edited: 3 yrs ago. Receive notifications on replies. I feel really bad for him. Thats like a nightmare experience xD. On the other hand though he deserves it for being so careless.

He was Thats a tiny penis. Is your brother younger or older than you? At least you know he is straight. Don't sent him to my house though I sunbathe naked no tan lines wanted. I am so glad nothing like that ever happened to me with my brothers. I thought it was funny, but it was also cute. Not many like you would be like that. Did he just stop caring or something?

Caught by his older sister I, nor my late wife, have ever understood why society says it is so wrong for family to see each other nude. We have always lived that way, as have our girls and their girls now also. None of us ever cover up even if male friends are visiting unless we feel especially uneasy in their presence of whatever reason! I even know one family with both boys and girls. Totally inconsistent if you ask me.

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My brother to saw me naked

My brother to saw me naked